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by | Jul 24, 2007 | 20 comments

I know you are all missing The Pistons, so this set of Chauncey Billups highlights might help you get trough your day. Pay close attention to the nice assists Billups dishes out, especially the one to Nazr Mohammed, considering he will probably be back in The Pistons starting five come November.

The video is high quality, so be patient when it’s loading. Enjoy!


  1. Tara

    ohh, it’s so nice to see that 🙂

  2. Eitan

    And all that magic was close to leaving!
    Glad he’s back, which was stated awhile ago; can’t wait to see more in November.

  3. ashley1

    oh man, i LOVE him!!!!!
    i can’t wait to see him in action wearing that pistons uniform again 😀

    good video!

  4. ahmed

    that was awesome. chauncey is my all time favorite and will be my all time favorite.

    p.s. : thanks nat for informing me about the shoe deal for Rodney

  5. Ahmed

    Are the Pistons done with their off season moves?

  6. shatia

    Awwwwwwww.. that video reminded me why i love chauncey so much. Lol. That was pretty sweet. Anyways Nat you said “especially the one to Nazr mohammed considering he will probably be back in The Pistons starting five come November.” How do you know that. I mean i’m sure your not saying it is but how do you assume that he is coming back? I’m a big fan of Nazr and i want that relife i’ve been waiting for knowing he’s going to be in Piston uniform……and actually playing. Lol. Whats chris’s and nazr situation now? Who should piston fans expect to see as starting center? THANKS NAT FOR THE VIDEO!!!!

  7. Anonymous

    I like the fact that its high quality but shoulda put some music instead dont really like hearing Chauncey over and over

  8. Anonymous

    Loved it! Very high quality!

  9. Steve

    Strange… all I hear is a ton of super loud static – and I’ve got roughly every video plugin and codec in the world on my computer.

  10. Natalie

    I am just speculation about Nazr, but since Webber hasn’t made a choice and the Pistons look like they don’t really want to sign him the only choice is Nazr. Unless Joe D can pull of some kind of miraculous trade.

    It’s a flash video, I am surprised it’s not working for you . Try another browser and see if that helps.

  11. Bigdee36

    That’s exactly why Chauncey deserves to be on team U.S.A. He one of the elite point guards in the entire NBA.

  12. Anonymous

    Hi, its me Jacqueline, you know that’s my favorite, he is just so cute and I love him dearly, I can never get enough of looking at his highlights, no matter how how old the game is, you guys don’t understand my fascination with him, there is not a day that goes by that I don’t look at him, read about him, or talk about him, he’s the best, and I am so glad that he is staying with Pistons, I love the Pistons but Chauncey is the reason the I started paying close attention to basketball again!!! I’m addicted to that man!!!

  13. Amanda

    Well, you know what they say, Jacqueline, a Chauncey addiction is the only good kind of addiction. Okay, maybe nobody’s ever said that but I think everyone should start now.

    Keith Langlois is also expecting Nazr to be back in the starting lineup come October. I have mixed feelings about the situation but he addressed a lot of issues in a blog called “Center of the Storm” on and in the Mailbag.

    Some music would have made the video better but it was great nontheless. I love B-b-b-billups and everything he does for the team. Oww oww!

  14. dominic

    that’s some good stuff love it keep em comin!

  15. Anonymous

    Gotta love the Billups highlights. It is such a relief that he is coming back, and that we almost have all the pieces in place, along with a mix of young atheletic guards. I want to see Nazr as the starting center with C-Webb coming off the bench. That would be a great mix for this team.
    PS. GO PISTONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. gee gee

    yeah that quote about nazi has me suspcious too. that makes me feel and think that we won’t be seeing our beloved c.web, as starter, or coming off the bench. is he going to retire then, or sign to another team. i hope he does neither. man i hope good news comes about him next. i really like both nazi and web and so far my wishes has come true nobody important has left but some people still need to stay.
    well i will hope for the best.

    detroit fa life babay!!

  17. Amanda

    If you guys haven’t been over to, Keith Langlois wrote an article about why Chauncey and Prince should be picked to be on the final roster for the USA team.

    The quote from LeBron James about Jason Kidd is funny ’cause if you take it a certain way, it makes James sound like a jackass…and I like it. lol

  18. Kyle C.

    The was such a good video. I am soo glad Chauncey is back with the Pistons.

    I starting to get Pistons gear for the new season.

    Does anyone have the C-Billups shoe? Cause I do and I want other people to buy it so it does not go out of buisness.

  19. Ahmed

    You can get the the shoe at


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