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by | Jul 23, 2007 | 29 comments

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  1. hoheyt

    why didn’t you add dice extension

  2. Anonymous

    it’s already been addressed in the post below.

  3. Amanda

    It’s nice to know that the georgous quotient has been upped with the addition of Stuckey and Afflalo. ha ha. Good lookin’ men, mm hmm. Not that that’s important or nothin’. 😀

  4. Amanda

    I was just reading the Mailbag on and I read a question that asked “Is there any way we can get Anderson Varejao?” and I about spit my drink out. That’s a good one, Michael from Memphis.

  5. Anonymous

    enough with the comments on pistons being hot, its irrelevant and its kind of annoying, id bet most of the guys agree

  6. Amanda

    I promise that was my last one.

  7. Anonymous

    The thing about women drooling over male cebrities that bothers me is that they really aren’t on a higher caliber of apperance than any average guy. In the case of Rappers that women flock over, sometimes they’re even uglier than the average guy, but that’ a bit outside my point. Rodney Stucy, A.A., Rip, C.B. & many others really don’t have anything about their apperance that makes them different from the average black male their age(s). It’s their celebrity status and their high popularity that bring them to women’s attention in the first place. If Stucky, for example, never played basketball and worked as a Janitor at your local high school, he wouldn’t be such a heart throb. Sure guys may get excited over female celbrities too- but than again, guys get excited over females in generel. Sorry for ranting, but it’s a pet peeve.
    P.S. Whatever Pistons fan actually WANTS Anderson V. on this team should definately take a long walk off a short peer that resides over an ocean of sharp pointy things.

  8. Anonymous

    Richie… what you said is not completely true. I thought Stuckey was cute before I even really know who he was. And I have a friend who looks just like CB and I think hes so damn hot and that makes CB look even hotter… I mean Im not always making those comments, but damn we just cant resist saying how hot they look after seeing pics and stuff. Just like you guys get “excited over females in general,” we’re the same over guys and we dont mean it in a dirty (sexual) way.

  9. Anonymous

    ^^but i do understand what you mean.. what should stop talkin about all the sexiness since all you fellas are on here too.

  10. Anonymous

    ^^we should stop****


  11. Anonymous

    Sexy boys are back

  12. Anonymous

    i am getting sexual

  13. Anonymous

    Was the Rodney video made by the family that he lived with growing up? Oh, and I just had to add, Chauncey and Rodney will make up a pretty HOT backcourt!! Ha, ha!

  14. Anonymous

    Afflalo’s smile is so cute. I love him!!!

  15. Laura

    I agree the sexy and cute comments are rediculous and this is coming from a girl. We are here to talk basketball and The Pistons, if you want to comment on all of that do it in a more appropriate place. It takes away from what Natalie is trying to do here.

  16. Amanda

    ^Mrs. Billups may have a problem with that.

    lol I’m sorry I even mentioned the rookies looks. Damn. But I disagree with you, Richie. I don’t find many of the men in the league attractive (i.e., D-Wade, Kobe, Melo) and many of them make more money and are far more famous than our boys. But I digress…

    I was waiting for Mr. Langlois to write about Amir on and he has. In the blog he says it was reported that Amir was given a “better offer” by San Antonio but took Detroit’s instead. That’s awesome.

  17. Anonymous

    how come nobody’s talking about the Durant shoe deal? He hasn’t even played one NBA game yet, and he’s getting a shoe deal already…Lebron should watch out.

  18. Anonymous

    sorry mrs. Billups.

  19. Anonymous

    No, i get chauncey

  20. Anonymous

    Richie, your just jelous that you are not geting the attention. Get over it !!!


  21. Anonymous

    Amanda, melo is uglier than shit. yeah im a girl


  22. Amanda

    I wasn’t saying he was good looking. I was saying the opposite, trying to explain to Richie that not all us girls like the players just ’cause they have tons of money and are famous.

    And I don’t know about everyone else, Anony 5:07 but I don’t find shoe deals or any other kind of endorsement to be exciting. Even if it was one of our players…Wait, I take that back. That’d probably be worth talking about but I wouldn’t like the idea.

  23. Ahmed

    Rodney sighned a shoe deal with adidas and i thing about 20 million

  24. Natalie

    Rodney did sign a multi year shoe deal with Adidas but 20 million is Star money..
    The terms were not disclosed yet but I guess the deal didn’t even reach a million.

  25. Anonymous

    Alright, Amanda/Mrs. Billups, and ‘annon’ who said I was jealous:
    I didn’t mean to start a war here and my intentions are more lighthearted than anything else, but I’m not saying you girls go crazy over the guys because they have money- most of it’s because of the positive connation you get from them being Pistons, whom you naturally love. They just don’t look BAD, which in turn makes them super attractive butress their Piston status.
    You don’t think D-Wade, Kobe, Melo etc. are attractive for the exact opposite reason. You’ve learned to detest them because they’re superstars, which is something most of us despise. I’ll bet any money that the girls in Miami think D-Wade is a heck of a lot sexier than Chauncey (whom I have head compared to a donkey/horse & a mouse because of his teeth). But do I care about how he looks? HECK NO- he’s our allstar point gaurd, and I’d love what he does for us even if he looked like Sam Cassel *cringes* You don’t have to admit it, but either way I doubt that Natalie runs this site so that we can talk about our beloved players ala “Seventeen Magazine”.
    And to whomever thinks I’m jealous of their attention- I hope you’re joking, because otherwise that’s incredible presumptious of you!


  26. Anonymous

    Finallyyy! a Rip siting at c webbs party… good to know hes still living

  27. Dominic

    One thing I would like to say is that I am happy that the arguments in these blogs are coupled with an advanced vocabulary unlike those in Cleveland who continue to use the same 4 letter swear word starting with an “F” coupled with (enter Pistons player here) and a certain SF who owns all of us not to mention a sticky Caps Lock key. Another thing I would like to say is why is Sammy Mejia’s contract so short? Are we just trying to stay flexible just in case he doesn’t come up to Joe D’s expectations? Or does he expect to give him a bigger contract next year?

  28. dominic

    And one more thing, the article says he is a small forward when he is actually a guard.


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