A Little UNC Sheed

by | Jul 18, 2007 | 21 comments

I almost forgot how much I enjoyed Sheed’s game when he was with UNC until I was reminded by this video.


  1. Anonymous

    wow nat i havent commented in a while cause still kinda in depression but i just had to comment on that amazing vid .wow

    #1 teenage pistons fan

  2. dave

    wait that’s not rasheed wallace.
    where were all the 3-pointers and long fade away jumpers? you mean rasheed can actually dunk?

  3. Austin

    Good vid but it was just from one game….how many points did he have in that game?

    contact me at chsace12@aol.com

  4. Anonymous

    LOL can you imagine him doin all that againg? if he did we would be in the finals every year

  5. Anonymous

    July 18, Seattle Times: Durant’s deal falls short of the $90 million deal that Nike signed with Cleveland forward LeBron James in 2003.

    Former Kentwood High star Rodney Stuckey, who was drafted No. 15 by Detroit, signed a multi-year shoe-endorsement deal with Adidas. Specific terms were not disclosed

    Preety cool Stuckey and Billups in same commercial..

  6. Anonymous


  7. Anonymous

    Yeah… sheed didn’t shoot 3’s in college? Amazing that he kept that much intensity and love for the game through the years.

  8. uyen

    Does anyone know why Sheed changed his number from 30 to 36?

  9. Anonymous

    Sheed is 2 old and he only plays when he feels like it

  10. Amanda

    “Sheed is 2 old”

    Geez, I hope you have a good support group for when you go into a major depression when you become *gasp* 32! lol But I do agree that ‘Sheed seems to play when he wants to, not necessarily when he needs to. But honestly, would you ever want him on another team?

    I didn’t watch ‘Sheed during his college days but I absolutely loved the video. ‘Sheed’s one of those guys that you love when he’s on your team but you hate him with a passion when he’s playing against you. lol

    I haven’t been a Pistons fan long but I have a question for those of you who have been:

    Did you like ‘Sheed when he was in Portland or did you think he was a pompus jackass? lol Be honest!

  11. jessi

    Sheed has always been a good player.. you can tell he was emotional even in college. he still does the same things after he scores big. God I can’t wait for the season to start but I hope everyone is getting rest and keeping in shape.

  12. Anonymous

    Totally agree..jessi I hope he is keeping in good shape and getting rest, but with four kids, i don’t know how you can rest.

  13. Anonymous

    The thing I love most about Sheed is the emotion he plays with. You see a lot of players that don’t express it enough.

  14. Anonymous

    32 is getting up there in porfessional sports years but, with basketball you can really see how well skill can replace athleticism. As people have pointed out, that video is mostly a bunch of alley oops and rebound dunks. Rasheed doesn’t do much of that anymore, but he has added a ton of finess to his game, including some great passes that kind of go under the radar. Wel all know he can dunk when the time is right, but if you think about it- who in the NBA honestly can’t dunk? His ability to dunk, drop 3’s, back people down in the paint and hit fadeaways, play with intensity after all those years etc. are the things that make him worthy of his own blog site!

  15. Anonymous

    .| ~Richie~

  16. Ahmed

    Richie, why do you always do that?

  17. Junior

    Good video. It does make you fall in love with his talent all over again. Even though he has slowed down. The best college video though is Tayshaun vs NC. I get chills just thinking about that.

  18. Ahmed

    just loved the vid and Sheed could really dunk the basketball back then and he still can but he was a highfligher and slam dunk champion.


  19. Anonymous

    Rodney Stuckey should learn from Sheed. His face was the same throughout the SL even when he hit those circus shots or got fouled on big plays. He was always calm and cool.

  20. Anonymous

    This is a great clip. Rasheed was tearin’ it down.

    I’m from Cleveland, but I gotta repsect game when I see it.

  21. Anonymous

    Is it just me or does Sheed back in the day remind you of how Amir looks right now, minus all of the emotion obviously.


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