If you ever see Dale Davis in a fight with a grizzly bear, throw some honey on him.

by | Jul 13, 2007 | 46 comments

If you are not familiar with NBA reporter Elie Seckbach, you should be. Secbach has a way of questioning that gets NBA stars to give the most entertaining quotes I have ever heard. Seckbach, who has been reporting on the NBA since 1997, has an abundance of interviews on YouTube that will keep you entertained for hours.

I usually check out his videos on YouTube when I remember, but this one that a Need4Sheed reader sent me slipped past me. It’s Elie asking questions in The Pistons locker room about their music choices.

Dale Davis “I know something….If you ever see me in a fight with a grizzly bear, throw honey on me.”

Those are the kinds of quotes you get when Seckbach is asking the questions. Classic.

One quick note:
I would like to thank all of you, in fact I will call you TEAM NEED4SHEED, for always making sure you let me know of any Pistons happenings, videos or interviews just in case I happen to miss them. As you have come to to find that you can count on me for certain things, I know I can count on Team Need4Sheed too.

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  1. Anonymous

    thanks for the video it’s real kool

  2. claire

    wow…they’re having so much fun together. It’s like the best job in the universe. They get to do what they like with the people that they like. Not to mention all the $$$. It’s good to see the Pistons enjoying themselves like that πŸ™‚

  3. Anonymous

    what was said after rasheed made a peace sign for israel fans? just wondering

  4. Anonymous

    i think we swhuld pick up jamal magloire for our center, just rebound and play d

  5. Ahmed

    Anybody ever thought of picking mikki moore he has a sweet outside touch.

  6. jess

    I’m glad to be apart of TEAM NEED4SHEED!! *LOL*


  7. Anonymous

    Did you see Tony Parker’s new video. Is rapping his summer job?lol

  8. Tara

    no, thank you!

  9. Anonymous

    Sad we just lost the chance to sign Mo pete surprising he signed with New orleans surprised if i was him woulda gone to Utah

  10. Amanda

    lol Wow.

    1. What nationality is the interviewer?

    2. Who the hell has told Davis he looks like Chris Tucker? I mean, no disrespect to DD but Chris Tucker is WAY better looking! (‘specially in the Rush Hour movies. Can’t wait for the 3rd one to open next month!)

    3. Tony Parker has a rap video? That’s probably the funniest thing I’ve heard today. Why do all male basketball players think they can rap?

  11. Amanda

    oh, and

    4. Thank you to whoever informed Natalie of that video and thank you Natalie for posting it! LOVED IT!

  12. Anonymous

    looks like mo pete is goin to new orleans πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  13. Anonymous


    2 Pistons in the top 6 of the list

  14. jess

    Amanda, he doesnt have one, but two (that I know of… probably more?). You can watch them on youtube. Its funny to me but his new one sounds like it wouldve been nice if I could understand it. I would like to hear it in all english.

    But honestly.. he needs to let it go.

  15. Bigdee36

    Taht was some funny stuff. When she pulled out the C-Webb cd I died laughing.

  16. Junior

    Team Need4Sheed I like that!! It makes for a good shirt too. Good one. I got dibs on being Team Captain!!

  17. Anonymous

    this reporter, seckbach, is just like BORAT!!!!!!

  18. Anonymous

    where is mo evans?

  19. jess

    Last season he was with the lakers, right?

  20. Anonymous

    I’m watching the game on NBA.com, and Amire Johnson cut his hair… New look, new atitude.

  21. April32

    whoever said have we ever thought about mikki moore, that would be so cool.
    outside of the pistons he is my favorite player.
    too bad he already signed.
    thanks for whoever found the rap.
    that stuff is funny.

  22. April32

    you can get one of chris webbers songs on limewire.
    just type in chris webber for artist and too much drama for album πŸ™‚
    its called gangsta gangsta LOL.
    not as bad as you would think!

  23. Anonymous

    2 pac pistons hm.. cooool

  24. Anonymous

    all eyez on me Pistons RULE

  25. Dominic

    Ahhhh…Tupac reflects the Pistons attitude perfectly Great Choice!
    R.I.P Pac

  26. Dominic

    Oh and btw alot of ppl don’t know that Mikki Moore used to be on the Pistons. he wouldve been an awesome 6th man if we kept him huh?

  27. Anonymous

    I have a question what song is playing at 1:03-1:00 that Sheed is listenin too?

  28. Anonymous

    that song is from chris webbers cd too much drama… it’s a tight track!

  29. Anonymous

    Wow, quite possibly the least informative interview ever. Give me Jim Gray, Craig Sager or Lisa Salters over this guy anyday. I’d even settle for one of Ahmad Rashad’s puff pieces at this point.

  30. Anonymous

    no way, who wrote the last comment?
    jim gray? or craig sager… hater…
    i’ve been watching the nba for years and this reporter is one of the best nba interviewers ever, who else makes the players sound so normal not like pr machine audio tapes? this was a hella a cool story.

  31. Eitan

    Yeah, well I think that the “reporter” was weak, and very unprofessional like.
    He has some work to do.

    But also, if you guys noticed that he had a towel with the Jewish star and a Israeli army hat in his hand, and all those stories about him and his Jewish friends. I didn’t know he was “related”.

    GO JEWS!

  32. Anonymous

    yea well this reporter is cool his latest video is #1 on youtube in sports – categories. no joke. you guys are haters.

  33. Anonymous

    whats up with this guy and “israel” what does that have to do with the NBA once i was watchin a all star game commercial and there was a israeli flag…its irrelevant and its propaganda

  34. Anonymous

    i agree it was irrelevant…obviously the guys from israel…nothing against jews, just zionists and “israel”…haha i liked that

  35. Eitan

    I remember the Israeli flag at the All-star game. I remember that they focused in on Eva Langoria (sp?), because the current discussion was on Tony Parker and their relationship, and above her were all the international broadcasting booths, and I guess Israel was on the bottom row. It’s not propaganda or anything, they were televising around the world. That was where the Israel reporters were stationed.

  36. Anonymous

    no i think it was a sign it said we and then it had an s and under it an israeli flag, but i may be mistaken

  37. Anonymous

    I know Seckbach, I met him at a game in Arco arena, he is cool, he never says anything bad about anyone, unlike other reporters,
    he was nice.

  38. Anonymous

    thank god sheed didnt say ne thing good about “israel” i would have to hate him. whats up with the fuckin “israeli” do they have to be everywhere fuckin zionists
    ps i dont hate jews just zionists and “israel”

  39. Anonymous

    ^ haha

  40. Anonymous

    well the owner of the pistons donates lots of money to israel. so i take it you should find a new nba team. wait 15 owners support israel…

  41. Anonymous

    lol… israel rules… go pistons

  42. Anonymous

    still the owner is not who people watch the players are how many pple like a team because of the owner??…oh and you mean PALESTINE yea it does rule and i concur go pistons!

  43. Anonymous

    Go Palastine!

  44. Anonymous

    you mean go israel

  45. Anonymous

    no i mean go palestine


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