Amir Johnson agrees to a 3 year deal with The Pistons

by | Jul 12, 2007 | 16 comments

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Restricted free-agent forward Amir Johnson has agreed to re-sign with the Detroit Pistons for an estimated $12 million over three years, NBA front-office sources told on Thursday.

I am hoping Amir signs on the line ASAP so he can play the last of the Pistons summer league games. If you are itching to see some Amir highlights, like I am, watch this video of his D League highlights. Here’s another video interview with Amir that is packed with some highlights when he put up his NBA career high.

UPDATE: Justin Rogers from MLive found a link form a San Antionio paper that claims Amir Johnson turned down more money from the Spurs to stay in Detroit.

I would have to agree with Justin that this seem quite odd because Amir was a restricted free agent, so whatever The Spurs would have offered, Detroit could match. I don’t know if I buy this story, I guess we will have to wait and see.


  1. Packer487

    Woo hoo!

    Now the Palace Locker Room just needs to get some #25 jerseys in stock, so I can get one!

  2. John

    You could personalize a replica or authentic jersey with #25 and Johnson.

  3. Anonymous

    well I’m definitely going 2 be doing that

  4. Anonymous

    Does any one know why Jason Maxiell didn’t play in the summer league game today??

  5. Anonymous

    Natalie, can we get a new Amire wallpaper?… Please.

  6. shatia

    yessssss!! im so happy bout this. now everyhting worked out great for the pistons….all i wanna no is who’s center.LOL. Hopefully we’ll no this really really soon. Any ideas anybody???

  7. Anonymous

    i want CWEBB BACK!!! He is a good starting Center… and have McDyess/Amir/Sheed/Maxiell close out games… Chris better come back…. I love me some chris.

  8. Amanda

    Eh, let C-Webb go and jump on the Mavs’ bandwagon. We all know who’s winning the ‘ship next season!

    I love Amir. Glad he’s going to be back.

    I certainly hope Flip utilizes every possible Tayshaun backup this season since Joe. D. isn’t looking for one. I want to see LOTS of the young guys and not just during the preseason.

  9. Anonymous

    Joe D has to be relieved that his top two priorities have been sealed. Nice work Joe!

  10. Anonymous

    I cant understand how everyone loved the idea of Webb coming here last deason, cuz we knew what he could do, but when he has a couple bad games in the playoffs, now no one wants him… Chauncey had th worst playoffs outta everyone, but we all wanted him back. Why cant C-Webb get a 2nd chance? U know he’s from Detroit, so u think he doesnt know about this site? I’m sure he see’s your omments, or here about them every once in a while… I know u dont wanna blow your own horn Nat, but i will blow it 4 you. EVERYONE in Detroit knows about this site. Stop hurting these guys feelings if we want um give us there all.

  11. Natalie

    I am with you, I want C-Webb back. I loved what he did for this team. Sure he’s not 20 anymore, but I love what he brings.

  12. Ahmed

    Your right man, he gave us a real push in the redualar season, great stuf anon 10:29

  13. gee gee

    yeah i am so happy that we can keep all of our guys (and they said that the pistons dynasty was over, such losers) and if that is true about the spurs offer or whatever, you can tell he has a real heart and wants to be with the pistons, i really like him and can’t wait to see him play when the season starts, along with the other youngsters.

    and like most people that love c webstar (lol) i want him to come back too, he has molded with this team and showed alot of chemistry with them as well, and just because he isn’t young and his knees are going bad, so what!! if he can get those shots, and do those behind the back passes, that amazed me because it was unexpected, especially just coming to the team, then keep his ass here. it isn’t often when you find that unselfish play in a superstar. when a star gets traded they want to hog the ball and make all the plays and that is another thing i like about him. so cwebb stay home we don’t want you to go anywhere but to the finals with the pistons.

    detroit fa life baby

  14. Anonymous

    I don’t think that C-Webb is necessarily the best player right now or even the best that we could get at his position. But, I love what he brought to this team in terms of chemistry and that final push in the regular season. I think we should bring him back this season as long as we make sure to give him LOTS of rest before the postseason.

  15. Anonymous

    I hope that joe can find a better back up for tay,that’s all I’m really concerned about.Hope C-Webb is back as well.Glad CB and Amir are both signed,thats a load off my mind.Love to all in Pistons nation!

  16. Eitan

    Ok, so who remembers Amir’s first 2 points of his NBA career?!


    If he can do that for his first credits, what can he do in the next three years?!

    (Along with the block afterwards and a nasty dunk by Evans.)

    Oh, and also, I was wondering if there was some sort of alert system for something happens when someone comments, or maybe Natalie; you can make something like that, if you know what I’m talking about. Like an alert on the bottom of your Internet browser to know when something happens, whether it’s an update to the site or a posted comment.



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