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by | Jul 10, 2007 | 19 comments

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  1. Anonymous

    Stephon is very strange…that is just human nature…some people are strange that is all. you get an uncomfortable feeling hearing him talk about his sister and the kissing, like i said he is just strange. i would not be surprised if he had a drink or two before the interview

  2. Anonymous

    Oh….My….God!!! What in the world is wrong with Marbury?! I use 2 like him. That oi has seriouly lost his marbles… And antoine is becoming a taget 4 stick up kids, thats sad. But on a better note. people who say summer leagues on’t mean anything, u are out of your mind! You are out there with guys who dream is 2 make it in the league. EVERY SECOND is important. They tryna take yo spot, or use u as a launching pad 4 they life dream, so they going hard EVERY game. How does that not matter? If u can excell in an setting like that, u are the real deal. And those 2 picks joe made, are the real deal. Those boys can play! I think there gonna be good off our bench.

  3. Anonymous

    Yeah I agree, the players do play under alot of pressure in the SL, if they can play there then they can play for us. Those two are looking good with Max who added a midrange shot and is even more explosive. Stephon is losing it. Does he really love Isiah and KG? And he thinks they can win the shiny next year.

  4. Anonymous

    Hmm…Nazr Mohommad and Antoine Walker were robbed at gunpoint together a few years back…

  5. Anonymous

    They got to be after Walker

  6. Anonymous

    This is off the subjects but Rasheed Wallace was on Channel 955 this morning (7/10). He talked about his “Stand Tall With Sheed Foundation” opening up in Detroit and a bit of other talk. It’s been a while since I’ve heard from him.

  7. Anonymous

    He took some Xtasy.

    The dumbass just took to much.

    If you take 1 pill your fine, feel like a million bucks & can have intelligent conversations

    If you take more than 1 of high quality X then your in a whole other world. The dudes lucky he didnt make a complete ass of himself

  8. April32

    “shiny stuff” thats nice.
    and thats nice to hear he didnt sleep with KG.
    poor antoine.
    if pistons want mo pete they better hurry.
    heat is really looking at him.
    and he said miami is his favorite NBA city.

  9. jess

    I heard Sheed on Mojo this morning. I was gonna tell you about it after I got off of work but I see you already know! Im just happy I KNOW he’s NOT going anywhere!!!!

  10. Anonymous

    Poor Stephan Marbury. Somepeople just don’t think before they speak when they’re on camera. It seems like everything was coming out of his mouth much differently than it what it must have sounded in his head!

  11. Anonymous

    did stephon call his wife his “better ho?”

  12. Anonymous

    April32 you must be confused its Mo WILLIAMS THAT SAID MIAMI IS HIS FAV CITY the real ppl that are trying to get Mo Pete is Utah

  13. Anonymous

    stephon definitely called his wife his better ho. and he definitely took some serious narcotics before the interview. anyway, i think Joe D got some good ones in this draft. FINALLY.

  14. Anonymous

    Awesome interview with ‘Sheed- thanks for posting it, Nat!

  15. Amanda

    If I were the dude interviewing Marbury, I’d smack him upset the head then walk off the set.

    ‘Sheed’s interview, on the other hand, was great. Funny and informative–the best kind! Rip isn’t really going to make a rap album, is he? God I hope not. I’d have to laugh, hang my head in shame, go spend 15 bucks, then repeat the first 2 steps. lol Oh, yes. I’d HAVE to have it! But I hope it was just a joke.

    I’m glad we’re close to a done deal with Amir. LOVE THAT GUY! Creeps me out that I’m older than him (by 4 days) but look about 10 years younger. I’m not sure if he just looks older than he is or I look younger than I am. Either way, it’s nuts

    “…I’d still be turnin’ over right about now, wiping slobber off my face.”

  16. Primetime




  17. Raul El Patron

    First, thanks Natalie for all the links. Some comments:

    1. Seriously, Starbury needs to lay off the peyote man! He’s just crazy… and not in a fun way. That was the zaniest thing I’ve heard this side of Pacman Jones!

    2. Stuckey seems to be ready for battle… and that’s good news for us. And please, keep dissing Afflalo… we need our Pistons to get the chip on their shoulders reimplanted and soon… that’s when they REALLY play well, when there’s no love for them!!!!

    3. J-Maxx is ready to kick some butt… I can feel it, just be there when it happens…

    4. I find it interesting that, in the 50th anniversary of the Pistons in the D, they choose Fort Wayne as their affiliate. Whether that was premeditated or just serendipity, it’s a nice way to show that we’re going back to our roots somehow with that Ft. Wayne connection.

    5. It’s good to see that the young guns are stepping up, even if it’s summer league. Seeing J-Maxx, Stuckey, Afflalo, etc. playing hard speaks volumes of what the future of the Pistons will be like…

    6. Keep rubbing the Darko on us, don’t stop! That’ll just make Joe D work harder… he’ll prove again why he’s one of the best GMs in the league. Say what you will, but Pistons fans sleep safe at night knowing that it’s Joe D and not Danny Ferry, Billy King, Mitch Kutchpak (What, don’t you think Kobe drools over working for someone like Joe?) or Kevin McHale who’s running the show… so please keep rubbing Darko… that’ll just make us choose more wisely in future drafts… Detroit Fans don’t need your love… we take care of each other!!!!!!!

  18. claire

    lol Sheed’s laugh is so funny “hehehehehe” lol that was a good interview. Thanks, Nat. Does anyone know about the radio interview Rip did? There’s one for Tay, too. I don’t know if you guys already knew that, but it’s on the radio station’s website.

  19. Anonymous

    LOL at Walker being robbed… damn fat ugly cabbage patch looking piece of shit


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