Pistons Summer League Game 1

by | Jul 8, 2007 | 23 comments

The Pistons started off their Summer League with a 91-89 win in OT over the Sixers.

  • Jason Maxiell, who shed about 30 pounds since we last saw him, led the Pistons with 22 points in 33 minutes. Maxi blocked two shots and went 8-for-11 from the charity stripe.
  • Cheikh Samb played 21 minutes and was 3-for-4 from the floor for 6 points, with 7 rebounds and a blocked shot as the Pistons starting center.
  • Rodney Stuckey and Arron Afflalo both scored 14 for the Pistons. Each looked good in their first outing in red white and blue.
  • Sammy Mejia, the Pistons second round pick, was impressive. He scored 12 and put up a clutch 3 in OT to seal the win.
  • Stuckey drove to the hole in the closing seconds of the game and made both of his free throws to tie the game.
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  • Amir Johnson DNP.
  • If you are wondering about Alex Acker, he’s not on the Summer League Roster. Detroit Bad Boys informs us that he was released by his team in Greece and is currently out of a job. The Pistons still hold the rights to Acker.
  • Bad Boy Summer Camp is reporting games first hand.

The Pistons Summer League Roster

  1. Arron Afflalo G 6-5
  2. Olimpio Cipriano G 6-4
  3. Eddy Fobbs C 6-11
  4. Ibrahim Jaaber G 6-2
  5. Amir Johnson F 6-9
  6. Jason Maxiell F 6-7
  7. Sammy Mejia G 6-6
  8. Laron Profit F 6-5
  9. Walker Russell G 6-0
  10. Cheikh Samb C 7-1
  11. Rodney Stuckey G 6-5
  12. Ali Traore F 6-9
  13. Joah Tucker G 6-5

The next game is Monday the 9th, you can watch live on NBA TV or Free online at NBA.com.


  1. Anonymous

    He prefers to be called LeNegroeyo, anon 1.

  2. Big Pimpin Dawg

    Ok, LeNegroeyo then! I think this summer league is going to make Jmaxx an even better player than he is now. 22 pts in his first game! Buy you a drank! I try so hard! Let me hear your Dodgers cheer. Ba la la, Ba la la! Everything I own is a box to the left, what what???? I’m a bum, excuse me for saying such a thing.

  3. Anonymous

    i give most creditt to stuckey affalo and jmax. Jmax is being awesome. Stuckey is a good clutch player. And Affalo i feel will be a good team player and a fanominal (sp) player. Good luck to everyone

  4. Anonymous

    No Amir Johnson in the summer leauge?

  5. Amanda

    Maxiell lost 33 pounds? Wow.

    I think it’s cool that you can watch the games online, especially since I don’t have NBA TV. I’m definitely going to check it out tomorrow. Really looking forward to seeing the youngins in action.

    Olimpio Cipriano is an awesome name.

  6. jess

    He actually lost 30 Amanda and I know that is AMAZING!!!!!! Its only been like what.. a month and a half since we last seen him?

    and I agree… Olimpio Cipriano is a great name *LOL*

    but who are all those people on the summer league.. the only ones I know are: 1, 5, 6, 7, 10, and 11.

  7. Anonymous

    what happened to will blalock? It looks like hes on the denver nuggets summer league team.

  8. Amanda

    Oh, I thought it said 33 for some reason. Anyway, that is some fast pound shedding! That’s like a pound a day. What the fuck kind of diet is he on? Laxatives and cigarettes? lol

    Yeah, I only know like half the people on that list. Of course, a week or so before the draft I knew even less. lol

    I heard something somewhere about Blalock not being a Piston anymore but I didn’t hear anything about where he went. Denver, huh? I hope he does well out there!

  9. Anonymous

    Anyone notice that Will Blalock is playing in the Nugget’s Summer league team? Wow.. how come Amir hasnt played in the summer league?

  10. Andrew

    So that means Will’s officially gone or how does that work? Hopefully Amir and Acker will get some PT this summer. We don’t have Mateen Cleaves on our summer roster any longer? I recognize Laron Profit, he used to be a stud in college.

  11. Anonymous

    First Guess noone noticed Affallo was wearing #8 Will’s jersey and from what i saw in pistons.com they said we chose not to pick up the option on his contract so he is gone bye bye

  12. Anonymous

    Amir can’t play because he is a free agent. Once he signs he could play.

  13. Ahmed

    Yeah, doesent anybody know that amir is going to miss the first two games of the summmer games because he is a free agent and he cant offcialy sign until july 11 because that is when free agent can officaly make deals like chauncey cant officaly sign until july 11. Rodney had a geat game.


  14. Dominic

    Damn I was really looking forward to seeing Blalock in action I thought he mightve had some potential and who the hell are all these guys on the summer league team lol well either way I thought the squad did great for a first game and if any1 would like to watch the game against the sixers here is the link btw I hope they do great today!!!


  15. Dominic

    And u can tell that J-Maxxx wants to make an impact this season 30 pounds??? WOW!!! Well now that he lost all the fat he should try and gain a bit more in muscle like Dice wants to do

  16. Anonymous

    I hope the players get in a better rhythm from the start since they already played a game. They seem a little jittery off the bat in gm 1.These guys can probably blow out any team if they play well for the whole game.

  17. Evan

    Pistons beat the Grizz in a tight one. This was actually on NBA TV. We won by one basket in a tightly contested game. Memphis has some great players on their summer team, but because of an amazing 27 point performance by Stuckey. Rodney is shaping up to be a young Billups rather than his number 3 idol, Dwayne Wade. Afflalo struggled with his 3 pointer but finally drained one when we needed it. Mejia was the only starter that didn’t finish with double digits, but his strong defense really helped the Pistons down the stretch. Detroit only missed 4 of 18 from the stripe and had only have as many attempts than memphis. This was a great game, and it puts us up 2-0, tied for first with the Mavs, so far…

  18. Evan

    Memphis has some great players on their summer team, but because of an amazing 27 point performance by Stuckey, the Pistons came out with the victory.**

  19. Amanda

    I knew I was going to forget to watch the damn game. I swear to God I have the worst memory. I literally have to write stuff on my hand or forhead just so I’ll remember it.

  20. Anonymous

    How did Amir Johnson not play hes our fututre it doesent make sense and uh can u look into the rip to seattle trade a bit more

  21. Evan

    Amir Johnson cannot play these summer league games because he is a free agent, and free agents cannot officially sign with a team until July 11th. And Rip won’t get traded, so don’t bother worrying about it.

  22. claire

    lol I finally remembered to turn on the TV at 7 pm, just in time to hear the announcers said “see you next time” or something like that -_-;;

  23. Anonymous

    sheed was on mojo in the morning today


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