Chauncey’s Deal is Done

by | Jul 6, 2007 | 45 comments

Sources say that The Pistons and Chauncey Billups have agreed to a muli year deal. MLive’s A. Sherrod Blakley spoke to Chauncey’s agent Andy Miller, who had this to say,

“Re-signing with Detroit was what Chauncey has said he wanted to do all along, We’re happy that we were able to reach an agreement today.”

ESPN is also saying the deal is done.

Krista Jahnke of the Free Press reports the structure of the deal.

“The Pistons and point guard Chauncey Billups came to an agreement on a five-year $60.5 million deal – with the fifth year a team option – Friday evening, according to two sources familiar with the negotiations.”

Chauncey is taken care of, now Dumars has time to work on the other holes in the roster.


  1. Anonymous

    Ill laugh if his agent says its a rumor… it was true! and now the question is who do we get with the mid level exception? and how much is Amir Johnson going to cost?

  2. Anonymous


  3. Anonymous

    yesssssssssssssssss mr. big shot is staying iin detroit babyyyyyy hell ya THIS IS OIR YEARRRRRR OUR TIME GOOD CHOICE CHAUNCEY RETIRE AS A PISTON

  4. Ripcity32


  5. Bigdee36

    Thank god they finally came to an agreement. I never could have seen Chauncey in another uniform.

  6. Anonymous


  7. jess

    YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPPPYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! (even though I knew it all along) IT JUST FEELS GOOD TO FINALLY HEAR IT (or read it* *LOL*)!

  8. Anonymous

    Thank the Lord!!!

  9. Anonymous

    Only if we can keep amir johnson and sign mo peterson

  10. nbastr33tballa

    lets also trade flip and nazr
    but only for something good then it will be perfect

  11. Amanda

    When Ben left the first thing I thought about was not “Uh-oh, there goes our defense” or “That hurts our chances at a ‘ship” or anything like that but stupid little stuff like how there would be no more Big Ben bell or a sea of afros or rebound shirts and things like that. And even though I knew Chauncey would remain a Piston, I again thought about those dumb little things that would be gone if he left like Mason’s “B-b-billups!” call and all the “Smooth” and “Mr. Big Shot” signs. It just seems wrong to have any of our guys playing for another team. I feel like once you’re in a Pistons uniform, you’re a Piston forever, you know?

    On behalf of all Pistons fans: Thank you for staying in the Detroit City, Chauncey!

  12. sammi

    yay! now i dont have to rename my dog. his name is chauncey billups. really.

  13. jessi

    I am happy that chauncey is staying but I have to say I am very upset that hill is not becoming a piston. He is my fav player and I have never gotten to see him play. I have been to a lot of pistons games but everything time we play the magic I couldn;t make the game. The one game I did make it too was jan of 06 but Hill did not play. I was too young to go to a game with out my family when he was a kid and since we live in canada and my parents hate basketball I never got to go to a game. I am now 26 and hold season tickets but I transfer out west this yr in jan and could not make it home for a game against the magic. I came home for about 9 games but never to see him play. I guess I will have to jsut make sure i come to see the suns play. I still have my tickets even know I will not beable to go to even half the games but my friends will enjoy on my dollar. I will be there to see hill this yr cause if I never get to see him play I will regret it my whole life.

    Since we are not getting hill I hope Joe D does find someone to give tay some rest.

  14. B

    Proof that McCoskey is the Superior Pistons Insider. Blakeley simply copies, if not McCoskey, the Associated Press, which copies McCoskey. Krista Jahnke is a girl covering a big man’s sport.

  15. Anonymous


  16. Anonymous

    chauncey sucks big ones and so does mo pete

  17. Anonymous

    This is exciting, I am so glad that its done, now we can get done to the business of getting someone more players to make the Pistons get their edge back, let’s hope the rest of the guys stay, and the bench gets stronger and stronger and they once again can become the Beast of the East!!!

  18. Anonymous

    I knew it all along…chauncey would never leave the detroit pistons team. Once your a Piston always a Pisotn. Except for Ben Wallace who is a stuck up person.

  19. Anonymous

    Why thank chauncey? Billups should be thanking us. Noboday wanted to pay more than 9 mill a season for a pg on the decline thats lost his heart.

    The pistons gave billups 3-4 mill more a season than anybody else would offer I guess just for things hes done in the past. My ??? is what has he really done without larry brown?

    Last year he was so bad ecf it looked like he was rigging games. Year before that he was getting schooled by cle than dwade/white Chocolate in the ecf. Under charisle he was a decent me 1st pg, nothing more.

    Cmon we only won 1 title people when we should have had atleast a mini-dynasty. We’ve all had far more tears of disappointment than tears of joy with this team. The major reason for it is billups just doesn’t give a damn if he wins or loses. You can’t have a player like that leading your team.

    Expect us to get knock out next year in the 2nd rd by a younger, hungrier, inferior team we were should have beat. The reason will be nobody listened to saunders & billups disappearing for the 3rd strait playoffs in a row.

  20. Anonymous

    Wow… I love Billups, but i think i gorta agree with u… And it hurts 2 say that. But i feltlike the games were playing in my head as i read your comment anonymous 10:54 am. lol

  21. Anonymous

    so joe d is thinking about nt spending the mid level on any small forwards remaiing, hes thinking about trading for one, i think i like that idea alot better

  22. Anonymous

    woohooooooooo i love chauncey he is DEEEEEEEEEEEETROIT BASKETBALL

  23. Anonymous

    If we are not going to use the mid level, then why the hell did Joe get rid of Delfino, besides the fact that delfino wanted out, it seemed the only reason for letting him go was for the cap relief. Oh by the way delfino is a small forward, aren’t we looking for one now? I think we need to re-sign amir and then make sure to grab either Matt Barnes or Micheal Pietrus from the warriors for 4 or 5 mil.

  24. Anonymous

    Get a center please, Chris Webber is not gona cut it.

  25. Anonymous

    delfino wanted out though i just dont think joe wanted a guy that truely dindt want to be there playing big minutes for him

  26. GEE GEE


  27. Anonymous

    who do you guys think we should package in a trade if joe does to do that and go for a good smalll forward for the back up

  28. Anonymous

    I think they should try out Amir at the 3 spot behind Tay. It would give Tay rest, give Amir minutes, and require us to sign one less person, since frankly we’re already overstocked. If Detroit isn’t going to use Ronald Dupree (I’m so disapointed by the lack of PT he got last year) then they should cut him loose and at least play the young bucks. 2nd string:
    PG Stuckey
    SG Afflalo (NOT FLIP)
    SF Amir
    PF ‘Dyess/Maxy
    C- Maxy/Nazr or whomever replaces him if he’s traded.
    What would be so bad about that lineup?


  29. Anonymous

    What stupied camper asked him, why don’t you have your mask on. lmao

  30. Anonymous

    Just finished watching the pistons summer league game. Stuckey drove to the basket, got fouled and made both free throws to tie the game, then in overtime both Afflalo and Mejia sank three’s to win it. I know some of you out there will claim that summer league is meaningless, but I protest: most players that do well in summer league are the real deal.
    Anywho, I was happy to see our rookies do well, along with Max continue his rise to glory with 22 pnts. while going 8 for 10 from the stripe.

  31. Aria

    WOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! now i dont have 2 worry anymore… i can celebrate!!!

  32. Anonymous

    We love Chauncey in Detroit and it’s nice to know that he appreciates the fans and our city. I’m so glad it’s settled, I was stressing out with the waiting. Let’s get ourselves a championship in ’08!

  33. Anonymous

    4:40, the camper was probably an 8th grade kid who has never seen Rip without his famous mask, and just didn’t get what he expected when he showed up to Avondale.

  34. Mike

    amir may be the pistons most indispensable player, he is the best insurance we have that would prevent us from takin a major decline when the core gets to old and retires. i dont want to turn into a 30 win team. with amir,jmax, prince, and stuckey, they will at least stay in the playoffs for years to come. maybe not contending, but they will be rebuilding while still winning games.

  35. Amanda

    “Krista Jahnke is a girl covering a big man’s sport.” ~b

    As a female, I resent that. And as a human being, I say you’re an idiot.

    I wouldn’t say that “Chauncey sucks big ones” as someone so poetically suggested in an earlier post, but I do think he’s being overpaid. I love him and I wanted nothing more than to have him back but why offer that much more than the next highest bidder? Eh, whatever…

    Someone commented on Chauncey not caring if the team wins or loses. My guess is he does in fact care (as should every person in the league) but I definitely got that vibe from him during post game interviews throughout the EFC. It erked me. But the thought of the Pistons without Chauncey erks me quite a bit more.

    I named one of my cats B.B. Wallace after Ben but he died very young and before Ben left so I didn’t have to change his name.

  36. Anonymous

    Hey Pistons’ fans, what do you think about this :

    RE-SIGN Amir Johnson

    SIGN ROOKIES Sammy Meija, Cheick Samb and Ali Traore

    SIGN FA Brevin Knight

    TRADE Nazr Mohammed and Ronald Murray (can add Ronald Dupree and/or Draft 2009 and 2011 of the Raptors) for a small forward like Corey Maggette ?

    With these moves, we’d have a team like that :

    C Rasheed Wallace / Antonio McDyess / Cheick Samb
    PF Jason Maxiell / Antonio McDyess / Amir Johnson / Ali Traore
    SF Tayshaun Prince / Corey Maggette (or an other..?) / Amir Johnson / Sammy Meija
    SG Richard Hamilton / Rodney Stuckey / Arron Afflalo / Sammy Meija
    PG Chauncey Billups / Brevin Knight / Rodney Stuckey / Lindsey Hunter

    Personnally, I like it…

  37. Anonymous

    I’m glad Chauncey is coming back, without him, we are a first round exit playoff team. I still don’t buy Cleveland being better than us, we are overall better than they are. They have LBJ and that’s pretty much it. They are too one-dimensional. I think Chicago has more talent than Cleveland in fact. Anyhow, back to the conversation, with Chauncey back we are on the right path. I’m anxious to find out if C Webb is coming back or he’s going elsewhere or retiring. Joe D needs to start working on what we are doing about the big Center position for the upcoming season. Maybe Nazr will step in again? I doubt that, sounds like he’s going to be traded along with Flip Murray who decided to come back with us.


  38. Anonymous

    Thank the Lord that he’s taking our offer and coming back! I want to get to the Finals and win the title. If he weren’t coming back next year, look for us to win 40 games and get knocked out in round 1.


  39. Anonymous

    that’s awesome chauncey is staying! is this official? let’s hope the core 4 will be together this season 🙂

  40. Evan

    I knew Chauncey would stay more or less. I wish I knew about the rest of the team.

    Pistons won game 1 of the NBA Summer League by 1 basket in overtime over the Sixers. Rodney Stuckey was looking alright, but he has a high amount of turnovers from careless passes and even had one stolen in the closing minutes just dribbling at the point. Afflalo was looking really good. He has a nice jumpshot and was attacking the rim. Sammy Mejia had a great clutch 3 pointer at the end of the game that helped us take the win. Cheick Samb has a silky smooth shot for such a big guy. He played well too. Maxiell had about double the points everyone else did and his level of play was like night and day compared to these rookies. You can see he’s come a long way this last year. You can check the box score and watch all the summer league games live for free at Check it out if you want to see what these new guys can do.

  41. Dominic

    thanks alot Evan I was lookin for a breakdown of the Pistons summer leauge for a long time. and as for Chuancey re-signing we all knew this was gonna happen it’s no surprise to me

  42. Anonymous

    o thank allah

  43. Anonymous

    Finnaly they signed him! I thought it would never end!


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