You can forget about Grant Hill retiring as a Piston

by | Jul 5, 2007 | 23 comments

It looks like Grant Hill chose The Phoenix Suns.
“Free agent forward Grant Hill has agreed a deal to sign with the Phoenix Suns, according to a report in the Orlando Sentinel on Thursday.

The deal cannot be confirmed until the end of the NBA’s moratorium on free agents on July 11.

Hill, 34, has spent seven seasons with the Orlando Magic but battled injuries and never fulfilled his promise.”

I am sure the Pistons will look to secure Mo Peterson’s services, but they are going to have to fight for him too. The King, Knicks, Jazz and the Cavs are all looking to add him to their rosters.


  1. Anonymous

    Good i hope he does sign with them (Too Old and Too Many Injuries)
    I really want Gearld Wallace anyways.


  2. April32

    BUT maybe if they dont get him, that is more chance to keep rip??
    i dont know.

  3. Primetime

    thank you jesus

  4. Natalie

    April, Rip is a 2 Grant and Mo Pete are 3’s. So they have nothing to do with Rips playing time. Actually Rip is the Pistons biggest bargaining chip so if a big deal is going down, he is most likely the one to be included.

    I would like to see Gerald Wallace on the Pistons too, but I don’t think he wants to come off the bench.

  5. Anonymous

    I am really excited about us haggling with miller about chauncey’s contract while every other small forward is scooped up. Enough already! sign the damned thing and move on to the next important measure.

  6. claire

    I don’t think we should be disappointed with not having Grant Hill. He’s old now and can’t be much productive. But now, does this mean that we have more money to give Chauncey/keep Amir?

    About Rip, i REALLY do hope that he does not get traded. Althout I agree that he’s the Pistons’ most attractive piece in a trade right now. But don’t we have enough guards (“old” and young, experienced and athletic)? Keep Rip, Joe D!!

  7. Anonymous

    Just sign someone. If we show up with the same team as last year even with the addition of playing time for Amir and more for Max, it’s going to be the same result. Changes in some fashion need to happen, and C-Webb CANNOT be our starting center.

  8. jess

    DAYMMMN I was really hoping he would return to Detroit! I really like Hill and I believe he still has a lot of fight in him.

  9. The Spin

    Grant Hill is making a big mistake moving to Phoenix. Primarily, the run-and-gun offense the Suns use is powerful, but too demanding on GH’s tender ankles. In Detroit, the half court style mixed with a solid fast break would fit GH perfectly. See my take on the whole situation at

  10. Anonymous

    I dont think Mo pete wants to come here when Utah is offering him a starting job and if chauncey keeps eating more time we are gonna start losing more chances to sign good free agents and Gerald Wallace does not want to come off the bench.. but if he wants to come here we will take him with open arms right?

  11. Amanda

    I was kinda hoping Hill would come to Detroit. Oh, well, on to the next one…

  12. Anonymous

    Does anyone know realistically what sf’s may come to Detroit now? I am really nervous that Billups is going to take too long and we are going to lose out on any productive sf’s and lose out on Amir Johnson. Anyone hear anything?

  13. Anonymous

    Thank God….did not want to listen to the return of grant hill stories…thank god.

  14. Anonymous

    I don’t think he would have been a bad addition, but really we don’t need anymore old guys on this team. Grant is injury prone, 34 yrs. old and he blamed the training staff for his bad ankle. PHX got him for the cheap, but I don’t think he’ll be that much of a factor in their system. I love how all these famous, all-star, superstar players go after the money during their entire career, but once it’s near the end and they don’t have a championship they hop onto the next best team in hopes of a championship. Finley, Barry, Walker, Mourning, and the list goes on. Let’s not mention our own CWebb, but too bad it didn’t happen for him.

  15. Robert

    Isn’t this exactly what Phoenix did with Jalen Rose last year, sign him and then let him rot on the bench? Maybe they’ll cut J-Rose and we can sign him. LoL

    Funny thing about Mo Pete is that we could have drafted the guy, but for some reason took Mateen Cleaves instead. Oh well, maybe we can get him the 2nd time around. But he will get offered more time and money somewhere else, and I don’t see him coming here either.

    Gerald Wallace, same thing. He’s way too good to be coming off our bench, and he will get more than we can offer in both time and money.

    So… anybody else out there worth throwing money at, free-agent wise? Or, are going to HAVE to make a trade now, adding Tay’s backup to the need for a new starting center??

  16. Bigdee36

    In my opinion that was the dumbest thing he could have done. Were closer to a championship than Pheonix is. The only thing phoenix is close to is a great regular season were he will get very little playing time and a early exit to the Spurs. I hope he enjoys his choice.

  17. Primetime

    In my opinion that was the dumbest thing he could have done. Were closer to a championship than Pheonix is. The only thing phoenix is close to is a great regular season were he will get very little playing time and a early exit to the Spurs. I hope he enjoys his choice.


    youre so wrong

  18. Anonymous

    Lol i hope Hill does well he is gonna have plenty of minutes coming off the bench not sure wether his knees will hold up.. i hope we get mo pete and hopefully trade flip and nazr for a Real Center.. The longer signing Billups takes we will be missing on good free agents just like last year with Ben Wallace

  19. Anonymous

    ^^ awww its the beginning formation of our core :] !! chaunceys first day as a piston after signing, tay being drafted, and rip being traded in.. who knew all these drastic changes that were made would lead to a gropu of players that would do such great things and everyone would become emotionally attached to ???

    [ chaunceys looking pretty good in that picture btw .. look at those arms !!! ha ;] ]

  20. Anonymous

    chauncey billups needs to hurry up and sign. Take the 60 million and stop being greedy.

  21. kate

    grant hill is stupid. if he wants a championship than why sign with an ok team in the west. his chances of getting to the finals are much better with detroit.

  22. Anonymous

    I was hoping Grant Hill would come back and play for us. I think he made the wrong choice going to PHX instead. PHX is already loaded and has no room hardly. Jalen Rose didn’t hardly play at all this year. Does Grant want to do the same? I know it’s nicer weather, and you can play with one of the all time best point guards Steve Nash. I think we would have been able to give him more minutes here honestly.


  23. Anonymous


    I completely agree with you. Although the Suns are one of the top teams in the west and NBA, until they can get past SA, they won’t see the Finals. With Nash on their team even, they have not been able to get past SA yet. ’05 Western Conference finals they lost 4-1. ’07 Semifinals 4-2. It can always be argued that if Amare played that one game that maybe it would have went 7 games. Even so, I think SA would have still won cause of their great defense. PHX needs to find a way to get past SA and then their path to the championship will be within reach.



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