Where will Chauncey go?

by | Jul 2, 2007 | 14 comments

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The Pistons/Billups negotiations have started. Officially Chauncey can’t sign with anyone until July 11th, but thankfully for Detroit it looks like just about every team that was looking to sign Mr. Big Shot has filled their needs elsewhere. The Magic, who were looking at Billups, decided to sign Rashard Lewis, making it impossible to pay Billups what he has coming. Memphis picked up point guard Mike Conley Jr. in the draft. The Kings look like they may be interested in Chauncey but they need a sign and trade to get things done. The only team that has enough cap space is The Bucks, but I don’t know if they are willing to pay Billups when they can resign Mo Williams for half the price.

The Pistons are looking at veteran point guard Brevin Knight to back up Chauncey the one spot, but my guess is a deal with Knight won’t happen until Chauncey signs on the line. As we all know re-signing Chauncey is a must for the Pistons. If you have forgotten just how valuable Mr. Billups is to this team take a look at this video to jog your memory.

Chauncey Billups Video – Courtesy of myTV20 Detroit


  1. Anonymous

    all i can say is yay lol

  2. Anonymous

    we should then pay him as least as possible, as long as he stays so we can GET A CENTER!!

  3. Anonymous

    brevin knight is a pure pg. He would be perfect as a backup.

    If we could sign knight & hill or mopete I think I will faith in our bench for the playoffs.

    Our bench would be better than some team starting line-up

  4. Amanda

    Brevin Knight coming off the bench to relieve Chauncey? That works for me.

  5. Anonymous

    ^^ yea me too!

  6. Anonymous

    who is that dude at the end of the video? His nose is friggin huge!!!

  7. Andrew

    Why sign Brevin when we just drafted 3 guards? Oh wait, Brevin’s signing would officially be the end of Lindsey Hunter, unfortunately.

  8. Anonymous

    Give Chauncey the money he deserves…Joe Dumars needs to sign him back and needs to give him the money he should get. There is no other point guard out there like him and the Pistons need him….Brevon knight would be a great back up point guard. Joe needs to get him. Im sorry, but it’s time for Lindseys spot to be taken

  9. Anonymous

    we already have enough guards. How bout a forward or center????

    I want to get Amare Stuodamire for center. That would be great. We could trade a lot of our bench for him.

  10. Anonymous

    Yes, I am sure Phoenix will jump at the chance to trade an allstar for the the Pistons bench players. Think before you speak, that sounds ridiculous.

  11. Anonymous

    i was being sarcastic…..jeez take a chill pill.

    Anyway, chauncey is staying. and that means rip shouldn’t go anywhere either.

  12. Bigdee36

    It’s really a no brainer, chauncey is one of the best point guards in the intire league. He’s our floor general. And it’s not like he didn’t earn the money.

  13. Ianmac

    Im telling you the deal is already done… they just cant announce it yet.

  14. egold98

    Billups signing is a must….if he leaves that creates a MUCH BIGGER HOLE then the one ben wallace created last year

    and im all for signing brevin knight to backup billups…hes a dependable vet who is one of the best distributors in the NBA

    if brevin knight doenst become a pistons…i hope we can then sign earl boykins…hes a very capable backup and he’s basically my idol…id love him in a pistons uni

    and as for backup sf…hill or mo-pete would fit the bill as they cud spell big minutes for chauncey and rip…while at the same time help mentor and develop stuckey and afflalo

    i trust joe d to get the job done…GO PISTONS!!!

    p.s: SIGN AMIR JOHNSON!!!!!!!!!


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