Rip To Seattle Rumor

by | Jul 2, 2007 | 36 comments

Rip to Seattle doesn’t seem likely, but anything can happen in the NBA.


  1. BMan

    This is ridiculous. If this does happen we can probably kiss Chauncy goodbye. Both players are documented as saying if one goes so does the other. Besides they have no one to fill that spot. Unless they are getting a spectacular replacement I would consider this as nothing but jabber for the sake of jabbering.

  2. Anonymous

    This would just be a same. Maybe the organization saw this coming, and that’s why we took three guards in the draft….

  3. Anonymous

    The only way I can see this happening is if Billups is definately not going to resign with Detroit. If Billups leaves then I could see Rip wanting out too, but I dont know what Detroit would really be wanting from Seattle. As long as Billups is back then Rip isnt going anywhere.

  4. Anonymous

    I read that supposedly Rip would be traded after they sign Chauncey. That would be wrong considering the fact that Rip is one of the main reasons why Chauncey would stay here in Detroit. Then they would go behind his back and deal Rip. I really don’t see this happening, but if it did it would be a sad day for me. I would really cry. I’m sure Seattle fans would freaking burst at with joy over Rip, Durant, and Green. I think that would be kinda special. I still don’t see it going down. Please Joe don’t be an idiot. WE LOVE RIP!!! ������������������

  5. Anonymous

    I wouldn’t have a problem with it if we could force Nazr/Flip on them. They know Rashard Lewis is probably going to sign with the magic. Why not try to convince him to come to Detroit (via sign and trade)and have a chance at a title. If we could get rashard/wilcox/west for hamilton/nazr/flip why would we not do it.


    It’s a heck of a small ball lineup

  6. Anonymous

    rip cannot go. chauncey and rip are the best duo guards in the nba. they play perfectly together. DON’T LEAVE RIP!

  7. Anonymous

    Chauncey and Rip are not going to Break apart. One of the main reasons Chauncey is so good is because of rip hamilton….I believe they were 2nd last year at assist/ point ratio behind nash and marion. They are great together and Rip is an all around better player than Rashard. Not happenin. Maybe nazr and flip for wilcox and west. I like that

  8. Anonymous

    what the heckk are the pistons doing RIP and CHAUNCEY HAS TO STAY!! If they give rip away i will complain and i will nver watch the Pistons again!

  9. BMan

    Rashard is not a 4, he is a perimeter player that lives outside. The only points in the paint he gets is in transition. We have enough jump shooters in DTown. I love RIP but we really need someone that can create their own shot (besides Billups). Rashard isn’t really that type of player. Tayshaun can but he settles for jumpers way too much (Rasheed too). I just don’t think what we would get in return would make this a good trade for us. Why trade a jump shooter that has a good chemistry with the core players for a jump shooter that doesn’t????

  10. Mz. Baller aka Lil' Rip

    that has got to be the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard. Seattle really has no one but rookies and we really don’t have anyone to back Rip up is this as to happen. Why would you trade one of the best players and the 2 in the league to a team full of rookies? + Rip don’t look good in yellow and green!!!!

  11. Amanda

    I wonder if the dude that started this rumor got Rip’s autograph on his receipt at the dry cleaners…

    “I read that supposedly Rip would be traded after they signed Chauncey.” ~Anony 1:48

    Where did you read this? That would just be…wrong.

  12. Anonymous

    The pistons were built as hard working, blue collar, under the radar type players.

    Lets be real here. The current pistons don’t work hard & are not under the radar anymore. Also, there not getting any younger

    There a reason no team is going after billups. He will be passed his prime next season & hes lost his edge. You don’t give a player in that situation 10+mil

    We must trade these players when they still have value (rip,billups) & get back…………….

    Hard working, blue collar, under the radar type players like ?????

    only time will tell who

  13. Anonymous

    I read it on, Amanda. I didn’t say it was true, but I can see that happening though. If they wanted Chauncey to come back and deal Rip then why wouldn’t they do it once Chauncey signed on the dotted line. Chauncey doesn’t want to play without Rip.McDyess doesn’t want to play without Chauncey(even though he decided to stay with the team). To me it seems like Chauncey is the one that needs to be pleased in order for everything to work out right.

  14. claire

    if Rip goes, then what’s the point of keeping Chauncey? Everybody knows that those two pretty much made each other who they are today. Plus, Rip and Chauncey said before that they stay together or leave together. The only way Rip’s going is if they’re not gonna resign Chauncey and vice versa.

    I think Joe is not signing Chauncey yet because he is waiting for all the other suitors to go first. So he’ll be the last one making an offer to make sure it is higher than the first guys’ offers.

    Plus, Seatle has nothing to offer in return for Rip. I don’t see why would Joe D wanna make such a suicidal move.

    The Pistons stick together like gum under a desk.

  15. swish

    omg this is so stupid. rip and chauncey need each other to succeed and seattle already has three decent 6’9″ small forwards. i know rip isnt a 6’9″ small forward, but with durant, green, and maybe lewis (if not goin to orlando), the sonics wont have room for rip if they play all of em. JoeD better not let go of rip and he better re-sign chauncey-quick!! grant hill is a maybe. toronto is also going after him. oh yeah, t.o. agreed to sign jason kapono (3point champ nd leader in 3point %) to a four-year, $24 million (U.S.). they’re crazy!!! we also might get mo pete, which isn’t so bad. i’ve been watching him in toronto for a long time and he has some good shots and a great soul.

  16. Anonymous

    You are right BMan, Shard is a 3 and a perimeter player. However, he has played spot minutes at the 4 and we could use a few more transition (EASY) pts. We can’t have 5 perimeter players out there. The only way it work is if Rasheed decided to stick his but in the post where he belongs. If he keeps jacking up threes then it would never work. It would be a fun little experiment.

  17. shatia

    Omg….Rip to seatle should not happen. I dont think the Pistons are anyhting without Rip….and if we ship rip to Seattle we might as well assume that chauncey is going somewhere else 2. Both of them are extrodanary 2gether….they belong 2gether(like peanut putter and jelly…lol). NOOOOO rip cant leave……he’s my favorite. We love you rip!!!

  18. Tara

    sheesh! fisrt chauncey and now this! i don’t want either to go. how nice would it be to have both of them back. Rip and Chauncey are THEE duo. the face of the pistons, them working together really made everything happen 🙁

  19. Amanda

    The whole signing Chauncey and then trading Rip thing doesn’t make sense to me. From reading previous posts, I thought the idea behind it was to trick both players into thinking the other would be staying in the Detroit City with him. But that just sounds jouvenile and I would assume that if we knew about it, they (the players) would know about it, too. Am I missing something?

    The money side of basketball seems dirty, confusing, and upsetting.

    I agree with you, anony 2:54. The blue-collar, going-to-work mentality of yesteryears didn’t seem quite as apparent this season. Maybe losing to a shitty team like the Cavs has taught the players that they’re not going to coast through the East anymore and automatically be granted a spot in the Finals. What’s the point of the whole sledgehammer swinging bit if the team isn’t going to showcase the workman-like effort on the court?

  20. Anonymous

    rip is under contract for 3 more years. He cant just leave and for who seatlle just drafted all young players and have noone for trade now that Allen’s in Boston. Guard spot from bench is where we need help someone who can shoot Flip Murray is a bum and Lindsey is old so DUH draft guards.

  21. Anonymous

    Hi Fans its me Jacqueline again, How in the world would the Pistons look without Chauncey and Rip together, I don’t even wanna think about it, I’m more nervous in the off season than when I was when the Pistons were facing eliminations in the playoffs against the Lebrons, all these rumors is driving me nuts, I wish that everything that they are going to do would get done by the end of the the week, this is too much, I’m getting high-blood pressure and I think that I will have a couple of fainting spells if this goes any longer than this week!!!!! I already got a box of Kleenex for tears next to my bed if any of the the core group leaves, if both Chauncey and Rip leaves I think I am going to have a bucket to stop my house from flooding if they both go!!!!!!

  22. claire

    I don’t think the Pistons can or want to trick Chauncey into signing a contract and then trade Rip. I’m pretty sure Chauncey makes sure that if he stays, Rip’s gonna stay too because it’s obvious they’re nothing without each other (if this doesn’t represent teamwork, then I don’t know what does). Like didn’t Vince Carter say that he’s only staying with the Nets if Jason Kidd was staying too? But anything could happen. For all we know, they could ship both Rip and Chauncey to somewhere else, which would be the stupiest move ever. So I think the Seattle rumor is not legit. Let’s have faith, guys.

  23. Anonymous

    u r all fricken crazy thinking thepistons r going to trade rip. that would tare up their chemestry and chauncy would play as hard with rip gone. and a tone of people would be pisted if rip left.

  24. Anonymous

    What’s up with everybody saying their old what about Jordan, Pippen, Rodamn, Ron Harper, Luc Longley and the last three championships the Bulls won they were old and if Jerry Krause didn’t mess everything up their would be no Lakers, Spurs championships because they would of won till 2003.

    Rip Hamilton being the best conditioned athlete in the league, Chauncey hits the gym like a mad man and only had the fluke hamstring thing in all his years as a Piston. Tayshaun the most games played out of the core 4.

    Rasheed on the other hand looks like he never lifts weights I don’t know if that matters since nobody can stop him in the post but he has become too much of a three point shooter and his shoot did not go down well this year and his head is just not their he had more techs this year than other years with us and just looks unmotivated till we got in the playoffs and we all hate Flip but come on stay in the huttle be their as a leader and let your voice be heard when he walks away it seems like he’s saying I don’t care if we when or lose I’m getting paid and having my fun. I would love to keep him here and try to get Jermaine O’neal for someone other then are core and it could be possible Vince Carter came to the Nets for nothing that would be great but if not trade Rasheed for his protégé who is hungry to win.

  25. Anonymous

    Hey its Ronnie,
    Wow this got a lot of people talking and for no reason. I dont know where you heard this rumor from Natalie but geez, at least entertain us a little more on more realistic trades. Why in gods name would a young Rip Hamilton be traded…for ANYBODY!?! People please stop commenting on something that would not happen. If it does I will personally allow each blogger to meet up with me and smack the crap out of me.

  26. Amanda

    Yeah, it does have a lot of people talking but I don’t think any of us are all that concerned that anything will come out of it. Amd although I have always wanted to really smack somebody, I hope Rip stays and you’ll be spared a good whoopin’. lol

    I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t wait for all this trade crap and whatnot to be over with and for the next season to start so I can go shopping for more Pistons merchandise!

  27. Ripcity32

    if ripcity or chaunc leave, the pistons are thru.. forget about even makin it to the playoffs

  28. kyle c.

    I agree with you amanda about the merchandise. I am going to get my old ben wallace jersey and put Stuckey on the back.

    Rip will not leave the article didn’t have any details so I am not concerned.

  29. Anonymous

    Rumors have Lewis going to the Magic, which is good news for all of us who want the stones to re-sign Billups, maybe not so good for Billups and his agent though: Looks like all the potential suitors for Billups have gone a diff. direction: Bucks (reportedly)re-signing their point for less, the bobcats getting Jrich, and now the magic wrapping up 15 mil. on Lewis.

  30. kyle c.

    I just got a Autographed Isiah Thomas Photo for 60 dollars.

    Good Move?

  31. claire

    lol I like how one single sentence about Rip generates like 30 comments. I agree with Amanda, I can’t wait til all this stuff ends, so I can get my Hamilton jersey and cap (it’s one good looking cap! and I don’t even wear caps!)

  32. swish

    actually, if youy think about it, there isnt really a better PG-SG combination than rip-chauincey besides jordan-pippen and isaiah-(I forgot this guy’s name)!!

  33. Anonymous

    isiah and joe dumars….duh.

  34. April32

    they better not be waiting until chauncey leaves to make a move.
    i doubt chauncey will go all dramatic and damand trade,
    or threaten to sit out all year.
    BUT he wouldnt be “chauncey billups”
    and who in the world do sonics have?
    they would have to trade the whole freaking team.
    and teams are only allowed so many players, lol.
    good thing ray allen left.
    that would be one boy that you could “consider” for rip.
    i will seriously like flip out.
    i want to buy his jersey so bad.
    all we can do is wait.

  35. Anonymous

    If I had to give up one player in our Fab Four it would probably be Rip Hamilton he’s a good scorer, very athletic, and a great defender but during the Cleveland series everytime it went in his hands he tried to dribble and then score. What the hell happened to those great cut, catch, and shoot plays that worked so well for us??? If he’s not gonna go back to that next season well then R.I.P in a new team Rip

  36. Anonymous

    His shots weren’t going in so he had to drive and try and get fouled.

    Rip being traded to Seattle would be the stupidest move Joe D has ever made. Why get rid of a guy that means so much to what we do?

    Joe D, Chauncey, Rip, Tayshaun SHALL not be touched. Rasheed I say not but if he doesn’t clean up his attitude then maybe get rid of him. It’s hard to say to get rid of Sheed, he helped us win the title in ’04. He needs to do only 2 things to make most fans happy most likely. 1. Post up more down in the block. 2. Keep your cool more.




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