A Little Afflalo

by | Jul 1, 2007 | 14 comments


  1. Anonymous

    Affalo will get burnt by Dwade and Lebron he cant guard atheltic players, I hope we dont get to see Dwade or Lebron in the playoffs *cough* (like thats not gonna happen) why dont you put the video where he got locked down by Corey Brewer?

  2. Anonymous

    Affalo was a solid pick. Corey Brewer was the best defender in college basketball. Thats like saying Jordan was sorry, watch what Dumars did to him. And don’t everyone get burnt by Dwade and LeBron? So what the hell are you talking about? Savy vets get beat by those guys..of course a rookie is going to. I hate when people talk out of their ass. Its been happening a lot lately too. Its usually high school kids.
    AKA-anonymous 8:12

  3. shatia

    Thats sweet!!! i think Affalo is a great pick and may fit right in with the pistons. Yeah, he need work but he will be a good player.Im sure Joe. D ahs a good feeling bout this guy….and if he didnt then he would of not chose him to be the 27nth pick. I dont know much bout Affalo but i super exited to see hwat happens and see him play. GO PISTONS!!!!

  4. Anonymous

    Amen, Junior!

  5. kyle c.

    Aaron is a very good player. I live in Honolulu Hawaii and I get the FSN West so I got to see a bunch of Aaron.
    Im excited to see the future of him and Rodney.

  6. Anonymous

    Exactly my point corey brewer f*cked him up imagine how many players wont school affalo and stuckey will be the second coming of murray and hey i know you guys as pistons fans dont want to see the sorry truth. Your team will not get rings its in the point of rebuilding..

  7. Anonymous

    I seriously don’t understand how people of other teams even found NEED4SHEED.com. That’s what I call being totally obsessed with the opposing team. That’s completely lame, but it really just goes to show how intimidated other fans are of the Pistons. Get a life and worry about your own team. —Anonymouse 5:32 am.

    Also why are you even posting on a Pistons fan board at 5:32 in the morning. *rolls eyes* It just gets even more funny. Whose fan are you? Cleveland, Miami, Porland?

  8. Anonymous

    Yeah dude theres something called time zones its not 5:32 am here. how dumb are pistons fans none of them got a brain HAHAHA

  9. Anonymous

    no your stupid because your still on a Pistons fan message board. How can we know where you are if you never said where your from? U just came on here dissing without even supporting your own team. You my friend are the dumb one. Either way you put it, if your located in the east then when I posted it was 9:18. 3 hrs behind that (Cali time) would be 7:00 am. Therefore either way you put it you came on here entirely too early and obsessed yourself with the Pistons. Please get a life. If under your post it said 5:32 am then it was 5:32 am wherever your from and that was entirely too early no matter how you put it. So chock on that and watch who you call dumb.

  10. Anonymous

    Dude, What does your time zone have to do with anything? If you posted at 5:32 am then that’s what time it was on your side. You can’t justify that. On the east 5:32 am is what 2:32 all the way out west. Please refrain from calling others names because you just make your self seem even more ignorant besides the fact that your posting on a Pistons fan site. R u that Portland kid again?

  11. swish

    the next rip hamilton(arron) and the next dwyane wade(rodney) in our hands pistons fans!

  12. swish

    oh man my comment just disturbed a very important conversation…

    go pistons!!

  13. Dominic

    Will someone please explain to me why everyone was Pistons “fans” after we beat the Lakers in 04 (aaah what a year it was!) but then since we stopped going to the Finals everyone is all of the sudden Pistons haters? I hate it when ppl just jump on the bandwagon when they start winning everyone who used to be a fan of the 04 Pistons came running to Miami’s side when they won. It pisses me off. I was born in Detroit and have been a Piston fan ever since I could understand the game and I never swayed from their side no matter how bad our year was (and we had very few of those) i just think it’s sad that ppl don’t like us just cuz we’re aging and not as good as we used to be and I think the fact that our team is in Detroit has somethin to do with it. Makes me sick but I still love the Pistons and hate the ppl who’s teams suck so they have to find a new team to love hey I still support the Lions and we all know how much they suck lol I don’t go find a new team just because my team isn’t good

  14. Anonymous

    First of all just because i know english it doesnt mean i have to live in the U.S ok? alright ill stop calling people names sorry if i offended anyone and i am a Piston Fan i just dislike affalo we dont have to agree on everything..


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