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by | Jun 27, 2007 | 23 comments

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The NBA Draft is right around the corner and the Pistons are in the position to get at least one, if not two players that will contribute to the team next season. I know almost everyone would love to have Acie Law as the Pistons backup point guard, but realistically I don’t think he will still be around at the #15 spot.

On Sunday I appeared on WTKG Sports Extra with Bennie and Jeff to discuss what moves the Pistons might make with their picks in what many call one of the deepest drafts in quite some time.

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I am no expert, but I will be attending the Pistons Draft party Thursday night to watch the Pistons make their picks live at the Palace. From the rumors around the league this could be one of the most intriguing drafts we have seen. Especially since the KG to The Suns talk, that would send Amare to Atlanta has started. Who knows what other kinds of moves will be made tomorrow night, I can’t wait.


  1. baller

    i hope pistons choose mike conley or acie law!!!!

    and the 3 way trade OMG

    amare to hawks!!!
    kg to suns!!!
    2 lottery picks to wolves!!!

  2. baller


  3. Anonymous

    i dont think we should re-sign c-webb, we need more playing time for our young guns,

  4. Anonymous

    Yahoo sports just did a piece on how Acie Law could fall to 20th. Which is contradictory to Chad Fords report that Law has a guarentee at 14. McCosky says Law is likely a Piston if he is there at 15, so I continue to have hope for Law.

    However, Stuckey seems the most likely. And I strongly disagree with Detroit taking a big at 27, IMO- they will be much better off drafting a SF- Byars, Dudley, Almond etc.

  5. Amanda

    I enjoyed your interview, Natalie and I hope you and everyone else who will be attending the draft party tomorrow has a good time. HAVE FUN, GUYS!

  6. Natalie

    Thanks Amanda..
    and Jess, thanks for all the compliments.

  7. Anonymous

    I dont think we should resign anyone but chauncey and amir. you must be a retard if you think acie law or mike conley will be there when we pick..if for some reason blazers dont pick oden seattle will be a beast and viceversa i rather watch portland anyway if mcdyess ever thinks of leaving us i bet he will go to em spurs KISS THE RINGS BITCH

  8. Anonymous

    That trade wont be good enough for the T-wolves to pull the trigger

  9. Amanda

    Can somebody elaborate a little more on the Hawks’ picks that would go to the T’Wolves? Are they talking future lottery picks or what? Atlanta has the #3 pick this year, right? Can you trade future lottery picks? lol I’m so confused. Like I said, I know nothing about the business but if anybody knows more about this, I’d appreciate it if you’d share your knowledge.

  10. Anonymous

    we shoukd have been got kg a while ago but i think we should get acie law or glen davis whos really good

  11. Anonymous

    Your audio is not working at this moment

  12. baller

    amanda hawks got the 3rd and the 11th pick for the draft tomorrow.

    and anony 10:34
    watch who u call a retard..i said i hope.. and i totalyl doubt conley will fall to the 15th but there are great chances acie law might.

  13. jess

    Your welcome Nat!

    I really do love this site though. I especially love the fact that you still keep us updated with EVERY and ANY thing on the off season!!


  14. Kyle C.


  15. Kyle C.

    By the way Baller… if you are refering to Mike Conley Jr. then he will be long gone by the time the Pistons come around. but i agree with Acie Law I want him

  16. Anonymous

    well im just telling you the truth mike conley jr is not gonna be around when we pick thats why i said its retarded to think that. doubt? preety much 100% he isnt gonna be there and if they let acie law slide i do want him in a pistons uniform but most likely javaris will be the only good pg around when we pick… still i think we are goin with rodney stuckey at 15

  17. Raul El Patron

    Just to reply to Amanda’s question about the draft picks:

    From what I’ve read in media outlets, I think that Phoenix would be going after Minnesota would be going after this year’s draft picks. However, it’s possible to trade for the following year’s LOTTERY picks. If you remember, Chicago did that with New York a few years ago in the Eddy Curry trade (I think the Bulls gave away Curry and Zeke gave them a lottery pick… Zeke always the businessman…)

    I think the deal works like this: If the team that surrender the draft picks ends up in the lottery, the team that received the picks would replace the first team immediately in that position. If the other team doesn’t make it to the lottery, that deal is void. If someone has more information or some of mine is inaccurate, please let me know… just don’t call me names or insult me in the process, thanks!

  18. Bigdee36

    Amare in the A? That’s just what the sorry ass Hawks need. Him and Joe johnson can cause some damage in the east. I’ve been around Hawks fans all my life and it’s good that they might have something to cheer for for once. Because they haven’t had much to cheer for ever sence Nique’ left.

  19. Anonymous

    This has nothing to do with the draft but I thought you would all like to know. At there is an article about Rip’s camp with quotes from Rip. He says he thinks Chauncey will be back and says he has talked with him. At least we know he is still alive.

  20. claire

    ^^ hey, where did you find that article? is there a link? thanks.

  21. Mike

    Actually, Acie Law has dropped a bit. He should be around by the 20th pick. The Pistons could probably get them with the 15, but not our other 1st rounder. With their first pick, i really think they will draft Rodney Stuckey. If not him then they will get Thaddeus Young. Nice interview BTW, your becoming quite the celebrity.

  22. Ianmac

    I have a friend who works for the pistons. He confirmed to me today that Chauncy is coming back to detroit. 100% bank on that!

    Joe Dumars also has a trade on the table right now:
    Rasheed, Rip & First 2 picks to LA for:
    Kobe, & a Big (Walton or Bynum)

    We will know more tonight, but it IS on the table.

  23. Anonymous

    Actually, Acie Law has dropped a bit. He should be around by the 20th pick. The Pistons could probably get them with the 15, but not our other 1st rounder.

    Where did you hear that? thats a dream acie law is gonna get drafted with the #11 pick… only good point guard that mite be around is javaris critteton


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