McDyess Opts Out – Flip Murray Staying

by | Jun 26, 2007 | 37 comments

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Something I am not too happy about, McDyess will try free agency. Flip Murray decides to stay. Ironic right.


  1. shatia

    OMG…….i’m speechless. How can this happen?

  2. Anonymous

    don’t you just wish it was the other way around? haha.

    i thought mcdyess wanted to stay!

  3. Anonymous

    It’s not exactly ironic- it’s just the exact opposite of what every fan WANTS. I think ‘Dysse will stay. He’s obviously playinf for a ring, not $.

  4. kate

    oh no!!! i love mcdyess!! could this mean anything about chauncey’s decision?

  5. Natalie

    I meant it’s Ironic that Flip didn’t opt out… What most of us would have hoped for.

  6. Amanda

    That’s kind of really extremely upsetting. I love McDyess and if he leaves there will be tears. Whoa. How weird would it be if ‘Dyess went to a West team and that team and Detroit met in the Finals next season and the Pistons denied ‘Dyess a ‘ship? Eek. That’s a scary thought. Anyway, here’s to hoping he stays a Piston! CHEERS!

    Since it’s official that Flurray is going to be on the team next season, I hope he works on his game throughout the summer to better fit the club’s philosophy. He seems to be the 1 guy more than any other player that when he’s good, we love him and when he’s not, we hate him. WE NEED CONSISTENCY, FLURRAY! (And a few more of those furious dunks wouldn’t hurt either!)

  7. Kayla

    I think Mcdyess is just really disappointed in the team and there performance.He probably wants to see if theres a team out there that can get it done.I love my boys but I feel for Mcdyess he deserves a ring. I hope he gets one but I would prefer for it to be in Detroit.

  8. Anonymous

    WOW…The basketball gods are really testing me right now!!!

  9. Anonymous

    PLEASE stop doggin Flip Murray. The guy can play. If u wnna see him be consistant, he has 2 get consistant playing time! U guys will see, this guy is gonna really help this team next year, and u will all eat your words.


  10. Anonymous

    dont forget flip murray could be traded. i am kinda excited for the draft to see if anything big happens! if chauncey and mcdyess both leave it could be a very sad sad day..

  11. Julius

    I don’t like really hearing dogging of any of the players really. Flip Murray played his part when we needed him and maybe deserved more minutes. He was inconsistent but he was also inconsistently played. I think he deserves props for not opting out. Dyess has said he wants to stay, but he and Billups gotta play for $ too. I would feel bad mostly for Dyess if he left cause I don’t see any of the teams trying for those two having a chance at a ring next season or even soon. I mean, The bucks? Come on guys.. You can do better.

  12. jess


  13. Amanda

    I’m not trying to dog Flip. I mean, “Flurray” is my term of endearment for him. I guess I’m just not as big a fan of him as D-Will is. If he is on the team next season, I hope he gets consistent playing time but only if he produces. I mean, I’d rather see the youngins out there learning the ropes than Flurray throwing up some crazy ass reverse layup that misses everything, you know? Eh, anyway, I’m more concerned with ‘Dyess than Flip right now. What teams are trying to get ‘Dyess? Just the Bucks?

  14. Rasheed Wallace

    How is it a suprise that Flip didnt out opt?

    Are you guys deaf?

    He said all damn year that he was staying.

  15. Jeff

    I wouldn’t panic about Dyess yet. I think that he and Chauncey are a packaged deal (same agent, good friends who were teammates back in Denver). As long as Chauncey stays Dyess stays. Too bad Flop picked up his option, but I think he realized he probably didn’t have a chance to do any better on the open market so he just went for the guaranteed money. Hopefully Joe D won’t make any dumb moves like last offseason and hopefully he can unload Nazr’s contract for some expiring contracts.

  16. uyen

    The fucking nightmare has just started. I can’t believe McDyess decided to opt out. I am just starting to get over their loss in Cleveland and now with all the uncertainty. I hate this time the most.

  17. Anonymous

    I mean come on guys…I am die hard but I am not going to sugarcoat it when a player on our team is sorry…Flip is sorry. What are his strengths? He turns the ball over..he CANNOT play D. Everyone says well he is a shooting guard. WHAT?!? He is the worst shooter on the team. I have watched every single possession of this guys career as a Piston. The guy is below average.

  18. Bigdee36

    I don’t see for the life of me why Dyess opted out. That was stupid in my opinion. He’s at the end of his career. No one’s gonna give him much money anymore. And if he wanted a ring, leaving the team that has one of the best chances of winning one is stupid as hell. If he was so disgusted by the outcome of the ECF he should have played better. He’s old so he needs to swallow his pride come back next season and play his very best to win a ship. Because quite frankly his chances are running out.

  19. Joe Dumars

    McDyess opted out bc were blowing the team up and he wants no part

    Let the games begin

  20. Anonymous

    the pistons need a backup point gaurd. They need talent from this draft that they can thrust into the rotation this coming season. I think a good option would be trading players like flip murray, ronald durpree for a point guard like Mike Conely Junior who they can use as a backup PG or even a starter is c-billups doesnt come back….

  21. Anonymous

    Well this does it 5 years till we become a championship contender againg BYE BYE PISTONS IM NOW SWITCHING TO THEM BLAZERS ODEN IS GONNA BE THE NEXT BILL RUSSEL 11 RINGS BABY! KISS THE RINGS BITCH that goes to Mcburger i mean Mcdyess

  22. Anonymous

    if we lose mcdyess we are done we wont have a frontcourt.. what webber sheed maxiell and amir? i rather have mcdyess instead webber and come on joe should tell we dont want him back fuck off and leave he will mess this team up… we are getting few more steps to blowing the team up

    if mcdyess leaves us i wont be surprised if he decides to go to the spurs

  23. Anonymous

    Something that was in , maybe detroit papers , said that dyess
    was waiting to see what Billups did. If Billups was not coming back Dyess would not.

    this does not give me the warm fuzzies about either of them…

    Maybe Billups is going…sighs…

    Man, I can not stand Flip Murry..

  24. claire

    well, dyess is at the end of his career, and isn’t he getting married soon or something? cuz he mentioned his fiance a while back. That means he needs more money. So i’m guessing he’s just trying to get another contract with the pistons. But i don’t think it’ll be an expensive one cuz the pistons are concentrating their money on billups. I think dyess will stay…i hope he does lol.

    So when can the pistons resign billups and dyess? I swear every morning, I wait anxiously for this site to load, not knowing what I will see…

    i think all you wonderful detroit people should have like a protest or something at the palace to convince dyess and chauncey and other core guys (esp. Rip) to stay. Like carry signs that say: “learn from ben’s mistake, STAY!” or “once a pistons, always a pistons” Maybe you’ll get on the news. I bet that will touch them 🙂

  25. kate

    how do yall not like cwebb?! he was great this year but flip kept him on the bench a lot during the cleveland series which i dont get. the real problem with this team is flip. coaches would die to have a team like this and flip had two chances to get to the finals!

  26. BigPapiFresh44

    Shocked just about everyone else when they saw this… here’s a inside note– mcdyess and billups share the same agent “Andy Miller” will this make chauncey leave my gut feeling is that he will…if he stays and i hope he does then i would be as concerned if chose not to…Flip Murray i thought was going to leave but hes going to stay and thats cool with me as long as he works on his game hes cool with me on the team.. as for the future might as well get Grant Hill back in the mix off the bench 14.3 pts per game and 3.6 reb thats better than delfino anyday… and tell me what you think the pistons will chose in the draft… HOLLA BACK PISTONS FAN SINCE I SAW A TV SCREEN…

  27. Anonymous

    i love mcdyess and everything but my main concern is still chauncey.. even if dice leaves but chauncey stays then ill still be happy .. dont get me wrong though i would LOVEEE to have them both back..and hopefully that will happen.. but geeeez i just want to hear the words that chauncey has RESIGNED with the detroit pistons and maybe hear ANYTHINGGGG from the mouth of rip !!!!

    GO PISTONS !!!
    im with you no matter what.. and hopefully chauncey is too !

  28. Anonymous

    free agents can’t be signed till July 1st.

  29. Anonymous

    my biggest concern last summer was that rip cut his hair (which, i must say was DEFINITELY the right decision ha!)..

    but this year is a LITTLE more stressful

    my heart beats like crazyyy everytime i come onto need4sheed.. i wonder if im going to see the headline, “CHAUNCEY RESIGNS AS PISTON !!!” or if it will be “its official chauncey no longer piston” and trust me i do NOT want the second one.. anduntil one of those headlines come up (HOPEFULLY, the first one!!) im getting all these other headlines that are just as surprising and heart-sinking.. i just hope in the end im happy about the team .. and of course chauncey decides to stay :]

    i just wish my biggest concern was rips hair again :/

  30. shatia

    I dont know……i dont think Flip is as bad as everyone makes he seem. I agree he does need time and should work on his game but hes an o-k guy. But forget bout Flip its more bout Dice now. I dont think its a good idea for Dice to leave cuz he is extremly hungry for the rings and i think staying her is as close as he can get to be a champ. Besides he is a more layed back type if person and i dont think he will go for the money. Dice is great fit for the pistons and love throughout the NBA….hes got to stay. Plus no one really belived in him ( you no after being injered) except the Det. Pistons. How can he do this to us???

  31. Anonymous

    Oh HELL NO!! I cannot believe this! I just bought Dyess’s jersey about a month ago. I was waiting and waiting for it to become available at the Palace Locker Room and ordered it the minute I saw it was finally there. I never saw this coming. I thought it would be Pistons or retirement for Dyess — didn’t expect this crap. I couldn’t breathe for a minute when I read that. Man I hate sports agents!! Since Dyess and Chauncey both have the same agent, I get the feeling that this is a conspiracy. $ = root of all evil. It’s just not fair. I knew Billups was going to opt out, so I was ready for it, but Dyess?? That’s like a sucker punch right there… and way below the belt. I can’t take it. He has been my favorite player for about 3 years now and I love his heart. I can’t beieve he would leave for the money like Ben did, and I hope that’s not enough to get him to go. I know he wants a ring (and he deserves one more than anybody else) so I hope he sees something he likes here after all the drama dies down. Don’t know what I’ll do if he plays for some other team next season — I’ll probably still have to cheer for him but it will break my poor heart.

    As for Flip Murray… he could go away and I wouldn’t blink an eye, but alas it seems as though he is going to stay. I don’t like to “dog” any Piston, but he makes me swear more than any other. I cringe every time he steps on the floor because I never know what he’s going to do. He certainly hasn’t grasped the concept of being unselfish yet. If he could do that he might be someone I could support more whole-heartedly.

    Oh God, please let Dyess and Chauncey stay… PLEASE!! Amen.

  32. kate

    anyone read the article about cwebb on it’s really cute how that kid wants to do a book report on him.

  33. Anonymous

    ^hey do you think you could send that again, but in pieces? cause only half of it is showing up


  34. 514betas

    THIS IS FALSE, as of now…

    I spoke with Antonio McDyess’ agent this morning, and he confirmed that McDyess has not filed for free agency.

    “I have the paperwork right here on my desk,” said his agent, Andy Miller. “I haven’t seen the report, but I can tell you it’s false.”

    Miller went on to say that no decision had been reached as to whether McDyess would test the free agent waters. But reading between the lines, it seems as though McDyess will likely return to Detroit and seek some type of contract extension which Joe Dumars has said in the past was something the Pistons would pursue with the 6-foot-9 forward.

  35. Anonymous

    this is Jacqueline again, this is driving me crazy, Pistons fans, I’m nervous and I will be so glad when this is over, I hope that Chauncey and Antonio comes back together, I hope that they are not looking to get together on some other team, that would be devastating and huge blow to the team, I’m so scared, Chauncey has put a myspace bullentin out that he wants to stay so hopefully he doesn’t dissappoint all of his fans and gets Antonio to come back with him, I really don’t know what to say about Flip Murray, because he’s not afraid to do the dirty work, he goes inside and don’t really care about getting knocked around a little, I agree that he made some bad decisions with the ball, but sometimes he gives the team what they need at the right time, more playing time for him may prove to be good for the team, he’s not a point guard for sure, I don’t know what position he plays, we need to come up with a position just for him, any suggestions? We need to pray that Joe D does what he need to do and bring both of them back!!! Antonio is hungry, guys and who better to feed him than Chauncey!!!! I LOVE THIS TEAM!!!!!!!!

  36. Anonymous

    The kinda mean thing is Flip Murray decides to stay and I predict he will be traded this summer! Talk about a slap in the face!



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