George Blaha Interview

by | Jun 24, 2007 | 41 comments

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I was waiting to make my appearance on WTKG’s Sports Talk with Bennie and Jeff so tuned into the show. It turns out that I ended up following George Blaha. It’s very rare that we actually get to hear Mr. Blaha get interviewed, so this one was a treat.

Bennie and Jeff asked George all the questions you wanted answered. Most importantly he was asked of all the 4 core players who was untouchable? I was shocked by George’s answer.

I had a great time talking about the Draft with Bennie and Jeff (more on the later) and am a big sports talk show listener, let me tell you Jeff and Bennie have a heck of a show.


  1. Jessi

    I love the talk about the teal uniforms, I am glad that Joe hated then so much and talked bill to change tehm. I can see how sheed would be the one not traded since even Joe was the first to defend sheed. Sheed plays well on this team and I want him to be a pistons until he retires. Well I want all the guys to retire a pistons and bring us one more ship if that is in the cards. I would love to see the core 4 numbers retired as well. I hope George is right and Grant comes and our core 4 stay. I love it King George Blaha.

    You are going to let us hear your interview right? I mean for all us fans of yours who do not live in MI.

  2. Natalie

    I will put my interview up tomorrow..
    Blaha was way more interesting!

  3. Anonymous

    ^^Can’t wait to hear yours Nat!

  4. Anonymous

    I like Grant Hill- always have. Class act etc. etc. HOWEVER, I really don’t want the Pistons to sign him. Why? the Pistons are stacked with veterans as it is, and they have two 1st round draft picks (one of which Joe D already said he wants to get PT for). Bringing in ANOTHER veteran to suck up playing time from our blossoming youngsters is a concept I just don’t see happening, and I certainly hope against.

  5. Anonymous

    I like grant as much as anyone would but it will be a mistake to sign him(also resign Webber) we need player that has knees he will be just like webber gives us a boost during the regular season but his knees are blown out come playoffs and then we are forced to play 2 man down (webber,hill)

  6. Amanda

    I don’t know how I feel about the whole Grant Hill thing. Not because I was a fan when he was here and then got mad ’cause he left and I resent him or anything, but because of what the previous 2 posts stated. He’s a veteran who’s heading toward the end of his career and he has a history of injuries and whatnot. I didn’t think there was going to be much about him coming here. I thought that was just a lot of fluff floating around earlier in the Playoffs but now I hear other people talking about it including King George Blaha and I’m really interested to know what’s going to happen with it. Hmm…

    I was surprised when Mr. Blaha said he thought ‘Sheed was the least likely to leave but I guess it makes sense when you think about it. Joe D. did seem to get kind of heated when people mentioned ‘Sheed’s actions in Game 6. And I love ‘Sheed but without Tayshaun or without Rip or Chauncey it’s still not the Pistons. If somebody asked me what 1 player of the core 4 that I would get rid of if I had to get rid of 1, I don’t think I’d even be able to answer it. I felt the same way when Ben was here.

    I thought when Natalie said she was shocked by Blaha’s answer that it was going to be Rip and then we’d all be like “WOOHOO!” ’cause we haven’t heard much about him. lol

    What day is the draft and what is day can Chauncey officially resign?

  7. Anonymous

    I think getting Grant Hill would be a huge boost for our bench. This guy is just a straight up baller who can create his own shot, make the correct play and not turn the ball over. And really think about it. Has Hill EVER played for a contender? I think the mentality our locker room has will benefit his game that much more. It will add even a better mix of Vets with youngsters. Another class act for these guys to look up to and learn to play the game the right way. Hill, Dyess, Max, Hunter(maybe) and Amir coming of the bench. WOW. Thats a pretty damn athletic and tough bench. Scoring, rebounding and a defense that can hold its own. I like the thought of it.

  8. Anonymous

    Draft day is June 28 and Chauncey can resign on July 1

    I agree if you think about it Joe was defending Sheed the most, in the interview they asked him if Sheed wasnt there for his teammates in the last game and he answered his teammates werent there for him in the previous games.

  9. Anonymous

    Having Hill and Webber back will be a total nightmare i rather not risk that their knees blow out halfway through the season then who do we have if they eat playing time from our younger players? DO NOT SIGN HILL AND WEBBER

  10. Anonymous

    Another class act for these guys to look up to and learn to play the game the right way. Hill, Dyess, Max, Hunter(maybe) and Amir coming of the bench. WOW. Thats a pretty damn athletic and tough bench. Scoring, rebounding and a defense that can hold its own. I like the thought of it

    If they are just gonna be there to teach em how to play mite as well pay them to coach not play and how is that a WOW athletic? Mcdyess Lindsey and Hill? all near their last days of basketball? with just a lil left in the tank… only athletic person is Amir. you must be having flashbacks from the old Hill and Lindsey they both have lost quite a few steps to their game..

    I am just being real trust me im not a hill hater but its a mistake to sign him period.

  11. Anonymous

    If u guys think haven G Hill come off the bench is a bad ideah, u dont know basketball. Are u kidding me?! A team cannot be all young bucks, we need it 2 be like half and half. Now Webber… I dont know. Defenitly not a starter, but i’d take him off the bench as well. And no one speaks of Flip Murray. This guy can play! I watched hi his whole carrer, he just needs 2 play, and he will help the Pistons ALOT. But im a true Pistons fan, i dont care if Ron Artest put on a Pistons jersey, i would love him. Once u put on that red white and blue, I am a 100% fan of u and everything u do.

  12. Anonymous

    I think that if we got Grant Hill we should not sign Webber or vice versa. Have one old veteran and don’t sign the other.

  13. Anonymous

    hey nat. rip hamilton was on the channel 955 radio station mojo in the morning the other day to prmote his basketball camp. i missed it, but a friend told me it was a real funny interview. is there a way you can put it up on the site?

  14. Natalie

    Sorry…I don’t have the Rip Hamilton interview.

  15. kate

    what’s with all the hatin on Hill? does anyone remember how great his was during the playoffs? i say he would be great off the bench. and btw CHAUNCEY BILLUPS OFFICIALLY OPTED OUT OF HIS CONTRACT but i’m not worried i really feel that he’s going to resign

  16. Anonymous

    Grant Hill had his chance, he opted out for more money and his knees are gone. Pistons need a hard nosed veteran to guard that middle section like Ben used to.
    Tayshaun can’t guard star players by himself, Sheed doesn’t like doing the dirty work every game because of his relationship with the refs.

    If people forgot, Grant wanted to stay with Orlando when they thought they signed that Florida State coach, now he doesn’t want to stay because of Van Gundy? Hello, tells you something right there. Get somebody with knees and not allergic to playing some defense.

  17. Anonymous

    It aint hating its plain truth the guy doesnt have knees left he will be just a boost during the regular season and he will dissapear in the playoffs just like Webber we just need players that got knees and can run up and down. then what? if we get him? we will be 2 man down and our younger players cant contribute then boom eliminated just like this season.

    If Hill ever tried taking a charge to a Lebron dunk his knees will explode and same with Webber we need ppl that arent afraid of doin anything to stop you.

  18. Anonymous

    Chauncey is gone!!! He jsut opted out of his contract making him a free agent!!!!

  19. jess

    Nat, the audio is not working for me 🙁

    I really believe that Hill will be a great asset to this team and I just want to see him in the D again.

  20. Anonymous

    the audio itsnt working for me either

  21. Anonymous

    anonymous 4:41am
    Name be a more athletic bench in the NBA!!! MAYBE you could say phoneix. Dallas-NO SA-NO CLEVELAND-HELL NO Chicago-NO GS-NO HOUSTON-NO. Utah-NO I mean those clubs have the top teams/benches in the NBA. You guys are crazy if you think Grant Hill has no game left. I do agree that Webber needs to go. Just cause you have lost a few steps doesn’t mean you are not athletic. Plus Max and Amir ave enough energy for 10 guys. Even if Hunter is gone our draft pick can fill that spot. So someone name me a more athletic bench. Go ahead..I’ll wait.
    *Just being real*

  22. Anonymous

    We still should be ok. FROM BLAKLEYS WEBLOG TODAY

    And the first team Billups will deal with, Miller said, is the Pistons.

    “His first priority is to re-sign with the Pistons,” Miller said. “We’ll see if we can get a deal done. And if that doesn’t work out, then we’ll have to explore other options available to us.”

    There are only a handful of teams that might be able to position themselves to have enough salary cap space to make a run at Billups. I anticipate Detroit’s chief competitors for the 6-3 guard will be Orlando and Milwaukee, although the Magic seem to be more enamored with Lewis which would take them out of the running for Billups.

  23. claire

    Brace ourselves, ladies and gentlemen. Mr. Billups is now a free agent. Let’s ALL pray tonight (whatever religion you are) that he resigns with the pistons. I’ve been wanting to buy Pistons merchandise, but I have to wait til the storm is over and all the trading and shit are done.

    Well, here’s to our beloved Pistons. cheers.

    If any of our core 4 wears a different jersey next season, I think I’m gonna go bury myself with 50 bottles of Grey Goose =(

  24. Anonymous

    Chill, fellow fans. It makes perfect sence that Chauncey would opt out into free angencdy now, rather than when he’s a year older. He’s probably just testing the waters to see how much other teams will offer him, and what they think his values is. Unless a rediculous deal like $60 million for 4 years comes along, we’re all pretty sure Mr. Big shot will be sticking around.

  25. Anonymous

    Another thing, 6:41 mentioned the playing prowess of Flip Murray, and I couldn’t help but chuckle. Flip Murray hada bout 3 great plays all year long. One was an And1 against Huston, one was a dunk on Nocioni, and one was a dunk on the Cavs in game 3. That was it. The rest of the year was a tedious series of watching him turn the ball over time and time again, driving the lane wildly and throwing the ball what seemed like randomnly at the hoop, taking circus shot left and right (usually missing them). I understandsaying he needs minutes to heat up, but he’s a SHOOTING GAURD, and if they try to use him as a point gaurd, this will go haywire, just as they did last year. And he’s garunteed to get fewer minutes than Rip, so I really don’t think Flip will fit in that well unless he starts summoning up the powers of “The Microwave” and learns to heat up in a hurry. Just because they guy wears read white and blue, doesn’t mean you ahve to be happy with him.

  26. sheed or bust

    anyone who didnt know sheed was the most important player is just a basketball fan and doesnt know how the game really is played. best all around player today, even though he is getting old.

  27. Anonymous

    its Jacqueline again! oh my god! I don’t think that I will survive the whole night, my beloved Chauncey, is now a free agent! I will be up the rest of the night thinking about what the heck he is thinking, I think that I will go and send him a comment to his myspace page and plead with him once more to stay with the Pistons, this will be a tough night, I think that I will sleep in his jersey tonight!!!!!

  28. claire

    ^^ really? Chauncey has a myspace? Well, now that he’s a free agent, doesn’t that mean the pistons can re-sign him immediately?
    Does anyone know if the draft will be broadcasted on cable?

  29. Anonymous

    Phoneix Chicago Goldenstate Utah Toronto Denver all of them have young/athletic bench i dont know if you have to be blind to see that for example

    PG Duhon
    SG Thabo
    SF Nocioni
    PF Tyrus Thomas
    C #9 pick?

    PG Calderon
    SG Dixon
    SF Graham
    PF Bargnani
    C Humphries

    Compared to

    PG Lindsey/#15?
    SG Acker
    SF Hill
    PF Amir
    C Mcdyess

    #9 pick vs #15 pick its obvious they are gonna get a better player

    I am not saying he has no game left but its a mistake he will give us a boost for a period of time but then when that boost is gone what do we do? what did we do when Webber couldnt help anymore? Play Nazr when he hasnt played for 40 games.

    *Just thinking right*

  30. jess



    LOL but im serious.. its addictive. i love this site!!

  31. Amanda

    Why are people getting all anxious just ’cause Chauncey opted out? I thought that was to be expected. I don’t really understand the business part of basketball though. I just like to watch and cheer and yell obscenities at the TV…

    Here’s to Chauncey making the right decision, allowing us Pistons fans the pleasure of hearing Mason shout “B-b-b-billups!” for another season! CHEERS!

    P.S. “hey nat. rip hamilton was on the channel 955 radio station mojo in the morning the other day to prmote his basketball camp. i missed it, but a friend told me it was a real funny interview.”

    If that’s true, it’s good enough for me. Thank God he’s still breathing!

  32. Bigdee36

    Webber is one thing and Grant Hill is another. Webber is an old (big man) and Grant Hill is a SF/SG his knees won’t burn out as quick as Webbers. And unlike Webber Grant Hill might actually be hungry for a ship. Grant can come off the bench and create his own shot and give us those precious points that we need down the strech of critical games. I’m all for bringing Grant Hill back. And He could have a Jerome Bettis ending of his career. And whats better than coming back and winning a ship with the team that drafted you.


  33. Amanda

    Hey Richie, I don’t know if you just wrote the wrong player (Nocioni) or you forgot about Flurray’s posterization of Kirk Hinrich but if it’s the latter, then Murray had 4 good plays!

    I like Flurray but I’m not in love with him so I don’t care if he’s on the roster or not last year. Thinking back it seemed he had more bad games than good…eh, whatever.

    P.S. Rosie’s not taking Barker’s place so I am. lol “The price is wrong bitch.” lol Isn’t that from Happy Gilmore or something?

  34. Anonymous

    -Nocioni, Thabo, and Duhon are pretty weak, one-dimentional players. Especially Duhon. I don’t even know what Duhons game can bring to the table.

    -Bargnani will start Calderon has pretty good game. And don’t forget (cough) Delfino. You know..the guy we got rid of.
    Joey Grahams 2.7 scoring avg with 3 rebs per game in 18 min in the playoffs is just sorry. rasho nesterovic was not worth writing about.

    -I’d take Maxiell or Amir or Dyess anyday over Humphries.

    -Denver has Najera and reggie evans? with Blake or Jr Smith coming off bench. DerMarr johnson as well. And some dude named Yakhouba Diawara.

    -Like I said earlier with the scoring rebounding and defense our bench could have with Hill..I really don’t see a deeper more athletic bench. So far nothing has changed my mind. That doesn’t mean other teams don’t have young up and coming teams….BUT THEY DON’T COME CLOSE TO THE MIX OF VETS AND YOUNG GUYS WE HAVE. ADVANTAGE DETROIT.

  35. Anonymous

    I wouldnt say Thabo, Nocioni are one dimensional. i think they are preety good on both ends (considering that Nocioni was injured) but i do agree with Duhon heard hes getting shopped and adds to it i totally forgot delfino was there and if you got to watch joey graham you would know his game doesnt reflect on his stats

    I guess we gonna have to agree to disagree if they do bring hill i hope we dont end up like Miami last year swept and outquicked

    Oh and for you fans worried about Billups look at this!

    “We will give Detroit the first chance,” Miller said. “That is where Chauncey’s heart’s at. If they can’t get something done in the proper time to make Chauncey and his family comfortable, then Detroit would force us to go to the marketplace.”

    Dumars has said repeatedly he will do whatever it takes to keep Billups.

  36. Amanda

    I just heard on The Tonight Show that there is some dude that is somehow affiliated with the NBA that wants to raise the rim to 11 feet! Jay said something funny like “Why don’t we just ban the white guys altogether.” lol 11 feet? That’s crazy. Maxiell and Amir would be the only players on our team that could dunk it! lol Oh, Tay probably could too since he’s so long but I think it’s a stupid suggestion. Anyway, I found that interesting so I just thought I’d share that. Headlines are next! I love Headlines! DREAM GOOD DREAMS, EVERYONE! LIKE CHAUNCEY RESIGNING WITH OUR BELOVED PISTONS! GOOD NIGHT PEOPLE!

  37. Amanda

    Oh, and thank you to whoever let me know when the draft is and when Chauncey can officially resign. I appreciate it.

  38. Anonymous

    Welcome (:

  39. Anonymous

    LOL wow so far people wants both Kobe or KG here? took a look at the poll in and ppl want kg here woah.

  40. Anonymous

    to whoever sorta complimented joey Graham’s..let me tell you he is the only player that gets yelled at by his coach, out all the other raptor players…and his coach is none other than sam mitchell..the guy with those rumors that he got into fights with his players, players like vince carter!

    joey is a goof on the court. very low basketball IQ. Just because he is athletic doesn’t mean he can be a small forward. don’t get fooled by his big arms.


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