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by | Jun 23, 2007 | 16 comments

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  • Matt from Detroit Bad Boys is the Guest Blogger on, he gives us his ultimate Wish list, check it out.
  • I am going to be on WTKG Radio in Grand Rapids Sunday at around 7 PM. The showis called Sports Extra with Bennie and Jeff . I going to talk Pistons and the Draft, but you know me, you never know what I might say. Tune in!
  • The Detroit News compiled a list of players that The Pistons have worked out for the Draft.
  • Joe Dumars talks to Chad Ford in his Daily Dish Podcast (link to Podcast).
  • Pistons lose their draft coordinator to the Sonics.
  • Pistons in Kobe Sweepstakes?
  • The Governor and the legislature are seriously considering putting a $100 million a year tax on every ticket to professional sporting events, shows, concerts, and movie tickets in Michigan. They are calling it a “luxury tax.” Don’t we pay enough already? Do something to help STOP THE TICKET TAX!


  1. Anonymous

    Where did the rumor of someone paying Amir the MLE come from?

  2. Bigdee36

    I’m happy that JoeD said that he was not going to get rid of our core group. And I also feel good about us keeping Chauncey. I looking foward to see more of my boy J-Maxx and Amir Johnson.

  3. Anonymous

    Luxury tax?! That exists beyonf Monopoly?! This is an outrage!

  4. Anonymous

    Seriously.. I think that “luxury tax” is straight bullshit. Do they actually think the people of Michigan can afford to pay extra?? I guess they havent seen how much worse our economy has got since they came into office??

  5. Yahtzee

    Guys, I know you are ticked about the ticket tax, but the state legislature has to get money from somewhere. Remember that these are both Democrats and Republicans searching for a way to fund the state, it’s not some partisan agenda. Don’t forget that Engler set the state up for failure. I know it isn’t an excuse and Granholm may not be Jerry Colangelo, but you gotta consider all options to fund the state. If your ticket to a Stons or Tigers game is 6% more expensive, isn’t it worth it to keep the state running? Just don’t buy a 20 dollar beer, sneak one in.

  6. Sheed

    Granholms a bitch

    Stop the Mole and reject the tax

  7. Bigdee36

    I’m so desperate to see the Pistons in person I would buy a ticket without hesitation no matter how much they raise the price. At least ya’ll live in Detroit, I live in Atlanta.

  8. Anonymous

    Yeah, I’m from GA as well. Even if they knock the prices down no one would still go to the games, LOL. I still support the Hawks just not when their playing my Pistons.

  9. Anonymous

    I wish i could see the Pistons play i like them when they dont play the TrailBlazers they are my fav team and now we got Oden yeah!

  10. jess

    I was just reading an article in the newspaper that calmed me down a little bit (RIP was still not mentioned individually). The core four are likely to be back!!! Reasons were given behind that. Dumars is considering bringing back Grant Hill and I definitly wouldnt mind that. I love the guy. C-Webb is still a mystery just because he hasnt deccided what he wants to do yet.

    There was a lot more to the article but those are the main points!

  11. Julius

    Tax breaks didn’t help us in A^2 with pfizer. They were given all sorts of stuff, practically free land and tax breaks, but what did they do? Left the second they found a better way to go. That’s how business works, there is no such thing as loyalty in it. So a luxury tax on tickets? Does anyone actually know how much that will amount to per ticket? No? You don’t? Because the site we were directed to doesn’t say. Look the state needs money, do you like roads? emergency services? Schools? You do? Great! How do you intend to pay for that. What if for every ten dollars a ticket cost this tax raised the price up by ten percent? That’s what, three dollars on a thirty dollar ticket? Are you seriously whining about that? And I doubt the tax would even be that high. I’m not saying this idea is great, but since I know none of you know the details about HOW MUCH, I think you should stop pretending as if the legislature are bad people.

  12. Yahtzee

    Julius, (Erving???) I agree with your post. The money has to come from somewhere. It doesn’t matter whose fault it is, but it’s either 3 dollars more for Pistons tickets are no freakin roads.

  13. claire

    okay, the kobe sweepstakes link really makes me nervous. Rip and Tayshaun and first round picks for Kobe? Please Kobe, stay in LA and stop asking to be traded already!

  14. Bigdee36

    If Grant Hill comes back to Detroit and helps us win a championship do you think the Pistons would retire his 33?

    Because I think they should, because he had his best years as a Piston and if he wins a ship he should have his # retired.

  15. Anonymous

    Shoot… give the Lakers Rip and Tayshaun… add Nazr and a 2 of the raptors draft picks… Give us Kobe and Williams…. Sign Grant Hill… Draft Al Thorton (If he is available)… and there you have it… CHAMPIONSHIP… Chauncey, Kobe, Grant Hill, Amir Johnson/Jason Maxiell, and Sheed? Thats cash… money..

  16. Amanda

    ^That’s stupid…idiotic. lol Kobe’s a diva and we don’t want none of that. If I were Dumars I’d tell Kobe to go blow it out his ditty bag. lol

    Anyway, the luxary tax is shit because it’s a tax. Schools pay Granholm $4 million to come speak at their school and then we’re all taxed to death to give money back to the schools. It’s bullshit but it’s life…

    Keep The Core, Joe D. Vindication is less than 1 year away.


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