Pistons Roster Breakdown

by | Jun 21, 2007 | 27 comments

We all know that take fate of the Pistons team as we know it is going to unfold very soon. During the Pistons Season Recap George Blaha gives us a video rundown of the present roster and each players future with the team.

When you are watching it you can disregard the Delfino entry since we all know he’s been traded to the Raptors. Some of you were upset with the move to trade Delfino for a couple of second round draft picks, myself included but what we didn’t know is that Delfino asked to be traded. He wants a bigger role, he always has. He should get quality minutes in Toronto.

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Video Courtesy of myTV20 Detroit


  1. Amanda

    First poster! YEAH!

    ‘Fino ASKED to be traded? Now I don’t know how I feel… I’m going to miss that sexy Argentine. *SIGH* I think he deserves more playing time but after reading that article it doesn’t seem like he’s going to get much more with the Raptors, does it? Maybe. Hopefully.

    Oh how I miss George Blaha and his enthusiasm! I want the summer to go by fast so I can watch some Detroit Basktball but at the same time I don’t want to go back to school and I LOVE the 90 degree weather we’ve been having!

  2. Anonymous

    I dont know how he can Delfino say he didnt get enough minutes he got plenty of pt.. id say he deserved more if he slammed it home more i was frustrated when he did a layup instead and misses it.. but he also says he cant do it becuz he needs the ball in his hands most of the time.. GOOD LUCK IN THE RAPTORS I GET TO SEE DELFINO MORE CUZ IM FROM CANADA!

  3. Amanda

    I had to turn the MUTE on when McDyess came up. Still can’t stand hearing him talk that way.

    I love DD’s quote:

    “I’ll probably more than likely definitely play.” lol

    Who else is completely STOKED to see more of Maxiell and Amir next season? OWW! OWW!

  4. Anonymous

    HEY! someone talked about Rip…

    Thanks for the vid very cool…

    I want that station up here…

  5. Anonymous

    hey Natalie,
    Dumars was Chad Fords guest on the daily dish. Not sure if you knew. I always like their interviews. Ford seems to enjoy Dumars as a guest. Sorry bout not posting the link. But I know you know where to find it.

  6. Anonymous

    Well, I did feel kind of bad for ol’ Carlos. Plus, he was finally starting to grow on me a little. Now I don’t feel bad for him. I thought he was getting plenty of minutes (I recall swearing at him an awful lot when he forced a shot or made a dumb foul anyway) but I guess it wasn’t enough. I don’t think losing him is going to hurt us, and I don’t think I will miss him much. My neice asked me who I was going to yell at now and I told her, “well, we still have Flip Murray.” At least I think we do. Hell, I don’t know what’s going to happen next, but if Carlos is the only casualty, I will be jumping for joy! Anyway, I hope Carlos finds what he’s looking for in Toronto… it won’t be a ring though because he has to get by the Pistons first and that ain’t happening!! Adios, Carlos!!

  7. jess

    I kinda have mixed feelings about him and the matter now that I know he asked to be traded. What are we suppose to think of him now? At least he wasnt one of our core players! That would have pissed us all off.

  8. Bigdee36

    I’m exited to see more of Amir and Maxiell. That’s the youth and athelteism that we’ve been needing and I think that amir could come off the bench and give us maybe 8 points off the bench. That should give some of our startes some rest because none of them are getting any younger. And I hope that Alex Acker comes and gives us some production. And we have to win a ship for Dyess. If we don’t win one next year I don’t think he can grind out another year.

  9. Anonymous

    to ładnie…

  10. claire

    Amanda “I LOVE the 90 degree weather we’ve been having!”

    Really? we have 90+ degree weather all the time here in houston, and I cannot stand the heat!! but i guess you like it cuz its much colder in michigan.

    I can’t wait til training camp starts. Maybe we’ll get more goofy videos from the pistons 🙂 If I was a reporter, I’d totally exploit my job to get an interview with Rip to see how he’s doing.

  11. Anonymous

    Where exactly in that article does it say that Delfino asked to be traded???

  12. Anonymous

    Delfino was one of my favorite Pistons but when I heard he asked to be traded I was like you’re the one who kept taking games off. It really irritated me that he didn’t take advantage of the minutes he got sometimes taking the first half off, sometimes the second. I would be less irritated if he didn’t put so much on the team and take responsibility for how he played. To be honest a lot of times I noticed things about him that I didn’t like but would just dismiss it because he was my player. Anyway he was probably traded for picks in order to shore up the future. Good luck in Toronto and hope this is benificial for all

  13. Anonymous

    anon 12:27…

    It didn’t exactly say he “asked” to be traded but there were some quotes from him in the article that sort of pointed in that direction. I didn’t see where it said he asked to be traded either. I guess it just sounds like he was unhappy with what he was getting here and wanted more. Seems like he’s happy about it. I have no bad feelings for him whether he asked for this or not. I think he has a lot to learn about team basketball, and I think he was starting to learn, but he wants to be a starter and he knew he wasn’t going to get that here. We have too many other players with much more talent and intelligence than he has right now. Either way, he’s gone and it is what it is.

  14. Kate

    everyone is so excited about maxiell (who i love), amir, and acker..what about blalock and samb?? i think that could become a very good bench. all a different position too.

  15. claire

    hey, i was on the need4sheed forum, and someone said that they heard Rip on the radio. And that person posted it today. Rip said something about they’re all staying and stuff like that. So go check it out, if you haven’t done so already. I just thought I should pass the news since we’re all concerned bout Rip.

  16. Bigdee36

    The reason I like Jason Maxiell is because he reminds me of big ben. I love the way he plays. The only difference between Ben and Jason is that Maxiell can score.

  17. Anonymous

    Maxiell can contribute, no doubt (can even make a free throw or two) and I like him too. His energy and aggressive play are outstanding. He still has a lot to learn, and I hope he takes the time to do that here. He has a lot of good mentors on this team that can teach him to perfect his game. Some guys think they know it all just because they make the bigs, but Maxiell doesn’t strike me that way just yet. I just hope he doesn’t get impatient like Carlos and want more than he’s ready for.

  18. swish[#32]

    man i hope we get a big boost in a new all-star addition to da pistons

    i really hope amare or shawn comes to detroit – but not for sheed!

    im gonna watch the raptors first game at air canada centre – im in driving distance of it (i dont drive yet tho…)

  19. Anonymous

    I think that we all agree that we have a pretty well-rounded team, next season, the guys just need to come harder, especially if we get our four core starters, there is no room for playing around, cleveland is a joke, I think the teams to beat in the east will be the Pistons, Miami and Chicago. The Pistons need to get that hunger back and bring it, we know what they can do, hopefully the guys get together this summer and talk thing over and decide that it’s time to dominate the East all over again. Someone needs to light their fire!!! Peace,Jacqueline

  20. Amanda

    Did anybody else hear Rip on the radio or is this the same guy who said he got Chauncey’s autograph at the grocery store? lol

    I hope it’s a legitimate piece of information ’cause it’s just good to hear positive stuff from the guys. Yessir.

  21. Anonymous

    So far this is the group that the Pistons have worked out.. im surprised Acie Law isnt there

    Mohammed Abukar
    Morris Almond
    Stanko Barac
    Marco Belinelli
    Bobby Brown
    Derrick Byars
    Javaris Crittenton
    Zabian Dowdell
    Dvon Hardin
    Brandon Heath
    Quinton Hosley
    Trey Johnson
    Jared Jordan
    Sammy Mejia
    Gabe Pruitt
    Ramon Sessions
    Rodney Stuckey
    Ali Traore
    Darryl Watkins
    Marcus Williams
    Dashawn Wood
    Nick Young
    Thaddeus Young
    Artem Zabelin

  22. Amanda

    DraftExpress.com’s mock draft says Detroit takes Rodney Stuckey and Derrick Byars in the first round. I don’t know who either one is (I don’t watch college b-ball) but I love the first dude’s last name– Stuckey. That’s the kind of name that’s gets the sign-making fans’ creative juices flowing…I also noticed the name “Stanko” in the above poster’s list. Stanko. Now that’s a great name!

  23. Bigdee36

    If he’s there they definatly need to take Acie Law. And we need to give Amir more playing time. I feel good about next year.

  24. Anonymous

    I live in Honolulu Hawaii and our new college coach is Bob Nash.
    Does anyone remember him? He played with the Pistons from 72-74.

    I will try to get his autograph.

  25. Anonymous

    claire said…
    hey, i was on the need4sheed forum, and someone said that they heard Rip on the radio. And that person posted it today. Rip said something about they’re all staying and stuff like that. So go check it out, if you haven’t done so already. I just thought I should pass the news since we’re all concerned bout Rip.

    hey claire is there a podcast or anything like that of the interview?
    youd think something would have been said in the D newspapers..
    what are the call # for that station??

  26. Anonymous

    Good now we can boo delfino when he gets the ball,since he asked to be traded. At home or in the palace.

  27. claire

    anon. 7:58,

    i don’t live in detroit so i don’t know the station. But i read it from a post in the forum. The post’s title is “RIP HAMILTON” so just check it out. Hope that helps 🙂


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