Who would win….Sheed or C-Webb

by | Jun 20, 2007 | 27 comments

This is probably one of the more enjoyable videos from the Pistons pre-game shows on myTV20. Eli Zaret goes into an in depth look at who is faster, Sheed or C-Webb. Let’s hope you can get a little enjoyment out of this clip and at the same time fill your Need4Sheed.

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Video Courtesy of myTV20 Detroit


  1. jess

    I remember seein this *during the playoffs 🙁 *.. it was funny.

  2. Ahmed

    That was so funny Nat. Man sheed, go do your bagels and cereal lol 🙂

  3. jess

    tho there was more to the video than just that.

  4. Anonymous

    …that was retarded

  5. claire

    what did rip say at the beginning? “those two thump and pump?” i didn’t catch it.

    Sheed’s too funny.

  6. Anonymous


    Can you post the rest of the Pistons season wrap-up when you have the chance??


  7. M-Fax

    I grew up just across the border from michigan so I had the detroit tv channels.

    I feel really, really old seeing Eli still doing his thing.

    That voice always stands out.

  8. Anonymous

    Hah, they need to just just have a reace in practice to settle it. I’d like to see it.

  9. Bigdee36

    C-Webbs knees are running on E. Sheed would Dust him easily. It not even a contest.

  10. Anonymous

    So the current pole on Pistons.com is “Which team will Kobe Bryant play for next season”. Currently, 43% of people who took the pole selected the Pistons. Is that not the most rediculous thing you’ve heard all week?!

  11. Jamie

    That poll seriously makes me want to throw up – who are all these Detroit Kobe supporters? He is by far the worst fit for the selfless Pistons. If he ever plays for the Pistons I will have a major problem supporting him on the team, and that would be hard to handle.

  12. Anonymous

    theres a podcast on espn right now, joe d and chad ford…and joe d sounds pretty heated about getting his players to get off their butts and get that fire back, and stop being inconsistent. he also reiterates that theres no ‘fire sale’ going on. but he does say that no one in our core is untouchable 🙁

  13. Anonymous

    Let me just say this one more time… NO KOBE IN DETROIT!! I can’t change my love for the Pistons, but IF Kobe comes, I will keep my vomit bag handy so I can puke every time the announcers and “analysts” give him all the credit for the success, and blame the rest of the team for the failures. I don’t care how many championships he might be good for — he’s NOT Piston material, and I don’t want him or any other “superstar”. I just want a solid player who can contribute and not have to grease his big damn head to get it into the palace on game night. Please Jerry Buss give Kobe what he wants and keep him in L.A.

  14. Amanda

    No shit. Didn’t Kobe just get caught saying nasty things about the Lakers GM and one of his teammates? There’s no room for that kind of behavior on this team. Detroit is supposed to be an “all for one” type of organization but adding Kobe would change the meaning completely. It would be all for one, and you know who that one would be. I hate everything about that man from his selfish attitude to his pointy little nose. STAY IN L.A., KOBE! And for those of you who want him in Detroit: Drugs are bad, m’kay? It’s time to admit you have a problem and get some professional help. We’re all here for you. lol

  15. Joe D.

    Hey Nat, just stopping by the site as usual, I really like what you’ve been doin with the place, keep up the good work girl. If I ever run into you at a game, maybe you can join me in my suite?

  16. Anonymous

    You’re funny “JOE D.” at 1:03

    Joe D. would never say ‘Nat’ because he doesnt know her like that. We do because we’re practicly apart of this site.. we are like a family here and “Joe D.” has never commented on here. Another thing, he would never say ‘girl’.

    Nice try though.. that was funny!

  17. Bigdee36

    I don’t want Kobe here no more than the next person. And like I said before if Kobe comes here everyone would be on our banwagon. And there’s nothing I hate more than a person who has never went for a team in there life and they suddenly start rooting for a team because they have a certain player or they win a Championship. And as soon a the team starts losing they jump of the banwagon so fast that they burn there asses. I’m not like that. I bleed,sweat, and cry RED, WHITE and BLUE and if you don’t get the hell off our banwagon. I ready every night to GO TO WORK. DEEETROIT BASKETBALL.

  18. Kamal

    Have you ever read wikipedia.org article about Larry Brown? He’s known for “searching publicly for other jobs while still employed”. That’s a contoversy in him, but genius people have a right to have some arguable strains… Maybe Detroit still has a chance to offer him a job in a team where he achieved career heights in NBA in 2 years of coaching Pistons, and he probably felt himself happy with these guys like in no other NBA team, especially in comparison with Iverson, Marbury, and other guys thinking they’re the best players in the world. Sure, Kobe is the same kind of egocentriс boy that works on himself and his statistics. Dumars really understands that, and won’t allow the team to become an average play-off loser.

  19. gee gee

    hey guys, what up doe. lol did you know that during the season or i think the playoff season, in the Detroit News newspaper they have collector cards of the Detroit Pistons? If i would have known that sooner I would have been collecting them like crazy. My cousin ended up telling me that and she has sheed, rip, tay, and chuancey’s cards. but i only got tay, i almost stole rips card from her lol because he is my fav. just a heads up I am probably late with that info but I thought I would share.

    On the subject of Kobe. There is no way in hell Joe D is going to pick up such a selfish ball player, and someone who is too much of a superstar. if he is added the whole element of Detroit Basketball would change to Kobe basketball and i don’t think it would sound right yelling KOOOBEEE BASSketball.lol just the thought of it makes me cringe. gross.

    and another thing I have noticed, why in the heck is Isiah trying to take our leftovers? first larry brown, trying to take sheed, and maybe chauncey? what is the deal Isiah, stop selling yourself short and just come back to the D and support your team and stop trying to take ours. just because it worked for us doesn’t mean it will work for you.

    anyway i am glad there is no news on chauncey like they say no news is good news….but on the case of rip that isn’t good. has anybody heard a peep from him yet?

  20. claire

    ^^ I agree with you gee gee. Isiah Thomas should just go back to Detroit already. And seriously, when is rip gonna come out? does anyone have any little siblings that gonna attend Rip’s basketball camp? I figure that’ll be the first time he comes out after the season ended.

    By the way, has anyone seen those magic johnson’s basketball camp dvd commercials? they play it all the time on nbatv. And rip’s in it for like 3 seconds. But i think he looks kinda hot there. well, off topic, but yea…

  21. gee gee

    lol you never lied about that claire the man is hot like fiyah and i ain’t talking about his game lol just kidding but he is nice looking. I think we need to put out an Amber Alert for Rip because he has been missing since the playoffs ended. And that really scares me. I hope he is just spending alot of his time off with the family until the camp starts he is a family oreinted man. but please man give us a sign that you are alright, rip.

  22. Anonymous

    I think everybody needs to stop worring about Rip. He is a human being and doesn’t have to tell everyone in the world what he is doing. But why isint anyone worried about Tayshaun? I haven’t heard from him.
    Anyway, Rip and Tay are fine and there probaly are getting extremely ready for the next season to come out strong.

  23. Bigdee36

    What the whole team should be doing is working to get better. Because I don’t want the embarassment of losing to an inferior team like the Cavs again. I think I speak for everyone when I say I’m thirsty for a Ship.

  24. Amanda

    Thirsty, yes. I can definitely go for a tall glass of Champ-agne. lol Oh, it was good. You know you laughed out loud. No? Smiled? Yeah, that’s what I thought. lol

    I’m still pissed about ‘Fino.

  25. Anonymous

    Hey i Just thought of something why is everyone tripping about delfino leaving like he was a big part of the pistons sure he help in a few games but hes not superman so chill im sure that we will get someone better that will contribute more than he did So what do u think

  26. kate

    where’s the rest?? please put it up. and also i loveeeee cwebb. he has to be the most gorgeous guy in the whole freaking NBA!!


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