You never know who you might bump into

by | Jun 18, 2007 | 51 comments

I just received an email from a Need4sheed reader RJ Balde who told me his sister was on board a flight to NYC and who was sitting in the seat right next to her? Mr. Big Shot himself. Seems as that Chauncey was on his way to talk to Isiah. No way to confirm that, but I thought I would pass it along.

I have had my share of Pistons run-ins with players from the past to present. A few days ago I went to one of my favorite restaurants. I was waiting for my table and talking to Nick, the manager, whom I know because of As we were talking about the season that just passed and what moves were in store for the team, in walks in John Hammond, the Pistons Vice President of Basketball operations.

My friend Nick jokingly asks for some inside information about the team and then introduces me to Mr. Hammond. We then both quietly sat down and waited for our tables. A few minutes later

my table was ready and as I got up to be seated I made eye contact with him so I walked over to him and asked him if it was ok for me to mention our meeting in the site. Well he couldn’t have been nicer, not only did he say it was fine, he pulled out his wallet and handed me his business card and shook my hand again. So not only did I get to meet one of men behind the scenes of our beloved team, I’ve got the Vice President of Basketball operations for The Detroit Pistons card in my wallet. Pretty cool.


  1. Anonymous

    great stuff. Smooth meeting w/Isiah huh? Interesting…Chauncey and Kobe to NY maybe? Just a “things that make you go hmm” thought I threw out there.

  2. Anonymous

    I would kiss you Natalie. Thats what i would do, oH! and you would get my biz card too. = ) –Aaron from Burbank,CA

  3. Ashley

    my mom met john hammond as well! her and her boyfriend were out at espn zone here in chicago watching a pistons game and john started talking to her, asked her if she was rooting for the pistons then gave her his card. she said he’s really a nice guy!

  4. Amanda

    I’d of wet myself…

  5. April32

    that would be the coolest thing ever.
    but uhm, is chauncey going to talk to isiah a good thing?
    she should’ve asked him what is up with rip!?!

  6. Anonymous

    knicks dont have the cap room to get both chauncey and kobe

  7. Anonymous

    ughh i would do anything to sit on a plane ride with chauncey…

    &&i would ask him why the hell are you going to ny?

  8. Anonymous

    Wow, John Hammond not onle invented Jurrasic Park but he helps Joe D too! Amazing!
    Hah, it’s really none of our buisness where Chauncey goes, so i definately wouldn’t ask him why he’s going to NY, but it would be pretty sweet to get to take a plane ride seated next to him.
    It’s kind of funny to imagine our beloved point gaurds of today going to talk to our beloved point gaurd of yesteryear.

  9. Amanda

    I can’t even imagine sitting down on a plane and having a celebrity take the seat next to me. I’d like shit or something. lol I don’t know what I’d do! I’d be so nervous the whole flight (and not just ’cause I’m terrified of flying). I’ve never met a famous person but I know I’d act like an ass. I’d be one of those really annoying girls you see in the movies that are like “AHHH! Oh…my…GOD! Do you know who you are? I like totally love you!” And then I’d hyperventilate and pass out. Yeah, that’d be me…I’m just not cool enough to meet a celebrity, which is why I live in Gratiot County. lol

    I had the chance to meet Lance Bass (you know, the dude from *NSYNC that came out of the closet last year) and I chickened out. I could of gotten his autograph and had my picture taken with him but nope, not me! Pathetic, I know… And I loved him! I mean, I absolutely adored him for like 3 years of my life and I choked! I’m going to go hang my head in shame now…

  10. Anonymous

    I don’t think RJ Blade’s sister meet the real Mr.Big Shot on the plane. She might meet someone who LOOKS ALIKE Mr. Billups. Just think about it, Chauncey is a NBA star who makes Way Much money than the regular residents in the whole country.He may not have his own plane, but he should have money to sit the Super Business class (or similar class)in the plane. That way not only protect himself away from other people, but it also gives him enough privacy on his own. Plus, I think Mr. Big Shot will sill stay in the Pistons because he can still be the Captain/leader in the team, but I am not sure if he can be that if he is in other team.

  11. Anonymous

    Thats a big LIE!

    I was just grocery shopping yesterday and I saw Chauncey and got his autograph on my reciet.
    Chauncey was NOT on a plane going to NYC.

  12. Bigdee36

    It’s possible that she seen Chauncey but it’s more likely that she seen a man that resembles him a lot. She was probably so nervous that she didn’t get a good look at him.

  13. Anonymous

    That’s really neat to get to meet a piston player in person and get to talk to them i hope i get to some day

  14. Ahmed

    Where did you get your groceries Anon 12:34

    I have to go there

  15. claire

    okay, first of all, Chauncey’s not gonna go to the knicks. No offense, but they kinda suck right now and he’s not gonna get a ring there. Plus, it’ll be a terrible place to raise his kids with all that hectic city stuff and all. His kids will develop the habit of sitting in “central perk” sipping coffee (like in Friends!!) jk.

    Hey, anonymous person who said you got CB’s autograph at the grocery store, does CB really go grocery shopping by himself?? you are one lucky fan. And the more important thing, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK HIM ABOUT RIP?????????

    And if that lady really sat next to the real CB, she should have asked him about rip too!!! But then again, if I sat next to chauncey, I don’t think I’ll look in his direction twice. I’ll prolly go to the back of the plane and breathe in a bag or something. How juvenile of me.

    Oh and Natalie, did Hammond happen to mention Rip?

    Oi, where could our beloved masked man be? I hope he’s just hibernating, not asking to be traded or anything bad like that.

    Gosh, I wished I lived in detroit. Not only you get to see them on that one channel, you also get to go watch their games and get bobbleheads and what not. I’m officially jealous.

  16. claire

    you know what, this may sound bad that i’m too obsessed with the pistons, but i’m seriously thinking about applying to med school at wayne state, just so i can be near the pistons. I’m way too old to be thinking like that, but oh well.

    oh, by the way, ladies, today is the start of the Victoria Secret semiannual sale! get out there and shop!! maybe you’ll run into some of the pistons and remember, don’t forget to ask about rip.

  17. Bigdee36

    I don’t think that i can make it past the summer! If i’m having Piston withdrwal now how will i be months from now. I am in such bad shape I watched all the videos on this site in order.

  18. M-Fax

    ah the way people fall into inside tips!

    great stuff

  19. Anonymous

    if she really sat next to Chauncey, oh my is she one lucky girl. I probably wouldn’t have been able to control myself sitting next to him, geeeez! i’m wayy jealous. but – i’m 89% sure that Chauncey will be re-signed on July 1st ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. Mustafa

    Hey Natalie.

    That was cool the fact that you ran into the vice president! Pretty cool experience.

    If I had my favorite team VP give me his business card I would definitely try and touch base with him once in a while. Perhaps, even try and get a career going working for my team. lol

    anyways good stuff


  21. Anonymous

    Anonymous 12:34
    what grocery store did you see him at? what city? was he alone

  22. Anonymous

    Man, I wish I was on that plane. Man, was she lucky. Can you imgaine of all the seats on the plane your seat is beside Chauncey Billups. I would scream as soon as I saw who I was sitting next to. I probably wouldn’t be able to stop smiling. I’m smiling right now typing it and I never met him before.

  23. Anonymous

    Yeah if I ever got upgraded to first class and saw him to my left and I would be soooo excited. Probably do the Kelly Ripa thing and ignore him at first like I don’t know who he is. Then I would just start chatting him up.

  24. Amanda

    lol Who goes up to Chauncey frickin’ Billups and asks him to autograph his receipt? Wow, you got guts, man!

    It sounds like a lot of people want to know what grocery store that was. lol What are you guys going to do? Go hang out there for a week and hope he needs go pick up some more Wheat Thins or something? Sounds a little stalker-ish. But if you have the time and the cojones to do it, more power to you. lol And if you ask him where Rip is and he doesn’t tell you, just ask him to at least tell you if the man is still alive. lol

  25. Anonymous

    Yall need to get out of Chauncey life. If he wnt to go to New York then he can go to New York. He does have a personal life. That is how them dumb rumors get started

  26. Anonymous

    I wouldn’t call it being a stalker, but if I knew what grocery store he shopped at and I lived in Michigan, I would be at that store everyday. I ain’t gonna lie. After I met him one time I wouldn’t have to go back again. If I were on the plane besides him I would try to hold it in, but I’m sure I would explode from excitement.

  27. Ahmed

    Of course i would hang out in the store until he runs out of milk of wheat thins.

  28. Ahmed

    Im or wheat thins lol

  29. Anonymous

    hey, hey, hey, people stop it, let me introduce myself, my name is Jacqueline,(I’m trying to figure out how to add my name to what I post, instead of anonymous) I’m on this site everyday reading and posting blogs, Chauuncey is my favorite on the team, and I pray everyday that he signs back with the Pistons, I’m gonna have a nervous breakdown before July. And I have my own Chauncey story to share, I went to a game last season and got there like an hour before tip-off and we got to go to the bottom to take pictures and stuff, and here I am with my digitial camera, you know how loud the Palace is, right? So I’m calling his name like “Chauncey, Chauncey”,me along with 200 other people and it seems like for about 5 secs the Palace was all of a sudden quiet and I yelled out “Mr. Billups” and he turned around , smiled and waved and I snapped the picture, I almost fell out and died right there in the middle of the Palace, I cried like a newborn baby, I keep that picture with me no matter where I go, it’s always in my wallet. There is no other Chauncey Billups fanatic like me, you people don’t understand my addiction for him, if I got the the chance to get to close to him, all I would want is a hug and picture to cherish, and after I got that I think I would have to go to the the hospital for dehydration from crying! He’s so fine and smooth, I definatly think that I am the most obsessed Chauncey fan in the state of Michigan!!!!!

  30. jess

    i was just reading a post about c-webbs charity event in vegas… you can check out this site for more info

    lots of celebs will be in attendance!

  31. Anonymous

    guyz how do i get a file on blogger – my is in chinese so how do i sign up?? answer here


  32. swish

    kobe shant go to detroit cuz we have rip!! kobe shud like go to the hornets cuz deyre da ppl wwho first drafted kobe

  33. swish

    ok dats good enuf… srry for all probs

  34. Anonymous

    wowww. i deont know which story to believe. chauncey flying to NY, or chauncey at a grocery store…

    whoever saw him at the store, can u plz give us more info?

  35. Kyle

    The funny thing is Natalie never said what day Chauncey was on the Flight to NYC . He still could have been in a grocery store the other day. Why does it have to be questioned? She even says she can’t confirm the reason for the visit.

    And what’s will all the comments that are incomprehensible?

  36. Natalie

    Aaron from Burbank,CA

    Your on

  37. Amanda

    Love your Chauncey story, Jacqueline! Kudos for picking the right time to shout out his name. lol I’d probably melt right then and there and not even get the picture. Anybody else have any Piston stories?

  38. Bigdee36

    All of you are so lucky that you get to se the Pistons anytime you want. I’m stuck with the Hawks. I only get to see the Pistons when they come to play the sorry as hell Hawks.

    Joe Johnson can’t hold a candle to Rip freaking Hamilton!!!!

  39. Anonymous

    I hate that i live in NC bc that basically means i will never get to see or meet any of the pistons

  40. Anonymous

    Guys…. I made up the story of Chauncey being at the grocery store because I don’t want anyone to think that Chauncey is going to NYC.
    But why would Chauncey be on a fligh in the middle of regular people with out his boys.
    Sorry for all the lies

  41. Anonymous

    ^^why the hell would you do that?! Seriously man! Your original post said that IS A LIE! well now, your lieing about that. thanks alot.

  42. Anonymous

    Dude, seriously why would you do that?

    But I like that you really want Chauncey to stay.

    Kyle- Honolulu

  43. Amanda

    lol What the shit? That’s freakin’ hilarious, man. Why would you care if people thought Chauncey was going to NY? Making up a lie isn’t going to make him stay here. You realize that, right? lol Oh, man. Crazy people in the ‘base…

  44. Bigdee36

    I hope that CB1 stays in the D because thta’s really the only place he’s ever been any good. And I hope he’e only going to NewYork for personal reasons and not going to talk business with Isiah.

    I didn’t want to see Ben go and I dont think I can take another loss like that. And please KEEP SHEED!!!!

  45. Ahmed

    Anon 12:07, why would you do that, man, who cares if he is going to NY unless he is making business with Isiah. Look, if your gonna lie then leave.

  46. claire

    lol lying about chauncey being in a grocery store isn’t cool. Please people, don’t make up stories about the pistons.

    I swear, when the pistons are in houston to play against the rockets, i’ll be there wearing a Hamilton jersey and holding a Sheedtastic sign.

  47. lyndakay

    Hey Jacqueline, had to let you know that I’m Chauncey’s biggest fan in S. Florida! You have good taste!! I’ve lost count of all my Chauncey jerseys, but my co-workers will tell you how obsessed I am with him. I have almost an identical story about getting his picture in AA Arena in Miami, but I was dumb enough to run down without a camera, so some anonymous fan who did have one got the great picture. And I didn’t even think to give him my e-mail address to send me a copy ๐Ÿ™ Oh well, there’ll be plenty more opportunities.

  48. Anonymous

    BigDee36, I’m from GA as well. All I get to see are the Hawks. LOL, I love the Pistons, but I do root for the Hawks whenever they play someone other than the Pistons. ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. Anonymous

    I met Antonio McDycee at the Cheesecake Factory in Chicago. I walked up to him and said what’s up and that I though he should have won the sixth man of the year award. He said ‘All I want is that ring’ I said I know you’ll get it too. I then asked what he was doing in Chi-town and he said, “just taking it easy” And I said, “what are you visiting Ben” and he said, “Hell no”


  50. jess

    when was that RAP07?

  51. Anonymous

    It was around August of last year. I was in Chicago with my sisters.

    I didn’t recognize the other guys who were with him. I took a picture of him and I and said good luck. I think they’ll do really well.

    I’ll be in Chi-town again and I’m sure I’ll see one of the Pistons that way…



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