Could Alex Acker be the answer?

by | Jun 17, 2007 | 46 comments

Now that the first deal went down for the Pistons this summer, Pistons fans are wondering what Joe’s next move will be. Delfino’s trade clears up some cap room for the Pistons and some say that cap room might be used to sign Grant Hill (I’m still on the fence about bringing Hill back).

Things will probably start coming together as soon as we find out who the Pistons get in the draft next week. If the Pistons don’t draft a point guard it’s likely that Alex Acker makes his way back on the Pistons roster. As much as I appreciate Lindsey Hunters game it’s probably time for him to step down and take a job in the front office. I would like to see the Pistons with some young blood on the bench.

Acker didn’t log many minutes when he was on the Pistons squad, but with substantial playing time in Greece he has been able to hone his skills. I don’t know how his game will translate in the NBA, but he looks like he has a lot of confidence in his game. See for yourself.


  1. Anonymous

    I dont know why so many pistons fans are overreacting yall should calm down chauncey most likely will be in a pistons uniform next year and all the changes Joe D will do are for the best!


  2. Anonymous

    Natalie do you know where to get that song from the video? i love dramatic songs they pump me up before Pistons games. and Alex Acker plays SG so pistons probably will go SF,PG or C with their picks.

  3. Anonymous

    It is hard to tell what he can be for us, but it looks like he is comfortable taking it to the rack. Which is something we need more of from our guard play. His arm length is Lindsey like so thats good. Any word on Blaylocks status? Or is it going to be a “see how the summer league goes” type of thing? On Chauncey….There is NO DOUBT in my mind he will be back. He heard 1st hand the cries of Ben Wallace and the mistake he made by leaving. Chauncey will not make the same mistake.

  4. Anonymous

    How come we never hear about Blalock? if you listened to the Joe Dumars interview you hear him mention Acker Maxiell, Amir, #15 picks, #27 pick as the new blood we need to blend in so that kinda makes me wonder how he didnt mention Delfino and hes gone so maybe its the same fate for Will Blalock?

  5. Natalie

    I agree Junior, don’t know what Alex can do. As for Blaylock, I am not sure he’s going to work out for the Pistons. If I had a guess I say he go the same rout as Alex and heads to Europe. I really think he will have a better shot over there.

    THE SONG>>>
    That song is played over the intros at the Palace. It’s called Mayotis, it’s on the Batman begins soundtrack.

  6. Amanda

    I almost forgot what this dude looks like. It’ll be exciting to watch him and the rest of the youngins next season, showing the rest of the league what they can do. Let’s just hope that the core is there too, proving they still have what it takes to be champions once again.

  7. Amanda




  8. Anonymous

    That music is scary. I hope he is promising for our team. I really hope he works out and helps us get one more step closer to raising that championship trophy. RIP, TAY, CHAUNCEY, SHEED have to get one more and we all know our love MCDYESS has to get his ring. LET’S DO IT FOR DYESS!!!

  9. Bigdee36

    That’s what I’m talking about! We need some young blood so we can rest our core and go out and get that second ship. But first things first, we need to get my boy Chauncey to stay and make sure we keep Sheed. And then we’ll be getting some more bling.

    PS: Have you seen the Pistons’ championship rings? There the sweetest things in the world, And I want Dyess to get one.

  10. Ricky - Sixers4guidos

    no offense but Alex Acker and “the answer” (even if not written with the capital letter) shouldn’t be put in the same sentence..

  11. Ahmed

    Ok, Alex Acker is good. But he plays in Europe. Remember what Charles barkly said, ” It doesnt matter if you dunk over someone European” 🙂 His play will change but he still looks good.

  12. Ahmed

    I just cant wait till Amir gets on the court next season, we are looking at a 12 points a game 8 rebounds and 2.5 blocked shots and with him and alex acker working together, that is going to be a Chauncey Rip duo but of the bench. I cant wait. GO PISTONS

  13. M-Fax

    I agree about lindsay……they need a young PG to grow with the team now.

    I don’t think you can go wrong with some youth off the bench when you have Billips (hopefully) and Rip ahead of them.

    What great guys to learn from.

    That G-Tech PG would look sweet.

    Just look how Gibson worked out with the Cavs (don’t shoot me Pistons fans)

  14. santa

    okay, chauncey is 30, that means the next contract might be his last one. So I’m pretty sure he wants to spend his last years in the NBA with the pistons so he can get another ring and have fun. Just look at Ben, the Bulls are a decent team, but not a championship contender. gosh, just say you’ll stay already, chauncey!!

    I think i’m gonna go email Rip now.

  15. santa

    oh yea, I don’t feel good about this Alex Acker guy. I just don’t feel good about international players in general.

  16. Anonymous

    Acker is tearing up the Euroleague. I want to see what he does on the Pistons bench, he cant be any worse than Flip Murray.

  17. Anonymous

    It was kind of a short clip, and I haven’t seen enough of this guy to form a good opinion. From what I saw… he seems a little selfish. Yeah, we need people who can create their own shots, but we need people who know when to give the ball up. We need people who can maintain the balance that I so love about this team. I am not going to like a guy who is constantly trying to shoot over 3 defenders when he has an open man out there with him. He reminded me a bit of Flip Murray in that clip and I just don’t think we need another Flip Murray. I’m not crazy about the Flip Murray we already have (he has his moments). When Flip is on the floor I find myself screaming at the tv at least once a game, “learn to pass, asshole!!” I just don’t think we need more of that here. If this guy can learn when to be aggressive and when to give up the ball, then he does look like he has something to offer this team. I just want a guy who will help maintain the balance that the Pistons are famous for.

    Also, I think Chauncey will stay. I love the guy and can’t imagine him playing for anyone else. However, if he is determined to chase the almighty dollar the way Ben did, I will lose all respect for him. I realize he has a family to think about, but really how many millions does one need to live comfortably?? I just hope he chooses to follow his heart instead of his bank account into retirement.

    PISTONS ’08 — CAN’T WAIT!!!

  18. Bigdee36

    It’s always possible that if Chauncey leaves Detroit that he might go back to sucking like he did before he got here. The only reason other teams want him is because he been playing well as a (Piston) He might want to think about his career and the way his fans see him. Instead of chasing the money.

  19. Ahmed

    I just read something on ESPN, that Rip is the highest priority of trading him. I also read that he might get tradd the lakers alongside Nazr for Kobe. I dont want kobe. He will mess up everything. GO PISTONS

  20. Anonymous

    Ahmed where did you read that i coulnt find it???

  21. April32

    as if kobe didnt ruin my day before.
    i will not watch the pistons if he goes, sorry.
    could you honestly see chauncey and kobe, cause i couldnt.
    and if rip doesnt stay i hope chauncey goes too.
    because this is total bullshit.
    that site had nothing good to say about any of them except for tay.
    i love tay, but he is the only one going to be there in a few years.
    i hate the lakers.
    and rip on the lakers would totally just like ruin my life.
    i could like die right about now.

    Kobe dont ask to be traded anymore, please.

  22. Anonymous

    motown in o-town sais…,

    I really do not see what is so special about C.B. way to slow. And what did he do last year against miami and this year against cleveland both ended in six. His head is way to BIG for the rest of the team. We have all heard countless times as C.B. goes the Pistons go, well I am of the same opinion and I am tired of watching him have so much control. Like his cousin in the championship game and now a late arrival in TN just when they made him their feature back. Get rid of the head of this snake it has lost it’s venum. As far as bringing Hill back, sounds good as long as we do not alow him to talk during playoffs i.e. the pressure is on them. Get out of here with that crap. Same with C. Webb if they bring this card carrying AARP enductee back keep him away from the media come playoffs. These two lack what makes up the D. I am all for and it pains me to say this but dump the back court and Naz for Kobe and Bynum. I think I am getting a rash from that last one but we need Kobe’s D in the back court, and his whistles to keep up with the chump king we created this year. Finally Saunders well I think we are all on the same page their @^*%$. Love, Peace & Hair Greese from O-town

  23. Rick

    That Rip for Kobe is just someone’s opinion, its not on ESPN. It’s just someones wishful thinking. It will never happen

  24. Anonymous

    KOBE is a better defender then RIP. As much as i love RIP he needs to go. We need someone who can create his own shot and thats exactly what KOBE can do. Plus he would fit in well here cuz he really only cares about WINNING. He has a bad wrap out there in L.A.. And i really think him and Chauncey would be a sickkk backcourt!

  25. Bigdee36

    I happen to be a big Kobe Bryant fan (except2004) and like him, but I love Rip so I don’t want to see him go for anybody. Plus if Kobe comes to detroit be ready for everbody who hasn’t rooted for the Pistons ever!! to be on our banwagon. And i’ll be there to knock there asses off because I only associate with true Pistons fans not faks ass banwagon Jumpers.

  26. Anonymous

    Kobe will not chose the city of Detroit over New York or Chicago.

    In any case, I really do want to see Acker come over. Detroit needs to get younger and needs someone wiht an explosive first step, slasher and great finisher. Acker is all of those things + he is highly atheletic and has a 7ft wingspan.

    You can check for his stats and them compare them to future first round Euro guards like Rudy Fernadez and Marco Bellineli.

  27. kubujuss

    I am from Europe and while Acker is playing quite well in me the level is so much lower here than in NBA, that Acker would be decent bench guy at the best.
    Anthony Parker was chosen Euroleague MVP and he really was important to Raptors, but Acker isnt even top 10 Euroleague player, so…

    Trust me I’ve watched him play enough.

  28. claire

    Honestly, I don’t think Kobe can be traded for Rip. Because Kobe is a flashy star who has lived in an A-list town for so long, he’s not gonna choose detroit over chicago or new york. (not that detroit is worse than chicago or new york).

    Plus, the Lakers are not gonna just trade Kobe for Rip like that. They would probably ask for more from the pistons. Like 2 starters or Rip and draft picks (which Joe D prolly won’t agree).

    Moreover, isn’t Kobe asking the Lakers to obtain another player? like jermaine o’neal or something?

    With all that said, Kobe is truly the antithesis of the pistons. They symbolize different things. Plus, when Kobe gets to detroit, he’ll prolly go all superstar and act like a stuck up around Tay and Sheed, so there’s no chemistry there.

    Rip improves on something every year. And he’s been attacking the rim more now. Not to mention he distracts other team’s players. And his chemistry with his teammates and the city is great.

    Rip for Kobe? No way.

    and as for the acker guy, I agree with kubujuss.

  29. claire

    I forgot to mention one thing, prolly my least favorite aspect of kobe coming to detroit: people will start saying things like “Kobe saves the pistons from total annihilation!” and all of the sudden, the pistons become Kobe & Co.

    So Kobe, stick with your Lakers please! you just don’t look good in red, white, and blue. Purple and yellow fit you much better.

  30. April32

    what do all of these sites have in common.
    they do not mention pistons or rip, more importantly.
    but i dont think these are official sites.
    just opinions
    but everyone has the SAME opinion.

    most of you may not know who he is, but etan thomas of the wizards is the only thing i dont agree with, i love watching him play. and if he goes to the lakers, i would feel so bad for him.

  31. Anonymous

    kubujuss, how would you rate Marco Bellinelli and Rudy Fernandez? Both are projected first rounders adn Acker numbers are similiar to Rudy’s and better than Bellinellis.

  32. Anonymous

    Acker made Sports Illustrated’s list for top Euroleauge prospects back in February.

  33. claire

    hey, does anyone know if the draft will be televised? if so, what channel? nbatv? thanks a lot.

  34. Anonymous

    NO KOBE IN THE D!!!!!

  35. Bigdee36

    Kobe wouln’t work in Detroit and he definatly won’t work in Chicago. I mean can you amagine Kobe in Micheal Jordan’s house. If I were Kobe I wouln’t want to be in Jordan shadow no more than I am now. And going into the United Center would only make that shadow even bigger.

  36. Anonymous

    ALEX ACKER IS AMAZING – how do u pronounce it??

    chaunceys stayin so ppl chill – pistons will have rip chauncey lindsay flip and hopefully the amazement. i hope alex acker fits in well with da bad boyz

    what happened 2 rip??

  37. Anonymous


  38. Raul El Patron

    Greetings Pistons fans. Wow! Is this offseason sizzling or what? My thoughts on the latest and greatest:

    1. To those who may be disregarding Acker’s performance in Europe (I’m not defending him, just giving him the benefit of the doubt), two words: Manu Ginobili. Love him or hate him, he’s a former Euroleague MVP with two lovely NBA rings already and probably the best 6th man since the Microwave.

    2. The claim that Acker may be a ball-hogger: Hard to tell from a small clip. And the way I see it, the rest of the team will keep him in check.

    3. Kobe, Kobe, Kobe: Last report from the Lakers says they won’t trade him:
    As per getting Bynum traded, you might be better off asking Portland to trade Greg Oden! Bynum is the Lakers’ GM’s pet project. How come you think Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is in their coaching staff? To help prepare Bynum to be their big man for the next decade!

    3b. Just a thought… shouldn’t Detroit stop worrying about trades for this year and maybe save some of that salary cap dough and the draft picks from Toronto to make a run at Agent Zero (Gilbert Arenas) next summer? He’ll be a free agent by then, and he knows that former Wizards (Rip, for instance) have done well as Pistons… and he wants to win!!!! I’d love to see Agent Zero as a Piston… HIBACHI!!!!!

    4. The way I see it, Detroit is more concerned about making some deals but he’s primarily concerned about not having to rebuild but reload… that’s why there’s this emphasis on grooming the young talent (Johnson, Acker, the two draft picks, J-Maxx, etc.) while keeping the veteran core together for a little while longer.

    5. I really don’t think either C.B. or Rip is leaving Detroit. C.B. is smarter than that. If the reports are true, the Bucks are the most likely suitor… and if he learned anything from Ben’s story is that sometimes money can’t buy team happiness. Plus, Dumars is not a trade-crazy GM and he likes the idea of not changing unless it’s necessary.

    5. One thing I really think Detroit needs is stronger defensive coaches. Flip is not a defensive-oriented coach and he needs all the help he can get. I think Dave Cowens is a good choice (you don’t believe me? Check some of his footage from the Celtics in the 70s). But I still think they need more help. I’d hire Rick Mahorn or maybe Big Bill? This team needs to recover their defensive mentality; that’s what killed us against King Nothing and the Court Jesters.

    6. On the song used in the Pistons intro: It is from the Batman Begins soundtrack. The name is actually “My Otis”, and it’s the 3rd track on the album (I say that because sometimes when you try to download it, you can find as “track 3”)

    Later Fans of the Red and Blue… Enjoy the summer!!!

  39. Amanda

    Whoever said that “Rip needs to go” is fucking crazy. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. Rip improves every year and gives his all during the Playoffs and has been the Pistons leading scorer since he got here. Why get rid of him?

    And to the above poster: If Gilbert Arenas came to Detroit I’d shoot myself in the foot. I HATE ARENAS! That dude is so fucking full of himself it makes me sick. He thinks he’s the greatest thing in basketball and I can’t stand his attitude. He can stay with the Wizards and lose year after year for all I care. He cares about nothing but how many video game covers he gets put on. I mean, holding a press conference just for that and not even supporting your undermanned team while it’s getting killed in the Playoffs? Tsk tsk…Not the kind of player I want playing for the most unselfish ballclub in the league.

  40. Bigdee36

    I agree with you Amanda, Gibert Arenas is a self centered player who spins all his time trying to get back at people for what they did to him in the past. I don’t want him and his baggage on my team. I we do that we might as well ge Kobe Bryant.

  41. Natalie

    Nice wrap-up Raul

  42. Kubujuss

    Regarding Acker, I sure agree he can develop into Ginobili-type winner, all I am saying is that right now he is not anything special.
    Neither is Belinelli that special, if you ask me, Acker is better than Belinelli, also cause he has NBA experience.
    Cant give opinion about Fernandez, cause havent watched his team’s games much.
    If you ask me the future of Euroleague and hopefully NBA is Ricky Rubio, who’s pure fucking sensation.

    There’s a good article, both Belinelli and Splitter mentioned:

  43. Anonymous

    If Acker, is better than Belinelli who is projected first rounder, then there is no reason for Acker to not be on the Pistons squad.


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