Billups to the Bucks could happen

by | Jun 16, 2007 | 54 comments

According to Justin Rogers over at MLive “Billups to Bucks rumor reemerges.”

The Journal Times had this to say:

June 16, The Journal Times: But now, only two weeks before the commencement of free agency, the Billups-to-Milwaukee rumor has resurfaced yet again. The scuttlebutt is the Bucks, who are one of the few teams that could have the money to sign a high-profile free agent, want an established veteran to orchestrate their offense and alleviate the pressure on star shooting guard Michael Redd.

Thus, there have been whispers the Bucks are working on a lucrative offer for Billups and will try to lure him away from the Pistons.

Stay tuned.

Hold on Pistons fans, looks like we are in for a eventful summer.


  1. Anonymous

    yeah right, they dont have any money to buy him but i am still a little nervous

  2. Anonymous

    CHAUNCEY, DON’T FALL FOR THIS. Since when have the bucks been a good team? I mean when Ben went to the Bulls, they were a pretty descent team…BUT THE BUCKS? Come on!

    billups is only wearing one uniform and that would be detroit.

  3. Jamie

    no no no no no no no no no… no.

  4. Amanda

    Oh, geez.

    I don’t know who commented on the last thread that they wished Joe D. would just do everything at one time so we can just get hit with one big blow instead of a bunch of smaller ones but I completely agree. This is the only site I really visit anymore that is Pistons related and I have to hold my breath now ’cause I’m so afraid of what Natalie’s posts are going to tell us. lol Anybody else feel that way?


  5. Amanda

    Oh, and I heard that the Finals set a record for low ratings. Is this true? lol I HOPE SO! TAKE THAT STERN! MUAHAHAHA!

  6. April32

    ahh geeez.
    cant michael redd do it himself.
    i dont think they will go high enough.
    and if joe dumars wants chauncey as bad as he makes it sound, he will just beat the price.

  7. April32

    not to mention the team freakin’ sucks,
    and you couldnt pay chauncey enough to play for that team.
    he is waaaaay smarter than that.

  8. Bigdee36

    This news just ruined my day. Joe D better come up with the money some how because I can’t take another episode like the Big Ben episode that happensed last year.



  9. Anonymous

    I’m not concerned. Mr. Big shot doesn’t want to leave Rip, and I really don’t think that Ben AND Chauncey could BOTH turn into gold diggers in back to back years. I just want these next two weeks over with to get it off my mind!

  10. April32

    what seriously sucks like bad.
    is rip isnt rip without a chauncey.
    and chauncey isnt chauncey without a rip.
    so like if someone takes one, you can say bye bye to the other,
    but they both want to retire pistons.
    well rip wants them to anyways.
    i absolutely love rip.
    right now the slightest news would be great.
    on his ripcity website it says he has all these camps coming up soon, so maybe he is busy with those? or at least getting ready for them? i am not even sure if those are THIS years camps.

  11. Tara

    no chauncey =[ boo

  12. Anonymous



  13. Anonymous

    Chauncey always tells reporters and the media that he wants to stay a Piston.He said but only if something REALLY good comes his way.This is NOT good.Chauncey would probably want to go to a team were he would have a better chance of winning.Our at least having a winning record.Something we all need to be aware of is…No Chauncey.NO Nothing they need Chauncey he’s there captain.


  14. Amanda

    I think someone should go to Rip’s house and knock on his door just to see if he’s still alive. I’d do it, but I’d probably piss my pants if he answered. lol Not exactly the first impression I’d want to make on Rip freakin’ Hamilton. lol

  15. gee gee

    Breaking News Again lol:


    First Delfino to the Raptors and now the reineration of Chauncey going to the Bucks?

    Now we all know that Chauncey loves the Pistons and Detroit, and we all love him back. So doesn’t that count for something? We only have the best intentions for him and going to the Bucks is not one of them. Not only that but his back court buddy Richard “Rip” Hamilton might be tagging along with Mr. Big Shots if he leaves. And that will be a double whammy.
    If this happens then the sports commentators are right: IT WILL BE THE END OF A DYNASTY. This just can not happen. So whatever tricks Joe D has to pull out of his hat, I hope he does it. We all love Chauncey (which we can’t say enough), he keeps the team together (which we can’t say enough), and without him, i think the team will fall apart (which we can’t….well you know the rest lol)

    So like Spike Lee says “Please baby baby baby please stay” and ride them to the wheels fall off. and don’t break all of Detroit’s heart. Cause if you do we will be singing another sad love song and unbreak my heart lol.

    Detroit fa life babay!!

  16. jess

    My heart dropped when I read “Billups to the Bucks could happen.” It literally skipped a beat and that was so hard to read. I am soo scared now.

  17. lyndakay

    Man, Jess, mine did too. We have to keep the faith that Joe D. won’t let him go.

  18. jess

    I still dont think he will.. but still reading things like that just kills me.

  19. jessi

    I flew home this week and well when I new I was going to be in the east for a few days I was hoping to go to the palace to watch a finals game but that was not in the cards since they did nto make the finals instead I get to sit at home and go out with frinds and am asked what is going on. I really had all this and the wait to find out what is going on. I never seen carlos going but i do have to say I hope it means we will get someone to come off the bench to give tay and rip some rest. I saidd it before we have a great team but our core is older and they need the rest inorder for them to do well. WE were hoping for that thi season but it did not happen. I trust Joe d will do everythign he can but what I do not understand is what is so wrong with this team its not like they are not getting fare in the playoffs they are just a little tried in the end. i hope this sumer is not too mch stress

  20. Anonymous

    The whole thing started to unravel last year when ben left. I think CB might just leave as well. Rips dissappearing act is probably due to his knowing this could be the case.So I don’t understand all of the posturing by Joe D except the fact that your experiment is falling apart and REBUILD! I wish to hell a less miserly person would buy this franchise!

  21. Anonymous

    Amanda if you ever got to meet Rip you would see that he is just a person like you. He is very easy to talk to.

  22. Anonymous

    Man don’t go Chauncey

  23. Justin

    Thanks for the shout out Natalie.

    I’m not buying this story, not because the Bucks can’t afford Billups, because they can, but the move just seems like a tactic to drive up Billups’ price for a division rival. Why not try to force the Pistons hand to committing an extra couple million dollars, or worse yet, an extra year on to the optimal offer? Good move by the Bucks if they truly believe that the Pistons will really match any offer for Billups.

  24. Mark

    After a close run, we need Billups back for the 2007-2008 season. While the Bucks may or may not have enough cash on hand to steal Billups, if the Bucks make a big bid, you can bet that after the Pistons traded Delfino Detroit may use some of his old salary to make Billups decision to stay in Detroit easier.

    Go Pistons!

  25. Gilliss

    Delfino leaving was such a shocker that when I started reading the headline “Billups to Bucks…” I almost had a heart attack. Thankfully, I was able to finish reading the headline and my heart resumed beating.

  26. Anonymous

    Who cares?

    Billups can go if he doesnt want to be a Piston.

  27. Bigdee36

    M.r Bigshot is our floor general he helps the team keep there composure during critical games. If we let him go we will be very sorry. It doesn’t matter who we get in the draft, a rookie can not lead a team in games with a lot on the line.

  28. Anonymous

    Chauncey is my favorite, and I don’t think that I could survive is he decides to go, I just can’t imagine him with no other team, and Rip is really driving me nuts, where the heck is he? They are the best together, it would be devasting if we lost them both, that would be devasting to the team and the fans, you guys just don’t understand how much I admire Chauncey,I’m almost afraid to look at this website or because I don’t know what I am going to read, this is tearing me apart, my heart will be broken if he leaves, I don’t wanna think about it, this core group that we have have really grown on me and the thought of them splitting is a tough pill to swallow, this is hard, oh my goodness, Please Joe D build around the four that we have grown to love, and love to watch, Chauncey’e the Brain, Rasheed’s the BackBone, Tay’s the Heart,and Rip’s the Guts!! We need a petition set up to let these guys know that we still got their backs and we still believe in them, even though Chauncey is my favorite, they compliment each other and they make a great teammates, and I love sitting around watching them cracking jokes on the bench during the games, it’s so funny to watch, you never know what they are gonna do or say next, its great chemistry, and I love it and look forward to seeing them every season, I just hope that this summer brings more in than what goes out!! Stay Chauncey the Bucks are terrible, we need you here!!!

  29. April32

    i agree with amanada about going to rips house.
    i sent him an email thing from his site, he answered the first time which was awhile ago but not this time!
    does anyone know where rip lives? lol.
    i live in pennsylvania, like 3 and a half to 4 hours from the city he lives. wait! does he still live in the city he grew up? oh well i will go to his moms house.
    its crazy to think that we can actually live close to them!

  30. Anonymous

    people may say oh the pistons are to old of a team and we need younger players but i say screw you the oldest team in the nba won the championship a couple days back…………..for the 4th time in like 10 years

    #1 teenage pistons fan

  31. GEE GEE

    i know, i wrote to rip too to tell him that i was very sadden about the lose and this year was stolen from them and telling him to persuade chauncey to stay because i didn’t want both of them gone and i hoped that webber dyess and sheed was okay and that next year is their year for sure, and i thought he would have wrote back saying atleast thanks for the heads up but i got nothing. i just hope he is really trying to work on his game,working at his camp, begging chauncey to stay, or just chillin on vacation and not contemplating on leaving. Rip we need a sign from you to let us know that you are okay and please return my dangone email please lol



  32. Anonymous

    happy fathers day, chauncey =]

  33. claire

    i wish rip’s neighbor was a pistons fan, so he/she can just knock on the door to see if he’s still alive. I think we should ask for a “Missing Person” ad on detroit paper, so everybody will go look for Rip, and he’ll come out.

    I swear despite all these trade talks, Rip’s dissappearance bothers me the most. *sigh*

    arghh..what the hell, just keep the core 4 and make them work even harder next year already!

    P.S. some brave pistons fan should email Rip’s mom. I bet she knows what’s up with him. I would do that if I had more guts.

  34. Anonymous

    come on, CB! it’s the bucks and milwaukee vs. the pistons and detroit. Not to mention it’s strangers vs. rip!!!! I hope Chauncey’s kids made some really good friends in school and they don’t wanna leave detroit and tell their dad to stay.

  35. Anonymous

    chaunceys kids are soooo cute!!

    they better beg their dad to stay!

    hes such a detroit person haha. he wouldnt fit anywhere else…hense his whole career.

  36. Anonymous

    Whats rip’s email adress???

  37. Anonymous

    omggg my heart couldnt have sunk anymoreee than it did when i read the title…. and reading everyones comments made me exremely worreid about rip :[[[

    GEEZ i need a sign that these guys are stickin with that detroitttttttt ballll and playing ONLY for JOE D AND THE PISTONS ORGANIZATIONNN !!!!!!!

  38. Anonymous

    rip mite be on vacation…you never know!

  39. Aria

    yeah on vacation with me!

    anywayz… dang it i forgot. 😐

  40. Bigdee36

    Wherever Rip is I hope that he’s working on his game so we can be ready to contend for a ship next year.

    P.S; I haven’t heard very much from my favourite Piston, (Sheed)

  41. Aria

    i remember now. i know rip wont leave detroit. he wont he wont he wont. yet him kinda dissapearin like that worries me. but you know, if rip stay chauncey stays. and besides, chauncey wont look as goooood wearin christmas colors compared to red white and blue!!!

  42. claire

    man, everybody go to and mass email him…maybe he’ll be touched by our emails and answer back to one lucky person!

    I remember watching one of Rip’s interviews earlier during the playoffs, and he says that after the season ends, he usually takes 3 weeks off where he relaxes before going back to his routine practice. SOOO..i hope that’s what he’s doing..just relaxing, not asking to be traded and avoiding the media or anything.

    Man, i swear every night, I wish that when i get up in the morning and get on this site, i’ll see “pistons core four stays!!” …oh, dear.

    P.S. what about tayshaun and sheed? anyone heard anything about them? I think we’re more worried about rip cuz he didn’t even come to their end of the year locker cleanout.

    Stay strong, pistons fans across the world.

  43. claire

    oh, i forgot, i agree with aria about the uniform thing. Honestly, which other team has a better uniform than we do? maybe the rockets…but no, pistons still have the best uniform.

  44. Amanda

    lol I’m sure Rip is a person just like me but that wouldn’t stop me from urinating on myself if I met him. lol

  45. claire

    ^^yea, but that shoudln’t stop you from trying to meet him amanda. So please, be brave and go knock on his door and report back to us whether he’s alive or not =) go, amanda!!! I mean i’d go with you and piss in my pants too, but i live in houston 🙁

    P.S. they should make this site the official pistons blog.

  46. jess

    Anonymous at 12:21

    “I hope Chauncey’s kids made some really good friends in school and they don’t wanna leave detroit and tell their dad to stay.”

    I was thinkin about that a couple of days ago.. I’m like “his daughters’ concerns/thoughts gotta count for somethinn, right?” Anything or anyone that can try to convince him to stay will help at this point.. I’m gonna have a heart attack and on top of that, I’m pretty sure (hopin) he’s gonna return (but I cant be too confident because ANYTHING is possible!)!!

  47. lyndakay

    Okay, Claire..just e-mailed Rip on Ripcity32. I agree with you – let’s bombard him with love!

  48. Anonymous

    u wanna know wut……………….i dont know wut i would do if BIG SHOT BILLUPS left D-TOWN i think that all of detroit would be shoked and there would probably be no more DEEEEEEEEEEEETROIT BASKETBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  49. 222 Rip City Michigan

    Someone here said we should go knock on Rip’s Door..Im not scared i’ll go .lol…
    id give my left arm just to meet him…left eye. right arm. what ever it took…;)

    PLEASE DONT GO CB! its the two of you together.

  50. April32

    the first time i messaged rip all he said was thanks alot.
    but that was during play-offs i think.
    if i lived by rip i would go knock on his door.
    but once again that is 3 to 4 hours away.
    but i would do it in a freakin heartbeat.
    if i dont hear anything by july i think i will go into cardiac arrest.
    that is the MAIN piston i dont want to go.
    but it would be nice to keep them all.
    i say we all meet somewhere if you live close to him, and we all go knock on his door!!
    hopefully he wouldnt call the cops or something,lol.
    and someone said email his mom, does his mom have an email
    cause i would be glad to do it!
    just to hear he is alive, and not considering trade, but he might have the thought in mind, JUST IN CASE chauncey goes somewhere else.

  51. Dominic

    Ok the only comment I want to make hear is to never use the word “scuttlebutt” again please!!! (as you can see I didn’t comment on the topic at hand Billups being traded because I know he won’t although he has been known to jump around alot I think he’s found his home in Detroit. Wishful thinking? Maybe but it’s a gut feeling ya know? [wow this is an extremely long statement in parenthesis haha])

  52. Anonymous


  53. Denzel

    Billups Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere, He Is Stayin’ In Da D, Ya Dig!!

  54. barry

    If I were the Hawks I would totally consider signing billups. They are desperate for a point gaurd, and if they are able to get Amare or Shawn Marion in a 3 Way deal with Phx, and Minn, you could roll out Chauncey at point gaurd, Joe Johnson at shooting gaurd, Josh Smith, Josh Childress at forward and Amare at center.


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