Is the Future of The Pistons Tiago Splitter?

by | Jun 12, 2007 | 26 comments

The Pistons went into a little detail during their season recap show about who they are looking at in this years draft. Since the Pistons hold the 15th and 27th pick, they are claim they are more likely to draft the best player available. Acie Law and Javaris Crittenton were among the familiar names talked about, but you might not be familiar with an unknown Brazilian the Pistons have their eye on, 6’11 Tiago Splitter.

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Pistons Draft PreviewVideo Courtesy of myTV20 Detroit.

I was intrigued simply by his name, so I looked him up and he has quite a few YouTube highlight mixes. He looks pretty good, but you can’t really get a clear take because in this video they chose to highlight the kid for more than a minute shooting free throws. This one does Splitter some justice. In this clip the announcers even claim Splitter could go in the top 10. Could he be the next Darko? I hope not, but we should keep our eye one him. You never know who could don the red, white and blue come June 28th.


  1. Anonymous

    I didn’t see the youtube vid of Tiago Splitter because I’m at school and it’s blocked but I think the Pistons need to stay out of drafting International players what with the Darko incident can you imagine what would have happened if we had drafted Chris Bosh instead? Wow!!!

  2. Tara

    ya, i could see that, i guess, i mean it seems weird to have anyone else on the team, but i mean he’s pretty good.

    p.s in that 2nd vid. that’s some pretty kick ass music there.

  3. Anonymous

    Question for those who watched the tv20 show last night…
    Were all the players there?
    Did joe say anything about Rip?

    do you know if NBA tv is going to play it or if there is some place on the web i could watch it?
    thank you…

  4. Anonymous

    I saw the 2nd one, “Splitter Remix”, and it seems like either he is the Yao Ming of Brazil, or the rim is just so short that even I can dunk on it! XD (I’m 5’6, 210 pounds) But all in all, he looks like a solid player. I would like to see more of his all around game, instead of just dunks though.


  5. Pistonsfan

    I’m From Brazil, and I’ve been a Piston fan since 1989,
    I don’t know if the pistons should draft Splitter, but I can say that he is better than other brazillian in the league, better than Vareajao, and Nene, who just have a big body, and is a injury prone. Slipiter is more intelegent players, and play good defense in Europe. In Brazil, before went to Europe usually to shoot very well the ball, but in europe, the coach prefer to use his skills for defense. Of course he is thin for the NBA , but I think he can fit well on Detroit at Center positon. at Power forward Idon’t thinnk so, cause Maxiell, Sheed and Dice, and Amir must have same minutes next year. I prefer the Pistons draft Thadeus Young or Acie Law, but Splitter with good strength condtion could help too.
    The team who drafts him, will be good.

  6. Anonymous

    No more Euro’s

  7. Anonymous

    Or South Americans LOL

  8. Anonymous

    The main problem with Splitter is his contract. He has to player with his team in Spain till the the end of next season unless Joe D wants to pay a big buyout to bring him over. So he might not even be on a roster next season because of that alone I would not take him.

    Id prefer to take a someone who could contribute immediately. Acie Law or Crittentton are my guys.

  9. Anonymous

    Ughhhh … Come Onnnn !!


  10. Amanda

    Okay, so he can dunk. lol I could probably do that if I was like 1 1/2 feet taller. And if anony 10:46 is right about his contract, I see no reason to take him.

    I like his name though…

  11. Anonymous

    ummm yeah I am having Darko flashbacks…It makes me sick to even look at this dudes picture. Hell no I don’t want him.

  12. jess

    I like Josh McRoberts and Jason Smith’s stats more.. and I know sometimes its not all about the stats (TAY proves that fact!) but Im sure these guys can do a lot as well.

    and to ANONYMOUS 9:41…
    none of the players were there… there were some interviews including JOE D, stern, and some piston writers. He didnt really mention too much about RIP. He did say that he has had some crazy calls for trades concerning the core guys and said that he was not having a fire sale *LOL*.. but yea, that was about it.

  13. Anonymous

    jeez, i wonder when is Rip gonna say anything? I mean I just wanna know if he’s alive or something…i guess there’ll be news about him when he starts his summer basketball camps? or have they already passed? LOL

    what a depressing summer =(

  14. Bigdee36

    This guy might not be that bad. He could be the next Pau Gasol. But I rather take A.C Law or The guy from Georgia Tech.

    Please dont’t take McRobert’s because I hate Duke.

  15. M-Fax

    Ah yes the Euro youtube clips. Last summer as the Raptors had the #1 pick I was checking out any footage possible on Andrea Bargnani and felt the same way as you. What can you really tell.

    The good news for me is it all turned out AWESOME.

    Have a good day Nat.

  16. claire

    i wonder if the pistons themselves ever get on this site…they should read all the comments too. But then again, they’re probably too busy doing other cool pistons stuff.

  17. Will

    i always wonder why NBA (and other sport GMs) choose the guys with terrible results, i mean 6’11” 10ppg and 6rpg? how is that worty of a first round pick? You see it all the time where teams pass up guys who could get it done in college beacuase their potential is tapped or it’s higher on another guy. Smart teams take the players who can play the game.

  18. Davi Alexander

    I knew him playing in Brasil when he was younger, I was in a small team and he was 16 and already very dominant and big. He´s polited, non-trouble guy, non flopper, has a good middle-range shooting, he´s very very quick, can play in both 3 or 4 positions. Never 5, because he´s a light guy, much like Prince, but taller.

    A Brasilian Piston would be a very huge dream. Splitter has been pulling the drafts trough the year to improve his game and get minutes in the NBA, I think he did that for 3 years. That should a very considerable guy do draft…, I remember when after that I got missed in Brasil, he got that rebound so quick, set the counter-attack and was dunking in what, 4 seconds, the guy is big and quick, good guy…, not like Varejão for christ sake!

  19. Angel Enrique

    draft Noah

  20. Feruw

    Hmm I bet he could be more like Andreas Glyniadakis than Darko.

  21. Anonymous

    Hi, I am spanish. Splitter is a good player with good moves. I don’t think he will become a big big thing, but if Varejao is playing NBA anybody is able to be there.
    Tiago plays in Tau Baskonia team, one of the top teams in Spanish league. Do not forget Varejao was playing at Barcelona team (now in finals against Real Madrid) and was the eleventh man. Tiago is always on Tau starting five team.
    Anyway, there are two much better players at this role: Felipe Reyes (world champion with spanish team) and Luis Scola (argentinian player). Reyes scores more than Splitter, more rebounds. Scola is the best argentinian player at this role. He is very very good player. If you follow Oberto (Spurs) you will enjoy Scola much more. Incerdible player, I hope he goes to NBA and finally we are able to see players at this role scoring, rebounding and playing really high-level basketball.

  22. adriano

    another Pistons fan from Brazil here, and big need4sheed fan (thx natalie for the amazing work!)
    look, splitter is very good, and by no means like Darko – Darko played in a lousy Serbian league and had/has no heart. Splitter was Brazil’s only good player at the Worlds last year – Leandro Barbosa and Anderson Varejao played like CRAP – and he can play. He’s fast, agile, and his stats with Tau take a huge hit because he shares most of his minutes with Scola, who’s great and already owned by the Spurs. He’s like Tau’s McDyess, that’s the best definition I can give you.
    much like the fellow brazilian fan in the previous comment – hey, we have a HUGE Pistons community in orkut, if you have access to that you should check it out – I’d love to see him wearing a Pistons uniform, that would mean a lot more game broadcasts here, but I don’t think he’s the best fit. I used to, but now I’m convinced we’re well served with Amir and Maxiell. Plus, his contract situation is kinda messy, the last I heard is he has one more year and then a million dollar clause… The team who picks him will likely pay 500K (the limit allowed by the NBA) and he’ll pick up the rest of it with his own salary.
    But hey, if anyone else is interested in him and we can get a trade out of it, that’d be great too. I’d personally love to see Acie Law on our team, but I think that’s not realistic, he’ll be picked in the lottery

  23. Anonymous

    Detroit Pistons will regret cause Splitter is a piece of crap, much worse than Milicic, i am afraid.

    I’ve watched Euroleague every week and he’s not defnitely Pistons level player. 10,7p and 6 rb per game…he’s not even dominating the euroleague…
    could be another nazr mohammed nothing else.

  24. Anonymous

    no !!! listen!! the pistons must choose Arron Afflalo.
    I red a little on him around he net… and also watched him on YouTube he is one amazing SG!! (he’s coming from UCLA by thr way)
    I think He’s perfect for the Pistons!

  25. Dominic

    Ok I checked out the Youtube vid (I’m the guy who left the first comment) and i dont know if the Pistons should try for international players Acie Law looks really good I would want to draft him first but if the Pistons draft a PG it makes me wonder if theyll resign Chauncey again. If they draft Acie Law and dont resign Billups they can have cap room to make some moves becuz as Dumars said in the interview anybody can move and nobodies position is locked but back to Tiago Splitter (what a name!) I was watching the Youtube vids and I was focusing on one thing only well actually two things but they go hand and hand well they were Aggression and Rebounds i want to draft somebody who is not afraid to take it to the rim and take it HARD and I also want somebody who can get the ball back on the glass ever since Wallace left the Pistons our rebounding has suffered Sheed is gettin older and Webber is….well also seasoned I think the reason we lost against cleveland is becuz we had no good rebounders and CLE outrebounded us and had lots of second chance points well Splitter is very aggressive and athletic he attacks the rim with his dunks and is very impressive but his rebounding isnt very impressive to me he kind of bunny hops and just tips it back on most of em yes some of the time he got up ther and grabbed it but alot of his rebounds were just tipped back most of them wouldn’t have been rebounds if he hadn’t been so tall u shouldn’t need height to be a great rebounder (Ben Wallace is living proof of that only 6’9) so he’s questionable he only averaged 6 rebs which is abysmal as a player of his height I expect more if we’re going to draft a big man and btw all the people who are going only by his stats you have to understand that the Pistons are not interested in drafting someone who is a superstar now as with Maxiell they want someone with potential who can develop yes I know that I went by stats as well but I don’t know to much about Splitter and that was all I had lol well I hope everyone likes my comment thanks

    Detroit, Michigan

  26. Christophe

    I still have to laugh when people think that 10ppg 6rpg is not worth of a draft pick. These stats are maybe not monster, but in a European context, they are way better than some of 20/10 NCAA players. Just keep that in mind


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