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by | Jun 12, 2007 | 57 comments

By chance I happened to catch Joe Dumars interview in 1270 XYT Tuesday afternoon. Joe had quite a few things to say about Sheed, Flip, team chemistry and some trade rumors. Without naming names, even though it was quite clear who he was talking about, he said Phoenix is asking for 2 of the Pistons starters (didn’t name names) and both of this years draft picks for Shawn Marion.
What is Steve Kerr thinking? No thanks!

Check out the whole interview right here at 1270 XYT.

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  1. Cole

    Good!, Joe D was getting kinda hostile as he was defending Sheed.

  2. jess

    man i hope the 4 core do stick together! but for some reason i dont think they will 🙁

  3. Amanda

    Yeah, I definitely sensed some hostility during the ‘Sheed debate. And I loved the way Joe D defended him.

    I’m so excited to see more of Amir next season!!

    “We’re goning to have some of the core back. Maybe all 4 back.”


    “I’d go tell them to blow it out their ditty bag.”

    I laughed my ass off when I heard that! That’s hilarious, man.

    Keeping Flip Saunders…are we (the fans) over that yet? I prefer a defense-minded coach but perhaps with the fresh talent coming in and the already in place young talent (i.e, JMax and Amir) plus (hopefully!) THE CORE next season will be more about what the players can do than what the coach can’t do. I want Detroit to prove that they can make it to the Finals no matter who is at the reigns.

    Why did the interview cut off??

    I’m so confused about the Steve Kerr link…lol Am I alone on that?

  4. Anonymous

    Shawn Marion is not good enough for 2 starters and 2 draft picks… Thats stupid… MAYBE**** i would do it for Amare, but not Shawn… I would give them Tay… Nazr… and a draft pick for Shawn…


  5. Amanda

    OH WOW! I just got it the whole Steve Kerr thing. Wow…and I’m not even a blonde! lol

  6. Jamie

    We cannot get rid of Tay… he is still developing and is going to be unbelievable. I also think he has already shown how he is stepping into more of a leader role and to have young leadership like that will be critical as we begin to rebuild in the next few years.

    I am nervous about the off-season but I trust Joe D and love hearing him get angry and defend our players because it shows the passion he has for this team.

    p.s. I’m so glad the Spurs are throwing reality back in the Cavs’ faces!

  7. uyen

    Jess, i have the same uneasy feeling that you do about our 4 core staying together.

  8. Anonymous

    Dumars sounded like a maddddd mann !!! lol

    Veryyy good interview thou, thanks nat for posting it !


  9. jess

    i know Uyen… isnt it hard just thinking about it??

  10. jessi

    I woul dnot give up tay we win with him. When he scores over 13 we almost never lose. I really love how Joe defends sheed. I want the core 4 back. Joe made a good point about not playing then 40 minutes or more and well he is correct I really believe that if the starts had of had rest then we would have won against the cavs. I think the youth of the pistons is the future but I think that the core we have are the best to teach them. HJoe hit on that and I think he was talking about sheed teaching the young. I know he will deal anyone of the core 4 but I hope he does not. I don’t think nazr is going anywhere which I am happy about we did play well for us even no one seems to remember that. I still wonder why he did not get the minutes against the cavs he played so well in the regular season again when he started. Even sheed said he would play but flip seem it a diferent way.

    Anyway I really hope the ore 4 are here I believe with rest and a stronger bench we can make it to the finals again. Very soon.

  11. Anonymous

    I don’t know what Steve Kerr was smoking if he thinks he’ll get two first rounds and 2 starters for his #3 player. That’s just nuts!

  12. uyen

    Jess, it is fucking unbelievable to think about it. I can’t imgaine detroit without our 4 core. It was hard enough see Big Ben go to Chicago. I’ve watching 2004 NBA finals DVD the last two weeks. I still cry when I watch it. I get physically ill when the pistons lose. I’m such a baby.

    I heard from a friend that the Cavs got spanked tonight.

  13. Amanda

    Spanked? Didn’t they only lose by like 3? Eh, anyway…

    I wonder if Guillermo on Jimmy Kimmel Live is really special or if it’s just an act…I love Guillermo.

  14. uyen

    I didn’t watch the game (my friend texted me about the game) and haven’t read anything. I guess if they lost by 3, it isn’t a blow out.

  15. Anonymous

    What the hell is a ditty bag? Whatever it is… I agree, it’s a rediculous thought that we would give up 2 starters and 2 draft picks for marion.
    And yeah the cavs lost by only 3. LeBoner whines at the end when he doesn’t get the call. He actually was fouled though (and it was intentional — funny shit!) instead of him just whining because he missed a shot when someone got too close to him. It was actually a close game all the way down the stretch. I got up about half way through the 4th and screamed “those asshole Spurs are actually going to let LeBoner win one!!” Not so though, and the sweep is still a huge possibility. That’s what I’m hoping for even though I hate the Spurs.
    Glad to hear that Amir will get some playing time this season. I thought he should have gotten WAY more last season and tried to follow his progress in Iowa… very promising =) so cool FINALLY!!
    Did anyone listen to the Chuck Daly interview and his thoughts on Big Bill being an NBA coach? He doesn’t seem to think it would be all bad… why not? I think the players would respect him a lot more than they respect Flip. And I happen to like Bill!

  16. uyen

    Just spoke to my friend and got clarification. Cavs got “spanked” by losing the game and the series at 3-0.

  17. Andrew

    Hell, I wouldn’t give up Tay for Marion straight up. I’ve been comparing these two for years, and I think Tayshaun’s proving to be the more valuable player.

  18. Raul El Patron

    I just heard Joe D’s interview. Wow, is that guy articulate!!!! Here’s what I got in terms of where the D is heading:

    1. Joe’s not going to dismantle the team just because some dudes want it. However, he will DEMAND Flip Saunders to work the bench A LOT MORE. He’s putting his money on J-Maxx and Amir to lead the change of the guard.

    2. Joe won’t throw anybody under the bus. I like how he on the one hand defended the players but at the same time is calling for a lot of accountability, from Flip Saunders down to the last player on the roster. I think he’s clear that he expects 100% from everybody and trust me, he WILL get everybody back in shape. He said it, nobody’s untouchable.

    3. Regarding trades, those who are thinking he’ll give up Tay anytime soon, think again! Tay, J-Maxx, Amir are here to stay, those are HIS DRAFT PICKS. And, Darko things aside, he’s drafted smart over the years.

    4. I agree that we can’t just kill Sheed for his meltdown. He’s been a force in Detroit since 2004. He’s cleaned up his act A LOT, his Jail Blazer days are an afterthought. But, Joe is right. He can’t do it alone, nor can Rip or Chauncey. It takes a bigger team effort where at least 9 or 10 players are stepping up every night all season long.

    5. Joe is right. At the time, passing up on C-Webb would’ve been stupid, even if Nazr was there. Hopefully Nazr can be more of a force, I’d say maybe make him part of a three-man rotation with C-Webb and Amir. That way, C-Webb can mentor those two. Say what you will, but C-Webb has been one of the best power forwards in recent years. He still got a few tricks up his sleeve and can teach them to Nazr and Amir. That way, we can have Sheed and McDyess rotate as center, and hopefully get Samb here and use him as a third option.

    6. He didn’t say it too loud, but we can tell Joe D has his eyes set on ACIE LAW IV, maybe Alando Tucker as that option of player who can make his own shots. Plus, if he’s willing to give Amir and Samb a role, he might go for combo guards instead and maybe use the 2nd round pick for a big man.

    7. Man, somebody in Phoenix needs to get off the peyote real fast. Four players for Matrix? Joe said it, LA didn’t get that much for Shaq, Philly didn’t get that much for The Answer… so what makes Steve Kerr think he can pull that off Joe D?

    Man, it was a great interview… the D are in great hands with Joe… too bad the CAVS can’t say that… next year Detroit will reload, and the Cavs will still have to deal with the ball-handling “SKILLS” of Varejoke! Man, didn’t he f- it up for the Cavs? Nice job LeBron, choking again when your team needed you most!!!!!

  19. Raul El Patron

    Anonymous 1:47…

    I was one of those who has talked about Bill Laimbeer getting a shot at the Pistons. I mean, think about it:

    – He took the Shock from last to Champs IN ONE SEASON! And he just did it again. He’s helped Detroit be a full-fledged basketball force. How many cities can say both their NBA and WNBA teams are yearly contenders?
    – If there’s somebody who bleeds White, Red, and Blue as much as Joe, that’s Bill… maybe because he HAS shed blood for this team for real! Trust me, nobody on any Pistons roster would have the cojones to diss Big Bill… all he has to do is show them footage of the old Bad Boys days and that’s it. He played his heart out every night for the Pistons and he can fuel that BAD BOYS PASSION that those guys made us fall in love with in the 80s… many of us are Pistons fans not because they won 2 world championships, but because they played with HEART, with PASSION, with BRASS BALLS… and Bill won’t be afraid to ask any of them to grow a pair and give it out there. He has the MORAL AUTHORITY to do that, and ballers respect that. So give Flip this year as an ultimatum, and then Joe, start reuniting some of the Bad Boys in the front office. Trust me, Bill would bring our defense to the level we like!!!!!

  20. Raul El Patron

    Say what you will but game 3 was more than a mere snoozefest. That’s the style of basketball the Spurs play and Cleveland doesn’t have the personnel to play them. The saddest thing is, Detroit does match up better with them and that’s what pisses me off the most.

    Seriously, Duncan has spent 3 games pulling down Gooden, Ilgauskas, and Varejao’s shorts and spanking them like their mommas never did! I saw Varejoke trying to post up… it was sad! Parker took Boobie back to school, especially with that dagger at the end of the 2nd quarter. But Flopper boy takes the cake in that possession with 12 seconds left. I mean, seriously


    Is it me, or Varejao just wants to be the hero so badly that he’s fu**ing it up for the rest of the team? Only that can explain his wanting to play point guard. Anderson, Andy baby, please stick to what you can do best: FLOPPING… while you can get away with it.

    I saw LeBron after that play, he was just about to smack the s#^$ of out Varejoke… and I probably would’ve gotten a lot more respect for James had he done that.

    I mean, at a deep level you have to feel a little (just A LITTLE) sorry about LeBron. He’s 22 years old and has to carry the most incompetent supporting cast, coach, and GM (Danny Ferry) on his shoulders! Yeah, MJ had to do the same when he was getting taken to school by the Pistons, but at least he had a good GM that realized that you can’t waste such a talent without the proper cast. Ferry’s not Joe D and what’s worse, the Cavs got NO DRAFT picks… they’re f***ed!

    So, Pistons fans, the way I see it, this Cavs thing was more of a David Stern created FLUKE and with the right adjustments, Detroit will contend for the Finals… as long as FlOp Saunders doesn’t F**k it up!!!!!!

  21. Anonymous

    raul el…

    Hey, you don’t have to “sell” Big Bill to me… I WARTCHED him bleed for the Pistons (and it wasn’t on youtube). I was glued to the set in the late 80’s… those were the guys who sparked my love affair with the Pistons. I do think he would get respect from all of the players. He can be a goof for sure, but what member of the Pistons doesn’t have a bit of that in their heart… he knows how to get down and dirty when it’s time to bring it. Sheed would have Bill to tear up the refs for all the shitty calls (might save Sheed a few T’s anyway) Bill isn’t going to just stand there with his thumb up his ass in a daze like “Dip” does. I guess maybe he doesn’t have the NBA coaching experience that a lot of people would like to see in our next coach, but the guy has heart, the guy isn’t stupid, and the guy knows what the Pistons are all about… we all have to start somewhere, I say let’s keep it in the family. I read an article earlier this week and one of his players on the Shock said he tells them that they can never quit. He told them that if they have a big lead at the end of a game and the other team quits playing to “cram it down their throats”… I like it. That’s how I feel about it too. The Pistons are notorious for blowing a big lead and having to gut it out in the final minutes of ball games… I think that’s rediculous, and I don’t think Bill would stand for it. Like it or don’t, it’s my opinion… I think you will see Bill Laimbeer as a coach in the NBA before you know it. Thanks for your support.

  22. Raul El Patron


    Rather than selling you Bill, I was trying to support your point! And, yes like you I was around when our BAD BOYS were there, gutting it out against the likes of Larry Legend, the Chief, Magic, MJ, Kareem, The Malones, and even the Gorilla from the Suns!

    I grew up watching the 80s ballers and as much of a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar fan that I am, the Pistons had me at “Bad” and took me forever at “Boys.” So, I feel you my brother in arms! If you were in the 80s and you like blue-collar basketball, you HAD to love the Pistons.

    I agree that it’s time to bring the Bad Boys spirit to the house that Joe and the Boys built. Plus, hasn’t anybody really noticed that if Big Bill is back home, Joe can actually make a case to Chuck D to come back as a consultant? Now please find me ONE Pistons fan who wouldn’t like to see what Joe as GM, Big Bill as Coach, and Chuck D as consultant wouldn’t do… just the thought of that got me drooling all over my keyboard!!!!!

    Hey, Pistons fans… just a thought… and Natalie, jump in if you wish… is there anybody there with the time and resources to start a FIRE FLIP, HIRE BILL website? Or if there’s one out there already, send us the URL!!!!!
    As my old-school brother 1:14/5:34 just pointed out, as well as many others, we need someone who knows what Detroit Passion is all about.

    Thanks for your support also and let’s keep the Bad Boys spirit running… DEEEEEETROIT BASKETBALL!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Tara

    i agree with Raul El Patron (2:15am) everything you said was just about everything i was thinking, i am going to be pissed if Joe does give up Tay and someone else along with the 2 picks for shawn marrion. i mean he said that he wouldn’t, or atleast hinted that he wouldn’t. I just want our team back, with some new blood, and i think if we stay focused, we can REALLY go far.

  24. Anonymous



  25. Jamie

    Has anyone found the whole TV20 season finale show online yet?

  26. Tara

    Jess from your comment at 11:49. you were really upset that the 4 core guys would leave, well if it makes you feel any better, there was an interview that i caught, (which i believe is still up on the pistons.com website) with joe talkin. he said on a scale of 1-10 there was a 9 that chauncey would come back. and from the interview that Nat posted, it seems as if he’s pretty certain on that he wants sheed, and that he’s not trading rip or tay for shawn marion, so i’m guessin he has an idea of what’s going to happen, and there will be changes, but not major ones. i hope! hope it helps ease the butterflies in your stomach!! 🙂

  27. Anonymous

    Good for Joe D. to not panic and look at the whole situation with a calm head. I am laughing my head how badly the ratings thing is blowing up in Stern’s face right now, I really think the Spurs will just put the Cavs out of their misery tomorrow.

    I was watching ESPN yesterday and they were getting into the details of Tony Parka and Eva LongBORIA’s upcoming wedding in France. And Foxsports mentioned that people are getting really turned off by it. LOL

  28. Anonymous

    Good to know that JoeyD hasn’t lost his mind. He’s a smart guy and he’s not going to panic and start blowing up our squad just to shake things up. I think all these people who keep saying the Pistons are done and we need to blow the team up are a bunch of assholes. Maybe they’re not what they were back in ’04, but dammit they are a TEAM and with just a little tweaking (bench, youth, attitude, COACH!!) they will continue their winning ways.

    I happen to be one of those fans who just likes to watch the guys play… I don’t CARE how many rings they win (not a very popular opinion i know) as long as they play good team basketball. The joy for me comes from watching these guys play together. It doesn’t even bother me when they lose as long as they play up to their potential and with heart. (That is why Dyess is my favorite player… because he seems to ALWAYS give it his all.) Don’t get me wrong, I do like the wins better than the losses, but if they play well and lose to a better team (I don’t believe there is one) then I am ok with a loss here and there. When the refs win the game or the guys play half-hearted ball, I do get pissed off, but I am not all about the ring every year. The Cleveland series was bullshit all the way around. The refs sucked, the guys didn’t play like they wanted to win it, and I was sorely disappointed in the whole thing. I am not over the way the season ended because it ended ugly. The pain is biginning to subside a bit, but it was a horrible ending to a really great season. I am looking forward to seeing how the “new blood” brings back the fire to this team. I can’t wait!!!


  29. Anonymous

    Is there any way i can get a Need4Sheed toolbar that alerts me when there is a new post?

  30. April xx Rip

    wow, i never liked the suns, but they have really lost it.
    they think the player is THAT good?
    is anyone POSITIVE on who the two are ( i was thinking rip and tay but idk )

    by the way i would like to congratulate varajoke on totally missing that shot, “boobie” on his totally impressive start with 2 points. and pavlobitch on just playing like crap.
    i actually feel a little bad for lebron.

  31. claire

    I don’t think Tay will get traded. Rip and Sheed have higher chances of getting traded. And Chauncey might not come back. I think at least 2 of the core 4 will be back. The perfect scenario would be: our fantastic four will come back, but they will not play the entire time like they did this season. I think Joe D will give more time to bench players because he wants to develop bench players so that when the core players are not there, the team will not break down.

    I hope Rip doesn’t get traded, he’s my favorite. LOL the suns’ proposal makes me laugh actually. 2 starters and 2 picks? for who? exactly.

    Does anyone know when this whole trading/drafting/resigning business gonna end? like when are all decisions made? i’m anxious to see.

  32. Anonymous

    Its obvious Steve Kerr was trying to pull off a michael jordan with Joe but didnt figure that Joe D was the one that ripped MJ with that Stackhouse for Rip trade and you all that are throwing Flip under the bus did you really listen to what Joe had to say? HE SAID I WONT STAND HERE AND HEAR YOU THROW SOMEONE UNDER THE BUS AND AGREE WITH YOU. ITS NOT FLIP’S FAULT THE WHOLE DAMN TEAM WAS MISSING ASSINGMENTS SHOTS LAYUPS BEING SLOW IN ROTATION AND HAD THAT THOUGH THAT IT WAS THEIR RIGHT TO GO TO THE FINALS HE ACTUALLY WAS TRYING TO FIX IT AND YALL WANT HIM FIRED?

  33. davi alexander

    that´s good at 4:40pm, we all heard things like “He put NAZR into the rotation”, or “He´s not getting up for the team”, Bullshit, no coach could have done more for the pistons with the energy the pistons wanna make. Dudes, that is some finals, good years, it is not every year like that, we have a good staff, coaches and picks, the only thing that´s missing is the bad boy touch, and that maybe can´t be teached suddenly, it´s a energy, a spirit, that Joe D wanna develop more…, cutting minutes and shit!

  34. shatia

    Love the ya Joe D thinks.lol. im kinda confident 3 of the 4 players are gonna be bake—hopfully all. Omg are the Suns really that crazyyyy ………do they really think Joe D is that dumb. they must be outta their minds. Anyways i cant wait to see Johnson play yayyyyyyy. im super exited to see what changes are gonna be made—exited and nervious at the same time. LOL

  35. April xx Rip

    okay now this got me wondering.

    dumars wants to sign chauncey, perfect
    tay prolly isnt going anywhere soon, great.
    dumars basically said rasheed isnt going anywhere, fantastic.
    as for webber, well whatever happens happens.
    is he alive, is he staying?
    i want to order his jersey but i am still a little insecure with doing so because we havent heard anything about him, at all.
    he is my absolute favorite player ( not to mention sexy) and i would like not even watch the pistons if he left, the only team i would be a little satisfied is miami.
    but that is not going to happen, so he cant leave

  36. Anonymous

    man we cant let go of tay it wont happen. we gave up on drafting melo to have tay start dat pos. and tays young. mr big shot with rip is like the second franchise allstart backcourt so we cant giv ethem up. sheed is the pistons soul… nazr is from the pistons friken rival spurs so i dun mind if we give him up and cwebb is gonna retire really soon so we might give him up. i just wanna see shawn or amare play in pistons uniform cuz deyd really fit in with this system – especially amare

    -mr infinite nicknames

  37. Anonymous

    2 starters ? geeeez :/
    just don’t take rip ! or chauncey, even though we all know he won’t go anywhere :]

  38. claire

    well, i’m with aprilxxrip. I mean Joe D hasn’t mentioned ANYTHING about Rip. and Rip hasn’t said anything either. So i’m really worried. But why would Joe D trade Rip though? He’s unselfish, plays well, brings it every night and all that jazz. I guess Joe would trade him for a really good deal.

    Now, what really scares me is when Joe said that Amir is faster than Rip. That makes me think that Joe already found a replacement for Rip! I think i’ll be really disgusted if Rip gets traded. That’ll be really mean of Joe D to trade Rip. I mean for God’s sake, the man wants to retire as a detroit pistons. That’s like ultra loyalty right there!!!


  39. Natalie

    Is there any way i can get a Need4Sheed toolbar that alerts me when there is a new post?

    Subscribe to the RSS Feed, or the Google Feed… there not exactly a tool bar but it will do just about the same thing for you. The buttons are near the bottom of the right hand column.

  40. Anonymous

    I’m in a agreement with most of you, I think Rip may be the one to go this summer, I think the interview was very good, but he sounded like he was thinking about getting a deal involving our maskman, which I hope not, because Rip and Chauncey make the best backcourt in the league today. I love them two together, they ar good friends and know each other on the court like crazy, I want Rip to stay but I don’t know guys, he’s probably gonna get a deal with Rip leading the pact, he’s great, and I hope that he decides to bring all the starters back maybe limit their mintues to allow more playing time for Amir and Maxy, we do need younger guys infused with the starters, this is crazy and I’m nervous and scared the the Pistons may be in for a BIG SURPRISE in July!! Please let the starters stay, oh my god, I think that I will have a heart attack before the off-season is over!!!!

  41. Anonymous

    Hey cavs fans.. Cindy Lauper called and had these kind words for you…” I see your true colors shining through. I see your true colors, thats why I love you!!!

    Man we had a meltdown but the cavs are just embarrasing. Worst finals team ever!!

  42. Anonymous

    i think if anyone, Rip has the biggest chance of getting traded because other teams are afraid of Sheed’s temper, they don’t believe in Tayshaun, and Joe D really wants to resign Chauncey. Oh my gosh, i don’t want Rip to leave the pistons. But then again, in order for Joe D to trade Rip, it has to be a good deal and I don’t think other teams trust Rip the way we do, so they might not give Joe D the deal he’s looking for. oh my gosh, for once, I want other teams to underestimate our starters so they won’t offer good deals to joe D. I swear all this anticipation is just so crazy. First, it just started with Chauncey’s resigning, now it becomes a “nobody’s safe” issue. So fans are worrying for more than 1 player now. May God be with the Pistons.

  43. claire

    Dear Natalie,

    I think Need4Sheed readers should write a message to the pistons to express our gratitude and concern to the players. I think it’ll be nice to let the starters know how much they mean to fans, in case they get traded.

    Kinda like a thank you message from us here at Need4Sheed.

  44. Anonymous

    OK like seriously you all should cut the crap noone believes in PRINCE?? where the hell did that come from? the dude is in the US TEAM OK? THIS IS STUFF FROM 2003 WE are no longer GHOSTS in the league noone knows about…
    if somebody wanted someone from us it most likely would be prince rip amir draft picks or chauncey… if they need to be traded and we get someone better in return i dont mind losing 1 guy specially if it means we go to the finals next year joe knows its time and i hope this will be the starting lineup of the future..

    PG Acie Law
    SG Delfino
    SF Tayshuan
    PF Amir Johnson
    C Samb

  45. Davi Alexander

    Yeah Claire, that´s an excellent idea. I think that´s a smart thing to do!!!

  46. Anonymous

    anyone hear ? Mike james for Juwan Howard the dude goin back to Houston after he said he didnt like em cuz he got traded to the raptors what a suck up

  47. Natalie

    I will think up something so you all can show your Pistons Spirit. But if you ask me all of your comments already show just how much you love this team.

  48. April xx Rip

    but then again think about it.
    dumars knows chauncey and rip are best friends.
    so why would he take the time to pay loads of money for chauncey, knowin he is trading Rip, because we all know chauncey would not be chauncey without masked man at his side, they have already said that.

  49. Amanda

    There are too many crazy ass rumors going around. Before the season ended the only thing I was concerned about was resigning Chauncey and now there’s talks of getting rid of this player or that player and Rip has been missing since Game 6… Ugh! It’s enough to make me wonder why I even started watching Pistons basketball in the first place. A couple of weeks ago I was waiting in a hospital lobby and someone there turned the TV to a Tigers game and I was afraid to watch it ’cause I didn’t want to start liking baseball ’cause my 20-year old heart can’t take being a fan of any other team! I finished my first year of college about 1 and half months ago and I’m feeling more stress now than I ever did at any point in either semester.

  50. jess


    I know what interview your talking about.. and it helps a little bit but just think about it.. anything is possible 🙁

    p.s. ive been workin a lot lately and havent been catchin up with the comments LOL.. sorry.

  51. Packer487

    I loved all the talk about Amir. Joe said that he’s faster than Hamilton? Daaaaamn. I also love how he’s basically listed as an “untouchable”. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of contract he gets.

    And yet McCoskey wrote that as high as Dumars and Hammond are on him, there are some on the coaching staff that don’t think he’ll ever be more than an end of the bench role player. That doesn’t fill me with a lot of hope that our coaches know what they’re doing. If you can’t find a use for a kid that runs like a gazelle, can shoot the ball, can block shots, and can jump out of the gym then you need to be in another line of work.

  52. Ahmed

    Yeah, im a little scared that i have not heard from rip. I mean, if rip is not going to give us our 20 a game, someone has to step. What the heck is steve kerr thinging about giving him rip AND tay AND number 15 draft pick AND number 27 draft pick for marion who has the ugliest realese in the world. I mean, come on!

  53. Anonymous

    lets just trade tayshaun and a draft pick for j rich

    Balraj Singh Bhugra

  54. Anonymous

    is he alive, is he staying?”

    this is my main focus too…I want to know what is up w Rip..i love em all But…Rip is the man…the combo of him and CB even tho soft this past season are still the best out there….
    I wanna know about Rip…being that Joe did not even mention him…gives me the worries…

  55. Sue

    There was one thing about Rip in the Joe interview…A.Johnson
    was faster than Rip….
    Ppppppllllleeeeeaaaaaassssse keep Rip…

  56. Tara

    no. we are NOT trading Tayshaun.. hell no 🙁


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  • Tom Gores
  • Greg Kelser
  • George Blaha
  • John Mason

Pistons Past

  • Chauncey Billups
  • Rodney Stuckey
  • Brandon Knight
  • Tayshaun Prince
  • Richard Hamilton
  • Jason Maxiell
  • Tracy McGrady
  • Will Bynum
  • Austin Daye
  • Chris Wilcox
  • Dajuan Summers
  • Peyton Siva
  • Kim English
  • Terrico White
  • Josh Harrellson
  • Charlie Villanueva
  • Vernon Macklin
  • Viacheslav Kravtsov
  • Ben Gordon
  • Ben Wallace
  • Isiah Thomas
  • Maurice Cheeks
  • Lawrence Frank
  • John Kuester
  • Chuck Daly
  • Bill Laimbeer
  • Joe Dumars