The Best of The Detroit Pistons 2006 – 2007 Season

by | Jun 10, 2007 | 66 comments

Like me, many of you are going through Pistons withdrawal. I have just the medicine you need, a great video of the best moments from the 06 -07 Pistons season. It was a great season full of amazing plays. Jason Maxiell had his share of highlights, but if you ask me Sheed’s amazing 60 foot shot tops my list.

Video courtesy of myTV20 Detroit


  1. Anonymous

    I loved that video. Thanks Nat. It’s still so hard to stomach the fact that our guys are sitting at home when they should be playing. I refuse to believe that we couldn’t put for a better effort against the Spurs than the Cavs are right now. MAN!!!

  2. uyen

    Thanks Nat for the video. I am sick as a dog but after watching the video it totally made me feel better. We are such a better match up for spurs than cavs. Still so painful to know that we are out.

  3. Chris

    Unfortunately, it’s hard to watch a team capable of so much more with an “genius of offense” that is incapable of finding the multiple strengths of this team against the Cavaliers weaknesses. San Antonio’s doing just that, right now. I do not blame Joe Dumars. Larry Brown forced the issue. I blame Flip Saunders, for not being as wonderful in the post-season as advertised.

  4. Anonymous

    Hey Nat, thanks for the viideo it really helped me feel better we should be playiing the spurs not the cavs!!!!!!! Detroiit Piistons all the way!!!!!

  5. Bigdee36

    That video was a big help. I especially enjoyed the part when the Pistons were playing the Hawks.

    I’m from Atlanta, but I hate the Hawks.

  6. Anonymous

    Did anyone get to see the Cavs and Spurs game? it was ridiculous to define the game you have to see the flop Vaughn’s tried to attempt he flopped before he got any contact i hope they make em tech foul when they flop…

  7. Anonymous

    just what i needed.. damn the cavs cant even win against the spurs.. detroit should have a 2-0 lead over the spurs by now..

  8. Jessica

    I can’t even watch it.
    As much as I love em, I know I’ll get disappointed and extremely sad.

  9. Anonymous

    ahhh it drives me crazy with all these rumors of our team.. breaking up :[ we need a new coach.. pistons + larry brown = finals two years in a row .. saunders + pistons = number one seed but sucking in playoffs two years in a row..what makes joe think he can do it his third year around! time is precious and we dont have time to waste on him trying yet again to win the champ but coming so close and then losing!

    and mannn saunders has a HISTORY of sucking at coaching in the playoffs ! he really does no lie ! i mean come on if joe can put 2 and 2 together then he can see that we need a new coach and that saunders isnt playoff material !!!!

    saunders isnt good at finding methods for playing the same team more than one time in a row ..hes good for one day and then move on to the next tema .. aka not playoff material!!!

    pleaseeeeeeeee make the right decisions joeeee !!!

  10. Raul El Patron

    Natalie, Thanks a bunch for posting this highlight reel. I don’t know you guys, but I’m rooting for the Spurs to actually sweep the Cavs, hopefully to the point of humiliation. I mean, did you see how Duncan, Parker, and Manu TOYED AROUND with LeBron and his court jesters? (Hey, that’s a catchy name right there… King James and the Court Jesters. I mean Varejoke doesn’t even need a jester’s hat!) Really, Detroit would’ve put up a serious fight!

    But, as I was saying, I want the Cavs to be humiliated big time so that Rip, Chauncey, Sheed, Tay, J-Maxx, Webb, Dyess, Carlos, Flip Saunders, and Joe D all smack each other in the head and realize “WHAT THE F*** WAS WRONG WITH US? HOW COULD WE LET THIS JOKE OF A TEAM, IF YOU CAN CALL THAT A TEAM (LeFraud James and 10 guys named Pepe) BEAT US? COME ON!!!!!!!” and come back next season with the chip re-implanted on their shoulders and return where we belong… but this time, really earn it!!!!!

    I believe that Joe D will make the adjustments and hopefully give Flip an ultimatum: It’s FINALS of bye bye goes the Flop Saunders!!!!!!!

  11. baller

    guyss….i have no fukin idea why i’m still bringing this up but u gotta check this out.

    i bet you all remember 4th quarter of game 5 when we were up 88-87 and then lebron dunked the ball(this was the play before chauncey made a 3 pointer.)

    he seriously traveled on that play…3 clean steps

    fuckin prooves how stern and the officials and lebron just fucked the season up for us this seriously pissed me off.

    here’s the gif you must check it out.

  12. Anonymous

    i like the dribble move aainst the hornets

  13. baller

    my baddd not 3 steps…he fuckin took a side step and then took 2 steps which is already a travel…then he takes a hop step…FUCK THAT

    how do they not call that even a 6 year old can tell thats a travel damn.

    no one can take it from 3 point line to the rim with 2 steps…i dono about yall but it seems to me like stern took the title away from us because we would’ve had game 5. FUCK LEBRON and FUCK NBA this is total fuckin bullshyt

  14. Anonymous

    yep baller that is so BS i probly saw that like at lest 5 times in that siries and its not my job to call them

  15. Anonymous

    there was nothing about Rip Hamilton’s 51 point game =(


  16. Anonymous

    Oh Man, great video. You left out the best clip though. It was Rasheed got dunked on by Lebron. any clip taken from that series would’ve been great. I can’t believe that with the Cavs #2 scorer injured, you still got crushed….HARD. The Pistons just got crushed by one man……one. Larry Hughes was injured most of the series. They let a rookie (Gibson) make all of them look like clowns. Eric Snow (The worst point guard in the league) made Chauncey his little bitch. Some of you morons actually said that the Pistons should be playing the Spurs. Are you serious? Sorry, since Billups, Prince, Hamilton, Webber, Wallace, and the rest of the bench were completely destroyed by Lebron James alone, you should not be playing the spurs. Better luck next year. Oh wait, probably not because your team is falling apart.
    -a cavs fan

  17. Anonymous

    Anonymous 2:33: You’re still making fun of people with the way your joke of a team has been humilitated in the last 2 games? What color is the sky in your world, dumbass?

  18. Anonymous

    ^knows nothing about basketball

  19. Bigdee36

    Fuck the Cavs and Lebron and his butt buddy Gibson. I hope your enjoying your team get ass raped by one man. Tony Parker (alone) Ya’ll didn’t win those games by skill, David stern basically gift raped it for you. Bruce Bowen’s got Lebron calling him daddy. Lebron is his personal bitch. The Pistons have at least won a ship. After waiting decades to get to the finals only to get your asses handed to you. Your lucky if it goes five. Enjoy your ass kickin’

    (A Piston fan)

  20. Anonymous

    omg best video ever thank you so much =]

  21. baller

    anonymous 2:33pm

    you might wanna take a look at this before you say anything else.

    fuck you.

    pistons did not get crushed by one man. thats atleast 4 steps right there because he fuckin took a side step and then took 2 steps which is already a travel…then he takes a hop step.

    he did that throughout the series and game 5.

    now dumbass cleveland fans prolly didnt even know that is a travel or maybe they’re just so dumb that they think lebron is the next jordan.

    now if pistons started to do that shyt the series would go 4-0 to our advantage.

    is that what u call getting crushed? when the nba owner david stern is helpin a fucker like lebron literally walk to the rim from the 3 point like there’s nothing any team can do.

    you must be happy to watch cleveland play in finals because you guys definately didnt earn shyt.

    u guys sucked balls this season and sucked balls in playoffs.

    oh and about your number 2 scorer.

    hughes’ knee was absolutely fine in the series, it was his own decision to play no one forced him. and since u bring that up, there was no way u guys were gonna beat wizards in first round with arenas and butler on the team.

    u guys took the easiest way into the finals and then won with the help of stern.

    detroit basketball > cleveland basketball

    you better fuckin live by that because lebron is a lil bitch and there’s NO fuckin way he can score on us without breaking the rules.


    here are more facts just to shut your ass up.

    Detroit Pistons= 3 titles
    Detroit Tigers= 4 titles
    Detroit Red Wings= 10 titles
    Detroit Lions= 0 titles
    Michigan Wolverines= 11 titles
    Detroit Shock= 2 titles

    Cleveland Browns= 0 titles
    Cleveland Cavs= 0 titles
    Cleveland Indians= 2 titles
    Col Blue Jackets=0 titles


    and yet u get so excited that cavs make the finals that u got guts to come on this site and talk shyt.


  22. Anonymous

    ^^i like your style baller :] couldnt have said it better myself ha!

  23. Bigdee36

    I am a “WITNESS” to Lebron and the Bitch ass Cavs get there asses kick in the finals so suck on that.

  24. Anonymous

    does anyone know how many people watched game two last nite? i hope it’s even lower than before =]

  25. Anonymous

    its okay guys it just made their lives that they actually “beat” the pistons in a series.. theyre never gonna get over it.. we could be arguing with a cavs fan 20 years from now and theyll say.. “YEA SO WHAT LEBRON WHOOPED YOUR WHOLE TEAMS ASS BACK IN ’07!!!”

    apparently its their life fulfilling dream to beat us.. so we’re pretty special guys..

    i just feel bad fro them becaue while theyre still celebrating their cheated-for-victory against us ..they dont realize that they are brutally getting their asses whooped in the finals because they actually have to play on their own.. i wonder when itll hit them ?

  26. baller

    thanks anonymous 3:10…u know all the facts are true fuck cavaliers and their fans.

  27. Anonymous

    “Catch the Season Finale special on TV20 Detroit tonight at 7 p.m., hosted by George Blaha.”

    PLEASEEEEEEEE natalie, if you can, is there anyway you can tape that and put it on here.. only if you can.. im in a HUUUUGEEEEEE pistons withdrawl and i dont even live in detroit :[ i wish i did though so i could get access to allthese piston interviews and specials!!! so if theres anyway you can at all pleaseee!

    also do you know anything at all about rip?? nothing has been said about him/i havent heard anything from him since game 6!

  28. claire

    baller, relax…. i mean of course the cavs fans are gonna brag about their “king” because this is like once in a lifetime that they get to do it. They gotta brag now cuz when lebron leaves, nobody will even remember their name anymore.

    Other than feeling pity for them, I have a question for that cavs fan: why do you go and hate on a pistons site when your team is getting murdered by the spurs? shouldn’t you be talking smack on a spurs site to back your team up? to show that u are loyal to your king even when he sucks? This is the kind of crap that make us pistons mad: unworthy team with unworthy fans.

    Bottom line is this: pistons fans will stick with the pistons whether Rip makes 51 pts or misses 51 free throws, whether Sheed makes a 60-footer or gets 60 techs, whether Chauncey is Mr. Big Shot or waiting for his Big Shot, whether Tayshaun blocks shots or not. WE ARE PISTONS FANS, winning or losing. and cavs fans should know by now that we’re not giving up on our team. Unlike them, we stick with our team through thick and thin, not when they’re winning only.

    In other words, cavs fans should grow up and stop getting in pistons fans’ faces because we WILL break you down.

  29. claire

    yea, Natalie, is there any way you can post that pistons special that anon. 3:58 talked about? I wished i lived in detroit, you guys get to watch so much of the pistons, i’m jealous!!

  30. Anonymous
    ^^^^awwwwwwww this made me cry cause ilovethem sooo much… its rip interviewing tayshaun… i looovvvveee these guys !!!! and i pray that we’ll be back next year with our CORE FOUR and each one of them by themselves will have more energy than they had combined in their ’03-’04 season! and theyll carry this energy with them all the way through the finals and once again become champs!

  31. Anonymous

    hey anon 4:11, can you post that link again? thanks!!!

  32. Bigdee36

    Hey does anyone like Jalen Rose? He’s a free agent and I think we should pursue him. Just something to think about.

  33. Raul El Patron

    Well… bigdee, I’m just curious and no disrespect at all. We Pistons fans flock together… are you hinting at a Fab Five reunion or anything? I’m just saying that because we already got C-Webb…

    Plus, what I think Detroit needs is some younger players to balance the act. Some rookies who are hungry enough to go out there and give it all… We have plenty of veterans in our core and the NBA style of play demands more athletic players and deeper benches. That’s what’s got the Spurs in contention particularly the bench. Detroit NEEDS to exploit the bench. I still can’t believe that we could let Varejoke get away with putting up 14 points per game during the conference finals whereas none of our bench players could do double-figures consistently. J-Maxx can be our Manu, or as I like it better, Microwave 2.0. Having said that… forget Jalen, let’s make a run at Matrix!!!!!!

    Oh, and Cavs fans, could you please leave this forum alone? Go watch King LeBore James and his Court Jesters (please… help me support this name for the Cavs!!!!) as the Tim Duncan pulls their pants down and spanks their butts with a Texas-size belt buckle during the Finals!!!!!

  34. Anonymous

    Does anyone know where I could find David Letterman’s interview with Chauncey in 2004?

  35. Bigdee36

    It was just a thought. I agree with the Shawn Marion thing. And I also agree with the need for speed and athletism off the bench. But Jalen Rose could have given us an extra scorer when we needed it. Because face, it besides J-Max no one on the bench gave us any help in the scoring department in the playoffs.

  36. jess





  37. jess

    ooh and to that video that anonymous 4:11/4:18 posted.. thanx!

    RIP deffinitly has got another job after basketball is put aside LOL (and i hope thats in MANY, MANY, MANY YEARS!)!!

  38. jess

    Im watching the season wrap up right now.. I HOPE EVERYONE ELSE IS TOO!!

    I am pretty confident Chauncey Billups will be back with the PISTONS next season.. and I’ve kinda always been.

    Im just worried about the other 3 core players.. 1 of them at least, my FAVORITE at that (SHEEEEEEEEEED) 🙁

  39. claire

    ^^can anyone tell me what happened in the season wrap up? I don’t live in detroit and thus, have no access to such cool things.

    If Flip’s coming back, i’m praying that he’ll get fired some how along the way…hopefully before the season starts…maybe they’ll fire him after they resign chauncey…i hope our core players stay, esp. Rip.

  40. Anonymous

    ^^luckyyy man i wish i lived in detroit :[

    “Rasheed Wallace has been the subject of trade rumors in the week since the Cleveland Cavaliers eliminated Detroit.

    ‘You’re talking about the guy that was our best and most consistent player in the playoffs,’ Dumars said. ‘He’s probably also the guy that is the most volatile and crosses the line at times, but I have to balance that.'”
    ^according to that sheeds good for detroit :]]

    “Dumars added that the team doesn’t plan drastic changes this offseason.’We don’t have a fire sale going on,’ Dumars said.”
    ^and according to that tay&rip arent going anywhere :]]

    “Dumars said his No. 1 priority is re-signing point guard Chauncey Billups when he becomes a free agent next month. He plans to bring back most of his key players.”
    ^anddd according to THAT he WANTS chauncey bad.. which means he more than likely will not do what he did with big ben last year :]]]]

    wewh that article made me feel better! thank you anonymous 7:17..i just hope it holds up!

    still want a new coach tho… its gonna be more disappointing than the last two seasons combined IFFFFFF saunders takes us in the SAME direction and we finish off the season in the SAMEEE way.. i just hope im wrong and saunders is gonna try and change up his style!

  41. jess



  42. Anonymous

    To the cleveland fan, it’s hard to gaurd someone when looking at them crosseyed gets you a foul call!I blame the pistons too for letting the refs get in their heads and totally choking!Oh and by the way Tay rolled his ankle very early on in the cleveland series, and played very unlike himself the rest of the way. Sort of like sheed last year.I won’t be watching the finals and I guess a lot of people agree with me the lowest ratings in forever. HA HA STEARN BLEW UP IN YOUR FACE ! This is detroit’s augustslady 40 year plus sports fan ,proud of this city and this state and the hard working people who live here.God bless all at pistons nation, have a great summer and goooo tigers.

  43. Anonymous

    Natalie can you please post the season finale show… or if anyone else finds it on the internet – let us know! I don’t get tv20 where I live, and apparently I was on the show.

  44. Davi Alexander

    That sheed buzzer was the best stuff of the hole season…

  45. shatia

    Omg…sexy video clip. Loves it!!! I espacially love the ending, made my heart warm up to the thaought of the Piston team …again. Hopefully next year there’s gonna be even better plays. That will be great considering everyone outside Det. thinks the pistons are done for a while and dont got what it takes to be champs. looking forward to next year…. Go PISTONS!!!!!

  46. Anonymous

    Hello Nat,
    Iam brazilian, and I love The Pistons.
    Sou brasileiro e Eu amo os Pistons.
    Muito obrigado pelo video.
    Seu blog é fantástico!
    Thank you, for the video.
    You blog is fantastic!

  47. Tara

    Hey Nat, do you think that you could post, or give the link that ann. 4:11 is talking about? cuz tay is my fav. player, and i really want to see those guys again!!!! thanks a bunch, and totally understand if you can’t!

  48. Zack

    is it true that the finals have had low ratings so far? any links to stories? i know i, for one, am boycotting the series. i try to not even get on more than once a day(i usually would get on a few times). and when i do it’s just to check the little section of NBA news while ignoring everything that has to do with cavs and spurs.

    p.s. i’m liking the “lebron and his jester’s”

  49. Natalie

    I am glad everyone enjoyed the video, as for the season recap. I will get it up when I can. Probably in pieces.

    I know it’s hard for those who don’t get a chance to see the local broadcasts.

    No need to request that I put videos up, if I have them you will see them…. I’ve got you covered, just give me time.

  50. jess



    Im glad I still have somethin to check out, even after the season is over!

    You’re amazing!!!

  51. Amanda

    “they said that hes so quiet they had to get someone close to him to interview him”

    lol That is the cutest thing I’ve ever heard!

    Great great videos! LOVED ‘EM BOTH! Tayshaun is adorable.

    “It’s special to have Rip Hamilton as a teammate, man.” lol

    And Baller, what the shit?? I thought you wanted this to be a “No Crying Zone” lol

  52. Anonymous

    Pistons fans do yourself proud (i guess it’s just not us that are totally turned off by how the Finals came to be) but here it is from Yahoo Sports:

    “Game 2 of the NBA finals took a hit in the TV ratings, and the series finale of “The Sopranos” was the prime suspect.”

    So they can’t even compete with a no finale ending of The Sopranos.
    LOL, keep up the boycott, the internet is our power, let all of us true basketball fans ban together to get our message to Stern and his Cronies, you don’t play fair, we don’t play nice.


  53. Bigdee36

    I’m all the way in Atlanta so I’m nowhere near A local Detroit broadcast. Can someone post some of these interviews?

    P.S: I’ve visited Detroit and loved it.

  54. baller

    loll amanda…i’m not crying i was just pissed off hahah good one tho

  55. Anonymous

    ^^^sorryyy guys i just noticed when i put the link in here for some reason it wasnt showing up all the way so this is the link again but youll have to paste it in teh address bar in pieces cause thats the only way itll show up here.. orrrr you can just go to and look under multimedia on teh front page..buttt once again this is rip interviewing tayshaun ♥


  56. Anonymous

    Rip : “what motivates you”
    Tay : “goin out there and not necessarily proving them wrong, but shwoing them what i can do”

    ^^awwwww hes soo not cocky :]

    and aww rip&tay prob do get a lot of smack cause theyre “too skinny” but they do what they do and i love them for it and thats all that matters !

  57. Raul El Patron

    You know, anonymous 2:39, I agree with you… that whole “They’re too skinny” thing is just a truckload of BS. I can provide the audience with a list of players that were probably “too skinny”… and please tell me how many of these you may have rejected:

    -Larry Bird
    -Reggie Miller
    -Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (some say he was “too skinny” to be a center)
    -John Stockton
    -Dave Cowens (yes, our very own assitant coach, “too skinny and short” to be a center)
    -“Pistol Pete” Maravich

    And, let me throw 2 more recent to the list, a couple of fairly “skinny” dudes…
    -Yao Ming
    -Kevin Durant

    But, hey what do I know about basketball anyways? For all I know, most of the first group of players already made it to this very obscure institution… the HALL OF FAME I think it’s called; and those who aren’t it’s just a matter of time. As per Yao and Durant, again what do I know? Yao was just the #1 draft pick when he came to the NBA and Durant will be the #2 at worst. ..

    Not bad for a bunch of skinny fellas right? Plus, skinny Rip has that rare double-ring experience at college or basketball and Tay didn’t do that bad at all at Kentucky… but hey, muscles is all you need to win in the NBA right?

  58. baller

    it was great video…but i did not want to see the game 4 highlights at the end.

  59. Bigdee36

    I agree that you don’t need muscles to win championships.
    That’s just a dumb misconception.
    I love Tay and Rip just the way they are. And what Rip doesn’t have in bulk he makes up with in indurance. He can wear anybody out on the court if they have to chase him around all day. And Tay has one of the longest wingspans in the league. And he’s regarded as one of the premier defenders in the NBA.

  60. Raul El Patron

    bigdee… of course you don’t! I agree. Some of the greatest players in the history of the NBA are finesse players: The Big O, Dr. J, Magic, Larry Legend, Mr. Basketball himself, Zeke, Reggie, Mr. Clutch/The Logo, Elgin Baylor, Bernard King, Clyde “The Glyde”, MJ. In fact, the most dominant centers (Shaq-fu being the exception) are a combination of finesse and power on the boards, but finesse trumped brute force: Kareem, The Dream, The Admiral, Bob Lanier, Bill Russell, Chamberlain.

    If it were all about muscles or pushing, Malone and Barkley wouldn’t have empty fingers; Moses only got his ring when he joined forces with Dr. J; and even Shaq-fu needed Kobe and D-Wade to win his rings (NOT the other way around, by the way). So, yeah, there’s a need for tough guys on the boards, but it’s ultimately the finesse players who make the magic happen…

  61. WEE

    Great momments….i love them pistons!!!!Still supportin them no matter what!!

  62. Tara

    THX for the vid. ann 10:01!
    it’s great i love it!!
    tay is adorable =]
    aww man, i miss our guys!! BOO!


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