The Bucks won’t pay big bucks for Billups

by | Jun 8, 2007 | 58 comments

ESPN’s Chris Sheridan reported in his chat today that the Bucks are out of the running for Billups.

“Chauncey to Milwaukee is not happening. They do not want to pay what his asking price cwill be when they can re-sign Mo Williams at a fraction of Chauncey’s number.”


  1. Anonymous

    I cant find the entire story.
    where is it?
    thank you

  2. Anonymous

    you need subscribe to get the whole story that why you cant see the whole chat

  3. sammi

    good. one less team we have to worry about.

  4. Anonymous

    Hey, I just heard a rumor that Chauncey might have put his house up for sale. Does anyone know if this is true?

  5. Anonymous

    Lol chauncey is not goin anywhere all we need to do to win the ship next year is add a center that has knees and can actually move and bring back rick carlise as assistant coach so he can design the defense so flip can concentrate on O

  6. Bigdee36

    More the reason to get Zach Randolph, he can be our center because he’s definatly big enough. and we need to get Grant Hill because he has a little bit more in the tank.

    And I think that Chauncey will stay, but if he does leave to bad for him because were going to win the ship next year.

  7. Anonymous

    Did anyone notice that Sheed ended his season the same way he started it………getting ejected!

    I love Sheed!

  8. Amanda

    Ahh, ‘Sheed.

    I’m not gonna lie. Those C-Billups are fugly.

  9. shatia

    I personaly think Billups is going to stay in Detroit and hopefully my pridiction is correct. Although, now that the bucks said they dont want to pay billups ,its one team to worrie bout. Thank god. Anyways i think the pistons are a great team with Nazr being center. He play well the 30 – somehtng games he played before Chris showed up. And the only thing we gotta change is choch and honestly, i rellly think Cweb was really unnessary to the pistons. He did not provide anything for the team when it really counts-playoffs baby. So bring nazr back into rotaotion and take flip sounders out!! I’m actually worried bout rasheed not being a Piston. Thats my cocern. On the other hand are the Pistons willing to pay Billups the amont he wants?

  10. gee gee

    man i wish money wasn’t a part of the situation. but i think in the end he will know where his heart is in detroit, joe dumars is a very smart man i think he will keep him unless he finds someone that is like chauncey and some change but besides the point i want him to stay i love the pistons team we have

  11. Anonymous

    I’d like to take a moment and stand up for C-Webb. I keep hearing people say that he was no good in the play offs, and now Shatia says that Nazr is better than Webber? False! Nazr is better than Saunders gives him credit for, but C-Webb is an excellent player and he was a part of some big plays in the clevland series. Did he have a couple of scoring droughts against the bulls? Yeah- but most of the players had some scoring droughts in the play offs.
    If you consider that he usually averages 20 minutes a game his numbers are pretty solid, and he plays with some passion that only a Michigan native could display in playing for the team he cheered on growing up.

  12. Anonymous


  13. Anonymous

    WOOO !! that makes me sooo happy !! i know its just one team compared to all the billion others..but hey its one step closer to keeping chaunceyyy :] and from the slow news ive been hearing and all these rumors this is definitely bright side news !

    does anyone else know of any teams that are fighting or aiming for chauncey??

  14. Bigdee36

    With all this Finals stuff on t.v, It makes me want a NBA title even more than before.

  15. Anonymous

    C-Webb just a couple? come on the dude didnt do crap for 2 series he wasnt consitent which puts him at the same skill as nazr they both suck PERIOD. we need new centers if we want to win it next year

  16. Anonymous

    Also count this webber never got a jumpshot to fall and 2 REPLAY ALL THE OPEN DUNKS HE MADE do you see any defender around? NO the dude is nailed to the ground

  17. Will

    if they pay chauncey the max that he wants, we’re going to regret it in 3 years. If he’s dumb enough to pull a ben and leave for some more loot and go lose somewhere, good luck to him. But in my opinion, CB1 owes the pistons a reduced fee for even giving him a chance in he first place, dude was washed up everywhere he went. As for C-Webb, i think he became a victim of Flip’s in-ability to coach his rotations, you can’t just expect players to be consistant when their PT isn’t consitant. All the pistons bigs showed flashes of brilliance, Dice, Max, Webb, Sheed, and then they’d disappear, because if they played 5 minutes and weren’t having a career game, he played someone else. I think with the current team we have, we might need more than Zach Randolph to win the Ship, Randolph should get us past the East, but not past the spurs, suns or mavs…..i say if C-Webb wants to play another season at the min salary, they’d be dumb not to bring him back……and bring jalen too….on ESPN today, Jalen talked like he wants to go to the cavs next year, we were dumb to not bring him in last season….an offensive player to sub for Tay would have been very helpful all season

  18. baller

    anony 9:41

    i think orlando magic might make a big run at chauncey because they do need a point guard like him to play alongside with howard. but i serisouly hope the pistons get him we seriously better win next year.

  19. Amanda

    I’m not sure either Nazr or C-Webb are “championship-calibur” centers who produce well in starter’s minutes. During the regular season it seemed obvious that Detroit played better after the acquisition of Webber:

    Pre-Webb: 21-15
    Post-Webb: 33-13

    But more important is Chris’ production in the Playoffs, which wasn’t exactly consistent:

    *He averaged double digits in the Orlando series
    *He went scoreless in 2 consecutive games in the Bulls series
    *He had a 2 point outing in Game 4 and a 20 point night in Game 5 of the CLE series

    But like somebody pointed out in an above post, there weren’t many players who were consistent throughout a series let alone the whole Playoffs.

  20. Anonymous

    Ok let me explain so Webber’s minutes did go down he wasn’t producing anyway.. here are reasons why:

    1) In the Bulls series it looked like every move Webber made Ben already knew it was happening 2 seconds before he even did anything
    2) he was always slow in rotations and thats why Lebron got so many dunks
    3) He is playing with no knees check replays of the pistons games maybe you see a nail through Webber shoes who knows.
    4) Yeah he did avg double digits vs an unexperienced Magic team but which starter didn’t?

    Sure sign Webber for dirt but is he going to be satisfied playing 20 mins a game? i don’t think so.. is he gonna be healthy? maybe cause of Kander, but his knees are waiting to blow up…i say he should retire

    Thats why we need carlise back as assistant coach hes a defensive coach his offense isnt good but thats why we have flip here mix them both and BOOM you got yourself an upgraded Larry Brown

  21. Primetime

    Sheridan says the Pistons want Amare
    for a package including Sheed and Rip/Tay

  22. Anonymous

    Okay, so we know 1 team is out of the running, and we know that leaves Charlotte the only team with enough Salary Cap to sign Chauncey to a max deal. However, we can exclude them as well because they have a rising star in Raymond Felton. Here is what i speculate. This isnt anywhere i have read, this is all based on what i think SHOULD** happen. I did read that Grant Hill isnt going to retire, so we sign him. Re-sign Webber and Chauncey. Now, a look down the bench…. I see a useless Center in Nazr Mohammad, and a loveable, inconsistant foward in Delfino. Package them up, with a 2nd Round Draft Pick for Shaine Battier. His defense and 3 point shooting would be amazing coming off the bench for TayTay, giving Tay a BUNCH of rest. Now… Use the 15th pick to pick up Acie Law(if he is still available) or use it as trade bait to get another Center. Then here you have it… Chauncey, Rip, Tay, Sheed, Webber…. along with Dyess, Grant Hill, Shaine Battier, Flip Murray, Jason Maxiell, Amir Johnson, Dale Davis. (Lindsay is going to retire, i feel… I think davis will give it another go, and I think that Amir will get more minutes next season) I wouldnt mind getting Amare however… Sheed and Rip for Amare and Raja Bell would be kinda nice. HOWEVER**** My first plan would be MUCH better.

  23. Anonymous

    All my thoughts above are SPECULATION and are NOT REAL… Not trying to start rumors or get peoples hopes up… This is just what I would like to see happen..

    Hope this wasnt too long, and didnt bore anyone πŸ™‚


  24. Anonymous

    LOL thats wishing for a dream come true i dont think the rockets or phx would be interested and we dont need floppers … raja bell and Dale is probably coming back but i dont think he is coming to the Pistons he wants minutes

  25. Bigdee36

    Sheed and Amare on the same team would give us about 200 technicals a season. But we would win the ship
    easily. But I wouln’t want to give them Rip,Sheed,and Tay just to get Stoudemire.And Chauncey better not go to the Bobcats because if he does he can plan on sucking year in and year out.

  26. Anonymous

    haha, anybody see this on Yahoo Sports, I thought Fake King James was suppose to bring “excitement back to the NBA Finals:

    “Ratings for Game 1 are lowest ever in prime time”

    Serves that fuckin’ Stern and the NBA right, I hope they lose alot of advertising revenue. I said it before, if I want to watch a game where the outcome is decided by anybody else but the players, I would rather watch my nephews go at it on Playstation.

  27. Bigdee36

    I agree, the Pistons would have at least givin the Spurs some competition. Because everyone knows that there’s no way in hell that the Cavs can beat San Antonio
    Game two will be even worst I hope the Spurs kick there asses.

  28. Anonymous

    Good stat anonymous 7:33!

    Everyone check out this webstie……

    tell me what you think, its my friends site.

  29. Mustafa

    I prevented myself from watching the finals… because I wanted the ratings to go down seriously… this is what stern wanted the past two years nad this is what he got.

    I called my good friends and my relatives and told them not to watch the finals because spurs are going to win and it is a waste of their time. And they did just what I said… its not like 10 diff’n families make a difference but hell the more numbers you add to the “DO NOT WATCH LIST” the dumber stern is going to feel.

    Hell I am happy!

  30. Anonymous

    There is a new Dads and Daughters commercial out with Chauncey. Has anyone seen it?

  31. Anonymous

    I was just reading that Chauncey was on David Letterman when he won Finals MVP. Does anyone know where I see this video?

  32. Anonymous

    ha yea i refuse to watch that set up shit with the way that last game was called [and i know that wasnt the only reason the pistons lost]

    nobody wants to see 3 superstars against one whiny baby superstar… if you ask me id like to see five equal players take on 3 superstars..thats exciting… thats like the goodguy fighting 3 villans lol… but when did the nba start only being about the money??? geez its irritating.. we just wanna watch a good fair basketball game


  33. Anonymous

    do you guys think chauncey will leave a place where hes likely to never win a championship [ie the bobcats] for more money rather than stay in detroit wheres hes got a better chance for a little less money??

    im hoping number one on joe ds list above ANYTHING is to resign chauncey..didnt he say that earlier in jan or feb or something?

  34. claire

    lol man, i hope the only ones watching the finals are from San Antonio and Cleveland only. But on a more important subject, I doubt the Suns will trade Amare for Sheed and Rip/Tay because Amare is pretty important to them. I feel that pistons players are more attached to their team than any other players in the league.
    Oi, this summer has been the most depressing summer to me…I pray for the Pistons everynight lol..please God, keep them together!!! except for saunders

  35. Anonymous

    DEFINITELY except for saunders !


  36. Anonymous

    Mustafa, I’m with ya baby. This is one S. Florida TV that will not be tuned in to the Finals. I decided that the minute the Cavs won.


  37. Anonymous

    Is Norman Dale available to coach? He would be a perfect fit fot the Pistons.

  38. Anonymous

    This gives us hope. I love Chauncey and what he brings to the Pistons is poise. His nickname fits him just right “Smooth” and when you got someone like Rasheed on the team it really helps to have someone like Chanucey to get him the ball when he is pissed, I am most definitely hoping that Joe D decides to keep our core group,could you possibly imagine the Pistons without Rip’s mask, Tay’s blocks, Rasheed’s temper, and Chauncey’s big shots, I almost want to cry to think about that, I definitely agree that we need a another center for and let C-Webb come off the bench, and I think we all must agree that the guys are a little bit hard-headed and need someone that can put some fire behind their asses and make them play DEEEETROIT BAAASKETBALL every game, so we need a coach, fans , we need a coach and I think that Bill Laimbeer would be perfect for the type of team that we have!!!

  39. Amanda

    Amare Stoudemire for Rip Hamilton, Rasheed Wallace and Tayshaun Prince? Does that seem felonious to anybody else or am I missing something?

    It would serve Chauncey right to lose year after year if he signed with the Bobcats.

    “Ratings for Game 1 are lowest ever in prime time”

    ^That is the greatest piece of information I’ve heard thus far.

  40. baller

    more to what amanda just said about the rating…

    Game 1 of the NBA Finals drew the lowest rating ever for an opening-game in prime time, dropping 19 percent from last year.

    The San Antonio Spurs’ 85-76 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Thursday night earned a 6.3 rating and 11 share on ABC. The previous low was a 6.4/11 in 2003.


    Last year’s Game 1 between Miami and Dallas earned a 7.8 rating and 14 share.

    The rating is the percentage watching a telecast among all homes with televisions, and the share is the percentage tuned in to a broadcast among those households with televisions on at the time. A ratings point represents 1,114,000 households.

  41. baller

    its funny because previous low rating was back in 2003…i guess people just dont like to watch spurs in finals unless they playing the pistons ofcourse.

  42. Anonymous

    did anyone read the blog by the pistons president on he said he expects to see 4 or 5 new faces on the team i wonder whos gona get traded

  43. Anonymous

    Simple Lindsey Webber Dale Nazr Murray disappear. Bring in Alex Acker,#15 draft pick,Amir, and free agents

  44. Bigdee36

    I dont care about any of those guys, I just want Sheed and Chauncey to stay. And thats exactly what David Stern deserves for rigging the ECF.

  45. Amanda

    What was the rating for the Pistons-Spurs in 2005?

  46. Anonymous

    Amanda, I agree amare for 3 core players that won a ring is just straight up nuts!So he’s young he also had some pretty major surgery. If Joe D does this he needs a brain douche!

  47. Anonymous

    chauncey has a new commercial with his daughters. can someone post it?

  48. Amanda

    He’s in another commercial with his daughters? What’s this one for?

  49. Anonymous

    kepp the big 4 anyobne else can be traded i think we need a big center that can play downlow

  50. Anonymous

    the one i saw with chauncey and his daughters is a wnba commerical

  51. Bigdee36

    I think we should still pursue Marcus Camby or Zach Randolph. Because these guys are a definate upgrade to Chris “The Mummy” Webber. This guy moves like his knees are running on empty.

  52. Anonymous

    what is the second commercial about?

  53. jess

    this makes me OOOH SOOO HAPPY!!

    IM ALL SMILES! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  54. Chris

    Zach Randolph’s a power forward who is usually overweight, has a rap sheet, and is not far removed from Chris Webber’s speed. You would never be able to run a faster pace with his 30 mpg. He plays very little defense. He’s literally a younger version of the older Chris Webber. It is an utter mistake waiting to happen, and if Detroit people believe he’s the answer, then Detroit deserves to fail. Finding a center is a better priority, since the last time I checked, the 06-07 Cavs were 1/3rd the ability of the 90-91 Chicago Bulls. Cavs are not the benchmark . . . the coaching staff screwed this one up big time.

  55. Anonymous

    ive never gotten a chance to watch actual old school basketball games..but this weekend on classic espn theyve been playing final games from the past and wow is all i have to say !

    the emotion and excitement is crazyyyyy !!! todays games are NOTHING compared to games from back then.. ive gotten so into them! you can really tell that the only business they cared about was basketball… geez i wish the people SHOWING these games can realize the difference between back then basketball compared to modern basketball.. people growing up in that age were lucky to have something like that to look forward to

    ps.. can anyone imagine the star treatment michael jordan would get in todays game?? ha

  56. Bigdee36

    Can you imagine Tayshaun Having to guard Micheal Jordan? Now that I would like to see.

  57. Anonymous

    Trade Billups for Baron Davis and thrown in a big man off the bench since they could use one on the Warriors. I would also take J-Rich for RIP. We would be unstoppable!

  58. Chris

    Billups and Rip for Baron and J-Rich is ridiculous because the Warriors would be going to the Finals while Detroit looks forward to a lottery pick when Baron and J-Rich miss anywhere from 30-50 regular season games per year. Just because the national media doesn’t care for Detroit’s starters, we should trade them for guys who will get max media time. That wouldn’t even work because as soon as a Kobe or Amare came to Detroit, the national media would then begin to apply the same treatment to those people. Shipping off our guys after one really badly-coached series is about as sensible as fighting a polar bear for a Klondike bar.


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