The Knicks Like Sheed

by | Jun 5, 2007 | 99 comments

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Photo/NBAE via Getty Images

“Isiah Thomas is in the market for a rugged power forward to play alongside Eddy Curry, and Thomas may look to revisit acquiring Wallace, the volatile Pistons veteran who fouled out and was ejected in the fourth quarter of Detroit’s season-ending loss in Cleveland in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals. There already is talk of the Pistons breaking up their team after losing four straight games to LeBron James and the Cavaliers. Wallace, who is signed through the 2009 season, is the most logical choice to be moved.

When Thomas first assumed control of the Knicks, he twice tried to trade for Wallace, who instead landed in Atlanta and then Detroit. Thomas never got over losing Wallace to his former teammate, Pistons GM Joe Dumars, and has told associates that Wallace would have made the Knicks a perennial playoff team.

Thomas has his sights set on Jermaine O’Neal, Kevin Garnett and Pau Gasol, but Wallace is a more realistic option. It is unclear if Dumars is prepared to trade Wallace or if he has interest in any of the Knicks’ players. Another factor could be the influence of Garden chairman James Dolan, who once swore off bringing in players he felt would embarrass the franchise.” Via The New York Daily News

My take on the matter is this, if Flip Saunders stays, (which the Pistons are saying he is) in Detroit, the Pistons will trade Rasheed Wallace. The two just don’t seem to be able to see eye to eye. Like it or not Joe Dumars is going to start making calls and listening to any offers that come around. I don’t expect him to give Rasheed up for just anyone. There might not be a lot of teams that want to take him on, especially considering he has two years and about 30 million left on his contract. It’s simply a waiting game, but unless The Pistons make a phone call to Larry Brown, our last memory of Sheed in a Pistons uniform might not be all that pretty.

FYI: There will always be a Need4Sheed, so the site will stay the same no matter where Sheed is. I will always have a Need4Sheed, but my heart bleeds red, white and blue.


  1. Anonymous

    They can’t trade him !!! He’s the heart of this team!!!

  2. Anonymous

    I think this would be a huge mistake. I understand the talk is how Sheed exploded in game 6. And his antics are way past old. However, the positives out-weigh the negatives. I do agree that Saunders and Sheed cannot work together. So bye-bye Flip. SOMEONE HAD TO LET THE REFS HAVE IT!! Look at all the Great coaches in the NBA. They all stick up for their players when they are getting shafted. Sloan, Pop, Diantoni, LB…you get the idea. Of all the shady calls Detroit was getting, Saunders never stood up for his team..Allowing the players to pick up all the Techs. This is part of the reason they turned on him. Sheed has some things to needs to set straight. I think it is nothing Dumars and a new coach can’t handle. Boy is Laimbeer almost too perfect for this team or what? I understand that Dumars and Laimbeer are friends…And that means if you hire him…eventually you will have to fire him. Hell…Trammell and Gibson had trouble with the same thing. Sheed just brings so much of the defensive side of the ball. Duncan,Garnett.Dirk, Bosh….All these guys struggle against Sheed. And that goes unnoticed. And when he wants to be…boy is he a bad man on offense. In my mind, he is irreplaceable. Changes need to be made, a blow-up however is not necessary.

  3. Eli Z

    Flip is staying word arrived this morning

  4. Anonymous

    until I hear Dumars, NOT ESPN, say Flip is staying…I aint buying it.

  5. Anonymous

    Old Mr. Davidson doesn’t want to pay coaches to leave anymore is the word down, too bad. I used to feel bad for this guy because I thought KG didn’t have the right supporting cast, now I know it’s Flip, he looks totally lost the last couple of games and if I can see that, imagine what the players can see.

    But please don’t trade Sheed to NYC, we have garbage players here except for Jamal Crawford who actually listened to LB when he was coaching and look how he developed.

  6. Anonymous

    Well, the only way i’d do this deal is if the Knicks include channing frye, david lee and their #1 pick in next year’s draft

  7. Bigdee36

    We need sheed we dont’t need any of the knicks sorry ass players. DON’T DO IT JOE!!!

  8. Anonymous

    I’m all for giving Sheed his walking papers, but NY doesn’t have anything to fill his shoes.

  9. Anonymous

    Trading Sheed would be a mistake. Also, I doubt it will happen. All Detroit has to do is draft well in they will be right back in the mix of things. Anyone know the Pistons draft workout schedule?

    If Somehow Dumars could pull off the swapping of first round picks like Chicago did with New York and throw in Frye, Lee and Crawford. I might consider it. But all and all I say no.

  10. Davi Alexander

    Totally agree with 1:09, if there´s a choice to make, fire Saunders, I don´t think anyone likes him as a coach, he does have some personality and he is intelligent, but man, a coach cannot be only inteligent, he has to be smart and defend the team, and the fans also. He has to be the guy who calms down everyone when it´s necessary and heat up the crowd and the team when it needs, things that papers don´t say, like: Hey, Maxiell, dunk in the face of lebron with all of your strenght, even if you make an offensive foul, we need that.

    That´s something a coach can do, and saunders doesn´t. He has to be assistant, scout, whatever…, not command a team who really demands command. When you play defense, that´s you need at most, strategy, plays, runs, tactics, you can´t just turn it over so many times whithout loosing the manners with your players…, don´t misunderstand our coldblood with deceased people, mr saunders.

  11. Anonymous

    if sheed gone…………………………………..WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GONNA CALL THIS SITE???

  12. Bigdee36

    This is what the pistons must do:
    Draft well
    Practice Hard
    Resign CB1
    Keep Sheed
    Give bench players more minutes
    And Get a another strong defensive player.

  13. Jessica

    I really don’t want them to trade Rasheed! I’ll miss him so much, and I know his team mates will too!

    I still think he is a big part of this team, regardless of his antics, and his temper.

    I don’t know about bringing Larry Brown back though…BUT he did get us the Championship.

    Ugh, please make some good choices, Joe. This is going to be a rough summer.

  14. Zhaozhi

    Rasheed was so focused in Game6. It was him that made me believe we will come back and win the series. He kept his mouth shot the entire game, no arguing, no nonsense.. until the last few minutes in the forth. Because Flip is a moran… When Webber had his second foul in the first quater, Flip put Nazi in…? why?!!! If i was Sheed, i will spit on flip… that’s pathetic.

  15. Anonymous

    What I don’t understand about all theses T’s Rasheed has racked up over the years is this… the nba (or the refs or whoever) wants the players to be professional and let the bad calls roll off them without showing any emotion or reacting in any way right? So why don’t the refs have to be professional and let what the players have to say roll off them. If the refs make the right call EVERY time (ha ha) and they are confident in the job they’re doing, then why should they care what the players or the coaches have to say about it. I say screw the T’s — no blood no foul!! Sure if soomeone takes a swing at the ref or something like that, ok, give them a T, throw them out of the game, fine them, do what you gotta do, but DAMN! Let the cry baby refs man up and stand behind their calls. Some of the T’s they hand out are rediculous and you KNOW they don’t make the right call EVERY time… so do they. That no tolerance rule is total bullshit, and Rasheed has no chance even though he’s right sometimes. I love the Pistons, but I hate the nba and their stupid ass rules. They just take it too far sometimes. These guys are not robots, of course they are going to react to bad calls (and even some good calls) I just get so sick of some of these refs — they have way too much power over the outcome of games, and they sure as hell aren’t objective because they don’t call the game evenly when there’s a “superstar” on the floor.
    Keep Sheed!!

  16. Bigdee36

    Sheed is an emotional guy and I think it’s unfair that he should be penalized for being himself.

    If Lebron complained to the damn refs he probably wouln’t get a fucking technical!

  17. Anonymous

    I said it before, and I’ll say it again, If flip stays I’m over the pistons, why? Mostly because I realize that the pistons do not have a real leader. Sheed is the heart chauncy is the brain, but no one is the clear leader, which is why Larry Brown was so good for this team. The job of a coach besides x’s and o’s is to make sure that every player is playing up to their potential. I have a hard time understanding how certain people claim that coaching is not that crucial to the game, and that it really is up to the players to win and lose games. I wonder if those people have ever coached basketball, or if they have been watching the NBA for the past 40 years. Why do you think the Spurs are always winning cups, because they have the most talent? I think not. Pop is an excellent coach who gets the most out of his players, period. Flip may be a basketball mind, but he is not the alpha dog that the pistons need and he is certainly not their leader. With that being said, the only reason I can see bringing back Saunders is if he allows us to trade Sheed and Nazr plus our draft pick for Garnett. Even then, my heart and team are dead to me. I will always have the memories of the glorious 04 and 05 squads who played with heart and teamwork.

  18. Rciky - Sixers4guidos

    Good analysis of the Pistons season, well done (didn’t want to write on the other post, too crowded…)

    IMO Pistons should keep Sheed & Billups, waive Webber, give more playing time to Delfino and Maxiell, get a young, quick back up PG

    Would you guys like a Frye or David Lee in a possible Sheed trade (I know salaries don’t match, just throwing names out there)? Knicks have some nice young players that could be useful. Perhaps Pistons would have to take a player with a bad contract for a year or two (Francis, Q Rich or something)

    Ricky from Italy

  19. Anonymous

    I love Rasheed too, but his time is done here. Flip is going to stay, which I think is LB was still here we would have taken the ship at least one of the past two years but he is not here, he’s in the hamptons. As for Sheed, I would love to see Zach Randolph come to Detroit. He is a monster scorer and thats what we need downlow. Dont re-sign Billups and get Bibby in the off season, it would be cheaper. Or Vince Carter is a free agent and I’m sure we could get him for as much as Billups would want. That leaves the PG position vulnerable though. Lets try…PG-Hamilton SG-Carter SF-Prince PF-Randolph C-Webber. Now that would be a powerhouse of a team. Keep almost the same bench, of couse Delfino, J-Max, and Amir. Flip#2 is staying, he can play back-up point. The only problem with my dream is rip really isnt a true point guard and he scores coming off the screens so that wouldnt work. Carter at point, RIP coming off screens at SG. It would work, Joe D. sign me as head coach.

  20. RKR

    people we have to relize 30 million over 2 yrs 15 mil each yr not alot of teams can pay that like the knicks who r like 50 mil over the cap but the nba has a soft cap so they let it slide but the thing is who can pay 4 him not to many teams and of those teams they dont have anything worth trading 4 so i dont see a trade but u never no

  21. jess

    this scares me soo bad.. i dont want him to leave… i dont care who they trade just not SHEED (or tay or rip and they need to re-sign CB)

    am I askin for too much?? im about to bust out in tears right now 🙁

    i dont care for Flip S. he can go… i guess it was true that Bill Davidson hasnt been happy with the amount of different coaches in the past couple of years.


    first BEN now SHEED?? because of FLIP?????

    someone please help me figure this out.. why is it so hard to fire FLIP??

  22. Mike

    I would much rather keep rasheed around than try to get younger. i would hope we could hang on to him untill amir johnson is ready to go. he is the future of this team. maxiell is another huge part to the future. but as for now, we rally ought to go with what weve got. all this zach randolph talk is illogical. the people who say detroit should get him also say we should get rid of sheed for his behavior. i dont think sheed is the one who breaks the law and gets arrested. randolph is a distraction, HUGE PINK ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM DISTRACTION. there is nobody to get from the knicks either. id be mighty upset if we loose sheed. HANG ON TO HIM UNTILL AMIR IS GOOD TO GO! i just cant stress that enough.

  23. gordbrown

    Like most of the people on this list, I’m heartbroken. But the bottom line is that the NBA in its wisdom has decided that no team with Sheed on it will ever be in the NBA finals again. We now have two years of evidence to this fact (the breathe on Boobie watch him walk to the line, the mug Hamilton nothing happens phenomenon). So I don’t think it has anything to do with Flip. It’s David Stern and the way he wants the NBA to be.

    If we get Grant Hill, that might be enough to start getting “storyline” calls for a change (or actually for the first time ever).

  24. Anonymous

    i think most teams are afraid of sheed’s personality, but then most teams aren’t like the pistons. but seriously, how hard is it to say “hey, Flip, YOU’RE FIRED!” I mean it’s obvious that flip is not effective at coaching the pistons. Joe D must have something up his sleeve…but then again, you never know. keep the core but get rid of flip saunders and webber

  25. Bigdee36

    Vince Carter is just as unrealistic as the kobe rumor.And if sheed leaves we definatly need a post player like Randolph because if we don’t we’ll end up like the Bulls and shoot jumpshots all the time.

  26. April xx Rip

    the only reason they are pobably considering keeping flip is they dont want the history of not having the same coach for more than 3 years. and its ridiculous.
    and someone up their said that rip isnt a good point guard, UGHHH, 2 times in the series he is the only one that did ANYTHING. but i do like the starting line up the way it is now.
    Tay will come back this year good, and i can feel it, as for rip him too, chauncey will come back because he is a pistons fan to the heart.
    and sheed, well no one really knows, and c-webb, he must be ridiculous too because they brought him to the team loving what he did, and then he is just going to leave cause he didnt get a championship, well i am going to laugh when he leaves and they get one!

  27. Anonymous

    aw hell nooo !

    if sheeds gone.. then whos going to play all the jokes in the locker room and be completely obnoxious and help all the players get loose before the game????

    joe cant trade sheed like that.. i definitely thought he wouldve gotten rid of flip before sheed! i mean come on the guy hasnt taken us anywhere in the past two seasons but with pretty good reg season records..thats what he is a regular season coach.. we need a PLAYOFF coach … as of now what im hearing we’re fixing the parts of the team that do not need to be fixed!

    besides if sheed doesnt like losing at the pistons.. how the heck is he gonna survive with the knicks ha!

  28. Anonymous

    In my opinion, the main problem for the pistons is they no longer have any urgency when it comes to the playoffs. They take every team for granted, like the pistons are ordained to win a championship. They need to get back to being humble, hungry, angry, and determined to do whatever it takes to win. Flip Saunders has made the team more offensive oriented, but it has made them SOFT! They don’t rebound, block shots, trap, or communicate well on defense, which explains why Lebron scored so many consecutive shots against the ENTIRE TEAM! DEFENSE wins championships. Rasheed needs to grow up. If you want to get back at the refs, turn that frustration into production, play well and strive to win. Winning will silence the critics. I think McDyess should be starting along with Maxiell at center. Rasheed would be perfect coming off of the bench, as he can play either forward positions or center, like he did in Portland.

  29. (B.I.M.L.)Paige

    if they trade Sheed they retarted. First of all u can’t let on problem drive away players ex: Flip Saunders driving Ben away. Since it’s a persisent problem they should get rid of Flip & all the problems would be over. I won’t believe the hype about Sheed bcuz it won’t happened

    DOWN W/FLIP!!!

  30. uyen

    All this talk of Sheed leaving is not helping with me all these assholes talking shit about the pistons here in the west coast.

  31. Godfrey

    I think folks are getting kinda emotional about Sheed. I’d be sad to see him go too, but let’s face it: he’s not getting younger.

    If you could get Jamal Crawford and David Lee back from the Knicks, that’s not a bad trade at all.

  32. Anonymous

    If the Pistons trade Sheed (and that’s a huge if), no way is it to the Knicks. Keep in mind the salaries have to match to make any deal work. Can you really see Joe D taking any of the overpriced Knicks? The Sheed to the Knicks “rumor” all started with Sam Smith speculating in his column a few days ago. The guy is a joke. He routinely makes up trade scenarios out of nowhere.

  33. Godfrey

    Isiah is big fan of Sheed. I can see this rumour being true.

    Here’s a workable deal salary wise: Sheed + Nazr for Crawford, Malik Rose, David Lee.

    We lose Sheed but also get to shed Nazr. You get a decent if streaky shooter, a hardworking veteran close to coming off the books and a rebounding machine. That’s not a bad deal.

    I’d feel sad for Sheed being stuck in the NYK disaster though.

  34. dana

    I just don’t know what to think anymore.. the only person we need gone is Flip, and I’m not buying him coming back until i hear it from Joe D. first. Everyone is going to speculate, and there will always be rumors but joe will have the last say in it. natalie you posted an interview months ago from Joe d and he talked about Flip and his tone made it seem liek it would be fine to let Flip go… after failing to get us out of the east for two years straight joe knows Flip needs to go. the only thing that would be holding him back would be stupid Bill Davidson who made those comments of being tiered of getting a new coach every year. he only cares about money while Joe wants to win.. so forget Davidson and Joe do what you need to do… that is FIRE FLIP, KEEP SHEED AND BILLUPS, AND GET GOOD PICKS IN THE DRAFT. o yes and bring Bill Lambier as coach. Nobody wants to play for Flip. I mean ben left, sheed can’t stand him, and I’m sure chauncey still has it in the back of his mind that Flip never gave him a chance back when he played for him in Minnesota. does anyone agree? i can’t wait any longer. What is going to happen to our team?

  35. shatia

    O-k let me get this straight, it eaither sheed of flip. That bull!!! I personaly dont like flip as a caoch —-not her atleast. so all that stuff that happened will ben and coach not geting along was true. And that may be a adiitional reason —beside the money— why ben choice to leave. Man, this is gonna be a tough summer! We love Sheed: forever and foralways

  36. Bigdee36

    Does anyone besides me see something wrong with this? If the players hate the coach don’t get rid of the damn players get rid of the coach!

    It’s not rocket science.

  37. Primetime

    Fire Flip and Trade Sheed
    Believe Im not a Sheed hater, Ive got the dudes jersey

    ITS TIME…to make a change

    Detroit Trade Breakdown

    Rasheed Wallace
    6-11 PF from North Carolina
    12.3 ppg, 7.2 rpg, 1.7 apg in 32.2 minutes


    Jamal Crawford
    6-5 SG from Michigan
    17.6 ppg, 3.2 rpg, 4.4 apg in 37.3 minutes

    Channing Frye
    6-11 PF from Arizona
    9.5 ppg, 5.5 rpg, 0.9 apg in 26.4 minutes
    Change in team outlook: +14.8 ppg, +1.5 rpg, and +3.6 apg.

    New York Trade Breakdown


    Jamal Crawford
    6-5 SG from Michigan
    17.6 ppg, 3.2 rpg, 4.4 apg in 37.3 minutes

    Channing Frye
    6-11 PF from Arizona
    9.5 ppg, 5.5 rpg, 0.9 apg in 26.4 minutes


    Rasheed Wallace
    6-11 PF from North Carolina
    12.3 ppg, 7.2 rpg, 1.7 apg in 32.2 minutes
    Change in team outlook: -14.8 ppg, -1.5 rpg, and -3.6 apg.

    Works in trade Checker


    Detroit Trade Breakdown


    Rasheed Wallace
    6-11 PF from North Carolina
    12.3 ppg, 7.2 rpg, 1.7 apg in 32.2 minutes

    Nazr Mohammed
    6-10 C from Kentucky
    5.6 ppg, 4.5 rpg, 0.2 apg in 15.2 minutes


    Steve Francis
    6-3 PG from Maryland
    11.3 ppg, 3.6 rpg, 3.9 apg in 28.1 minutes

    Channing Frye
    6-11 PF from Arizona
    9.5 ppg, 5.5 rpg, 0.9 apg in 26.4 minutes
    Change in team outlook: +2.9 ppg, -2.6 rpg, and +2.9 apg.

    New York Trade Breakdown


    Steve Francis
    6-3 PG from Maryland
    11.3 ppg, 3.6 rpg, 3.9 apg in 28.1 minutes

    Channing Frye
    6-11 PF from Arizona
    9.5 ppg, 5.5 rpg, 0.9 apg in 26.4 minutes


    Rasheed Wallace
    6-11 PF from North Carolina
    12.3 ppg, 7.2 rpg, 1.7 apg in 32.2 minutes

    Nazr Mohammed
    6-10 C from Kentucky
    5.6 ppg, 4.5 rpg, 0.2 apg in 15.2 minutes
    Change in team outlook: -2.9 ppg, +2.6 rpg, and -2.9 apg.

    Works too

    The trades arent ideal but either is Mr. Wallace’s trade value


  38. Anonymous

    I agree with BigDee36 the coach needs to go…he liiked ruiined everything and now hes not goiing anywhere and they want to trade players becuz of the damn coach wat the hell!!!!! The coach needs to leave and Chauncey, Rip, Sheed and tay need to STAY!!!!!! JOE DO THE RIIGHT THIING RESIIGN BILLUPS AND KEEP THE REST OF THE TEAM except SAUNDERSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Anonymous

    I cannot see anyone from the piistons starting fiive gone because that team is a great team they are all brothers and they all work together and have fun at the same time! Thiis is the piistons team we know and love so Joe Dumars do the riight thing and kepp all the players!!!!! I do not want to see anyone leave it would be too devastating!!!!!!

  40. Amanda

    I think I’m going to go sit in a corner and rock back and forth…

  41. Tara

    All this jamble on who’s getting traded, fired, retiring, is making my head hurt. I think we shouldn’t all jump to conclusions on things. don’t get me wrong, i want sheed and billups here just as the next person, but there’s nothing we can do about it. so for now, all i can do is keep Nat’s “Detroit Pistons Unity” wallpaper on my computer and hope for the best!

  42. Bigdee36

    someone must be on crystal meth if they think that Jamal Crawford Chaning Frye are worth what Sheed is worth.

    If you are going to trade Sheed you have to do Better than that. But I still think Sheed is staying in the red,white,and blue.

  43. B

    Sell the domain name to some rich jew in New York, and make a new site, and call it, perhaps,,,, chiponflip, flip2drip, flipnip, flip’spips, riponflip, rip4flip, sipflip’stip, flip2trip, flipBzip,

  44. Bigdee36

    Hey B that’s a great idea especially with all the Flip hating going on.

    But here’s a suggestion, (lol)

  45. Anonymous

    Can we start a petition to send Joe D. telling him how much we want Chaunce and Sheed to stay and Flip S. to go? I can’t sit here and worry about this for another month!


  46. Primetime

    Bigdee36, that trade is lopsided towards Detroit
    You’re lucky to get that much out of New York
    Ask any realistic basketball fan could tell you that

    I’m a pistons fan but I try to think objectively
    You don’t

    You’re a homer

    Sheed was great 3 years ago and he served his purpose
    He is garbage now

  47. Bigdee36

    O.K Jamal Crawford I can see, but Channing frye is an 6-foot11 wuss. He’s to soft to be on this team and definitly too soft to replace Sheed.

    David Lee or Malik Rose would better suit our needs.

  48. Primetime

    To me, Rose isnt enough. Throw in the 23rd pick and I might think about it. Actually any of those players (Jefferies, Jerome James, Rose Q) dont get me excited. Lee – nice player. But not really much to Detroit bc of the amount of PFs on the roster (Maxiell, Amir, Dice) It would be difficult to pry him from New York and really theres no point with a clone in JMax on your roster.

    As for Frye, hes really essential in any deal you do bc he fills to make the salaries match. Its quite tricky to match em up with Sheeds contract.

  49. Anonymous

    PRIMETIME:Sheed was great 3 years ago and he served his purpose
    He is garbage now.

    Get a life , you dont need to be here. Sheed isnt garbage , your garbage, go to another site. We dont need that here.

    …a Sheed fan since the UNC days!!

  50. Primetime

    anonymous 9:29

    be real, this group is done

    It would be a complete farce to bring them back.

    If Flips stayin (which it looks like he is) you cant have Sheed here. Sorry.

    No need for personal insults. Maybe you should find another site.

  51. Anonymous

    I think davidson should replace sheed, mybe older is better ,he seems to love saunders soooo much!!!Yes I believe this team is done too,blow er up!

  52. Anonymous

    ok, this is a bunch of BULL****, remember when we won the ship a couple yrs ago, well gues what that was cause of SHEED, why is our defense still one of the best without ben because SHEED, our team has attitude (in a goo way) because of SHEED, if we trade him our team will no longer be looked at as the elite team in the east, we will have no post presence, and idk about u ppl but i go tothe pistons games to watch sheed, hes such a character and a great player, if hes gone i am no longe a pistons fan

  53. Anonymous

    Let’s be realistic. The Pistons need an attitude change. They cannot play like it is their birthright to be in the Finals. They have to want it bad. Lebron wanted it bad and he got some help from Stern’s refs but Cleveland clearly played with more heart and desire.

    I do think Flip is part of the problem and I like Sheed. But Sheed needs to get angry and score. Someone or some trade has to convince these guys to play with the urgency they did in 04.

  54. Bigdee36

    Sheed represents the pistons’s style of play. He has desire and fire. I happen to be a huge sheed fan I have a Sheed wallpaper on my computer.

    He doesn’t need to go anywhere. If there is anyone to be mad at it’s the cavs.Personally I want revenge and I’m sure the pistons do too.

  55. Primetime

    Its Over

    If you dont break it up now, youll screw yourself for years to come

  56. Bigdee36

    You all are acting like were going to a funeral. O.k we played like shit for one series but that’s no reason to break up the squad.

    The only thing that should end is Flip Saunders’ time as the head coach. Have a little faith!

  57. Amanda

    I think we need a little change but blowing up the team seems a bit excessive. 5 straight trips to the EFC (2 followed by Finals appearances) with this core group has got to count for something, right? I’ve only been a fan since the mid 2004-05 season and so I’ve never watched Pistons basketball without ‘Sheed and I can’t imagine what it’d be like if he weren’t on our side. Playing against ‘Sheed seems…scary. Interesting, but scary.

    lol I’m watching the episode of Fresh Prince of Bel Air with the Isiah Thomas cameo. Good stuff.

  58. Primetime


    Let go, its done, this dog has had its day many a time

    Lets get some young talent and picks while we can

  59. Bigdee36

    Primetime, There is still some fight in these guy’s. Your’e not even giving these guys a chance to get there revenge.

    I’m all for fresh new talent, but keep the core group together. Like I said before, have a little faith.

  60. Anonymous

    How about this trade. Marcus camby, offer them mohammed and delfino. or someone off the bench for camby. we can get a backup player for rip and tayshaun through free agency or draft.

  61. Anonymous

    This is a tough call, I love the passion that Rasheed brings to the Pistons, he gives them their fire, and if he leaves, where are they gonna get that from? I like the 4 starters that’s won together already. They got a lot of work to do in the summer, and come back fighting harder, I think that I would loose Flip and keep Rasheed, Flip doesn’t seem to have any kind of fight in him during the playoffs and he can’t seem to put a spark in them during that time, that’s what matters, he’s too quiet or something, the Pistons are sassy and confident, they got to get that swagger back, and I hope Joe D finds that solution quick, we gotta do it right this time, there’s no room for the meek!!

  62. Anonymous

    Sounds like a good trade scenario! It sounds better than what the Lakers could offer in Kwame Brown for Marcus Camby. Carlos isn’t really cutting it anywayz

  63. Bigdee36

    Anonymous 11:41 that’s a great trade, because I’ve been saying we need a new strong defender and what’s better than going out and getting the reigning defensive player of the year.

    But Delfino is my boy.I really don’t give a damn about Nazr.

  64. Anonymous

    yea and i’ve been hearing that denver wants to get camby out of denver, lets make a play for camby. Keep the core. Sheed was the best player for the pistons in the first 3 games, so why trade him when tay and chauncey was struggling?

  65. Primetime

    Didnt we try that Revenge theme on this site before (ie the t-shirts in the store section from about 1 year ago)

    It hurts when I say it too but really “ITS DONE”

    Saturday was the last youll ever see Rasheed Wallace in a Pistons uniform. It seems Isiah is in love with Rasheed and would trade anyone to get him with the exception of Curry. But hey, I could be wrong. This team might not need huge changes but I could certainly see them bringing some youth into the starting 5. Maybe sending Rip to Golden State for Richardson straight up, if Rasheed stays. But that might depend on how high GS management off their win and crazy amount of positive media/fanbase support. Also, Richardsons stock could be higher than Rips right now, and rightfully so. Or Rip could be sent to Portland in a package to obtain 25 year old Randolph.

    With regards to Camby, dont see it happening, dont think Denver would do it. Denver could send you Nene and him in a S&T for Billups but that seems out of the question with AI there.

    “God Bless and Good night” – Rasheed Wallace

  66. Piston4life

    i think the contracts match up for mohammed and delfino for camby. As well as Kwame for camby. why the hell would they want Kwame tho?

  67. Primetime

    contracts dont match up for the nazr and fino deal for camby

    besides why would denver want to do that

    theyd be gettin royally screwed

  68. Anonymous

    well they would get younger talent. they have way too much contracts jumbled up with camby, kenyon martin, nene’s huge contract, carmelo, and iverson. they’re in the luxury tax bad. kwame brown is realistic because he has a year left on his contract and can be dumped to free up cap space for denver.

  69. Bigdee36

    Richardson? How the hell did he get in to the question? And we need Camby at the 5 spot. He’s proven to be a beast as a shot blocker.

    And we need someone like that. Because if you remember there’s a man in a bulls uniform right now that we could have used against Lebron

  70. Anonymous

    Camby would be a great fit. His stats actually have gotten better, unlike ben wallace. Maybe also give up the 15th pick to make the deal more attractive.

  71. Anonymous

    Just a qeestion,didn’t dallas do the exact same thing against miami last year win 2 than lose four straight? And after a great season this year didn’t they get taken out in the first round? Do you think they should fold up ,blow up? Fire the coach?Just asking.

  72. Anonymous

    We have the best overall record and road record in the east and beat cleveland 3-1 in the regular season. Who the hell would we trade sheed for? If he was gonna be traded, it would be after next season when he is on the last year of his contract and can be resigned by the team that gets him or retires when he gets there.

    Camby sounds like another piece that would fit nicely. plus arnie kander can keep him healthy.

  73. Bigdee36

    I’m pissed at the whole situation, Fuck Lebron James for doing this to us.

  74. Anonymous

    if someone just fouled him before the first overtime, all the new reporters would be talking about something different. He was missing free throws down the stretch but wasnt missing dunks.

    Is there any way we can tell Joe D to go after Camby without moving a core player? just asking

  75. jess

    starting now.. im gonna stop makin predictions and im gonna stop considerin any of yours (sorry guys).

    its devestaing just thinking about.. im just gonna wait and see what JOE D is gonna do.. and i know its gonna be a long wait and i know i will be cryin at the end of the decision.

    its so painful just hearing that these changes are very likely and possible 🙁

    im just gonna pray and hope for the best!

  76. Anonymous

    So just because TNT and ESPN says trade Sheed, then we HAVE to listen to them? Barkley was wrong about golden state losing and utah beating the spurs. Greg and Tim Legler aren’t experts, they’re giving their opinions. THEY GIVE OPINIONS!!!!

  77. CoB

    Camby is always injured… Add Chandler instead.

  78. Bigdee36

    Noboby needs to listen to Charles Barkley about what it takes yo win a championship beacuse I dont see any rings on his fingers

  79. Primetime

    Id do Richardson over Rip any day. Hes a beast and said he wants to come back to Michigan.

    Denver wouldnt give up Camby for the players you mentioned. That would be trading bad contract for bad contrat in Nazrs. Besides Cambys a walkin injury. Arnie can only do so much. The Nuggs will try to get rid of Kenyon first, who obviouslly isnt workin out there.

    Dont be mad at the Cavs for defeating our group. You knew this was going to happen eventually, we all just didnt realize that it would happen this soon.

  80. Bigdee36

    Primetime, we don’t need any superstars here in detroit. We’re built on teamwork. Why can’t you see that.

    Plus Richardson is a injury machine too, this is one of the only healthy seasons he has had in some time. Rip is more durable.

  81. Primetime

    We dont need any superstars?

    Is that why we won the NBA championship the last 3 years? Is that why players like LeBron and Wade are taking over the NBA?

    You need a superstar in todays David Stern ruled NBA.

    The 04 team was an exception not the rule. The Pistons teamwork kicked ass this year – another playoff series loss for a team, talent wise is the best in the east and maybe the best in the nba.

    Im not callin for RIPs head or whatever. He and Sheed are my favorite Pistons. Im just tossin around ideas for the fun of it. How about trying to acquire Gerald Wallace, maybe a sign and trade, theres no way hed sign for the MLE.

    alright good night everyone

    maybe tommorow well see some new rumors floating around

    for now, GO TIGERS

  82. Anonymous

    nazr had good games with us, we just didnt give him enough minutes and gave up on him early. Denver could give him a chance. Besides Nene and Kenyon will probably play together with a fast backcourt. They want to be the Suns. Not with camby tho. I say we get Camby too!! either that or persuade grant hill and mo pete to play here cuz these two were actually thinking about playing here anyways.

  83. Anonymous

    SO, why don’t detroit and dallas form the perpetual loser’s association? Jeez guys take a chill pill!Instead of being grateful for a wonerful five years you complain about how none of are players are any good get rid of them etc. Listen to you ,are dallas fans this assinine? Anyway had to get that off my chest.

  84. Bigdee36

    Gerald Wallace would probably work too. He a breat defender and he can score pretty good. But I dout the bobcats would be willing to give there only good players go!

    I’m turning in for tonight too.

  85. baller

    wallace for wallace??? gerald wallace was on my fantasy team, and damn he kickedddd assss in the second half of the season. i say wallace for wallace is not bad at all as long as we dont have to offer anything else otherwise i really do like sheed also so dont take me wrong here guys.

  86. Andrew

    If we’re gonna trade Sheed, we better get at least Garnett for it. Throw in Nazr or Flip Murray with it. Actually, a dream scenario would be to see Garnett and Rasheed playing side by side. Maybe Billups wants to go back to Minnesota, and we can get Garnett out of it. Have Carlos be the point guard.

  87. baller

    andrew…do u know what u are saying?

  88. Anonymous

    Junior 1:09 right fuckin-on couldnt have said it better myself.

    The instant sheed was a piston i was all about them. they have had to slowly adapt to the bullshit new style of sternball which has at least slowly let me down but sheed going is the end of the pistons i loved and im never been a strictly city or franchise fan i grew up loving barkley with the suns and had a long dry spell where i kinda liked the blazers but sheed was not surounded by greatness like he is now cause he is not a superstar scorer but he is no question an allstar defender.
    anyway if he goes there will be no full teams left for me to really be diehard about.

    I suppose it will signify the end of the era of defensively driven lockdown what i used to refer to as just playoff basketball or just not tic tac foul basketball.
    rain in the era of the stuporstars

  89. Mustafa

    How are you simply going to trade Rasheed Wallace when it is the Coach that needs to be fired.

    When Rasheed was hot in game 5… Flip Saunders sent him to the bench for what? We lost a big lead because of this stupidity and he did the same mistake over again in the 2nd half.

    I think saunders doesn’t know when to use his players and when to bench them. Same can be said about game 6, saunder had chauncey and hamilton sitting down and put hunter and murray on the floor. Good choice, but why so late? we need offense because we weren’t scoring yet he brought defense? to do what protect the deficit?

    Anyway’s, I am pissed at this whole RASHEED going to NEW YORK news… I don’t like NEW YORK nor do I want him to go there, nor do i think this will benefit the PISTONS in anyway… THE PISTONS can’t play well because they LACK A FUCKING CENTER…

    And if they get rid of rasheed wallace, THEY DONT HAVE A POWERFOWARD in his calibre… And do you really think DYCE will stay in this team after rasheed leaves???

    The guy already feels like his time is up and no more championship but he feels this tema the original ROSTER can do it.



  90. Anonymous

    “They gripe all year. Everybody just doesn’t know about it,” Saunders said. “That’s how players are. You talk to some of them about where they’re at, but I think what you do more than anything, we talk more about challenging. You challenge them. It’s a matter of going out and executing what we want to have done.”

    OK flip…so where was it..that challenging worked for him…riiiiiiight

    Davis is making a big mistake. by letting flip stay…i think flip is not a players coach… he is an owners coach….
    if you loook at his pictures Flip has a nice brown strip down the middle of his noes…:)

  91. Anonymous

    I agree,the continuation of flip at the helm is a white flag saying we are through. I don’t believe for a moment that this is joe’s idea,it has davidson written all over it!While I do believe that the players had a mental break down and did’nt play as well as they could have, I also have to put some blame on the coach.Look at our red wings ,they lost too but they never gave up!

  92. Anonymous

    “As a coach, I make decisions,” Saunders said. “I have to live by the decisions. As players, they play, and they have to implement as far as what we do.”

  93. Anonymous

    i don’t think Rip should be traded for any reasons. Honestly, I think he was the only one keeping it cool and making shots in game 6. But i think he fouled out at the end because he knew they couldn’t win and he just couldn’t take it. In my opinion, I think that Rip was the pistons’ best player in this series.

  94. Anonymous

    we need jermaine!

  95. baller

    anonymous 12:57

    congratulations on being the 100th comment. LOL

  96. Anonymous

    I will be wicked upset if they do trade rip….but my gut says its him….they could get the best trade for him…i will be so pissed off…
    if you remember in the last game for them last year it was rip only again…
    there have been lots of games this year where it was rip holding them afloat until someone got it going…

    hey a cool thing some of the players/staff are up here at their condo.. no one really talks much but.. i have a friend who works there so he lets me know when some of them are here.. but he wont tell me who grrr…. he is afraid id jump the highway and attack a player..LOL… I would pay a large amount of money to my friend if he could sneak me in tho…He can’t..sighs.. its in the wicked secured section of the golf resort.

    my hubby( for his business) has been in the condo..he said it was amazing… all kinds of neat pistons stuff all over the place…
    i see the plane come in usually, but this year i missed it.. we have a friend at the airport too…

    Go Pistons…
    why is it any time i try and post i have to type the code in 20 times…i double triple check.. its right but…. UGH

  97. Anonymous

    The Pistons need to get Flip Saunders the hell out of detroit, they need someone like Larry Brown. Do whatever they can to get a good point guard because Chauncey will leave. Keep Rasheed, unless you get a good trade including a strong defensive down low player, and an effective point guard.

  98. Anonymous

    I can not see Rasheed leaving the Pistons, nor Rip, Tay or CB, I can see Flip Saunders demoted from head coach or leaving along with Nazr, Dale Davis, Chris Webb, and Lindsey (to front office). I see Amir, Jason and Will as pieces for the future along with Cheik. I see Dumars looking for big men, back up point guard, the ability to go small or big with a new defensive plan. I CAN NOT SEE RASHEED LEAVING NOW. STERN NEEDS TO GET OVER IT AND STOP MANIPULATING THE GAME BASED ON HIS LIKES AND DISLIKES, IF HE LIKES PROFESSIONAL ATTITUDES HE SHOULD START BY LOOKING IN THE MIRROR OR MAYBE HE SHOULD GET INTO POLITICS.


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