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by | Jun 4, 2007 | 27 comments

The Pistons are saying Flip Saunders will be back next season, but he made a quick exit Monday morning from the Pistons practice facility leaving the players to answer questions.

Video courtesy of Fox Detroit.

On a side note, C-Webb and Rip didn’t show up for the informal meeting Monday.


  1. Anonymous

    anyone else hear that sheed could be traded

  2. jess

    I really hope CB comes back.

    I feel sooo bad for DYESS and hope he returns as well.

    AND why the hell did Flip S. not stay to talk to the media… he knows everyone needs some questions answered.

  3. Anonymous


  4. jess

    -bigdee36.. on the last post you said something about a sheed tribute.. i cant find it.. can you give me the link please?!?!

  5. jessi

    I really do now want to see sheed go or any of the players. I really feel that flip had a lot to do with this again. I think we had the team that could do it more than last yr’s team could. I do not understand why this team has fallen apart in the last two years around this point. They only think I can think of is that they do not have a coach who can control his players and keep them whole. Brown could do that, we need to get another coach like that. Someone who can keep then in there place and can keep them from getting out of control. I feel we have a good team just not a good leader. If sanders comes back I really will wonder anount Joe. I mean his is great and knows things but flip is not the man for or leader for this team. I have also read Tay could go and well if that happens I will be sad. What this team needs is a strong player to beable to give him rest. He is one of the only players who have played hard and long minutes the last 4 seasons and its starting to get to him. He is a great player but needs rest. I do not think we need big changes just a coach who is a leader and we will see things happen. A need coach and a stromg SF to get tay rest will make for a better end next season. If tay and chanucey had of had a better series then the pistons would be going to the finals this yr. Even tay said it before the series started he was looking for less playing time and he did not get it which made for a tired tay and a bad series. I feel the pistons have the parts they just need the glue to hold then together. They need a leader who can guide them.

  6. Anonymous

    Good comments, Jessi.
    Firstly, I don’t want to see any of our core players leave either, but then again nobdy wanted to see Jerry Stackhouse leave (we got Rip for him) or Grant Hill leave (we got Big Ben for him) and look what Joe D got out of the “nobodies” of those trades. We have to keep our faith in Joe, even if it makes for a rebuilding year- next year would be a good year to rebuilt. 2 first round draft picks and some players with serious potential hungry for minutes (Maxy, Amir, and even Alex Acker waiting in the wings).
    As for getting Tay rest, the 6′ 10 20 year old Amir Johnson could fit that bill quite nicely, but Flip S. seems to have some issues with proper use of Bench players. We have some outstanding Bench players that I think have gone painfully underused the last couple of years, and one our two poor ones that I think have been overused this year coughFlipMurraycough…
    Lastly, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:
    We are quick to pounce on our players about getting cocky and treating some of their playoff games like they’re no big deal, and just expecting to go out and win the Championship every year, but we as fans are at least some what guilty of the exact same thing. Over the last half a decade, ‘Stones fans have just come to expect the same things. We so easily forget how many franchises would be ecstatic just to see their teams make the playoffs (Golden State) and The Palace, which offered elctrifying home court advantage in 2004 has become comparatively stagnant unless ally oops, clutch shots and monster dunks are going down.
    Keep the faith, fellow fans, and keep in mind that only 1 team can win the finals each year, and sometimes it’s just the team that gets hot at the right time.

  7. Amanda

    Yeah, I’m definitely not ready to write this series off as anything more than just a bad stretch of basketball. If it was the Heat (with a healthy Wade and rested Shaq) or the Bulls or some more respecable team then OK but the Cavs? Nah. Keep the core and get a backup point guard and take another stab at developing the bench. ‘Fino, JMax and Amir will be huge factors next season. Plus with the draft picks, it’s all good in the hood, right? lol

    Richie brings up a good point. Deals done in Joe D.’s past were met with criticism but they turned out to be great decisions. He’s definitely proved that he knows what he’s doing and he understands these kinds of things way more than I could ever pretend to.

    I wasn’t a fan when Ben and Rip were brought in and so I can’t imagine the overall feeling of the fans when Grant and Stackhouse left but I felt like shit when Ben left last season. I was heartbroken. I remember thinking before there was even talk of Ben’s free agency that I wouldn’t be able to watch Detroit Basketball if any of the main guys left. Well, here I am, a whole season later and I haven’t missed one game. I guess life goes on but I don’t want to even think about this core group being seperated. It’s too painful. So while I respect Joe Dumars’ decision making, I’ll be crushed if one (or more) of our boys isn’t a Piston next season.

    On a completely different note, I’m surprised nobody commented on how good Chauncey looks in that video. lol

  8. WeNeedSheed

    No way do we have to blow up this team just to defend Lebron. The defense was hurt because Detroit was way too focused on him, leaving role players wide open with shots. What happens when someone drives to the basket? None of the pistons would take a charge, instead taking a foul to bail them out. No way is any player on cleveland, besides lebron, is an all star talent, they just had open shots. When did Drew Gooden become that good of a shooter? no need to trade anyone. I thought chicago was the toughest team in the east that Detroit had to beat. Yea, the offense was stand still against cleveland, running isolations most of the time, taking bad jump shots. That can be fixed by moving the ball,not holding it, and dedication of practicing jumpshots and not halfcourt shots. Grant Hill might want to join this team, as well as mo peterson. Theres still Amir johnson with unlimited potential. This team is not old, it just needs motivation and fire.

  9. Anonymous

    Chaunceys brother Rodney played here in my country – Latvia last season and I have to say that he had some serious driblling-passing was fun to watch him playin’ πŸ™‚

  10. Chris

    I won’t watch if I have to see Flip Saunders blow chances from the sidelines yet again. It’s not fair to these players to have a coach whose offensive game plans fail in the 2nd season. They’re too solid for the blame to be shouldered completely. The coach is also easier to replace than the players, so it’s logical that the Pistons strike out in a new direction with a new game plan from a new guy roaming the sidelines. Above the coach, a new starting center has to be a priority. Webber’s high post didn’t fit well with this group, and Mohammed and Davis were absolutely a poor fit and useless, respectively.

  11. Chris

    Arrogance is a term described by outsiders, namely, the majority of the NBA’s fans, national sports writers, and, oddly enough, Detroit’s local beat writers, with regard to Chauncey Billups and the Pistons. The arrogance actually is confidence, and the pain will bring determination for next season, since there were no excuses for this season. All of this depends on the return of Chauncey Billups.

  12. Anonymous

    ^^^agreed. Especially about the coach and Webber. Love em both..but they cannot take us where we expect to go.

  13. Anonymous

    i am honestly on the verge of tears listening to antonio talk about their misssed endeavor. there is a pit in my stomach every time i see this man become disappointed. he works so incredibly hard, and he did deserve to win. πŸ™

  14. Anonymous


  15. Natalie

    I have answered this question about a thousand times…

    There will always be an Need4Sheed whether Rasheed is on the Pistons or not. The site will stay the same, I love Sheed but I have been a Pistons fan for almost 30 years.

  16. Anonymous

    Hey Amanda, I noticed how good Chauncey looked too. But then, he allllllllllllllways looks great to me πŸ™‚

  17. Nugg Doctor

    Hey Natalie,

    I know that the vid quoted Chauncey as saying he wants to stay in Detroit for the rest of his career, but do you think he will slip Motown this off-season?

    And if he does fly the coop, what are your thoughts about trading him for to the Nuggs for Marcus Camby and maybe a Linas Kleiza or J.R. Smith?

    I sure would love to have Billups back in Denver!


  18. Bigdee36

    Who let nugget fans on this site!!


  19. Bigdee36

    Hey jess, Go to you-tube and type in detroit pistons and scroll down and you’l see the sheed tribute.

  20. Zack

    poor Dyess!! seriously, i feel so bad for him.

  21. April xx Rip

    Chauncey made a point that we are not seeing., or want to see.

    Couldve flip done something different, yeah.
    could’ve everyone done something different, Yeah.

    and just to make sure?
    just cause rip didnt show up at the meeting, he isnt leaving right?
    cause i dont need that to think about all day too.

    im just happy chauncey wants to stay, and like most people are syaing he is just doing this to get more money, lets just hope the pistons will give it to him before someone else does πŸ™‚

  22. Anonymous

    chauncey is grown and SEXYYY :]]]!!!

    lol sorry i couldnt just watch that and not say it

    butttt all i know is .. we should really get to the talking about everything when we hear an interview come out of the MAIN SOURCE MOUTH aka joe D!!!

    but if he does keep flip this year.. i dont know WHAT hes thinking !! there is absolutely no reason for flip to stay that seems like it would be beneficial to the pistons

    we need a coach who can work with our style of play.. i just wish the nba wasnt so close minded and turning soo soft all of a sudden.. soon theyre all gonna have to wear helmets :[

  23. Anonymous

    i wanted to post something i wrote today

    why i think Flip needs 2 go

    Oh trust me i have plenty of blame for the players….I expected better…

    i do not think the fans expectations were the players fault…. it was ours, as fans….
    so I’m pointing many fingers….

    the disappointment of this season rest sole on our shoulders…

    if we thought they were actually human ( how arrogant of us not to think so) we might not be so disappointed in them…

    Here is a quote from need for sheed i just love. “The sweet wouldn’t be so sweet without the sour.” A Brillant quote..(thank u Nat.)
    They played and we watched and They had some good and some bad… but we still watched…. They did the best they could because we watched…. Now its all their fault?… Especially when our expectations were to high….when we bought into the BS media hype….How fair is that?….At your work if a bunch of peeps came into your business and told you they thought you were the greatest…. If you were slightly off your mark.. Had a bad few days.. those same people turned on you( we are not talking about bosses just consumers)and persecuted you…How fair would that be?…. It rest on us and our expectations that happend to be wrong…..

    But…back to flip….this team should have been easy to run…easy to do the things it took to get there…. for sure last year….

    Flip has a history of not making it…he has showed himself time and time again….it really has nothing to do with the players in that regard..Its a fact he has been there and not made it..and w good teams…

    He is not like LB, who was stronger…
    Who did not put up w their crap or the bosses …( not such a good idea, but at least he stood on what he thought was the way to do it right)
    He knew these boys needed controlling… He knew how to keep them from drifting off to neverland in the middle of a game… there was no switch..
    LB expectations were just higher than apparently Flip can deliver….
    It would take a strong hand…

    Sheed for example…how long did LB deal with his BS….he did not.he did not eve have to there was respect…… If you read stuff from the players about LB it was they really liked him allot…That he was what they needed at that time…
    He is what we need now!….
    Maybe not LB, but a coach that has higher expectation than the players have of themselves….

    I just have never seen flip do that for this team…maybe the boys are to cocky to control right now… The stronger the coach the higher the demand the better the chances would be to stifle that cocky….

    If flip had not done what he did last year w this team they should have walk through it all….a team that was a sure thing… an easy coaching job…but they did not…
    that says allot about flip to me…..this year Ill give him a slight break… There were some players they needed to complete the picture, other than what they had….

    Think about it…If flip was not here would we still have Ben? Would we have had a better chance for the win, if we had Ben?….I think yes.. we would have.. we should have… we could have…..

    I just know that flip will need all new players to be in control of his players.. even if… I’m not sure i think he would or could…unless they were all rookies….Any seasoned player would question his ability to work on the flip his own switch… The thing he did not like about the pistons and wanted to change… if flip cant flip his own switch..who’s switch can he flip( i love the word flip apparently…LOL)

    here is another reason( from need4sheed)

    if Flip Saunders stays, (which the Pistons are saying he is) in Detroit, the Pistons will trade Rasheed Wallace. The two just don’t seem to be able to see eye to eye.

    So whats that two players that don’t see eye to eye w flip?!? ….

    Does that not make you wonder who else does not see eye to eye?…If no… you should…

    I got the impression from Chris w in something i was reading… that he does not see eye to eye w him either..He was limited mins ( I’m sorry the man can pass the ball like w huge skillz). he should have played….

    i wonder if Rip or tay see eye to eye w flip( being that Rip did not show up for Mondays player meeting… it makes ya wonder)…

    I’m leaning towards no….

    so is it the players or is it Flip?…hmmmm, yeah, I’m going w flip…

    Something was lost when flip got here…
    that is biggest thing for me… a huge reason…..
    there was no unity
    there was not one for all and all for one..
    or the right way to play..<< being the biggest part missing of all) how many times did it look like they were having fun?….LB brought that…he brought hard work( really hard wrk) with bigger rewards for doing so…. That is what we need above and beyond everything else..the right way to play… I do not ever think flip will bring that back to this team….Flip has taken that away….. Flip really needs to go….Joe should go with his gut and keep the team he brought together….. because he had faith in these players….( of course add a few in the right places) in 2 years they will be gone or retired anyway..( sheed etc) what is two years when the media is saying its all about lebron for the next ten yrs or the Bulls sry got to running off in all kinds of directions… i hope you can follow at least some of it….it was effort, man… i dont do effort for nothing…LOL…

  24. Anonymous

    oh my goodness he is just so damn fine!!! I hope that Chanucey is for real about wanting to stay, there is no way the Pistons would have a successful season without him, I say let Flip go, he is making the team look awful in the playoffs and he’s not sticking his out for them when they get BS calls, there is no way in the hell the Cavs can beat the Pistons when they play “Detroit Basketball” I felt sorry the guys in game6, they had no leadership from him, he don’t motivate them and it’s really sad to watch, I think the guys made their mistakes too, but I put alot of that responsibility on Flip,, I say get rid of his ass, and put the fire back in the team that had no fear! I think that Bill Laimbeer could be what they need! Don’t let our core unit split, they got the talent to win it, but they need that take-charge coach and I don’t think that Flip haas that.

  25. Anonymous

    Chauncey looks so freaking good in the video. I watched it like 20 times. Stay Chauncey, please!!!

  26. Anonymous


  27. Anonymous

    Maybe Rick Carlisle?

    Joe was at the practice thing on monday i see his car in the background at the end

    We as pistons fans need to stop bitching about the refs and just play the game

    07-08 Detroit Basketball… only 140 or some days to go


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