The End Of An Era

by | Jun 4, 2007 | 127 comments

Waiter, I’ll take the check….reality check. This version of the Detroit Pistons is over. When the roof keeps caving in year after year, knock the damn thing down and start with a new foundation. You can only patch up the holes so many times before the waters rush in…the Pistons had too many holes and Saturday night and the world watched them sink. Dumars is already planning his trip to Home Depot to return some items, let’s just hope he saved his receipt.

Ever since ’04 we have all been living on fantasy island. Anytime the Pistons lost a game, we blamed it on the refs, we said they weren’t playing hard enough, we convinced ourselves, despite seeing them choke year after year, that they were unbeatable and guaranteed the Championship to anyone who would listen….but they lost…again and again. Let’s take off our Blue and Red colored glasses and examine what’s really going on. The edge is gone. They were hungry a few years ago and they ate like Kobayashi on the 4th of July. Our Pistons became too full; they weren’t worried about their next meal…but now that next meal is not guaranteed, and its time to eat again.

We all have a lot on our minds today. This is what’s on mine:

*Is Cleveland is going to beat San Antonio in 7.
*Cleveland and Chicago are going to make the East brutal next year.
*Detroit is going to make a MAJOR trade and replace Saunders.
*Every media source is reporting Dumars is going to go after former Spartan Zach Randolph.
*Is Daniel Gibson the real deal?
*Lebron James is really a robotic android built by Taiwanese children in a Nike sweatshop.

The countdown for next season starts now and things can only get better from here. Good luck Mr. Dumars, we are counting on you. Don’t be afraid to shake things up, that is what we need. Get ready for a whole new face of Detroit Basketball. Hard work pays off, but superstars win Championships. Here you go Mr. Dumars, this should help you get started:

Take a look at the 2007 NBA Free Agent Class

Remember one thing Piston fans:

The sweet wouldn’t be so sweet without the sour.

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*Billy Billups


  1. Anonymous

    Man, I just feel sad for C-Webb, Dyess & Sheed.
    I hope Dumars to find the right players for the next year. And also CB1 to stay in Motown.

    Good luck from France.

  2. Jeff

    what, no mention of the Rasheed rumors?

    what would happen if the Pistons decided they no longer had a need 4 Sheed?

  3. Natalie

    I didn’t write this piece, but I have been asked the question many times and I always give the same answer.

    I will always have a Need4Sheed so the website will stay exactly the same even if Sheed is on another team. Love Sheed, but my heart belongs to the Pistons.

  4. Anonymous

    i heard that either sheed or flip wont return next season..i hope its flip that dont come back we need sheed

  5. Sandra

    The Pistons as we know them are over if Billups doesn’t sign up again. I can’t say I’ll be able to watch them if he doesn’t.

    This last series was the last one for me. I can’t take it anymore. I’ve been following this team since they won the title, they’ve failed to deliver ever since, I give up.

  6. Anonymous

    This will definetely be a tough summer for Joe D. but later we’ll see how it results… I feel sad about whole Pistons organization, and I definetely hope that this TEAM with a little changes in a roster (roster which includes Billups and Sheed!) will be able to show the world that not only 1 superstar teams can battle 4 the title!!
    Go Pistons !!!
    Greetings From Latvia !!!

    I have watched so many Det games this season that a lot of people here thinks that i am crazy because the time when games starts is about 3.a.m .. and everybody else is cheering about those Brons, Mambas, Wades and so on … but i continue not to give a f**k and I just continue to win and lose with PISTONS !

    Dee-troit Basketball !!!

    great work Natalie, this is my favourite site !!!

    Best Wishes,


  7. Anonymous

    Good Luck from Latvia !!! 🙂

  8. Anonymous

    What about the rumor about sheed and rip being traded for kobe?

  9. Anonymous

    sheed and rip aren’t going to be traded for kobe. we don’t want him.

  10. DJ

    Zach Randolph would be a huge pick-up for Detroit. He’s a young(er), big body, who can score and has been known to have an attitude. I think he would fit in perfectly with the “bad boy” mentality. The Kobe deal is a bit far-fetched in my opinion, but it would be nice to have a superstar…especially one that Lebron can’t even compare to.

    We need to get rid of:
    Nazr Mohammed
    Flip Murray
    Dale Davis

    Flip Saunders makes it seem as if rotating in bench players is rocket science. We need to keep Billups, but he needs to be a more consistent factor. Just my two cents.

  11. Geronimo

    Flip Saunders needs to go! We have a strong team..probably the best in the NBA! All-stars, veterans, strong bench…and he can’t even get us to the championship series?? L.B. did it in consecutive years. I think the changes have to start at the top..and that’s with the COACH!!!

  12. Anonymous

    I love sandra’s comment, she is a real trooper. Been watching all the way back since they won the ’04 championship, WOW!! We would hate to lose your support.

    Do you any other team besides the spurs that have been this dominant in this era of basketball? Do you know what it takes to build a team that can go to the ECF 5 times??? So if any “fan” is going to stop watching just because they dont win the ship every year is ridiculous and is exactly why I don’t go to the pistons games anymore!

    Also, I think Dale Davis does need to be resigned b/c he is amazing off the bench. He got no playing time in the playoffs but every time he was put in he would grab 3 offensive boards in like 5 mins. He also is great for when we go up against shaq or ilgauskis again in the playoffs, just a little secret we dont have any centers of that size, and when you do try to get some size they turn out to be like nazr (king of mediocrity)


  13. Justin

    I definitely agree that it would be in the teams best interest to keep Billups. But if it means signing him for the max and not being able to sign some NEW talent then they have to do what they have to do. As for trading Sheed and Rip for Kobe….do you really think Kobe would fit in a city like Detroit? When the Pistons were playing like the pistons they shared the ball. Kobe calls his own # about 75% of the time. Besides we already have a 24…and an 8. Having said that it would be nice to have an actual stuporstar….someone that you can depend on. I don’t think Kobe is leaving L.A. So I hope that Mr. Randolph likes wearing red, white, and blue because I sure would like having him here.

    I am looking forward to this summer. It shouldn’t be boring. And you are correct “Billy Billups” we have eaten WAY TOO MUCH Piston cornbread and washed it down with WAY too much Piston koolaid. But we know we can count on Joe D to do the right thing.

  14. Anonymous

    Dale Davis is a quality big man. He’s older but if you look at what he does with his minutes, he’s one of our most efficient players. He got the same number of rebounds as Rasheed in the last game with 1/6 the time, and in the game before that he had 5 points 3 rebounds in 5 minutes. He’s a good player, he just doesn’t get a lot of respect from Flip S. Such is true for most of teh bench, however.

  15. Anonymous

    PS, last comments was by me, ~Richie~

  16. Anonymous

    There are good regular season coaches and good playoff coaches. Flip Saunders is notorious for not being able to change on the fly during the playoffs. We saw it in Chicago, in games 4, 5, and 6. After being criticized for it, he over changed his line up too much against Cleveland (e.g. starting flip and Lindsey at the beginning of the 4th quarter). keeping flip saunders for next season just because the pistons had a good season run would be doing the same mistake that Minnesota did, thats why he stayed for ten years.

    Chauncey Billups will be going no where. His comments earlier in the season about going to Memphis was just a business tactic that was supposed to be a message to Joe Dumars that hes serious about getting a higher salary. he knows that no team in this league, other than memphis has the money to afford him.
    Lindsey Hunter needs to retire, even though he was great. He just couldn’t produce this year and its nothing really against him, but he has a spot with Joe D and he would be more useful giving his salary and helping joe d find someone with really good defense.
    Finally, the frontcourt isn’t as bad as you think. With the promising talent in Jason Maxiell and Amir Johnson, the pistons are going to keep rasheed, as he has been proving a vital mentor for these two young emerging stars.

    The bottom line is that with the current lineup, the pistons have one more year to get a championship. All they need is a new coach and if webber retires, a center. Joe Dumars technically has an entire year to figure out the front court.

    PS If Rasheed Wallace leaves, this website will be more fitting if anything. He will be sorely missed and wanted (needed) back.

  17. Beth

    Obviously something needs to happen next season to make sure that the Pistons can make a legit run again…I’m expecting a major shakeup. But I think we should all stay optimistic because our core group of guys is amazing.

  18. Anonymous

    First, I’ve been a Pistons fan since 87′. That Larry Bird steal in the playoffs still tears my heart out!

    The 04′ Pistons were a perfect storm. Everything came together. Everyone was hungry and the boys were underestimated greatly. Ben was BAAAAD, Sheed had something to prove (so did rip and chauncey), Tay was a rookie who didn’t know that he couldn’t shut down superstars. That was an awesome season. Everything just clicked at the right time.

    I think that’s the only way you can win a ‘ship without a superstar. Sure, we have a bunch of stars, but no superstar. I’d love to win championships without superstar but it’s very very difficult.

    That being said… I think the Pistons need to pick up (or create) a true superstar player.

    Cheik Samb and Amir Johnson have the potential. We either develop them or trade them both for Kevin Garnett. Garnett is truely awesome and would fit in well with the current pistons. Think of it.

    This would be my dream trade.

  19. Anonymous


  20. DJ

    I highly doubt Cheik Samb and Johnson would go for Garnett. There would have to be more in the deal, but KG in the “D” would be a nice fit, but again it’s putting an older player in a Pistons uniform. We need to look toward the future at some point. Nevertheless, I would still love to see it haha.

    I also agree that giving Lindsey Hunter the boot, might be a good idea. We need a back up point guard who can contribute offensively. Personally, I was a big Arroyo fan…but that didn’t really work out either.

    For those of you saying Dale Davis is quality, we must be watching different people. The only thing I really think he is good for is offensive rebounding and fouling people hard. He’s too slow in the transition game, lacks offensive ability (let alone the ability to catch a pass), and his strengths could easily be replaced by someone else. I would love to see Amir Johnson get a chance to play.

    I’ve been a Pistons fan since the late 80’s as well…This team last year just seemed sluggish and uncaring at times. The NBA has changed so much. I think it would benefit us very much to be able to play like the Pistons of old. The game has become one, where the superstars are protected and throwing your arms in the air out of frustration is a technical foul.

    Open question to everybody else, who would you like to see Detroit draft in the first round (15 and 27)?

    Also is Bill Lambier any sort of coaching candidate?

  21. From Taiwan


    i love pistons,but you really upset me,
    what the hell you’re talking about—–“*Lebron James is really a robotic android built by Taiwanese children in a Nike sweatshop. “

    i’m from Taiwan, lots kids here wear nike over US$150, sweatshop??
    what the hell you’re talking about??

  22. Anonymous

    There’s (no more)Need4Sheed. He bailed on us in game 6 and his attitude is going to get any better.

  23. uyen

    Just want everyone to know that today, I’m in hell. At work right now and listening to people talk shit our Pistons and how great the Cavs are. Not even going to get in it with them. They are purposely speaking by my office so I can hear and trying to get me mad.

  24. Anonymous

    he didnt bail, he knew it was over and went out in a blaze of glory calling out the refs and the league for what it is. he knew there was no way they would let the pistons win.

    i give him mad props for what he did

  25. Anonymous

    I think that Hunter is going to retire anyway… no need to ‘boot’ him.
    Delfino showed some splashes of good play. I’d like to see him stay if he can learn to make a friggen layup during the off season.
    Maybe Tay should change his shooting style… I mean it’s great when he’s on but jeez… when he isn’t it’s just plain ugly.
    Webber is OK in limited minutes but he just doesn’t seem to have any fire at all in him. He’s either totally stoned all the time or has switched to taking qualudes.
    Nazr Mohamed has got to go.
    Flip Murray doesn’t really offer anything original to the team… he can go.
    I don’t really hate Saunders, but I don’t see him as a great coach either. You ever see him complain about a call? Maybe that’s why our boys whine so much… I’d like to see a spazo coach that gets thrown out of games, then let Chauncey and Sheed run the team while coach takes a powder.
    Maxi has got to stay and we have to re-sign Amir Johnson.

    Maxi, Sheed, Rip, Chauncey, Tay, Delfino, Amir, Cheik, Dyess, Blalock,

    Lose: Nazr, Saunders, Murray, Hunter to front office, Davis to retirement

    Bubble: Dupree, Webber

    Future: Two first round picks aint bad.

    The future looks pretty bright, really.
    Billups, Prince, Hamilton, Delfino, Johnson, Maxiell, Blalock, Samb, Sheed, and two first round picks.

    Wish list: Yeah, Garnett would be great… Get Ben back. Get a charismatic ‘take no shit’ head coach.

  26. The Boourns

    My two cents:

    1) Lindsay Hunter will stay with the Pistons after he retires.
    2) Joe Dumars is in a perfect position to rebuild this year. He’s got two mid to late-round draft picks (and we all know he knows how to use those mid and late round picks!) that would be packaged nicely in a number of trade situations or could be utilized in the draft depending on the talent.
    3) I would like to see a sign and trade of Chauncey & Rip (they don’t want to play with anyone else) to L.A. for Kobe (yeah I know I’m dreamin). Utilize the two first round picks to trade up for a rookie PG (Conley or Law III depending on who’s available), keep sheed in the frontcourt, bring up Amir to start off the season off the bench and move into the starting lineup by end of the season.

    So you have
    1) Acie Law/Conley
    2) Kobe
    3) Tayshaun
    4) Sheed/Amir Johnson
    5) Amir Johnson/Sheed


    A serviceable PG from free agency…Bibby, Boykins, TJ Ford?
    Jason Maxiell

    And the biggest and best change of all…Laimbeer is finally given a chance to coach in the NBA.

  27. Anonymous

    Lambs would definitely fill the role as team complainer. It’d let the boys concentrate more on playing and less on the refs.

    I like it.

  28. Anonymous

    Does anyone think Izzo would have any interest in the job? I certainly wouldn’t want Randolph and his enormous without him.

    Also Detroit needs to push for Shawn Marion. He’ll definitely be moved (or less likely Stoudamire). We simply need some bigs who are an offensive threat and can stay in shape and give a consistent effort (see McDyess, not Sheed). Max will be a great role player and could even start at the 5 in the new small ball NBA era.

    Acie Law would also look very nice in a Pistons uni. Don’t think he’ll get past the Clippers at 14 though.

  29. Anonymous

    i say we sign corlis williamson thats waht we need from the 04 run.

  30. Anonymous

    does anyone know what teams are intrested in chauncey?

  31. Anonymous

    well i agree joe has to do somethin. I say keep cbillz, rip, tay, sheed. but they got to find someone to fill the center. they need a defender thats fast, cwebb is way too slow. he can stay but just come off the bench. so starters could be: cbillz, rip, tay, sheed, and zach randolph (sheed’ll have to get a nickname for him cuz his mane iz borin). and the bench can be delfino, maxie, cwebb?, dyess (whom they must keep or pistons will like die!) and two new guards. possibly conley? if they give flip to a team with a high draft pick, then they could draft conley! then the stones could get someone else with their 15 pick. as for coach i don’t think anything else needs to be said. we obviously need a new one, although i think everyone said that last year, so who knows what joe is gonna do. w/e he does i think we can trust him. i’ll keep the faith for ’em! i’m not a bandwagon cat *cough* sandra *cough* I’ll always have a need 4 sheed!

  32. M-Fax

    *Cleveland and Chicago are going to make the East brutal next year.

    Don’t forget the Raps


  33. Raul El Patron

    Hey, I’ve also been a Pistons fan since the Original Bad Boys era (I even remember James Edwards and his Fu Manchu!!!!), and I don’t see us falling from grace as in after 1991. However, I see this as a year for some reloading and rebuilding. First, the Pistons have a PHILOSOPHY, which we had lost when they brought the horse in the logo and the teal uniforms (even Joe D’s still asking WTF that was all about!) But Dumars has helped the team recover a philosophy. That’s what keeps teams competitive every year. And he’ll make sure that whoever stays on board remembers what it is that makes “Deeeeetroit Basketball” what it is.

    Second, changes WILL happen. I’ve said it before, Joe D is a certifiable winner. How many teams have a World Champion AND a Hall of Famer in the front office? Right. Those guys are right now thinking of how to fix this for real. I do see Hunter leaving and joining Joe in the office. He can be an excellent scout for defensive talent. Who do I see as keepers? Well, Rip for one, I don’t see Tay leaving either. ‘Sheed, it’s pretty much up to him but I doubt he’ll go. Chauncey will need to tone down his demands after his choke job in the playoffs and get the chip reimplanted on his shoulder. There’s your core.

    Now, Webber I think it’s time to retire. He’s paid his dues and made peace with his hometown so he can retire with his head high. Davis needs to go too. McDyess must stay, he’s a force from the bench and him and Sheed can mentor the younger talent in the frontcourt. Flip Murray hasn’t been a real difference, we can do without him and draft a solid guard (say, Acie Law IV as a backup for Chancey) or a guard/small forward combo player (say, Alando Tucker as a backup for Rip) to take over Flip. We need one of those as a solid option for Chauncey. We also need young post players, maybe via free agency. I hadn’t seen the list, thanks Natalie, and if I were Joe, I’d make a run for Matrix. Marion is a very athletic player who’d give us lots of transition defense. Plus, here he’d be a more active member and wouldn’t have to deal with Amare’s ego. And that would relieve Sheed from the need to be at the limelight. He works best when someone else takes that spotlight, as was the case when Ben was here. So, make a run for Matrix, he’d make a difference!!!!

    I keep saying, don’t let Delfino go. He’s a reliable role player just like his countrymen Manu and Nocioni, and he gives us valuable minutes from the bench.

    How do I see our Pistons?

    Possible line-up:
    Rip, Chauncey (if he stays), Sheed, Tay, and maybe Amir or J-Maxx, unless we make a run for Matrix!

    the bench:
    McDyess, J-Maxx, a more active Amir to support the frontcourt and maybe another strong free agent; Acie Law (please get this guy!) or Tucker, Delfino, and another guard through agency too.

    I’m optimistic that the Pistons will rebuild into a contender once again… let’s stick to our philosophy: Tough D, let’s go to work attitude, and the chip on our shoulders. Remember: NOBODY LOVES THE PISTONS OR THEIR FANS… WE NEED TO STICK IT TO THE MAN (aka the Commish) EVERY NIGHT… LET’S GO TO WORK !!!!!

  34. Anonymous

    theres only ONE thing on my mind.. chauncey billups :[

  35. baller

    i dont know if u guys read this yet but i thought i should share….

    What is perhaps more plausible would be taking a run a Phoenix’s Shawn Marion. Marion, who would give the Pistons’ front court the quickness and athleticism it lacks, has two years and $33.5 million left. The Pistons would have to offer Wallace and another player (Johnson?) to pique the Suns’ interest. All of that is speculation at this point, obviously. But it seems the Pistons are back to where this all started in 2002. In the absence of one true superstar player, you have to have a roster full of really good players who play well together. Detroit News

    Trading Wallace, Master of the Meltdown, is one possibility. Hey, in Detroit, we’ve always appreciated the guy’s raw emotions. But more and more, he’s flailing at ghosts, as well as refs, and his Game 6 ejection was ugly. He has not been completely compatible with Saunders, something we feared would happen. Wallace or Saunders, one must go? Perhaps. Detroit News

  36. Anonymous

    we shold keep the same people, mabe get a young point guard or center, (backup for chauncey) and FIRE THE COACH i mean did you see who flip had out to start the 4th? was it flip murray lindsey hunter tayshaun, sheed and dale davis? when your trying to pull away from a team tahts not the line to do it, i think this team is great but we need to do soemthing about the caoch, he chokes under pressure for 2 stragiht years and with the timberwovles. i mean comon.

  37. Anonymous

    ok .. some of you may not agree but i see no reason to get rid of sheed.. yea he has a temper..but has anyone noticed how much it has improved this year???

    alsooo his ejection did not matter at all due to the fact that he had already fouled out.. when he saw that he had fouled out the pistons were way down and it was in the fourth.. what else do you have to lose?? might as well let the refs know whats really going through your mind.. im sure if it was only his 3rd foul [ yea right.. someone on detroit with only their third in the fourth?? HA! ] he would definitely not have reacted the way he did.. he had nothing to lose..might as well give the refs a piece of what youre thinking

    keep CHAUNCEY
    keep wallace
    new coach

  38. Anonymous

    keep everybody…get maxiel and amir some playing time this year… but if you ask me ….we need big ben back…i know he is in chicago …but.. thats my boy right there…

    i love the pistons….they are not done….

  39. Anonymous

    question .. whats billy billups???

    i dont get the mowhawk either???

  40. Anonymous

    new coach
    NO Kobe!!!
    No Webber

    P.S. I hope the Spurs mop the floor with the Cavs in the finals!! i’m sure they will.

  41. Anonymous

    whereeeeee the heckkk are all these kobe rumors coming from?!

  42. Anonymous

    im just fed up with NBA basketball…its soo soft now a days…you cant play tuff defense anymore..and if you breathe to hard on someone your gonna get a foul…

    the pistons are one of the only teams that dont flop around on the court… no wonder they get so fed up with the ref…its stupid the the NBA is turning into soccer all of a sudden..i really hope the NBA takes a look at stuff like that in the off season…cause more and more people like me are pretty much done with watching the NBA…i cant stand it anymore…and to prove my point …the to biggest flopping teams in the league are playing in the finals this years… go the NBA will make alot more money with LaBaby in the finals….its just buisness…and we go the stinky end of it..

    anyways… i love the pistons….i love NEED4SHEED…

    now i got it off my chest..

  43. Anonymous

    hey natalie what do you have to say about the talks about rasheed going to the knicks or possibly being traded along with another player to the suns for shawn marion

  44. Anonymous

    Even though I love Rasheed he only has a few years left in the tank I think we should trade him for is former protégé Jermaine O’neal & send Delfino and maybe the the 27th pick to make it work.

    Have Seattle Resign Rashard Lewis for the same money as Tay And do a even trade with Tay. I also like Tay but he disappears a lot.

    Try to get Zach Randolph with Nazr Mohammed, Flip Murray & maybe a young like J-Maxx because Randolph is still young and better then J-Maxx.

    Starting Five
    PG Chauncey Billups
    SG Richard Hamilton
    SF Rashard Lewis
    PF Zach Randolph
    C Jermaine O’neal

    PG 15th Draft Pick & Will Blalock
    SG Sign Bonzi Wells for the same price as Flip Murray contract wise
    SF Sign Jerry Stackhouse the man can score at will when he wants not that limited time stuff in Dallas.
    PF Antonio Mcdyess & Amir Johnson
    C Cheick Samb

    Coach Chuck Daily & Bill Laimbeer as assistant to learn the NBA ways of coaching & take over in a year or two if Hubie Brown can coach then Chuck can also he still looks young lol.

  45. bratgurltenshi

    i would love sheed,tay,jmax,rip,delfino,mcdyess to stay =P

    “””Almost the whole game was tightly contested, until bad boy sheed lost his grip in the 4th quarter. When Sheed got the double T and got ejected in the 8-minute mark, Detroit became a different team. Chauncey Billups can’t get it going. Rip Hamilton got fouled out. Their defense was broken down. The Cavs’ offense suddenly caught fire (in particular, revelational rookie Daniel Gibson’s shooting). It could have been a close game; a more exciting game for the NBA fan. It also felt bad seeing the Detroit bench with their heads down; in particular, when the camera made a close-up on veteran Chris Webber. Tough loss; after an impressive season.”””

    Even if I’m a newbie Piston fan… we won’t stop fighting… the Pistons lost this one, but man they are really one hell of a team! PLAY DEEETROIT BASKETBALL GET READY FOR THE NEXT YEAR!!!

  46. Anonymous

    Flip Saunders made some very questionable calls in game 6. Sitting both Chauncey and Rip in the beginning of the 4th quarter for a extended period of time… therefore having Hunter and Flip on the court at the same time. Both of them are defense guys, and we needed our All Star backcourt to be playing.

    Also, Saunders put Rip on Lebron in the 4th. Rip was our entire offense, and he made Rip play all the defense too. Rip’s shots started to become short, showing his exhaustion. Plus, he had 5 fouls and still had to stay on Lebron. It’s Lebron… Lebron gets all the calls, and Rip fouled out.

    Let’s hope we keep Mr. Big Shot, get rid of the Flips. We need a young guard off the bench to be our future when Chauncey retires and a better coach.

  47. uyen

    Jess, I just read the link you posted and sitiing here at work in tears.

  48. Anonymous

    5:20.. sheed was ejected AFTER he had fouled out.. so it didnt matter either he way he wasnt finishing off the game.. might as well take your anger out since youre not gonna play anyways right?

    and who said jermaine o’neal?! BLEHHH cant stand himmm !

    and trade tay?? NO WAYY !

    im most concerned about chauncey right now tho … i will be EXTREMELY DEPRESSED if he leaves .. liek you dont even know.. i prob wont leave the house for like a week..and itll be on my mind for the rest of the summer.


  49. Anonymous

    i hope chauncey, sheed, rip, and tay retire as pistons.

  50. April xx Rip

    Anonymous said…
    i hope chauncey, sheed, rip, and tay retire as pistons.

    I Agree 100%

    and that is what rip said he wants him and chauncey to do too.
    that site might give you relief, it might give you grief, i personally hope their right on the BIGGER deal part.

    p.s i hate kobe ( along with steve nash, kirk hinrich, anderson varajao and others)

    this is the song i listened to EVERYDAY, and i still kind of do,
    Plus it has rip, and he is the man.
    but this song reminds me of how it used to be if you listen to the lyrics, i hope ben is enjoying the pistons go down the drain!!

  51. Anonymous

    First of all let me just say I am still having nightmares about the series with Cleveland — LITERALLY. I flop around in my sleep more than the Cavs and Spurs combined. I just can’t get it out of my head how a team that good can cave the way my Pistons did in the late rounds of the playoffs… 2 YEARS IN A ROW!! I am seriously considering therepy — there must be some sort of support group out there by now because I find it hard to believe that I am the only one who feels this way. At least this web site is somewhat thereputic… am I right?
    Ok, I understand the new line of thinking out there that you can’t seem to win a championship without a superstar on your team, but the Pistons are not about that… the Pistons are about BALANCE… that’s what makes them dangerous. When it’s there that is. I will take a TEAM over a superstar any day of the week. I am a dedicated Piston fan and I love to watch them play… it’s not about the ring for me (after all it’s not like they’re going to give ME a ring) I just love to watch Piston basketball and that’s why I am so distraught right now — because they are gone for another season, not because they didn’t get the bling. It’s not about the trophy, the ring, or even the bragging rights, it’s about that balance… watching those guys go out there and play their game… TOGETHER… not ONE but FIVE!! I hate that the nba has become nothing more than a glorified commercial for athletic wear, Sprite, and lawnmowers. (yeah, like LeBron has ever mowed his own lawn… yet he sells cub cadet mowers!! Rediculous!!) I wouldn’t mind at all seeing this same squad on the floor next season. I do think Flip Saunders might be the problem as far as the playoffs go, but like I said, it’s not about the ring for me. I want to see Amir get some serious minutes. From what I have seen of him, he is a team player, he wants to learn, and he got game too. I don’t want to see a superstar on this Piston team EVER!! I like the balance… I like not knowing which jersey I should wear on game night because I have faith in all of them and I know what they’re capable of. Basketball is still a team sport, I don’t care what the damn nba wants it to be. If it’s all about the superstars then let them put them all on the same team and just give them the fucking ring at the beginning of the season so the rest of us can enjoy the REAL THING!!! I have more to say, but right now I have myself too worked up to remember what it was. GO PISTONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. DJ

    After reviewing all of the trade possibilities, I think this would best suit our needs…and may be realistic….

    Portland gets: Carlos Delfino, Amir Johnson, and Flip Murray
    Detroit gets: Zach Randolph

    Chris Webber, Dale Davis

    Nazr Mohammad

    Grant Hill, Jerry Stackhouse

    Bill Lambieer or Stan Van Gundy

    Acie Law III

    HEAD COACH:Bill Lambieer
    ASST: Terry Porter, Ron Harper, Dave Cowens

    F Tayshaun Prince
    F Zach Randolph
    C Rasheed Wallace
    G Rip Hamilton
    G Chauncey Billups
    6 Jerry Stackhouse
    7 Antonio McDyess
    8 Grant Hill
    9 Jason Maxiell
    10 Acie Law III
    11 Lindsey Hunter
    12 Cheik Samb

    Will Blalock
    Ronald Dupree
    Draft Picks

    This doesn’t make our team much younger but would be immediate help, especially off the bench in my opinion. I wouldn’t mind exploring possibilities for J O’neal either. Any opinions on this???

  53. Anonymous

    damn it, stop thinking Pistons are gonna get any of the following back:

    Ben Wallace
    Larry Brown

  54. jess

    wow uyen, you got it bad. i know its hard.. but i dont know what to tell you 🙁

    hopefully things work out for the best and CB and DYESS stay here (along with sheed, tay, rip, max, and amir.. they can play around on trades with the other ones)

  55. uyen

    Jess, I am only this way because they (our boys)care about each other so much. Rip said he can’t and doesn’t want to play without Chauncey. I don’t know what it is about the Pistons that I like. Maybe it is “Us against the world” They are the most unselfish team in NBA. No ego or superstar.

  56. Lindsay

    Personally I am so sick of having a good season and getting shot down by a not as good team in the playoffs. Well anyways we can only go forward now. I hope Chauncey & Joe D. decide that he needs to stay here, we really need him. But the people that I would like to see leave in the offseason are…
    1. Flip Murray
    2. Nazr Mohammad
    3. (possibly) Flip Saunders
    -I think we could fill these roster places with more valuable players. Heck why didnt F.S. put Amir on the active roster and take Nazr out? Amir is a much better contributer than Nazr. I also really hope Sheed stays, I definitally have a NEED FOR SHEED! oh yeah, DYESS, i love you, please stay. Mr. J-Max is going to be huge next season just wait n see 🙂
    Pistons, I love ya, but you got to make some changes

  57. François (french fan)

    I think Joe Dumars have to do that :

    DRAFT : Acie Law III (15th pick)

    SIGN : Grant Hill

    RE-SIGN : Amir Johnson, Antonio McDyess and Chauncey Billups

    TRADE : Flip Murray, Nazr Mohammed (and 27th pick ?) to keep Jermaine O’Neal or Zach Randolph

    RETIREMENTS : Chris Webber, Dale Davis

    FIRE : Flip Saunders

    HIRE : Bill Laimbeer (or Stan Van Gundy)

    It would be a team like that :
    C Zach Randolph or Jermaine O’Neal
    PF Rasheed Wallace
    SF Tayshaun Prince
    SG Richard Hamilton
    PG Chauncey Billups
    6 Antonio McDyess
    7 Grant Hill
    8 Jason Maxiell
    9 Acie Law III
    10 Carlos Delfino
    11 Amir Johnson
    12 Lindsey Hunter
    IL1 Ronald Dupree
    IL2 Will Blalock
    IL3 Cheick Samb

    What do you think about that ? Personnally, I’d so excited if Joe does the things like that.

    François, a French Pistons fan

  58. Andrea

    honestly that sounds good Francois but i’m not a big jermaine o’neal fan to tell you the truth… but everything else sounds good

  59. Anonymous

    yea i liked francois too..buttt what is making everyone think we have a chance of getting grant hill????

  60. RKR

    AC law wont be there at 15 if he is JOE D will DEF. get him hes a chauncey billups type play who takes over the game in the 2nd hafe now as for jermaine it wood be good but i donno all we no is he WONT be in INDY i say the lakers or pistons but even if u think of the teams he cant go to u never no in the NBA he might be a good guy for MIAMI since SHAQ plays 12 GMs a season

  61. RKR

    Grant hill is a frre agent so thats why lol if he dont retire

  62. Dana

    I really would like to get Bill Lambier as our new coach. He not only was a great player himself but takes not bull shit. Unlike Flip, he would have the player’s respect, and force them to play D all 48 minutes. Without Chauncey this team is nothing, after watching every interview since the loss, I have no idea hwta is going through that mans head. I’m just trying to remeber what it is that Ben said around this time last year. It kind of felt liek he was leaving, but with Chauncey I just don’t know. 🙁 It’s killing me, will July get here already. O and if the Cavs win the ship…. well one word SETUP.

  63. Anonymous


    best idea… ever.

  64. Anonymous

    hey dana.. where are you finding all those interviews?!? im in pistons withdrawl and i haveeee to watch some of their interviews..above all chauncey and rips !!!!

    pleaseee let me know!

  65. Anonymous

    Natalie, you sound as if sheed is not coming back, do you have inside info….i would really miss sheed, but i love the pistons….thank you so much for need4sheed…have a nice summer!!

  66. Natalie

    I have no “inside information”, if I did I would let all of you know about it. As for the site, I will be around all summer.

    As for all the rumors, it’s too early to talk and most all of them are just that, rumors.

    Like I said before, this team is going to be quite different come November.

  67. t

    Y’all need a new coach. If you could get Scott Skiles, you could shut it down for the next five years….but I dunno, I admired the job Flip did with the T’wolves for a long time but he didn’t light a fire under your boys during this series, and he didn’t make adjustments. And please, no Zach Randolph. That dude made a fool out of me in fantasy league a couple years ago when he was stoned and had some sort of attitude problem. You don’t need a PF when you have ‘sheed, Maxiell, a defender as long as Tay. If you can’t resign Chauncey, yeah, you’ll need a PG, and I think you guys need to put Maxiell out there. He could play C. He’s strong like Big Ben but he, uh, can shoot. He could handle the 5. Or whatever….but really, I think y’all need someone, well, if you got J Van Gundy, that’d be a great fit, but I think he’s serious about spending time with his family…and he’s hella funny as a commentator too. Anyway. And please, as a Laker fan, well, I’m tired of the Kobe drama…but you guys definitely don’t need it.

  68. Dana

    Anonymous 7:53, I’ve been watching all the interviews on TV and if you live in Detroit off of channel 7. They haven’t posted them on their site yet, but i watched the news and they were interviewing Chauncey after locker clean up and he said there’s always a possibilty but he wants to retire a Piston. Try watching the 11:00 news, they’ll replay it for sure. or just keep cheacking their site, they will evetually put it up. I haven’t watched any Rip ones b/c he missed the meeting and locker clean out

  69. Anonymous

    Detroit basketball is NOT about superstars. Let the Lakers keep their precious Kobe… let the Cavs have their “royal highness”… Deee-troit basketball is about your royal FIVEness — as in TEAM WORK and it needs to stay that way no matter what!! I say keep the fab five alive!! (A new coach might not be such a bad idea though.)

  70. Mike

    I dont care what everyone keeps saying. If the pistons kept the “fab 4” that they have now, they will contend 2-3 more years. i dont know if we would win it all. anything can happen in the nba. the cavs just proved it. i really think that if the pistons cavs played a 100 game series, detroit would take about 65 game from them. the cavs just got a quick 4 on us, just a bad week of basketball at the wrong time. the pistons did not look terrible either. they werent getting crushed or anything, the cavs just hit the big shots, the ball was bouncing their way. even if getting rid of sheed and getting randolph ment a garunteed championship, i dont care, i want this core of guys, i can hold off a chamionship for years if i can watch these guys play the game together, its the best thing in sports for me. champs or not, i love watching these guys play.

    draft-Javaris Crittenton please.

    that is all, lets be back next year, and lets go spurs, i dont like them, but at least i respect them.

  71. Bigdee36

    If you ask me we need Zach Randolph and we Desperatly need to resign Chauncey because we dont have a chance in hell to get back to the finals without our floor general. And espn called our pistons overated. Fuck them

  72. Kaitlin

    I don’t know if I can actually digest all this talk about “switching things up”. I grew to love Detroit wayyy back when because they were one of the only teams that played like a real TEAM and still managed to be successful. Watching them make it to Conference Finals five years straight has been amazing.

    Ben Wallace used to be my verrrry favourite player, and after the trade I didn’t think I could ever watch the Pistons the way I used to, but they got through losing one of the players who brought the most energy to their games.

    I think they can get through what looks to be like a tough Central Divison, and Eastern Conference next season.

    I think that the one thing Detroit DOESN’T need is to pick up a “superstar”. We play as a team, and win as a team. How many other teams in the NBA can get all of their starters in double digits on a regular basis?

    As a high school basketball player, (in a tiny town in Canada, mind you) there are no superstars to rely on, you have ot depend on your teammates. When I look to the NBA to try to pick up a move or two, or just watch the game played at it’s best, the one team I can watch and relate to is Detroit.
    Let’s keep it that way.

  73. Amanda

    There’s some crazy shit people have mentioned on this thread.

    First, who the hell is a fan since ’04 and gives up ’cause we haven’t won the ‘ship since then? That’s ludacris.

    Second, I CANNOT believe ANY Pistons fan would want to trade ANYBODY on the team for Kobe-fucking-Bryant. Someone said something about sending Chauncey and Rip to LA for him! Who are you and what is wrong with you? lol No, Kobe, please!

    Get Ben back? We just got rid of him! He didn’t want to be here and quite frankly, I don’t want him here either. Not yet. Maybe when he’s 40 and coming off the bench…

    And I can’t even look at the link you left, Jess. No way. If it may uyen teary-eyed I can’t even imagine what it would do to me. I’m trying hard to get over what just happened in EFC and I don’t want anymore heartache right now.

    As long as our core is here next season I’ll be all right.

    “Hard work pays off, but superstars win Championships.” ~Billy Billups

    Who were the superstars on the ’04 roster? Detroit is about TEAMWORK. Superstars can reside elsewhere.

  74. Anonymous

    Flip saunders will stay , check yahoo rumors

  75. Amanda

    Is there any way we can get a like a defensive-minded coaching assistant or something? That way, Flip can coach offense while the other guy coaches defense.

  76. baller

    and….kobe can go to anyteam i dont care but NOT the pistons, and i seriously hope we get rid of flip saunders and get a new coach.

    i’m sooo looking forward to this offseason

    hopefully we end up with a better and stronger team thats as hungry for the championship as the 2004 champions.

  77. Amanda

    lol baller, when you post and link with the description that it’s sad, there really isn’t much incentive to look at it! I can’t spare any more tears or I’m going to dry up like a raisin!

  78. Bigdee36

    When the pistons lost in the Ecf I cried red,white,and Blue tears but next season after some coaching changes and a harder, tougher, and more physical defense the cavs will bleed red blood!!

  79. Anonymous


  80. Bigdee36

    Is it me or did Lebron and Daniel Gibson seem a little too close? That’s just a little too wierd for me.(LoL)

  81. Anonymous

    I don’t think Flip Saunders deserves all the fault. He made some bad moves only playing Maxiell 1 minute in game 6 and Delfino only 4 minutes. That’s not good enough. Also, seems like the players don’t respect him well enough–they don’t listen I heard someone say, say that they went and did their own thing and then Maxiell came in and he’s like, we aren’t following Flip’s orders? I’m lost! It’s official, earlier today Flip Saunders will be back. Sounds like if any of our core guys goes, it may be Sheed. Although, I hope not. He just needs to chill is all.

  82. Anonymous

    Of all the Pistons, the guy you gotta feel the most sorry for is MyDyess. The guy has had a long career and then the knee injury almost ended it for him, he thought of retiring, then he came to Detroit, he’s no longer explosive like he was–he’s still really good but all he wants is a ring. I think they should have won it just for him this year. Poor Dyess.

  83. Anonymous

    I still think our team is better than Cleveland, yes they have Lebron and he’s great but our overall team is better, you can’t change my mind on that one.

    What can Flip Saunders do to get more of the players respect?

  84. Anonymous

    I feel the Pistons 2 most valuable players reside in the backcourt in Billups and Hamilton. If we lose either of those guys–we’re likely done. I say keep Tayshaun too. If we don’t resign Chauncey, look forward to the Pistons being a 35 win ballclub and a 6th or 7th seed playoff team.

  85. Amanda

    lol the pessimists are coming out of the woodwork…

  86. baller

    yuppp definately gotta feel sorry for mcdyees also.

    Backup Antonio McDyess was devastated. Words caught in his throat as he acknowledged his last best chance for a championship might have evaporated. “I feel like I’m at the end of my career and it just ain’t gonna happen,” said McDyess, 32, who has a contract option to return. “Tonight, I accepted that I’m never gonna win. I felt this team was the one to get us there. We had all the chances in the world and we blew it. It seems like it’s over for me now.”

  87. Bigdee36

    What Flip can do to get the teams respect is to stop being such a punk ass push over and put some fear in thier hearts and maybe he’ll get some results!

  88. Amanda

    OH MY GOD! Don’t give up ‘Dyess! 1 more year! PLEASE GIVE IT 1 MORE YEAR!

  89. Bigdee36

    Everybody just needs to take a couple of weeks off and come back together and try to work this thing out. Sheed needs to cool it and calm down. This thing is not over yet.

    Unless of couse Chauncey leaves.

  90. baller

    i seriously hope we can get mcdyees back because he’s still not too old and he prooved that in playoffs.

    pistons gotta start taking every team seriously now and they will be unstoppable.

    we could’ve blown out cavs but they never thought of lebron as that big of a threat.

  91. Anonymous

    Natalie, every time i read your stuff it makes me feel alot better =)

    ummm.. i love you !


  92. Amanda

    I’m not watching it, jessica! lol Maybe in a couple of months…

  93. Bigdee36

    Did anyone see the Rasheed Wallace tribute on U-tube?

    Why didn’t sheed do that to the cavs?

  94. uyen

    Jamie, the video was so depressing. Thought i was all cried out but guess not.

  95. Bigdee36

    If I was a Piston I would have done to Lebron what Dyess Did to Varejoke! And worse!

  96. uyen

    I have NBA league pass and won’t turn it on. Can’t stand to hear how Lebron killed us.

  97. Anonymous

    sheed is a G and anybody who hates on him is just some jealous ass bitches….. sheed is one of the most versatile players eva

  98. Bigdee36

    I hope Bruce Bowen tries to step on Lebron’s Achilles.

    Never mind if he does that, David Stern would probably have him hung for hurting the golden boy

  99. jess

    “I dont care what everyone keeps saying. If the pistons kept the “fab 4″ that they have now, they will contend 2-3 more years. i dont know if we would win it all. anything can happen in the nba. the cavs just proved it. i really think that if the pistons cavs played a 100 game series, detroit would take about 65 game from them. the cavs just got a quick 4 on us, just a bad week of basketball at the wrong time. the pistons did not look terrible either. they werent getting crushed or anything, the cavs just hit the big shots, the ball was bouncing their way. even if getting rid of sheed and getting randolph ment a garunteed championship, i dont care, i want this core of guys, i can hold off a chamionship for years if i can watch these guys play the game together, its the best thing in sports for me. champs or not, i love watching these guys play.”

    -Mike I totally agree with that^^!!

    -Amanda I think you should read it.. it actually KIND OF puts you to ease. Uyen is just having a bad day/week/maybe even month (I hope you feel better 🙂 )

    -everyone has made A LOT of wild and crazy predictions to whats gonna happen in the off season and I dont agree with all of them… especially the KOBE one. NEVER will I wanna see him in a DETROIT uniform. And is FLIP S. really staying?? DAYMN! I HOPE SHEED DOESNT GO ANYWHERE!!! PLEASE LET IT WORK OUT FOR THE BEST!

  100. jess

    Amanda.. did you ever watch game 6??

  101. uyen

    Jess, thanks for the kind words. The next 10 days or so is going to be bad overall. It is difficult for a west girl to love an east team espically the pistons. I get so much shit from everybody for being a sellout. They say the pistons are a bunch of thugs. pistons fan for live.

    It is I just saw Natalie post of interviews with the players and i felt better. Only thing is that Flip is coming back as our fucking coach.

  102. jess

    i know.. that pisses me off too.

  103. Amanda

    No, I haven’t been able to watch Game 6. I really don’t think I’m strong enough to. lol I’m a weak one, I am. Maybe I’ll watch it after Chauncey resigns and I’ve had to time to get over the tragedy of losing to… well, you know.

  104. baller

    wowww…hearts out to everyone pistons fan that lives in the west damn..

    uyen i used to live in the california 8 years ago, and i still got like tons of friends and family members there who give me shyt also.

    i didnt feel like logging on aim after game 5 and 6 because i knew someone was gonna say something i was just not in mood to talk about the game.

    well hopefully the pistons will take it all the way next season and u can take it out on everyone else.

    stay tough, and never seen a bigger fan than u, and i’m sure this site helps u out a lot by talking to other pistons fans.

  105. baller

    amanda…make sure u watch game 6 on a cheap tv, because i almost broke mine in the middle of the game because of all the bullshyt calls. lol

  106. uyen

    First of all, Thanks Natalie for the website. It is my haven. Jess, thanks for listening and always providing therapeutic words.

  107. jess

    lol anytime!

  108. sheed or bust

    who won detroit their most recent championship? who is now the foundation of their defense? if clutch defense wins championships who is truly the most valuable player on the pistons???? when the game really mattered who is demoralizingly blocking or stripping a player.

    Let me also ask why the answer to these questions made a bad decision by getting ejected after fouling out? I thought that was the spark flip should have given. somebody needed to protest the flow fucking the refs were doing (i agree any game can be influenced by a few bad calls but that whole series especially game 6 was marred by some obviously sheed biased reffing).

    but regardless of that- sheeds emotion was all he could have contributed after fouling out and that his team didnt respond to that was the most painful thing of their meltdown. once again sheed did what saunders should have done by at least the third quarter.

    Sheed plays the hardest postion on our team and the most important for the overall game. if you think he wasnt focused he shot 84% from the line he didnt shoot great in the series but his defense set up a lot of blown opportunities and when a jumpshooter is fouled its a lot different than a slasher taking it right at someone and drawing contact (the non-calls at the end of games 2 and regulation of game 5 ie. hamilton/lebron vs. verijeo/sheed)
    oh and sheed is their ‘nucleus’

  109. uyen

    baller, where did you live in california? Game 6 i was at a bar near my house and every time cavs players missed a free throw, i would scream “ball don’t lie” It pissed them off. I had sheed’s jersey on also.

  110. Anonymous

    woahhhhh hold on a second.. i have been studying for finals all day and i just got on need4sheed cause i couldnt help myself lol but uyen what the heck do you mean flips coming back?!??!?

    is this for sure??? is there something i can see???

    ohh geezzz i was REALLLYYY hoping for something new and refreshing the pistons NEED a new coach to match their style of play!

    please let me know if i can watch this somehwere! im a pretty addictive fan i cant go a day without my pistonsss haha

  111. jess

    anon at 1:30… check out the video Nat posted.

  112. COB

    I suggest the Pistons to inquire about the availability of Hornet’s Tyson Chandler. He’s a defense-first player, long and athletic like Sheed. And he knows how to score around the block too… Imagine having a frontline of Chandler, Sheed, Prince together with Billups and Rip. That’s awesome for me.

  113. uyen

    can someone please help me out? Larry Brown got us the ship in 04 and took us to the finals 05 but his ass got fired after that. Dumbass flip can’t get us out of conf finals two years in a row and his ass is still here. Does Joe D know something we don’t.

  114. sheed or bust

    speaking of out west and some pistons hating…. i got a lot of dramatic shit talking watching the game at a bar. especially when sheed got ejected….. but alot of ppl are way bitter about 04 and the lakers.

  115. Chris

    I disagree with any major changes made with the roster. Detroit can still win championships with Billups, Hamilton, Prince, and Rasheed. They need a coach which will recognize their strengths and weaknesses and use them accordingly. I could pick a handful of guys on other lesser teams who adjust with substitutions, game plans, and managing time outs better than Flip. His system stinks. This offense is capable of more, and his offense gave us less when it really mattered.

  116. Anonymous

    Dyess, I love ya man… hang in there one more year and keep on bringin’ what you bring. We are all in pain over this, but please man, don’t give up on this — you have nothing to be ashamed of… hold your head up high and keep the faith. You are my hero, I love your heart, and I feel your pain. No one can fill your shoes, no one can match your spirit, I will miss you terribly if you decide to go, and this team will not be the same without you. I know it’s tough man, but I also think in your heart, you want to gut it out and give it another go. You deserve to wear that ring big guy, so PLEASE man, PLEASE don’t quit on that dream. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  117. baller

    uyen i used to live in fresno

  118. Anonymous

    Just a question,everyone is going on about the cavs pulling out four after losing two,didn’t miami do that to dallas in the finals last year?And then this year after such a great season dallas got elimanated in the first round, why is nobody calling for a total blowup of the dallas team? Anyone ever think about that? Only asking.

  119. baller

    lol this is need4sheed boy, aint nobody gonna give a shyt about dallas and warriors series. its all bout the pistons here lol.

    PISTONS > MAVS…anyyday

  120. Anonymous

    Baller I’m not a dallas fan. If I gave that impression I’m truly sorry,what I’m saying is everyone is crapping on my boys saying their done blah blah blah! You don’t hear them saying that about the dallas team, why?The only one I believe should be gone from this team is the coach!Davidson is a douche.

  121. baller

    i feel ya, thas jus cuz pistons got more haters that dallas, even after havin most wins in the league dallas didnt get as much attention as the pistons did last season. no one cares about dirk and dallas for some reason i dont know why but i guess thats just how it is.

  122. Anonymous

    Flip needs to go Not Flip murarry if chacey goes so does rip Chancey is a frachise player if he would leave he would go to Buck,Lakers,Clippers that not going to happen The only thing pistons want to do this year was beat the heat or chitown next year we will beat lebron cavs. Their is also a rumor that Which Piston(s) will go?
    June 5
    Detroit Free Press columnist Michael Rosenberg: “It sounds funny, but even though Billups seems most likely to leave (via free agency), I think he is most likely to come back. The Pistons will re-sign him unless somebody offers him a truly obscene contract, and that is hard to imagine.”As quoted by Newyork times People are hating the pistons because we lost to the Cavs so we are not Going to split UP OK DO you know who I AM ??? I did the ford comerical at brairwood mall in ann arbor?

  123. Anonymous

    Are you Tashon Prince

    You did the chomerical at brairwood mall i got ball signed fifth sweet OMG You are Hot
    You let my sister sign your jeresey this website rock!!!


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