It’s Over….Again

by | Jun 2, 2007 | 440 comments

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There is not much to say right now The Cavaliers took the series. It was a dogfight, and I honestly didn’t think these games would go the way they have. Congrats to the Cavs and good luck to in the Finals, you have a tough opponent ahead in the Spurs.

Are the Pistons the better team? I think so, but they didn’t play that way. None of that even matters now anyway. It’s been an enjoyable season, we have plenty to look forward to. What’s in store for the Pistons next season? Plenty…. it’s going to unfold very soon Pistons fans.

David Stern is sleeping well tonight.


  1. Anonymous

    This is Bullshit…Amanda, I got my thesaurus and everything….be a good sport

  2. Anonymous

    I’ve been looking forward to this all week. Can’t you take a little gloating….You’re a big girl aren’t you….show us Ignorant Cav fans what you’re made of!! Post it!!


  3. Jacob

    Damn. Detroit just couldn’t get the breaks and big buckets they needed in the last 4 games of this series. Hats off not to Cleveland but to Lebron James. I believe this series ended in game 5 when he just couldn’t miss anything. This team will be back next year and I believe will be even better than this year. Good Luck Cleveland, San Antonio is on a roll.

  4. Meg/RIPtastic

    ๐Ÿ™ that is all

  5. jess

    I couldnt have said it any better. I KNOW we are the better team but they earned it. They played their heart out for it.

    Im scared to see what happens in the off season.

  6. Anonymous

    my heart literally aches for dyess and webber.

  7. Anonymous

    we need a new spark. Someone to fit in with sheed,prince,rip and billups (if he comes back)

    – Vin

  8. Jacob

    I couldn’t sleep twice this week. Game four I was up all night, and Game five which I really thought we had when we went up by six in the fourth. I mean how many fade away one footed jumpers has Lebron ever made? He made more in the fourth and OT’s than I’d seen him in his whole career. San Antonio is a monster of a team and in a way I’m almost glad we don’t have to play them. I probably won’t even watch the finals with the games no doubt being in the low 80’s and more ass kissing of Duncan and LeBron. Makes me sick.

  9. Anonymous

    “David Stern is sleeping well tonight.” Oh, fuck you. Did David Stern make Chumpy Billups and Tayshaun Princess play like shit all series? Did David Stern make the Cavs’ rim larger so Boobie could knock down all those threes? Did David Stern make Joe Dumars hire the most dumbass mulletted head coach ever?

    Grow up.

  10. Anonymous

    Anon 12:23….money!!! Wham with the right hand. I can’t believe she posted it.

  11. Jacob

    She’s not inferring that Stern fixed this series. She’s saying that he is damn happy to have the NBA’s poster boy in its finals. You cleveland fans are such bags of douche your team has sucked for decades and when you literally win the lottery to get Lebron a new group of Cav fans magically emerge. Please we’ve been doing this for years, enjoy your series with the Spurs.

  12. Ashish


    once a guy puts up a couple threes put a god damn man on him seriously!



    i know i’m not the only one scratching my head over this one.

    game was going down to the wire, but flip has no idea how to shut down the hot hand.

    he just puts his players on an island and makes them look bad. i haven’t seen the pistons EVER look disorganized, even back in the era of OT, marc macon, and Terry mills

    somethings gotta give

  13. jess

    I meant to say *YOU COULDNT HAVE…..*

    With sucha short summary.. you said all the right things… everything I was thinking

    and anon 12:23 you grow up. Listen to yourself.

  14. Natalie

    Do you actually think David Stern wanted a Pistons-Spurs Finals… He is sleeping well tonight, that is not a slight against the Cavs… You won, celebrate.

  15. Anonymous

    woah, i can see a lot of pistons fans are still up. a true fan wont get any sleep tonight. at least its sunday. waht am i going to do? my room is a complete shrine of the pistons. 20 posters, autographs, bobblehead…EVERYTHING! i will love the pistons always and forrever, but it’s going to be a long offseason, folks =[

  16. Jacob

    Dumars has got his work cut out for him this offseason. This team can get better in a lot of ways lets see what magic he can pull out the hat.

  17. Anonymous

    man like what happend i mean i sat all day and said we got it expernice beats talent always. Then i said danm what kind of experince does our coach have cause he was in the same spot and blew it with KG. I know you shouldent blame the coach but how meny times can you blow a confrence finals cause all i know is its time for a change in the coaching staff and not the players

  18. Anonymous

    excellent review natalie . u always say something to cheer me up . “david stern is sleeping well tonight”. lets face it we did crap, they out played us. in order for us to move forward they should be a coaching change: becuase flip saunders seemed as if he didn’t know what the hell he was doing . he’s made poor choices all damn year and i feel he should be gone. we should try to get morris peterson and probably acie law in the draft because we need some back up for chauncey(thats if he is staying) if chauncey goes i don’t know what will happen because rip and the rest of the guys would probably follow

  19. MrAfro@HK

    Natalie Cheer Up!
    Pls Keep good work just like u did.
    Hey Everybody, stay cool!
    Let’s just Ignore those childish kid.

  20. Anonymous

    Changes are coming. I congratulate and respect Lebron for somehow willing his team to victory. This series was won in Game 5.

    Tonight the officiating was a joke. It would be nice if things were consistent on both ends. As Sheed was getting his double T I was screaming at the TV and waking my children. My wife was ready to eject me from the house. Pistons had their opportunities before tonight but the refs completely stopped any chance of momentum developing for us.

  21. Anonymous

    We got the 15th and 27th first round pick in this years draft so lets see what we get outta that!!! Chaunce… I dont know what to say about him… I think he might make that move to leave…

    Because I h8 the Cavs I’m rootin for the Spurs… I hope they sweep them!!!

    The Q is full of ish!! Falling debris from the fireworks, the orange ball rolling on the floor no time out, scoreboard malfunction…

    But through it all I’M STILL A DETROIT PISTONS FAN!!! TO THE DAY I DIE!!!!

  22. Anonymous

    Bron keeps saying ‘Championship’ Yeah the Eastern Conference Championship… They are just happy to be there… Cleveland is still the MISTAKE BY THE LAKE!!!

    GO SPURS!!

  23. E

    Natalie, you’re a true fan. I can only imagine how you felt after this loss. I’m feeling sick to my stomach right now, and I just want to vomit. What hurts the most is the feeling that the pistons really were the better team…they just played extremely out of character the whole series. I’m at a loss for words after this heart breaking end..

  24. Anonymous

    if i were chauncey i would bolt unless there was a coaching change…

    LA is going to come calling and you can’t say no to jerry west…

    the team looked foolish out there tonight and its all on flip saunders if you ask me…

    big ups to sheed for callin out the refs, varajoke struck. can’t say i don’t blame the guy if it works… to bad hes going up agains the guys who perfected the flop (no not stockton/malone they invented it) the san antone spurs…

    i dont know how they will stretch the finals past 4, but i’m sure they have plenty of whistles to help em out…

  25. Anonymous

    Ruin and misery.I have been waiting since ’04.Why did bigshot play like that? Why Philip Saunders is a dumb? continiuing zone after all that there points…..

    I luv pistons.especially sheed.

    i cried for my beaten and fallen champion…

    Burak BEK

  26. Anonymous

    Grow up is right Anon 12:23. have you such a big chip on your shoulder as a cavs fan thats finally able to watch your team play in the finals that you cant just enjoy the moment? my hat’s off to the cavaliers, they took advantage of their opportunity in perfect fashion on their home court. however, you also have to literally be a complete idiot to ignore the fact that stern’s a happier guy now knowing instead of a rematch, he’s got a fresh team from the east in the finals with. Not to mention the NBA’s obvious poster boy. Grow up

  27. uyen

    Chauncey is NOT leaving. I can’t see any other PG leading our Pistons. As RIP said in ESPN interview about Chauncey- “if you go, I go” Flip on the other hand has to GO. Can Joe D get Chuck Daly out of retirement.

  28. jess

    “Can Joe D get Chuck Daly out of retirement.”

    that was funny uyen even though you probably werent laughin. wouldnt we all love to see that at this point?

  29. Anonymous

    lebron is just lucky…he’s not a superstar… mark my word…his teamates are garbage…

  30. JACo

    stupistars… stupistars… pistons were taken out of their game by the refs and thats, that…clevland has proven nothing.

    “pistons are bad for basketball” MJ


  31. Anonymous

    I am sooo upset. I wont be able to sleep all night. Gay a$$ people are running up and down my streets cheering for the Cavs…their trying to piss me off. After this game i started to cry. It is sooo sad. Hope some of you get some sleep i know i wont be able to.

  32. uyen

    Flip has to fucking go. The same shit happended last year. Fucking lost to Heat in game 6 of conf finals. Flip couldn’t get Minnesota out of the first rounds and fucking can’t get us out of conf finals.
    Jess, all that i can said about Chuck Daly to keep me from crying.

  33. Anonymous


  34. Anonymous

    This is all I’m saying…

    Free Throws –

    Cavs = 46
    Pistons = 27


    For an elimination game, it was pretty obvious who they wanted to eliminate.

    @$%! Varejao and the floppin Cavs

  35. Anonymous

    Why are all the trolls in Ohio stalking this blog? You all too stupid to make your own? Go gloat with your 46 free throws at the line at your own ‘I SUCK ON LBJ’S DICK SITE”. Morons!

    Good luck COWS, Spurs has 3 superstars and 1 Eva Longaria, they will definitely get more calls than you. And you will just embarrass yourself on TV like your OHIO State Choke Football teams and Basketball teams.

  36. Anonymous

    Congrats to the cavs players not the fans they were just real bastards. Look I have followed the pistons for a while and this lost has been a dagger to my heart.. Here is the deaL WHERE WAS THE DEFFENSE Flip sucks he has just been on a joy ride the day he joined the pistons! we need to get a good coach and there are alot of them on the map. Where was the heart?? RIP you were increible ill see you at hamilton camp.. pistons for ever!!

  37. bratgurl tenshi

    congrats to Cavs or shall i say to lebron james….i still believe Pistons one hell of a team


  38. Anonymous

    1 big shot stays like who would belive chuncey would sell out like Big Bitch and leave for purple and gold i mean he built a home at the place i just dont think he is up for anymore traveling but i just think that flip is out of his league maby girl soccer or somthing like that maby but yeah he got to go Joe D has never mad a worng move in my mind i hipe he makes the right decison and gives flip the boot and sheed dont let the door hit ya on the way out!

  39. Anonymous


  40. Anonymous

    The NBA is so soft now. At least Jordan had to go through the BAD BOYS. He had to earn his way to the line…

    Lebron touches the ball and its two free throws. Even ‘Boobie’ shot something like 15 free throws tonight!

    Our whole squad was going to the rim all night and we get no love at the line. Nothing!!!

    Here, Cavs, here’s more free points. Take twenty more foul shots than the other team. You for some reason deserve it for being in the NBA with one scrub team for like 3 years.

    This is outrageous!!!

  41. Anonymous


  42. Anonymous


  43. Raul El Patron

    First off, yes, congratulations to the TRUE Cavaliers fans, as in: Those who have had to endure the Jordan over Ehlo shot in every Gatorade commercial, not all of the FAIRWEATHER fans that are now showing up. We the true Pistons fans know what it’s like to endure frustrations, so to the TRUE Cavs fans, congratulations. To the fairweather ones, please get off need4sheed!

    To the true Pistons fans, it’s time not to start blaming anyone but to rally around Joe Dumars and the players and coaches. I agree that we need a coach who truly understands where the heart of the Pistons truly lies. I’d say, and call me crazy, that BILL LAIMBEER should be tapped in to come back home once again. After all, he built the Detroit Shock into a Champion and he bleeds Red and Blue like nobody.

    I feel sorry about all the players, but some changes need to happen. I think Nazr and C-Webb might need to go. Webb’s knees are betraying him and he paid his dues. Nazr wasn’t a contributor and needs to go. We need to draft strong, I’d say go for Jeff Green from G-town, he’s a good wing forward. I also think we need to get J-Maxx in the starting 5, maybe have him Diesel up some more in the offseason. Whether Billups stays or not, we need to draft a good guard to support him. Acie Law IV is a good option, he’s tough and clutch.

    I’ve been a Pistons fan since 1987, and I won’t give up on the Red and Blue… they didn’t believe in us in 1989, they didn’t believe in us in 2004, and yet we keep finding ways to thrive and survive. We will return to contention. If the “King” wants to claim the Eastern Conference, we won’t stop fighting… the Pistons lost this one, BUT WE’RE FAR FROM DEAD!!!!!!!!! DEEETROIT BASKETBALL ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!!!!!!

    And, Natalie, Keep up the good work. I love your website! Your biggest fan from Colombia!!!!!

  44. Anonymous

    You know the NBA wanted this Finals matchup. They couldnt afford to have 2 defensive teams in the finals again. They baby lebron like dwayne wade last year. Whoever said Flip needs to go, I disagree he took us to one hell of a record last year. I cant beleive the calls they give lebron. Hes the face of the NBA they can let him not win because that wouldnt jack the TV ratings up.

    The seasons over and im exited. Start a countdown NOW. Max is going to be great next year playing all year and chauncey will resign. Joe wouldnt let 2 faces of the franchise leave 2 straight years. CHauncey wouldnt be anything without Rip so everyone dont panic. I think we needed this loss. We needed a wake up call to let us know its not an easy 1-2-3 step anymore we need to play Detroit Basketball like we did against orlando and Chicago. Sheed needs to start getting calls the refs are 100% against him and its obvious. Im happy he got that T tonight to show he cant take it anymore. And finally Tay you need to step up on both ends of the floor. YOu werent are go to guy on D this post season and you could hit the rim to save oyur ass.
    Joe you have a great team dont lose it this summer i think we need to pick up a good back up point because i get scared with flip bringing i up.
    Everyone now lets get ready for 2007-2008.

  45. Mustafa

    The Refs are probably giving David Stern a BLow JOB right now… while David Stern is celbrating the outcome of this game!

  46. Anonymous

    FUCK DAVID STERN, he obviousley wanted lebron in the finals just to get a few moe bucks, but hats off to the pistons, they went out there hard! They had to beat the fans, the cavs, LeBron, and david ster with his hick-ass refs, with a descently called game, i honestly believe we couldve won games 5 nd 6. AND U GUVE MAD PROPS TO SHEED FOR GETTING THAT DOUBLE TEC AND STICKING UP FOR HIS FUCKING TEAM….

  47. bluntypants

    Another case of Webber being nothing but a LOSER (not that I blame it on him).

    We need to sign some type of perimeter bench presence…or maybe a presence whatsoever. Other than ‘Sheed and Chauncey, who shot a trey?

    Carlos Delfino needs to go back to some other hemisphere, too. He is absolutely worthless.

    I can’t believe I’m longing for Mehmet.

  48. uyen

    Think I’m going to cry myself to sleep. ๐Ÿ™

  49. Anonymous

    Way to go NBA…

    Here’a another championship ring for Robert Horry.

    The Cavs roster is filled with scrub players that wouldn’t start for the majority of teams in the NBA.

    I’m glad that we now get to watch a ball-hog team from the East go up against the Spurs.

    We took the Spurs to seven. The Cavs are going to be lucky to go 5…

  50. Anonymous

    ^^ (1:16) yuppp i agree… sheed did it right!!! he said im not takin this shit anymoreeeee !!!

    he knew it was unfair as hell and he was not gonna be quiet about it anymore!!

    but thank you anonymous 1:12!!

    you seriuosly made me feel better hah.. i dunno what exactly you said but after your comment im already over tonight and im ready for next year !! (hopefully with chauncey!!!!)

    lets go pistons!!

    “gangstas” & “thugs”
    we embrace the love
    and beat the hell outta anyone who fu*ks with us!
    detroit motha fu*kas til we die!

  51. Anonymous

    btw i meant the first 1:12 who said DETROIT bASKETBALL at the end cause i was the second 1:12 lol just thought id mentiont hat

  52. Eric

    “I guess you can get through Detroit, by training in a pool.”- Wise

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist

  53. sammi

    i still love my boys and im sorry for what they have to go through right now. they wanted it so bad but sometimes things just dont go right.

    but remember guys, we are all pistons fans for life.

    real love is not giving up even when its over. ๐Ÿ™‚

    deeeetroit basketball

  54. Anonymous

    the NBA is all about business i wont be surprised if chauncey leaves…..

  55. Anonymous

    soooo does anyone have an idea of when stern retires? cause party at my house when he doess!!!

  56. MikeintheD

    Well i just got back from Palace Vision and it was a long and quiet ride home… Rasheed’s emotion and passion is something i have understood because it is what drives him. But at the same time it really may have cost us by him getting ejected. Hats off to the Cavaliers they have quite a Superstar for their franchise for years to come…

    Going to be an interesting offseason thats for damn sure

  57. RKR

    they need to get KG from MINN him and sheed in da paint no one will come in but they need to get rid of flip i mean they got rid of larry after he won a title then lost in the finals i dont understand that lol

  58. elaine

    poor mcdyess..he’s my fave player and i wish i could give him a big hug right now!! he’s such a nice guy and a good player. he deserves a championship more than anyone. i hope he is still with the Pistons next year and doesn’t retire this off-season.

    I <3 DETROIT!!

  59. Anonymous

    nobody can blame the coach ….flip is a great coach…he puts thaa ball in billups hands and his weakness was exposed this series…i think that the team might have to make sum trade’s even tho i luv billups…i dun know how much longer he will be a piston… hamilton is the greatest player in the NBA!!!

  60. sammi

    ohhh please chauncey dont leave! i named my dog after him! ahhhhhh

  61. Anonymous

    Everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!! against FLip Suanders ……so Chauncey can stay in detroit and we can finally have a coach who doesnt choke in the confrence finals PLEASE Join my group in FACEBOOk heres the link

    PLEASE HELP A BROTHER OUT!! WE are a eastern dynasty cuz there is nobody who plays team ball like us!!! WE gotta keep the faith in the good and bad times ! SHEED I UNDERSTAND YOU COULDNT TAKE THE REFS AND FLIP J-MAX YA SEEMED SAD BUT MAN YOU PROVED YOURSELF THIS SEASON!!!

  62. RKR

    they need to play jason maxiell more next year and draft sum1 thats like trveor ariza from da magic

  63. Anonymous

    i like the twat who says i have been a fan since 87, got some good laughs out of that. dp is about the day we draft zeke from indiana, thats when this franchise began, and i’m not down with it ending here by keeping flip saunders.

    worst coaching performance ever, who brings in nazr in the 1st Q? he has barely played since we got c webb. i think the flip murray/lindsay line was good, but pushed it a little far plus flip murray should have been playing a lot more given his performance at the end of the season and the stuggles of our back court. they had no legs, everything came up short…. maybe as a coach you should notice this and switch up the back court a bit dont ya thinK????

    and any mention of laimbeer as a coach in the nba is ridiculous. does it look like our team has training wheels on it ???? do we need a coach with no experience??? what the hell ? you think hes better than flip saudners hahahahaa???

    get your head out of your ass
    we need a coach with finals/championship experience, period.

  64. Anonymous

    Its safe to say the best TEAM didnt advance, just the team with the best player. And yes David Stern is sleeping like a baby, just like he did last year when Wade and Shaq anvanced. Unfortunatly the NBA dosent want to see the Pistons in the finals, and now they have their finals filled with stupidstars. But CONGRATS to the Pistons on ANOTHER trip to the east finals, they took us on anoter wild ride and now they have to look onto next season. Theirs going to be a lot of work to be done, most importantly the resigning of Big Shot and Dyese.Chris Webber and the coaching situation are other concerns,I say give BIG Bill Lambier a shot i think he would work out.

  65. Anonymous

    rasheed is one of mah favorite players but whyyyyyyy…..lik i kno the refs are assholes but your team needed you. and u act like there nothing….i think rasheed will be dealt this summer … i kno the pistons prolly wud of lose anyway but that put there season away for sure.

    DETROIT PISTONS for lyfe

  66. uyen

    chauncey’s weakness was not exposed, he had a bad series. He lead us to a championship. Flip on the other couldn’t get Minnesota out of the fucking first rounds and can’t get us out of the conf finals. Get your facts straight before talking shit about Mr. Big Shot.

  67. Anonymous

    rip hamilton is the superstar and billups is a joke… like step up for your team when they need you bitch

  68. Anonymous

    uyen ur fukking retarded …. he had a bad series becuz of the way the cavs played him dumbass …they exposed what he was good at and what he wasn’t…i didn’t talk shyyt bout billups cuz he’s to nice…i know that u dun no detroit ball so ima juss let you keep talking ish

  69. Anonymous

    We need to trade tayshaun

  70. Anonymous

    flip is a good coach and players and fans need to show him sum love… lik who are you guys to talk about him … he got us to the eastern conference finals two yrs in a row …. he can only do show much billups iis the coach out there on the floor and flip can’t make billups not turn the ball over out there …. this was just the team reaking down not the coach or billups… it was everyone

  71. Anonymous


  72. jessi

    I beleive in my hearts of all hearts that the pistons are just not meant to win. I really think that the league does not want to see the pistons win this one. Maybe because the woman won it maybe because of what think the pistons stand for or well maybe because of the fact that the league wants to see its James win as it did with wade. I really do not knwo I just know that I am starting to lose faith in this league. I will never give up on the piston even know I had this feeling that this year there was no way there would be a game seven of anyone had anything to do with it except the pistons. I could not watch this game but what I did see I did not like. I am the biggest prince fan but he was tired and that is not good cause even he said he would have help which he did not get. I really thik the pistons need it someone whi can help him out and get him rest cause its now been two years in the playoffs where no one on the team is there. I think flip needs to go and the pistons need some support to help tay they have taken him for granteed and well it just ran out. I hope Joe can find some way of helping out this team. I am a pistons fan until the end and will always been. I have already bought my season pistons for next season even know I will not be able to go to very many games with being out west in edmonton but I will be cheering for then as I did tonight. I am really sorry it ended this way but I do not see the pistons going away.

  73. Anonymous

    plzzzdun blame the nba refs … is the pistons stayed together as a team and didn’t let shyt lik that bother em they wud be fine but it got to there head. the team broke down and players fell into slumps and cud not recover

  74. Anonymous

    The Pistons do need a coaching change its obvious. Just like when they made changes after they won in 04, they must make changes and it starts with Coach Flip(GAME OVER)!!!

  75. uyen

    First of all, if you are going to call me retarted please write like you at least graduated middle school. I’m just stating the obvious. Billups didn’t get the name, Mr. Big Shot for nothing. Flip never got Minnesota out of the first rounds and couldn’t get us out of the conf finals. So tell me, what is it that I don’t know about Detroit basketball? The facts that I have stated is true, is it not?

  76. Anonymous

    piston fans need to stick together not against eachother !!

    just cause we re not in the playoffs anymore and arent going to fight with other fans til next season doesnt mean wehave to fight with each other!

  77. Anonymous

    The Pistons need to get a prime time scorer of the bench with McDyese.I say via free angent they try to pick up,ready for this………..Jerry Stackhouse-Remember this comment-

  78. Anonymous

    Come back Stack! Hey, why not?

  79. Anonymous

    Man, I have cried for the Pistons so now what. I think they gave up once Rasheed got the technicals I felt his emotion through the TV, he just got feed up the bogus calls they were getting, all that flopping the Cavs do are just ridiculous, the calls just didn’t go the Pistons way, they were emotionally drained, I don’t even think that they were tired, you can’t beat the refs and the players too, they just threw their hands up, I thought the Pistons were doing a good job in the first 3 quarters, but something went terribly wrong in the 4th, I think the decision to rest Rip and Chanucey in the beginning was realy stupid, he should have done that at the end of the 3rd, so maybe Flip Saunders isn’t the right fit for this team, he may need to be let go. I hope that the Pistons do all they can to bring Chauncey (my favorite) back I think that they will be a mess without him and if he leaves I think that the team would have a tough season next year, I think that we may need a center but get it right nest season, Jason Maxiell may need to be a starter. Rasheed is the fire for the team, Tay is the heart, Rip is the soul and Chauncey is the Life. I think that here is a piece missing and that is the Spirit, who could that be???? Hey we should start a petition to let Chauncey know how how much the fan want him to stay, I think that he needs to know that we love him and want him to retire as a Pistonn I got that mad love for that team, I’m all cried out, I’m gonna try to go to sleep, Good night Pistons fans and let’s get ready for nest season. Peace!!!

  80. Anonymous

    The Cavs suck.And oh ya that was the uglyest Boobie ive ever seen.Esh.Deeetroit 4 life.

  81. uyen

    Agreed. We (piston fans) can agree to disagree among ourselves but there is no need for name calling.

  82. Anonymous



  83. BIG Poppa RYE

    Im so sad DET lost..I hope this loss becomes an effective motivation for next year..hope chauncey stays..i hope Mcdyess stays too… i will miss the pistons!

    cant wait for the next season!

  84. Anonymous

    I just feel so empty right now.
    Does this mean another, When September Ends Detroit Pistons Video ???

    ='( <|3 Vin

  85. BIG Poppa RYE

    ^ i thought of that sad…even if im from the other side of the can feel the Pistons’ sadness…

    i hope something cheers us up real an assurance from billups he wont go.

  86. Matthew Fiting

    First and foremost, Sheed is 99% staying in Detroit. The only team I could imagine willing to pick him up is the Mavericks. He will finish his career as a Piston.

    Chauncey is 50/50 in my book right now.

    Rip and Tayshaun will be used as trade bait. Zach Randolph from Portland is a good possibility. Either Shawn Marion and Amare Stoudemire from the Suns are possibilities. Sound crazy? The Suns have to make a move and Rip would fit in very well with their offense and Tayshaun would prove valuable to them as well. Kevin Garnett could be a possibility as well. It may seem crazy, but Detroit needs to make a big move. The era ended when Ben left and we all know it. 2 out of the remaining 4 will no longer be with us next year. That’s just how it very will could end up. Flip is GONE btw and rightfully so. Look at his playoff performance the last two years. The regular season is great and all, but in the end it is the playoffs that matter. Other than the 1st round, the Pistons have looked awful/mediocre at best in the playoffs for the past two years. Its time for another change.

  87. Lik

    Congratz to the reffs and Stern for the fixed series.

  88. BIG Poppa RYE

    Aside from the CAVS…NIKE wins too..LOL.

  89. Mustafa


    Bring back larry brown, thats all i have to say!


  90. uyen


  91. Anonymous

    At the end of the day all of us Pistons fans have to tip our caps to the LeBrons (and Boobie) on a series well played. We have not seen Pistons basketball played since Game 3 of the Chicago series. There are many people who deserve blame: the refs (so many BS calls), the players (too much discord (or so the rumors say), too much “turning it on” when necessary, some over confidence, i could go on and on), the teflon don himself joe d (horrible moves with nazr and flip), and most of all the coaching staff specifically flip. I just hope as a life long Pistons fan we fall into the dark ages like the old Bad Boys did, but our core is much younger so that seems unlikely. I do think we need a drastic move as in a new impact player added to the core group. That most likely means moving one of our core 4. To me Tay seems untouchable (he is still the future and I don’t see Joe moving the player that most reminds him of himself), Chauncey controls his own destiny, Sheed (who has been my favorite player since his blazer days, back when ben started emerging for us in 00-01 i used to tell my best friend how cool it would be if we somehow traded for sheed and won it all and low and behold…) probably can’t be moved due to age and his contract (thank god cause i like most others here def don’t want to see him gone), leaving rip (who def does carry us on offense but is def the one who can easily be replaced and upgraded to a “star” who gets “star treatment) and our 2 first rounders as bait for one of the big name stars who will be on the block this summer. Personally if kobe became available i would trade rip chauncey and one of the first rounders for him (i hate that guy more than most, even own a kobe is a scumbag tshirt but could you imagine an even more motivated kobe in the east with a sold supporting cast? thats at least one ring guaransheed). But the biggest most vital move and one that i doubt will happen is that Flip must be fired, he has proven now after 3 conferance finals trips that he while he’s a smart coach in terms of plays he can’t make the on the fly decisons required to win in the playoffs, he got outcoached but freakin Mike Brown for god’s sakes. If anyone starts a Fire Flip website, petition, whatever please post it on here so all us disgruntled fans can support it. That all being said the future is cloudy but the Pistons are not dead…yet. If this is the end of an era for our core four, thanks for the ‘ship and all the memories. FIRE FLIP…SAVE SHEED (just in case)

  92. Anonymous

    *i meant to say we won’t fall into the dark ages

  93. Anonymous

    Anony 1:55,Tayshaun should be traded? Are you stupid? He just had an off series, the players just had an off series. Chauncey will stay because he knows that the Detroit Fans can’t go through our best player leaving again.

    I think we should get Bill Lambier as coach.
    Also, I am going to love Chauncey forever no matter what happens cause he has led this team for a long time. Rip will become a superstar cause I think he knows that he has to score a lot in the playoffs in games like this series.

  94. sheed or bust

    I got into a huge argument at the bar i watched the game at about sheed when he was ejected. he contained his composure enough to send james to the line and then when he was fouled out and could do no more he got the tech if not techs saunders should have gotten for having to put up with the calls. the pistons should have responded to that emotion it could have been an extra point for the cavs but they didnt even hit the tech. I think everyone else let him down in a big way. I really thought that was the spark they needed. like when they would start going strong to the basket but they just took second guessed forced jumpers. sooooooooooo pissed. oh and for that douche that wants to see sheed leave. pistons defense is NOTHING with out him. sorry to say but im out when hes gone

  95. Michael

    I have never posted here before tonight, but I have to say my peace in the one place I feel it needs to be said. Rasheed did not get ejected because he was mad. He bailed on his team. He knew it was over, and he didn’t have the balls to loose like a man. I am sorry, but there is no need 4 a guy who cannot stand by his teamates. Win as one, loose as one. What NBA player goes after a REF? You asked to get ejected, and you got your wish. You didn’t have to be on the floor, embarresed by a rookie and a college senior. I have bled piston colors since I was a boy, and this franchise has always stood for TEAM. You, Rasheed, are not a part of that. I believed in your passion, that it was derived from a desire for the PISTONS to win a ‘ship. I excused your behavior during the regular season, believing that you only wanted the team to have the best shot at winning. I now see that you have only your own pride as your motivation. You, and the rest of your teammates are paid extrodinary sums of money to PLAY a GAME that most humans enjoy for recreation. You should consider that before you get yourself ‘ejected’ from your next teams’ game.

  96. Anonymous

    They can blame sheed, but sheed was the most consistent piston in the playoffs. after game 5 you could tell his emotions were at the breaking point; it started with mcdyess’ ejection in game 5; it was all downhill from there; you do not see that fire from sheed because of the fear of more techs; he was target the last three years by the stern storm troopers; i thought he should have controlled himself better in the game, but what the hell, you all saw the bogus calls; and sheed could not controll himself; god bless the pistons and i respect joe dumars to do what is best for the pistons; i just hope that next years team includes chauncy and sheed; chauncey did not show anything this series, but i still believe in him

  97. Zach Landres-Schnur

    very classy, Natalie. You, unlike Sheed, went out on top…nicely done. it’s hard to admit defeat, but you do so with class and character.

  98. Anonymous

    I say: Need2GetRidOfSheed

    What a soreass loser that guy is. What a disgrace to professional sports. I know some of you like the guy, and I hope you don’t think I’m piling on, but how many meltdowns and unclassy tantrums does he have to have in his career before people realize that he’s just a turd? Since the minute he came into this league, he could have been a Tim Duncan. But instead, he failed to grow as an individual, got by mostly on talent alone and failed to become the best he can be. It’s a shame. I don’t hate him as a person, because I don’t know him – but I do hate how he has treated his NBA career. Such a waste of immense talent. He could have been an All-Time Great, but chose to be an overconfident child. I feel horrible for his Piston teammates that they had to not only witness his meltdown tonight, but to also have to try to hold him back. Such a shame. That all said, good luck to you in the future, Pistons fans. If and when this guy is off your team, I’ll be rooting for you again.

  99. Anonymous

    Scowling as I was all night, everything came down to my dear wife who was watching the game with me:

    “He got thrown out for that?”

    She may just be getting a handle on sports outside of soccer and tennis, but that was one of the more insightful comments I’ve heard in the while…

    (((Let’s T Sheed in case he breathes hard! Let’s do it twice if he coughs!)))

    Whatever. His reputation preceded him, which is hilarious seeing that refs are supposed to be objective entities. Oh well. It’s great that this was one of the greatest referee performances in conference finals history. Give them the Jerry Krause Memorial Trophy!!!

    Not that I want to start a whole new thread…but I had a feeling our ‘stones may have been whooped by the Spurs (say, 6)…

    That means anything equal to/lesser than those steers/(finish it if you’ve seen Full Metal Jacket) will keep me completely losing it…(Plus a 2-hitter by Bonderman tomorrow)

  100. Anonymous

    Its funny how frustration drives fans mad ya’ll should calm down…give lebron his due, he had enough money to pay the refs from if the refs do the same in the spurs series expect a knee to the crotch of lebron by bowen… but seriously look forward to seeing the MONSTER Amir Johnson will be and Delfino will keep improving.. but seriously we need a better Center… i hope amir,maxiell and mcdyess fill that void.


  101. Anonymous

    R.I.P Detroit… what a funeral it was.

  102. Lik

    Leave Sheed alone, he said that hes not in this league to be a superstar, but to win a ring. I mean, hes playing with the heart and emotions.

    I agree that Flip should be fired, I don’t see him fighting for hes team like Brown did it. Seriously that series were fixed, like Sheed said “NBA is all about money”. I won’t be surprised if the finals will be fixed too and Cavs win 4-2. If there will be fair game finals then Spurs will win it in 4.

  103. Ryan

    Pistons fans, we don’t have to be feeling down because we lost this series. It’s not like we played poorly (in my humble point of view), we played great! We kept it close in games 1-5, but we have to admit, ‘Bron played better, and his cohorts stepped up when our ‘Stones couldn’t. So hats off to the Cavs and ‘Bron. Bring that ‘ship to the east!!!

  104. Anonymous

    let’s make a chauncey petition=]

    natalie, you know how you made a petition for rasheed wallace, aka free sheed?

    Can we please make one like keep chauncey billups? HE CANNOT LEAVE.

    and neither can rip,tay,or sheed.

    What bugs me the most is how cwebb kept saying, the championship would mean so much to me, and i want it so bad? Well, he didn’t really show that.

    &&If mcDyess wasn’t ejected game 5, we would still have a game 7 at our place. This is ridiculous.

    Flip Saunders needs to go. Seriously! The way we guarded L.james, and “boobie” gibson, is not acceptable. Flip’s stategies may work in the regular season, but definetely not in the playoffs.

    long offseason…that’s for sure.


  105. Davi Alexander

    damn, what a human being can say after a deception…

    Send sheed away…
    Rip and Prince must leave…
    Chauncey will not stay…

    Hey, letยดs just shut the fuck up on sunday, donยดt say things you will regret in the future. Congratulation to Lebron James and his will of fortune. Nothing more can be said right now. Any attitude took in game 6 is worthless to chat about.

  106. Anonymous

    ok well we all know what great players the pistons are! we’ve seen it in the regular season just a month ago !! theproblem is they dont know how to play the SAME team CONSECUTIVELY .. well not with flips style anyways.. he knows how to get a etam beat for one night and move to the next… but we know our players are capable of BEATING these teams we just need a coach who can handle the same team more than one night in a row.. flip is a good coach.. just not for the pistons.. we’re mixing a coach with a certain style with players who have a different style in a league whose style has COMPLETEY changed for the worse.. we just have to start matching things up.. aka a new coach for the pistons who can give them what they need.. i wouldnt mind seeing larry brown back either

  107. Anonymous

    I don’t look at it as the cavs won.
    i look at it like LeBron won.
    and everyone knows if it wasn’t for him they wouldn’t be very far.
    yes the pistons played good, but this game could have determined chauncey billups future.
    sure one player dont make that much of a difference.
    but then it might affect Rip hamilton, as you all know he is like begging him to stay.
    and chris might retire.
    so this game had a lot to do with the future.

  108. Anonymous

    the whole state of michigan is in depression mode.

    when will we find out about the changes of next season? there is like no post game quotes or anything…

  109. Anonymous

    I am very disappointed for the way the Pistons played this series..changed need to be made this summer..

    Anyways, GO PISTONS! I will always cheer for you..can’t wait for the next season

    Spurs beat Cavs in 5

  110. Ricky - Sixers4guidos

    This is a great blog so I’m expecting some deeper analysis of the game and of the series in the next days

    Sheed and some key players (Billups, Tay) played pretty bad and well under their usual efficiency. 5-14 and 2 reb in 30 minutes, WTF? Are they already declinin, or poorly coached or what?

    Pistons could and should have won this series, they were the better T-E-A-M. But Cavs DESERVELY advanced. Why?

    I wait for need4sheed explainations

    Ricky – Sixers4guidos

  111. Anonymous

    I like this blog, it’s nice and all, but you Pissants fans are priceless. The refs screwed us! WAH!

    Did the refs make the Cavs out-rebound the Pissants 53-33? Did the refs make Tayshaun Princess shoot 16-62 in the series? Did the refs force Raweed into being the biggest bitch in the NBA? Man up, Pissants fans.

  112. Jessica

    I am honestly heartbroken.
    Nothing else to explain it.
    I hate this feeling, I had it last year too.
    I’m also very, very anxious.
    I hope to GOD Billups is not going to leave.
    With all my heart I hope he is not going to leave.

    It is very disappointing, but I love the Pistons, and will continue to.

    I hope there is some good things to look forward to in the summer, like Nat said. I just don’t know what. I just want Billups to stay!
    I want us to be together one more year!

    And David Stern IS sleeping well tonight. Why would he actually want a TEAM in the finals rather than a huge “superstar?”
    I hate that faggit.

    I hate all of Cleveland right now.
    This changed my whole summer. Plain and simple.

    Nat, what do you think about Billups?

  113. Anonymous

    anonymous 10:36…us “pissants” fans are not saying they MADE them shoot poortly, but the calls they made were awful. There were so many calls. If they didn’t call a flagrant 2 on mcdyess in game 5, game 7 would be tomorrow. sheed was also fouled with 33 seconds to go in double overtime. they didn’t call it! Everybody knows Varajoe is a flopper. Sheed’s 5th foul was complete BS. You know it, and they know it. &&&David stern just wants all the stupoerstars to get all the fame; not a team who plays like a team.

  114. SAMMI

    congrats to sprite and nike. you played a really great game and you deserve all the fame and money that will be coming to you in a few days.

    SPRITE/NIKE —–> ’07 NBA CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!

  115. Tara

    When do you think we’ll find out about the changes that will be made for next season? i hope that none of the players leave, but we do need a little change in the coaching!! PISTONS FOREVER!!! <3

  116. Anonymous

    anonymous 10:36… nooo the refs didnt make the pistons shoot like that … but they DID give majority of the calls to the cavs and of course youre not going to admit it cause it was in your benefit… butmany of the calls that the pistons were called for would NEVER be called for on your little lebron or any of the other cavs… dice was called for a flagrant 2, ejected, and almost suspended.. lebron and gooden did simliar things and just got techs.. i could go on and on and onnnnn but im just saying.. if you were playing a game and all calls were AGAINST you every TWO SECONDS and all refs are going against you.. im pretty sure youd get aggravated and start messing up too .. its only human

    but congrats to lebron.. i didnt think it was possible for one person to win over a bunch of refs and soo many “fans”

  117. Jessica

    I love your comment, Sammi!

  118. Anonymous

    Pistons are definately the better team. The refs were complete bullshit and totally unfair.

  119. Egold98


    This is the Detroit Pistons we’re talking about. I know saying that might not carry around as much weight as it used to, but were still a very well run and established franchise. Joe Dumars is the best and smartest GM in the NBA. I have complete confidence in his ability to evaluate the roster where it stands and move it forward in the right direction.

    As for Billups, it is out of our hands. The Pistons will offer him a contract to stay, like they did last year with Big Ben, and it will be up to him to stay or leave. Everyone last year was freaking out when our “heart and soul” decided to bolt town, yet Dumars never panicked and still maintained a balanced roster.

    The Pistons aren’t done, believe me. In the Eastern conference, we’ll always be a contender even if there are some young improving teams on the rise. The experience and saavy of this team is too powerful to ignore and it will bring them back. Sure, maybe some changes will need to be made moving forward, however I am able to sleep on it knowing we got the right people in charge of the ship.

    It’ll be an interesting offseason, but it’s up to us Pistons fans to keep on supporting the team and never give up on them.

    As for the finals, regardless if the Pistons were to make, San Antonio is winning the championship. I’m out.

  120. Anonymous

    freaking ridiculous how pistons could make a half court shot and its ” good”, and LeBron makes a layup and it is the best shot of the game.
    Refs made bad calls (sometimes both ways)SOMETIMES
    FANS had no respect, AT ALL.

    its kinda funny how the cavs first ever finals appearance they are going to lose.
    i mean i even thought the Pistons were going to lose in the finals, but not as bad as cavs.

    Cavs arent even ALL that good. Freaking LeBron James, he could have 2 points and he could by the money player, he is in it for the FAMMEEE!!

  121. Patrick

    This is coming from a diehard Pistons fan and need4sheed supporter…




    His stupidity and complete lack of self control is a harmful attitude that has infected the rest of the team. I’m tired of the antics, the whining, the complaining, the profanity and the lack of 20 points and 10 boards. See ya Sheed…it was fun while it lasted.

  122. Anonymous


  123. Anonymous

    piston fans theres only ONE good thing to come from this loss.. watching hte cavs get their asses whooped kicked destroyed and used to clean the spurs court floor hahhaha ic ant wait til little lebron gets a taste of a series against a team that has THREE of him [superstars]WITH teammates who are talented hahaha lets see if he can win the refs over in this one!

  124. Anonymous

    Okay, I really believe a couple of things are going to happen. 1 thing is for certain, we are going to need a change. Zach Randolf may actually be the key to our success. I dont know if he is a free agent, or not… If he isnt, we could offer Nazr, Delfino, Blalock and a draft pick for Zach. Than sign Grant Hill this off season and you are back to a championship caliber team. If Chauncey were to go for a max deal, only 2 teams have the cap space to get him, Charlotte(who dont need a point gaurd) and Milwaukee whom Chauncey would probably turn down only for the fact that, that team isnt going anywhere. If any Piston starter were to get traded, I hate to say it but I feel Rasheed would be the one to go. For the simple fact that we need front court help. I have faith that Joe D will get us back to the promise land, but i was saying that right before the trade deadline when NOTHING happened. Bonzi wells could have done marvels for this team off the bench, and we just let him rot in Houstan. I know he has a bad attitude, but put him with the right group of players and you see how he dominates teams like San Antonio. I honestly believe that we can pull it off next year if we just tweak the frontcourt, and add Grant Hill or Morris Peterson. Lastly, congratulations to the Cavs. Mostly LeBron James. The Pistons didnt play with the Swagger they had throughout the playoffs. THey played with little heart and use the referees as an out to why they played so horrible. This was a mental game, this series was, and the pistons lost their cool. I do feel the referees had a major impact in the outcome of this series, but you still need to fight through and learn to play through it. Sadly, for the Pistons, they are too cocky for their own good. Pistons are the better TEAM*, LeBron was the best player. Sadly, this is what the NBA wants…. Great Players, not teams.

    My heart goes out to McDyess and Webber and their families. I also feel for Flip Murray, because he made the right choice coming to the better TEAM***

  125. Rita

    I agree, Rasheed is a great player and I love him to death, but, if he doesn’t learn to hold his emotion, then it’s done for. I understand that it’s just how he plays, but everytime he argues, the other players have to get in the way, and every tech or ejection he gets hurts the team. He NEEDS to learn how to control himself, otherwise it just gets everyone into trouble. Secondly, Chauncey is not going, he found a home in Detroit, and yes he had a couple bad games, but so did Tay, it’s not over. We still love our Pistons, and instead of freaking out about the past, we just need to move on. The cavs won, and hats off to them, but it’s done with, over, we just all need to move on and not linger on this moment to long. There’s always next year, and i know we said that last year, but the time will come once again.

  126. Anonymous

    Anon 12:23 – definite loser there! That’s just the type of fan the Cavs need. It’s all about the ratings & the Cavs being in the Finals is good for TV. That’s it. I hope the Cavs watch the videos of these past 4 games and realize they didn’t win because they played well, but because they had it handed to them by the refs. Must be nice that LeBron has enough money to write out some paychecks to his “friends.” The obvious no-calls and one-sided fouls – can’t call them for one and not the other – but that’s exactly what happened. I would only wish that refs could get suspended for the horrible ass calls that came out of these games. The OBVIOUS flopping by a guy that apparently can’t stand on his own two feet. I’ve never seen someone fall so many times, and make it look NO WHERE NEAR a real fall. He’s not a player, he a fucking actor!! Get a new job, SideShow Bob! I’ve seen LeBron do so much bitching to the refs, and did you ever see him get T’d up for it? Hell no, because “he’s King.” Bullshit! Everything he’s ever done has been handed to him on a silver platter. Sheed barely opens his mouth and gets ejected. There’s so much special treatment given to LeBron, it’s a joke. He’s NOT MJ and HE NEVER WILL BE!!!! He doesn’t have enough class or talent to be put in the same category. I don’t want to watch the Finals, but the only reason I would is to watch the Cavs get completely pummeled by the Spurs. It’s going to be a sweep, and we all know it. Enjoy the ass-beating and total embarrassment – I’ll witness that anyday!

  127. Anonymous

    This is so disapointing, I can’t believe it.

    I never thought I would say this, but I’m PRAYING for some changes in the off season, cause we need them. We lost because we were cocky. The guys didn’t even seem to care TOO much when they lost, cause they always acted like they could just go out and play whenever they felt like it. Well, they can’t. They’re full of it and I’m sick of it. I miss our old attitudes.

    I’m sick and tired of the attitudes on this team. I LOVE these guys to death, but they are losing the reason that I loved them so much, and that was because they are down to earth and for real. Chauncey is getting on my last nerve. His attitude sucks and he’s full of it and ridiculously cocky. I’m sick of him always trying to be the superstar. (ex six seconds on the clock, DIDN’T need a three, but dribbled till he had about 1 second left, shot a crazy three and didn’t even come close. Can you say drive it in? Can you say PASS?) His little smirks when he makes a bad play are getting old. I used to love Chaunce, but he’s driving me nuts.

    I hate to say it, I really do, but Sheed is getting to me too. He seriously needs to get ahold of himself. His selfish little fits are getting out of hand and helping us lose. I used to love his desire, and actually found his fits funny and entertaining. It’s not funny anymore!!! He’s a grown man, he needs to act like it!! He might be the most talented guy on the team, but he’s too busy complaining to prove it. He screws the whole team over when he throws his little tantrums.

    And Flip, which I think everyone can agree with, just isn’t cutting it. He does not know how to adjust. I mean, come on, if someone’s consistently playing like crap, take them out!! If someone is doing good, leave them in!! Even I can figure that out!!

    I guess there’s still hope for next year. Within two years Maxiell, I believe, will be the star of this team. Unless these Kobe to Pistons rumors are true, which would suck. He’s my second least favorite player in the NBA, only one behind LeBron. I hope we still have CWebb and McDyess for a few years. They deserve more playing time, more respect, and more championships!!!

  128. Anonymous

    I never seen the Pistons so Unfocus maybe the 21 minutes of clock malfuntion or the fact that was the first game with out 24 second clock..or the fact that we got to many foul trouble….the techs of Rasheed…but the sum of all this show that westerday Detroit was under a lot of presure…Right now I dont feel like taking much about this game its just sad…But im sure about one thing I keep the Piston jersey to my grave Im a Piston for life and win or lose…I will allways be a Piston.

    See you next season and dont forget there is one call for us
    Detroit Basketball…..

    (from Argentina)

  129. Anonymous

    I love how you Piston fans say “Have fun getting blown out by the Spurs, Cavs fans!” Do you not realize that we just humiliated your whole franchise. you guys are DONE. And I love the fact that not only did the Pistons lose, but their poor sportsmanship embarrased their city furthur. Have a great summer jerks!

  130. Anonymous

    Anon 10:36 – back from last nights 12:23 blog I see. Rearing to spread some more bullshit with his unique name changes. Pure loser talent right there. If I were the Pistons, I would have lost my cool waaaaaay before Sheed did. When you’re getting a bunch of bullshit calls, who wouldn’t? It would have been easier to have just walked off, because it was already decided anyway. McDyess never would have been ejected from Game 5 had LeBron not made a huge scene when the “actor” of the team fell to the ground. LeBron ran over his teammate, puffing out his chest, completely trying to start shit. And who do the refs listen to – their beloved LeBron, who else? Detroit came out in the first quarter of Game 6 playing the Deeeetroit basketball we know and love. It wasn’t until Flopper had to be a bitch and try to start something with Webber after a jump ball was called. It changed the whole mood. That’s the only way they can win – by getting the Pistons fired up and out of sorts. Then there’s LeBron again, puffing out his chest and trying to act all hard – you’re NOT GOING TO DO SHIT FAGGOT! Not to mention that the Cavs arena can’t figure out their shit! Their arena had shit falling from the ceiling, balls rolling on the court in the middle of play, shot clocks and scoreboards that couldn’t work for shit!! What the hell? Can’t wait to see what they’ll think of next when the Spurs are in town, pummeling their ass! Maybe the whole damn scoreboard will fall onto the court, or maybe the power will go out and there will be complete darkness. I wouldn’t put it past them. They can’t win by talent, but rather need gimmicks to get them through.

    Love the comment from sammi about Nike and Sprite – ain’t it the truth? hahaha

  131. Anonymous

    Fire Stern for inconsistancy in the NBA. Fire Flip for the poor choices he makes during playoffs- not just in Detroit, but in Minn. too.

    It’s not the players- they were obviously frustrated beyond all. The NBA has become a joke.

  132. Anonymous

    Believe us anon 1:08 – we weren’t humiliated by your team. How can you be when the games were given to you anyway? They were being human – let’s see how you would react when only one team gets called for the same shit.

  133. Anonymous

    Yeah, how about the LeBron’s push on Chauncey that didn’t get called…but then a foul was called when no one even touched LeBron? He threw the ball out. Or how about when LeBron hit Tay right in the face – no call there either. Apparently if your name is LeBron the same rules don’t apply to you.

    I wish all these loser Cav fareweather fans would get off a site that is meant for true Pistons fans. I guess that’s how you have to spend your day – getting revenge for what your team hasn’t achieved in over 60 years. Grow up

  134. Malenda

    Ok so im pretty tired of everyone pointing fingers at certain players… I cant believe people are saying that Chauncey needs to go he is the leader everyone on the team needs him he makes everyone better… and sheed he is the whole attitude of our team i have never seen anyone play with more passion and emotion for the game then him so anyone saying that chauncey and sheed need to go are completely out of their mind… and even more sad is the lack of trust some of these “fans” have in the Pistons they had a bad series but i didnt hear anyone complaining when we lost two games to Chicago because the end result was that we won that series and if the Pistons would have won the series aginst Lebron not the cavs then half of the people posting stuff on here would not have even said anything i guess we found out who the real Detroit Pistons fans are.

    And for the people saying that Tay needs to be traded you are out of your mind him and Maxiell are the future of the Pistons.


    Cant wait till next year


  135. Anonymous

    David Stern is sleeping well tonight.

  136. Anonymous

    id rather not grow up its fun rubbing our win in ur face!! thats y we do it because we hate sheed and the whole reason i found this ws was when i was searching pics of my beloved anderson on google and i found so i went to it and all i found was depressed fans sayin crap about the eastern conferce champs the cavaliers i need to grow up u need to get over ur pathetic team and leave us alone!!!

  137. Anonymous

    I agree Malenda – Sheed played the most consistent throughout the whole Playoffs. He does have the most heart – Cav players would only wish to have so much emotion and passion! I do believe he has to start getting himself more under control, because the refs just feed on it. They have come so accustomed to it that they watch and wait for one little move from him, and it’s bullshit. All the mouthing in the world from LeBron never got him anything. What’s up with that? Oh wait, I forgot, he doesn’t count. He scouls and gets the call he’s looking for.

  138. Anonymous

    hahaha – Anderson – the actor who quit his day job as a basketball player. Love the three-shot attempt from him in Game 6. The announcer called it before it even left his hands – he said, “oh no.” That’s right. How the hell did he make it to the NBA. Get a new pair of legs you homo.

  139. Anonymous

    oh whatever idk what he was doin on the 3 either but we need him on our team and it helps with rasheed gettin ticked at him then gettin called for ts omg its hilarious
    av is the reason rasheed got kicked out and personally i love anderson hes soo hott!!!

  140. Anonymous

    WOOOO! i cannot wait until october 2007 … i NEEDDD some detroit ball already!! its gonna be a longggg summer without them.. my life is pretty much based on the pistons!! everyone cheer up and hope chauncey stays.. the more positive attitude the more it just may happen !!! all we need is a new coach with a new strategy

    dont lose faith piston fans!!

    we will get back to that

    [and pray for no kobe on our team… the LAST THING we need is a superstar… we’ll just be like every other team in the league..and we dont play that NOPE!]

  141. bonderlander




  142. Anonymous

    excuse me 3 personal fouls in 39 seconds……unfuckinbelievable…….unfuckinbelievable

  143. Anonymous

    You need him on your team to make falling look so bogus, they’re actually called fouls. He’s a complete joke, who runs around with his sideshow hair flopping (pun intended) as if he has never been on a basketball court in his life. You know nothing about the game, except that your team won. And it’s not even a team – it’s a bread winner and some refs. Much luck with the sweep that’s about to come your way – hopefully the bristles don’t scrape you too hard. Wouldn’t want any of the Cavs to actually play some real basketball.

  144. Anonymous

    whatever u say and i know a ton bout basketball enough to know those arent flops u fans r soo pathetic and we wont be the sweepees were gonna be the sweepers so get over ur team and stop makin excuses bout varejao u know he rules!!
    goooo cavs
    ohhhhhh yeaaaahhhh!!!

  145. Anonymous

    i like how the majority of the cavs fans dont know shit about basketball EXCEPT

    A- when they have won
    B- when lebrons commercial comes on

    haha i tried to think of something else but thats REALLY all i came up with .. you all (but its pretty obvious its just one person commenting again and again as a different person) dont know shit about basketball…and i know that by the time theyre announcing the spurs as the 07 champs.. you all will most likely be on tony parkers or tim duncans ass then during the offseason youll most likely go back to lebron due to his new funny commercial or whatever product hes selling this time

    but let me summarize this for you:

    you dont know shit about basketball and you know it!! go wipe lebrons ass. cause us pistons fans dont phaseee you bitchesss !

    thank you :]

  146. Anonymous

    well put anon 1:51

  147. Anonymous

    thanks 1:53 :]

  148. Anonymous

    The referee’s won this one for Cleveland.

  149. Anonymous

    like cavs fans no nothing about bball we know
    A- pistons suck
    B- rasheed sux
    C- rasheed a whimp
    D- anderson is awesome
    E- piston fans r jealous
    F- anderson is sooooo hotter than sideshow bob
    H- pistons fans no nothing


  150. Anonymous

    hahahah and u sure as hell dont know the order of the alphabet .. hahahahhaha dumb cavs “fans”

  151. Anonymous

    ^^HAHAHA that was almost too easy!

  152. Anonymous

    ridin’ coattails

  153. Anonymous

    haha ok mr/mrs. cavs fan its obvious your time at this site is up .. we’re over youuu and soon youll be over the cavssss!

  154. Amanda

    Whoo. First time posting since before the game started. I did what I did last year when were in a 2-3 hole: I recorded the game and went to a movie. I came home, got on and literally fell to my knees. I couldn’t believe it. I had so much confidence and faith that we would win Game 6. Not only did we lose but we lost by 16?! Instant tears, guys. I haven’t found the courage to watch it and I don’t think I will.

    *Kobe to Detroit? HEEELLLL NO! That would make it damn near impossible to watch single game of next season.

    *Trade ‘Sheed, Tay? Uh-uh. The crazy/funny/unique pieces to this puzzle that Joe D. put together is what makes this team so great. The Pistons without ‘Sheed and Tayshaun…don’t even want to think about it.

    *Fire Flip? I could probably live with that though I don’t know if I feel he was the reason Detroit lost. Looks like from the boxscore that we weren’t hitting too many shots. Chauncey only took 7? Eek. That spells disaster right there. And what was with the huge rebound disparity?

    *What happened in the 1st quarter when 3 players (2 Pistons, 1 Cav) got techs?

    *Rip 29 points? I LOVE YOU, RICHARD HAMILTON!

    *Like I said, I don’t think I have the guts to watch the game so I don’t know if it was bullshit calls or non-calls that killed us but I see that we took like 20 less free throws. Curious…

    *And anony 1:34: I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but.. that’s messed up! lol

    *In response to the Cavs fan who left out the “G”…wow. That’s all I have to say about that.

  155. Anonymous

    HA who said piston fans are jealous of the cavs?1?!?! shittt id take pistons losing in the first round over being a cavs fan following lebrons ass and his new commerical ANYDAY !!!

  156. Anonymous

    thanks fer the english lesson

  157. Anonymous

    hey piston fans who am i??

    i know about basketbal !!!


  158. Anonymous

    u r jealous of the cavs
    u know it
    ud take lebron anyday

  159. Amanda

    “idk whoever that was fergot g oh well we get a good education in ohio unlike michigan”


  160. Anonymous

    hahha you have no life pal, enjoy your teams success
    but be respectful

  161. Anonymous

    I wouldn’t want someone who has no heart, but is just in it for the money. We don’t need a superstar – good thing he’s not one.

  162. Anonymous

    Spurs in 4!!! I see them winning by 20 in every game!

  163. Anonymous

    Fuck it, Spurs in three

  164. Anonymous

    ^^haaaaaa i like!

  165. April xx Rip

    its funny how a whole bunch of you cavs fans bring up his commercials.
    that is all he has in his life, and he is in the nba for the money, because he could have been a good football player, but no, he knew basketball players get blown up more.
    i bet none of you gave a crap about the cavs until they got this far, and didnt start commenting til the cavs started winning.

    thank goodness for rip hamilton
    second time this series he is the only one that had something going,and i realize tay hasnt been as good, but that is no reason to trade him, he has been on the team for 5 years, and all 5 he went to the conference finals, and rasheed needed to flip out, someone had to tell the refs about themselves, but that was nothing compared to the paycheck they are getting from LEBRON.

    saying we are crying, or whatever, but unlike you guys we dont walk around with our heads up our A$$es cause we dont have a player that everyone had to give the ball to, and dont even get me started on varajao and ilgauskas

  166. (B.I.M.L) Paige

    David Stern did sleep good last night knowing that the Pistons lost. I kno he didn’t make them play like sh*t, I believe Flip Saunders did. There are only 3 people on the team that should be upset rite now. That’s Rip, Dyess & C-Webb. Rip played his heart out and his teammates couldn’t back him up. I really believe this series was fixed. It’s no way that the Cavs should have shot almost 40 points from the free throw and the Pistons only have 10. I also believe that there will be a new coach on the sidelines because the only thing Flip has brought us is play-off turmoil. Before he came we made it to the Finals back to back and I think Joey D wants to get back to that. As for the Chauncey situation, he wouldn’t give heart ache to the Detroit fans like Ben did last year and the franchise is almost built around the back court and if Chauncey left who could fill his shoes? Big Ups to LeBron on making it to the finals, But THEY WILL NOT WIN!! SPURS WILL SWEEP!!!

  167. RKR

    OHIO yeah good for OHIO 1st thing good in sports besides the buckeyes which the gators owned in both football and basketball

  168. Anonymous

    we all have our blonde moments

  169. RKR

    with that # 3 on da cavs palovice or wat ever him and verajoe or watever those to and then horry and bowen this is gonna be a cheap shot series look 4 alot of Techs

  170. Anonymous

    ok how is a game fixed on fts??? makes no sense

  171. Anonymous


  172. Anonymous

    haha you all need to see my lebron immitation ..i got it from game 3 i think.. he was “fouled” and he pretended like he had been blinded and kept rubbing his eye for hours so the refs would have sympathy for him .. he acted like he could barely stand up.. then he gets to the line .. tries to reassure that he can still see from the damn eyeball by blinking it 32 times .. rubs it some more then all of a sudden he can see again ! and he shoots the free throw


  173. Amanda

    It’s a pretty shitty day outside, which is fitting I guess. But good news for me: my major depression has been downgraded to mild!

  174. Anonymous

    2:21 (first one) how does that NOT make sense !?!? our players get fouls and have to sit out and you guys get extra shots that are EASY.. then we have to be careful on the defensive end casue the lightest brush on baby lebron could paralyze him and count us for another foul where we MIGHT FOUL OUT =!!! damnnn another cavs fan doesnt know shit about basketball

  175. Anonymous

    Hahaha love it anon 2:25. Perfect!!! You are exactly right – wouldn’t want to bruise baby LeBron. Lord knows the guy already has trouble with his hands – can’t keep the damn things out of his mouth. I’m surprised he even has fingers to dribble the ball.

  176. Amanda

    C-Webb got nailed in the head in Game 1 but did he lay there for 10 minutes and say “I think I’m dying!” No.

    But thanks for admitting that you were favored.

  177. Anonymous

    maybe they like lebron better than that ugly whiner rasheed !!!
    i think sooo

  178. Anonymous

    Yeah, we know…he poked himself in the eye. It’s all about acting, and believe me, these guys have some good coaches. When does their first movie come out?

  179. shatia

    I dont even know what to say. Its gonna take a while before i actaully can talk bout it(shit school 2morrow). Its making my tummy hurt. Wow i cant belive that happened.

  180. Anonymous

    without brown where would we be??
    no where hes awesome
    great planning unlike flip

  181. Amanda

    I know what you mean, Shatia. I could probably throw up right now. But I hate throwing up. It makes me cry. lol

  182. Anonymous

    about the time when LeBron promotes his new soda or shoe ๐Ÿ™‚

  183. Amanda

    Yeah but weren’t you happy when LB left?

  184. Anonymous

    that would be cool id but it
    may be rasheed could come out with a soda
    made especially for whiners liek him!!!

  185. Anonymous

    mike brown – he’s a joke too. How many bugs do you think he caught standing there with his mouth open all the time? Needs some surgery to close his mouth completely, apparently.

  186. RKR

    the cavs VS spurs there will be a fight almost every game look how dirty the spurs play horry hitting nash and u got varojoe who flops and pushes ppl during a time out like he did WEBB and that #3 bumped RIP and pushed him ……… the nba final might turn into the piston pacer brawl it could get nasty ………………. now 4 u ppl who think by sheed gettin ejected hurt them yes it did but they were down by 12 wit 7 or so mins left if they played like the pistons we know they could hvae but we all knew that wasnt going to happen and SHeed had ever right to bitch about the calls he had a damn black eye but yet no calls ??………… and for those of u who dont no who FTs can set a game up go up to a willing REF and give him $1000 tell him wat team u wanna win and watch the free throw difference thats how that works but im not sayin it went like that the cavs WON there were sum bad calls thats that lets prey we keep this team and get a good run next season

  187. Amanda

    I remember all those rumors and stuff about how he wanted to go here or there and how everything was always about him, not the team. He got the credit and the players didn’t. I was glad he left. Though I like his defensive mentality.

  188. Anonymous

    the ONLY superstar i like in this whole league would have to be allen iverson.. yea hes a superstar but he doesnt mean to be and the refs dont like him cause they think hes thug.. and whenver hes knocked down hes up in a second! andd he doesnt use the refs to get his way through everything (opposite of this comment = LEBRONNNNNNNN JAMESSSSSS )

  189. Anonymous

    hey guys it hink we should pitch in and raise enough money for lebron to have a manicure.. what do you guys say??

    wed have to raise a lotttt of money cause damn he fucked that shit up!

  190. Amanda

    2:35 (#3): What is wrong with you?

  191. Anonymous

    anon 2:35 “im gonna kill him” and so on and so on…makes no sense – try again.

  192. Anonymous

    yah seriously lebron rakes care of his kid like his team ‘
    hes a lifesaver

  193. Anonymous

    yah it does rasheed goes after players like hes gonna kill him have u seen his face he looks like a killer

  194. Amanda

    I’m pretty sure LeBron wanted to kill McDyess in Game 5.

  195. Anonymous

    it’s called passion for the game – maybe you should look that one up. Have you ever seen LeBron when he got a “fair” foul called against him – I’ve never seen anything uglier than the scoul on his face when he didn’t get his way.

  196. Anonymous

    manicure whats that supposed to mean he whines like a chick
    lebrons a man a big STRONG man
    ferget lebron give the manicure to someone who needs it

  197. Anonymous

    2:43 – manicure as in his nails are fucked up

    do you guys not feed him or soemthing???

    sheeds nails are just fine thank you

  198. Amanda

    “lebrons a man a big STRONG man”

    what the shit? lol

  199. Anonymous

    Well you’ve done your job anon – you’ve completely turned this post right around to all about you and your Cavs. Maybe you should be hired by them – you’ll fit in just fine.

  200. Anonymous

    oh well lebron gets nervous who gives if his nails are screwed up
    what does that have to do with how well he plays the game

  201. Amanda

    “he had a reason to he clotheslined my baby wild thing
    id kill him too”


  202. Anonymous

    thanks that would be awesome
    ohhhhh yeaaahh
    do u think u could get me in

  203. Anonymous

    he is a big STRONG man
    come on u know it

  204. Amanda

    speaking of nails. why does rip keep his so long? defensive purposes?

  205. Anonymous

    they pay LeBron too much – he’d never want to part with his millions. If you’re lucky, you could wipe his ass for $1

  206. Anonymous

    I have been a lifelong Clevelander, and Cavs fan and we lifelong Cavs fans know a little about heartache. We also know the feeling of thinking that one player (Jordan) was getting favor with the refs. So we understand your pain, but at the same time, as a team that has won championships, understand our joy. I think no matter how you cut it the Cavs played better basketball in this series. Lebron in game 5, that had nothing to do with refs, but just his pure drive to will his team to victory. Gibson hitting 5 threes, again nothing to do with refs. The Pistons were so intent on stopping Lebron that they never adjusted when Gibson got hot. I agree with every fan that says that this was a poorly coached conference finals for the pistons. Every adjustment that was made seemed to come a day late.

    I don’t think the Pistons should blow up the team, they are still very talented, and capable of winning it all, but a better coach is in order.

    So as we attempt to represent the East, and yes the Pistons also, I hope that maybe a couple of you can get behind the team that was not suppose to be here, coming from the conference that is suppose to be inferior to the West. For Pistons fans and Cavs fans have a lot more in common then you think…

    Go Cavs…We are all WITNESSES!

  207. Anonymous

    i like you 2:50 .. more cavs fans should be like you! but then again more cavs fans arent lifelong..theyre lebron based

  208. Amanda

    Umm. Nope. I think I’m still rooting for the Spurs.

  209. Anonymous

    thank u other cavs fan
    u piston fans dont understand our pain in all sports
    browns yah they SUCK but we luv em anyway
    indians bad season last yr
    this is the cleveland yr!!!!!!

  210. Amanda

    I think it’s you that doesn’t understand our pain. Your teams are bad teams and that’s why they lose. Our team is a great team and we lost to the CAVS!

  211. Anonymous

    he’ll nvr leave his home town and fans for u pistons and ur fans
    nvr ever ever ever!!!!

  212. Amanda

    And we thank him for that.

  213. Anonymous

    i nvr said the cavs suck did i i just said the browns do !!!! ha ha ha ha

  214. Anonymous

    hellyea we thank him for that i dont want his ass over here in detroit!!! YUCK ! hes not worthyyyyyy haaaaaa

  215. Amanda

    Oh, I’m sorry. I must have been reading your thoughts.

  216. J.C

    Hey Everybody, new to this website. i am totally devastated and crushed by the fact that we dint make it to the finals for the 2nd time in a row when we were so close. it just sucks to be a fan rite now. i was totally disappointed with the way we played, the way the refs refed the game and how LBJ was hittin the most ridiculous shots. I hope we get a new superstar/scorer in the offseason to complement the team and hope “Chauncey” doesnt leave.

  217. Anonymous

    i thank rasheed for running his fat mouth then pushing hamilton
    which is on rasheeds team omg its hilarious

  218. Amanda

    we DON’T need him and we DON’T want him.

  219. Anonymous

    the cavs will win in 6; spurs will now fully understand that stern gets his wish; cannot have blowout in the finals. duncan will have 3 fouls in two minutes of game 1

  220. Anonymous

    2:57 – damn you must have some problems comprehending.. lemme put it this way.. if i had a choice either to take lebron for the pistons or give stern a foot massage.. ID CHOSE STERN… and shiiit thats saying something

    and jc.. welcome to this page but.. you want a superstar????

  221. Amanda

    uh, j.c. we weren’t in the finals last year and we don’t want a superstar.

  222. Amanda

    oh my bad. I read that wrong, jc.

  223. Anonymous

    No – the Pistons don’t need an arrogant player like LeBron. He expects too much and unfortunately gets it. I only wish Rasheed would have layed him on his ass and gave him something to really rub his eye about.

  224. Amanda

    I don’t want him!!! NOBODY WHO IS A PISTONS FAN WANTS LEBRON!!!!

  225. Anonymous

    3:01.. you suck at arguing.. and as has been said before i, too would rather give stern a foot massage than take baby lebron .. i like to WIN naturally not be cheated for ha!

  226. Anonymous

    he only pushed Rip because he was tired of holding back and wanted a piece of the refs who got paid to get LB in the finals.

  227. Amanda

    Diehard, huh? I like a challenge…

  228. Anonymous

    no i think cuz someone was in his way of killing lebron or varejao

  229. Anonymous

    no like now in a general term like this year this decade this series and yes this moment cuz we kicked ur butt ha ha ha

  230. Anonymous

    There were some great refs out there last night. Looks like to me that they were favoring the cavs big-time and not calling any fouls on them at all.

  231. Amanda

    Oh, ‘Sheed pushed little Rip?

  232. Anonymous

    3:07 who the hell are you talking to ?? hahhaha what you just said has nothing to do with anything ANYONE is talking about.. go watch a lebron commercial.. its the one where hes making up his own team playing 5 diff people.. ohh wait you can just watch that during the finals games haaaa

  233. Anonymous

    i dont call that temperary and like u have class u pathetic fan

  234. Anonymous

    im talin to the people calling me a temperary fan thats who god

  235. Anonymous

    I feel sorry for the Cavs – who would want a fan like this?

  236. Anonymous

    u know i have class
    how can i suck at arguing im just proving a point

  237. Amanda

    and what point was that?

  238. Anonymous

    oh trust me they would love me
    i stand up for my team and say it with pride

  239. Anonymous

    i knew that when did u find out

  240. Amanda

    Damn! I guess he is a true fan! Anybody who can say they’re a Cavs fan with pride had got to be!

    Well, that or stupid…

  241. Anonymous

    hopefully they can earn enough money to do something about the Cavs arena – seems like the damn place could use an overhaul on some new equipment, and a new roof. Lots of distraction – you gotta have it if you want to win a game.

  242. Anonymous

    ???? what the heck r u talkin about i dont wanna be a lawyer of a part of the jury im the judge and i say cavs rule pistons suck case closed

  243. Amanda

    Does that mean you’re leaving now?

  244. Anonymous

    I found it very amusing that cavs fans didnt wear “GO CAVS!” shirts or “CAVS ALL THE WAY!” but instead they wore “BEAT DETROIT” and thats exactly what the did.

    I don’t believe the Pistons lost. i think that the cavs won. lebron james is a monster late in the game as showcased by game 5. I believe that if the cavs play as well as they did against the Pistons that they can put up a fight against the Spurs. It’s sad to see the Pistons lose especially when you stay up every night till 11 or 12 and sacrifice the day after just to watch the games. I’m happy for cleveland because it was a long time coming. Good luck cavs.

  245. Anonymous

    Lifelong Cavs fan again,

    Honestly I like the Pistons. I think they play good hard basketball. But again I just think it seemed as if the Cavs wanted it more. I actually hope these two teams can get some respect for the Eastern Conference. See the way I feel, and this is for the lifelong Pistons fans, is the way you guys must have felt to finally get past the Celtics. I know, and the Cavs know, this was no changing of the guard. The Pistons (barring blowing the team up) will still be the team to beat in the east next year, and with this I know they are going to be very hungry. I hope this turns in a great rivalry for the next couple of years.

    Again I know losing this series was hard, but now more than ever not just the Cavs but the East needs to stick together. No matter, I would root for whatever team won the east because I know the lack of respect that we as a conference get. I know you don’t see it now, but we do have a lot in common…

    To the person who said the Browns suck, I hope you are not a Lions fan, cause again we in the sucking aspect, have a lot in common.


    Lifelong Cavs Fan

  246. Amanda

    anon 3:18: you’re not helping matters! lol

  247. Anonymous

    Lifelong Cavs Fan again, I don’t think the other “cavs” fan that is posting is serious, just someone here trying to get a rise out of you guys…

  248. Anonymous

    i am helping matters

  249. Amanda

    Again, I’m STILL rooting for the SPURS! I don’t care how much disrespect the East gets. I WILL NEVER ROOT FOR THE LEBRONS!

  250. Anonymous

    i think the obnoxious cavs fans here are funny they contradict themselves soo much, then we make fun of htem, then theyleave one by one hahaha i like it

  251. Anonymous

    i havent left yet

  252. Amanda

    Dude, you guys lost to us during the regular season, too. Doesn’t make much of a difference does it?

  253. Anonymous

    Yeah he’s getting a rise – maybe he should check his pants. He’s all over LeBron and Floppers sticks!

  254. Amanda

    I hope the Spurs really do play dirty. That way perhaps LeBron will actually get hit instead of the refs just making it up.

  255. Anonymous

    the lebrons ??? amanda at 321
    no we have anderson and snow and gibson and z and pollard and gooden and ira and hughes…etc

  256. Amanda

    you have who?

  257. Anonymous

    who the hell are all those people? I don’t recall watching anyone but LB and refs

  258. Amanda

    yeah, you’re going to have to give us full names and pictures or something…

  259. Anonymous

    3:25 are you dumb??we know you have them its just a shame they dont contribute tho huh?

  260. Anonymous

    nike, sprite, espn – Bennett Salvatore is LeBron’s dad, didn’t you know?

  261. Amanda

    I know you beat them in the regular season, dude. I said what happens in the regular season doesn’t mean shit. The Bulls beat us 3-1, we beat them 4-2 in the Playoffs. We beat LeBron 3-1 in reg. season, LeBron beats us 4-2 in Playoffs.

  262. Jessica

    Cavs fans are ridiculous.
    Stern wants money, money, money. And with LeBitch in the finals, he can have it. But believe me, the Spurs WILL beat the goddamn flopping Cavaliers.

    It’s a pathetic day for the NBA when you don’t even have to play as a team anymore when you have a superstar.

    You see how many commercials Dwayne Wade got after the finals?
    Even his own fucking Sidekick! It’s ridiculous, but EXACTLY what Stern wants.

  263. Anonymous

    we have anderson varejao larry hughes boobie (daniel) gibson drew gooden scott pollard ira newble
    damon jones eric snow marshel shannon brown sasha pavlovic david wesley
    AMANDA!! @325

  264. Anonymous

    Oh dang!

  265. Anonymous

    ha oh dang what

  266. Amanda

    Anon 3:27…I really don’t want to hear any of that right now. My team just got beat by a shit team. This is our time to vent.

  267. Anonymous

    i like u anon @ 327

  268. Anonymous

    boobie daniels gma calls him that it caught on

  269. Anonymous

    got it now genius??

  270. Amanda

    I just looked up your roster, cavs fan. Man! I’m not going to lie. You got some UGLY people on your *team*

  271. Amanda

    I know looks don’t matter but DAMN! If the Finals award was given to the team with the ugiest players… Ew. Wait. The Spurs have Manu Ginob-ugly.

  272. Anonymous

    not anderson hes hot daniel is hot too larry hughes hes ok

  273. Anonymous

    Yeah, Anderson missed his calling in soccer – his flopping skills would have been huge there

  274. Amanda

    AHH! Are you being dead serious 3:37?? You can’t really think Varejao is hot!

  275. Jessica

    Yeah, their “team” is ugly Amanda at 3:36.

    Gooden looks half Chinese, with that patch of hair he needs to shave off.

    I love how whenever LeBitch goes to touch the ball the crowd screams like hell. It’s never that loud when other “team” members go up to make shots.


  276. Anonymous

    anderson is better in basketball and flopping?? rasheeds a jerk who pushes and trys to hurt him
    i know he flops sometimes though i have to admit

  277. Amanda

    “sometimes” is an undestatement

  278. Anonymous

    besides I’m sure LeBron already got to that portion of his body – he’s working on the hands right now

  279. Amanda

    I don’t think I’m even going to watch it anony 3:41. Too painful.

  280. Anonymous

    gooden half chinese ???
    rasheed looks like a siamese cat
    and wat about rasheeds hair he has the big GRAY spot of jupiter on his head

  281. Anonymous

    it’s not gray, dumbass, it’s called a patch that’s missing

  282. Amanda

    Isn’t that a birthmark on ‘Sheed’s head?

  283. Anonymous

    get your facts straight – oh wait, that’s right, you can’t. You don’t even know anything about b-ball

  284. Amanda

    We’re not really going to start talking about hair are we?

  285. Anonymous

    it’s the missing patch of hair, that apparently gooden is trying to make up for on the back of his neck.

  286. Amanda

    yeah, you’re really not going to win this battle anony 3:44.

  287. Anonymous

    ok how can it be fake this isnt american idol!!! its the nba its based on who the best team is
    if u think its fake why do u watch it
    if its fake how did miami win
    they r a beastly team

  288. Anonymous

    hey cavs fans.. WE’RE NOT FRIENDS !!!

    dont try and talk to us about whose hot and act like we’re just lifelong friends talking about guys.. that doesnt work here…

  289. Amanda

    lol anony 3:47. Oh, that one made me laugh!

  290. Anonymous

    duh i will nvr be best friends with a pistons fan!!!! im just sayin anderson is hott!

  291. Amanda

    And for that reason you will never be friends with a Pistons fan.

  292. Anonymous


    damnnn cavs fans SUCK at comprehending

  293. Anonymous

    amanda u r a pistons fan duh

  294. Anonymous

    oh wat nvm amanda i get it

  295. Anonymous

    ^and youre a dumbass DUHHHHHH (3:53)

    [note to pistons fans : cavs fans end every sentence with DUHHHH .. thats probably why they have been having such a hard time comprehending ]

  296. Anonymous

    wow thank you 3:51.. haha you drove those cavs fans right outta here with the spurs thread.. i cant wait to see all the shit they talk over there.. but they wont hear a word from then after game 1

  297. Anonymous

    ok i said nvm and i comprehended

  298. Anonymous

    man, does lebron have bad skin. could be from all the makeup he wears doing those commercials- he is one ugly mfer. he hardly scored last night- how is he such a hero.

    anyway, back to topic. SHEED went out with a blaze last night. I was pissed for him.

  299. Anonymous

    and yet she didnt drive me out
    still here!!!! >:(

  300. Anonymous

    hes a hero because he got the ball to the hot hands of the team
    daniel gibson

  301. Anonymous

    1 kid with over 30 points

  302. Anonymous

    one kid who doesn’t have the balls to post on the spurs board LMAO

  303. Anonymous

    your team may have won (fair or not) but, man you are a loser. ๐Ÿ˜€

  304. Anonymous

    ur a loser and it wuz fair and im the loser ur team lost

  305. Anonymous

    yah, of course you don’t. you know you can’t beat them and you’ll be LONG gone by that time. why don’t you come back after they kick your ass? then we’ll have something to talk about HAHAHHAA scared loser you are.too much of a loser for me to respond to. You’ve lost your entertainment value- have become redundant (look it up) and boringI’ll just ignore you from now on. but it was fun having you as a monkey for a bit. ๐Ÿ˜›

  306. jess

    AMANDA, I still think you should watch it.

  307. Anonymous

    ok that works and i will be back when the cavs beat the spurs

  308. Anonymous

    I think we should fire Flip for the line up in the beginning of the 4th quarter…

  309. jess

    “like i give bout the spurs!!!”

    what?? i dont get it??

  310. Anonymous

    amanda will be upset watching it- prob more than most of us- ๐Ÿ™ why add insult to injury?

  311. Anonymous

    im still here and will be back in a few weeks

  312. jess

    since your still here can you explain to me what you meant by like i give bout the spurs!!!”

    i dont get it?

  313. Anonymous

    yea sure you will we believe that mmhmmmm DUHHHHHH

  314. Anonymous

    i dont care about the spurs

  315. Anonymous

    thats what it means ok???

  316. Anonymous

    oh now ur using duhhhhhhh

  317. Anonymous

    yea cause cavs fans only comprehend in the DUHH language DUHHHHH

  318. Anonymous

    yea cause cavs fans only comprehend in the DUHH language DUHHHHH

  319. Anonymous

    u said that 2ce dduuuhhhh do u duuuhhhhh comprehend DUHHHHH!!

  320. jess

    i dont know if you were tryin to be sarcastic or not but you need to calm the fuck down right now you lame bitch.. get the fuck outta here.. go on a spurs blog.. try to talk shit there.. but you cant can you?? cause you only talk shit when they win and that wont be happenin any time soon.

    i dont care if you guys are tryin to “rub it in” if there are any other cav fans on here.. theyre welcome to stay.. you, you just make cav fans look dumb. just get the fuck outta here. OK???

  321. gee gee

    i am very sadden about the turn of events that has happened in this series. i cried my eyes out because we were cheated. deep in my heart, the pistons had this is in the bank and unfortunately the robbers (david stern, the refs, sprite, and nike) stole the money. first of all, the whole entity of the game of basketball has changed with the zero tolerance(which i feel targeted sheed), and now with the popularity contest. it saddens me that you don’t see real teams play anymore but name brands. i hope you know that the cavs are going to win, so lebron will look like the hero of the game as of last year when name brands shaq and wade, were supposedly the carriers of the team. on the fact of sheed you people have to realize this man is an emotional player and he is not selling himself short. he plays the game not for the money or the fame but for the love of basketball. you don’t see him every second on tv saying “you are about to be subleymonized” with a lemon mask on his head with a lemon gun, or him on tv acting like a old man with grey hair playing basketball. and for micheal who said rasheed doesnt support his team by quitting, give me a break this man is frustrated because our team has been treated like chicken shit since the days of the bad boys. if you want to point out a true quitter point out lebron james when he was losing to the team (i think the nuggets) and his ass just walked off the court before the game was over. now that is want you call a quitter. detroit pistons fans even though this is a heart jerker don’t give up the faith because i know i am not. our team Has exemplified so much like poise, teamwork, and one love. everybody wants to be like us that is why they hate us. it has been that way and it always will be this will only make us stronger

    and like uyen said which put a smile on my face i hope they can get chuck daly that would be bomb
    and ana 12:16 my heart also goes to mydiggity and c webb. i wanted the same for them and they were so so close and i pray that dyess and webb and the rest of the pistons stay because next year we closing up shop. this is going to be an empowering season for the pistons because i know they are mad about being mistreated and underrated year after year by some stupidstar.

    and even though i promised myself that i wasn’t going to root for any other team i am going to root for the other enemy the spurs who are a mirror image of the pistons because they are a team so spurs do it for the pistons and whop the cavs or i mean lebrons ass and show him that one man is not a team


  322. Anonymous

    no not really but im gettin bored

  323. Anonymous

    honestly i didnt say a single thing that led u chick to say that but whatev ur makin detroit look stupid im just tellin the truth u know if the pistons won ud do the same

  324. Anonymous

    and i have respect for detroit but i just hate rasheed

  325. Anonymous


    good luck in the finals, cavs.

    too bad tayshaun was in a bit of a slump this series. i really thought he might explode in this game.

    also, boobie is the dumbest nickname i have ever heard.

  326. Anonymous

    we dont have respect for you … get off the site hoeeeeeeeee [ DUHHHH ] haaaaa!

  327. Anonymous

    looks like anon is still at the same old, tired shit he was two hours ago. So sorry you have no life.

  328. jess

    no i wouldnt do the same.. i dont visit any other teams’ blog.. hell i dont even know of any.

  329. Anonymous

    just checking to see if anything worth while had been added, but nope. Just same old bullshit from a bored Cavs fan. Waiting for his beating starting game 1 Thursday

  330. Anonymous

    haha YOURE the one with no life.. youre the ONLY cavs fan here !!! DID YOU GET THAT?! THE ONLY ONE DUHHH !!! and dont worry youre not the only one that speaks the DUHH language .. there are more of you!


  331. Anonymous

    no life…not posted by a cavs fan, and never will be

  332. Anonymous

    you’re the same dumb shit who left messages since 12:23 last night – talk about some life

  333. Anonymous

    takes him too long to type – sorry for the delay in bitching

  334. Anonymous


  335. Anonymous

    haha nice jessica! i like that

  336. Anonymous

    just wondering, like what people ae saying, anyone think we should make any movies at all?

  337. Anonymous

    and the same one who said boobie for three x 5

  338. Anonymous

    this isn’t brain surgery – type more shit

  339. Anonymous

    use more phrases like princess and chumpy – talk more shit

  340. Anonymous

    did you finally leave to go bother some spur fans?

  341. Anonymous

    thank you 4:50

  342. Anonymous

    i’m tired of his shit – maybe his mommy finally made him get off the computer

  343. Anonymous

    Deeeeetroit Basketbaaaalll!!! We know who the real team is!

  344. jess

    can we all just stop with the bullshit? the ignorant cav fan seems to be gone.. lets get back on topic. WE JUST LOST THE ECF AGAIN! There is going to be a lot goin on in the off season. Change the subject guys!

  345. Anonymous

    damn seriously speaking in terms of no life.. i cannot believe he/she whatever it was, was on here from 12:23 until 5 damnnn !! at least its gone now ha

  346. Anonymous

    PLEASE Pistons …Joe…
    Keep Rip Tay & Billups…
    I would love him to keep sheed too.. but im worried his head is on the block…

    JOE Keep Sheed!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Keep them all and FIRE F Saunders

    Bring back Lbrown….

  347. Anonymous

    i think we keep the main players .. we’ll play around a LITTLE bit with the bench .. we dont necessarily hvae to

    i think the main thing we need is a new coach.. time for a new style of play.. saunders’ play just isnt working for the pistons.. weve tried him out and now its time for a new coach to refreshen the pistons and bring them back into their play.. i wouldnt mind seeing larry brown back

  348. jess

    I wouldnt mind seein Larry Brown back either. Hell I wouldnt mind seeing Chuck Daly back. LOL. but seriously is it possible to get LB back?

  349. Anonymous

    I definitely think they need the mentality of LB back, as far as the defense goes. But I don’t want LB back. He did the same as Big Ben, kept saying he isn’t going anywhere, blah, blah, blah – it’s Detroit for me…and then left

  350. Anonymous

    Bring on Chuck Daly or Bill Laimbeer

  351. Anonymous

    Larry Brown will never be back- a lot are suggesting Bill Laimbeer, but- he has no experience coaching?

  352. Anonymous

    bill laimbeer??

    yea we want.. NEED.. an experienced coach… with GOOD experience not like flips

  353. jess

    Bill Laimbeer has won two chamionships with the Detroit Shock (WNBA).

    Thats the only reason why I question BL.. can he do it with our boys? Im sure playin in the NBA and WNBA are VERY different. Can he help us?

    Id still like to see LB back.

    I wonder what Natalie thinks/wants. Nat we havent heard from you yet. What do you think.. I know you are probably still upset like the rest of us but it would be nice to hear from you after all these out of control comments and ideas of what people think is going to happen in the off season.

  354. Anonymous

    haha i think natalie is just letting everyone take it out in the blog and then shes starting a new one .. i dont think we’ve ever had 463 in one post before lol

    well thats what i would do.. this blog was out of control! lol

    buttttt does ANYONE know of ANY interviews with the pistons?!?! man im already having pistons withdraw!!

  355. Jessica

    I agree, I’m having a Pistons withdrawl.
    I’m going to go to, which is the local Detroit news station and see if they have anything up yet.

  356. April xx Rip

    i agree, cant wait til next year.
    this game may have done a lot for the future.
    chauncey might leave.
    and rip might follow.
    c-webb will prolly retire.
    tay and sheed cant do it themselves.
    Mcdyess had to have it go down like that.

    The cavs fans had no respect whatsoever.
    lebron could do nothing and stil be considered god.
    it all went wrong.
    all pistons needed was that win at home!
    this isnt like them.
    and one lose could ruin the whole lineup
    it shouldnt be like that, they should come back with something to prove.
    and at least give it one more run.

  357. Anonymous

    The only real problem with the Pistons is the head coach…the reason we lost. Just like last year..same type shit. Flip has got to go. Keep the same team together…but we need a cold blooded shooter off the bench , that would be the only addition needed.
    Much Piston Love……

  358. Anonymous

    Maybe promote Terry Porter to head coach….and one agree??????


  359. Anonymous

    Pistons…27freethrows cavs…46?!call it a basketball game i call it a free throw contest where one team gets 19 extra free throw attempts, i mean even cavs fans gotta know there was a shit load of no calls for the pistons…still detroit played horrible Boobie…wtf man this kid made himself valuable this series…hes got a name now…not one i would be proud of (boobie?) but still its a name pple will no. Lebron is a MACHINE!!!! had no respect for him but damn u no the guy is untouchable and has 3 body guards when ever hes on the court and yesterday they did theyre jobs…props to joe derosa jack nies and eddie rush…still love detroit but damn they gotta stop this shit

  360. Anonymous

    โ€œI just get so sick and tired of that cheating (garbage) out there,โ€ Wallace said after the game. โ€œAll that flopping. They reward flopping. Thatโ€™s not defense. I hope the league does something about that before the next series.โ€

    Wallace, also very animated on court after being ejected, was restrained by Antonio McDyess on the way to the tunnel.

    Wallace pointed and yelled, โ€œ(Screw) you! (Screw) all of you!โ€ in the direction of the Cavaliers and officials still on the floor.

  361. Anonymous

    i have a funny story that has to deal with a “cavs fan”. I was at a bar watching the game. There was a cavs fan next to me. He asked me, what’s the score? And i answered, saying it’s tied 48-48 at the half. Then the fan said, okay, well who’s winning?!

    i was laughing sooo hard. everyone knows that a tie game means neither team is winning… DUH!

    Shows how much intelligance comes from the o high o people.

  362. Anonymous

    Well they did it again made total fools of themselves. It would’nt be so bad if they at least put up a fight,you know go down fighting? At least san antonio has some fire they got torched in game three but came right back! They don’t deserve to wear piston red white and blue.Well enough said , I hope joe does some major overhauling this off season better a team with heart then all talk and no action!

  363. Anonymous

    anon 5:11 – you’ve got to be kidding me? Bill Laimbeer no coaching experience??? Have you heard of the Detroit Shock??
    anon 6:16 – Bravo ! I definitely agree with everything you had to say in that comment.
    anon 6:31 – thanks for the update on things that have been said – I haven’t heard any of the interviews yet. Keep us posted.

  364. Raul El Patron

    Greetings loyal Pistons fans. So, yes, I have been a fan since 1987. That’s when I was able to watch TV in South America so sue me. Plus, I think some of us would appreciate it if Cleveland fans would not embarrass the entire Ohio school system by taking their time to spell correctly (then again, what do I know? I’m just some stupid foreigner… working on a PhD, my English must suck right?).

    There’s a sense of historic irony here: The Pistons lost their funk in game 6 thanks to the very thing they helped create: THE SHOT CLOCK – It was thanks to the antics of the Fort Wayne Pistons in one game that the NBA instituted the shot clock.

    By the way, Cavs fans, please ask for someone to fix the Q, make some Loans maybe and buy some good scoreboards and shot clocks. 21 minute delay? The only joke bigger that than is Flopper’s hair!!!!

    After that rant, basketball: The Pistons have been left for dead before. Once MJ started ruling the East, nobody gave the DP a chance to return to prominence. But, they made it. What makes you think it won’t happen again? I mean, the Pistons know how to get back on top. They have a GM that bleeds Red and Blue in Joe D. When I suggested Laimbeer is based on historical evidence: He was part of the Bad Boys, he knows the essence of “Deetroit Basketball.” Plus, he took a WNBA team like the Shock and has made them contenders. We need a coach who understands what makes DP basketball unique: Tough defense, relentless attitude, selflessness, and HEART. Please show me one coach who has them all and I’ll rally behind him as our new coach.

    As per the players, I don’t expect Joe D to part ways with Tay, after all he drafted him. I said that J-Maxx can be part of the starting 5. That, or really tune him up so that he can actually be “The Microwave 2.0,” not a bad role either. My bets for off-season moves: Nazr for sure, maybe Hunter or Dale Davis, perhaps Blaylock too. I still think we should hold on to Delfino, he could be our version of Manu Ginobili, not a bad thing to have off the bench either. I mean, we have a decent bench with McDyess, J-Maxx and Delfino. What we need is better backups for Chauncey and Rip. Maybe draft a good guard, I still think Acie Law is a good choice.

    Now, what Detroit REALLY needs to do is find a strong post player. Rasheed is more effective when he’s a supporting post player who double-teams and can release himself from the boards to take mid-range shots and 3-pointers. C-Webb, WHEN HE WAS IN EARLY PHILLY SHAPE, would’ve been perfect. But, I said it before, his knees have figured him out. Although he played valiantly this series, he might not be what we need right now. I’d say use the 2nd draft choice and pick a strong post player, and make some deals to get another veteran post player.

    I agree that the Pistons lost mainly because they were their own worse enemy. The Cavs beat us, but we let them play their game and Flip didn’t adjust quickly enough. I’m not a Spurs fan by any means, but I admit that they’re better coached than we are, and if LeBron was whining whenever McDyess messed with Varejoke’s hair (and he’s got every right as team captain… God only knows how much money Flopper spends in keeping his hair shiny!), he’s got another thing coming when he deals with Bowen, Manu, and Cheap Shot Rob…

    Oh, and to the Cavs fans, when we make fun of LeBron’s nailbiting is because it’s not cool. Sorry, that’s plain nasty and doesn’t make him more human or approachable.

    Cheers and long live DETROIT BASKETBALL

  365. Anonymous

    natlieee !!

    wehre the heck are you?? its safe to come out now.. all the cavs fans have fled haha.. we need youuu we’re in pistons withdrawl!!

  366. Anonymous

    the bottom line is that a lot fans of every losing team seems to believe the refs had it in for them. The Warriors fans thought this, the Jazz fans thought this, the mavericks fans thought this, the Suns fans thought this, etc. I honestly don’t believe the refs have it in for any team or are concerned with making sure a marketable player makes it to the finals. I think teams that aren’t worthy of advancing play just bad enough that questionable calls can break them. The Pistons weren’t good enough this year and the Cavs peaked at the right time and got breakout games from Gibson when they needed it most.

  367. Anonymous

    haha im wearing my hamilton jersey to school tomorrow… i cant wait !!

  368. Mike

    this completlymade me sick, i feel like absolute shit. i dont know why, but this pistons loss hurts the hardest. what happened? how did everything that was so good get so bad? we were the hottest team in the league. we hadnt lost 4 in a row all year. lebron hasnt ever shot the ball that well. sure the refs were HORRIBLE in game 6, but we never should have let it get to be elimination game. flip saunders was awful. how can he let this happen 2 strait years? the pistons have way to much talent for this to happen back to back years. resign billups, adda big man, draft an athlete, get a new coach, and then we will be back, if not then i just dont know.

  369. Anonymous

    im probably the most depressed out of all of you. *tear tear*

  370. Anonymous

    Trust me, no one is more depressed more than i am. i was literally tearing because the pistons had a good game 6 start but then in the 2nd half they lost it. anyway, i look forward to next season. i am chaunceys numba 1 fan and he cant leave detroit cause thats his place and he is team captain their. he found his niche. detroits: captain, finals mvp, all star gaurd, and the pistons leader who leads in assists and turnover ratio. with no chauncey: no championship and the pistons will turn into one of the teams like hawks or 76ers. gross.

  371. uyen

    I woke up this morning and felt as if yesterday was a dream (denial) until I got online. I felt this sickness in pit of my stomache. Almost felt like a death had happended. Unbearable.

  372. Anonymous

    we should all be excited for the future because amir johnson is the future. let’s just hope Dumars doesn’t trade him.

  373. t

    Geez, I read a lot of these comments. Seriously Detroit fans, just ignore the ignorant Cavs fan(s). Y’all have nothing to be ashamed of. Yeah you got beat, but they haven’t won anything for a long time. And Cavs fans on here gloating, you’re pathetic. I remember when the Lakers got beat by the Spurs in ’03 ending their run. I was on some msg boards and I went on there coz I said I would coz if I was boasting when we did good, I had to take it when we messed up. Seriously, Detroit, y’all got a GM who doesn’t panic (like your team). I think the team isn’t to blame, yeah Tay had a bad series and I did see some uncharacteristic mistakes by Chauncey. No one’s perfect. My thing is I saw no urgency from your coach. That was really worrying. I was saying before Game 5 you guys needed Maxiell starting. I don’t know Amir Johnson although I’ve read some positive things about him. But really, well, as a Laker fan, I’ve never had a lot of respect for CWebb. He never seems to reach potential. Yeah, he’s talented, but his teams never seem to win. Y’all need an injection of some energy and CWebb always has that hangdog look. A vet team like yours needs some youthful energy. But y’all got the best, or one of the top two probably in Joe D. And please, yeah, I hope really, I don’t hate anyone enough to wish this one them, don’t get Kobe. He is the antithesis of your team. The teamwork that you guys exemplify like the Spurs is the reason I found this site. I’m a Laker fan, but if Kobe’s ego was just a bit smaller than the country of Morocco, we might have about 6 or 7 championships now…instead, our discontent imploded the team. Anyway, y’all be back De-troit. You need some tinkering, and imo, a new coach, but not the implosion of your team…..anyway, don’t trip. And Cavs fans, don’t get too happy yet. LeBron seemed to be playing a sometimes passionless team (I blame Flip for that). The Spurs will be ready. Believe that. Y’all ain’t gonna win more than 2 games, and i don’t even believe that. I think it’ll be over in 5.

  374. Anonymous

    ^^i swearrr exact same thing happened to me.. i woke up [i hadnt gone to bed til 4 30] and i was kinda just staring off and i was like was that real yesterday [yea cause i cried lol] or was it a dream?? are the pistons REALLY out?? then i was like nahh today must be game day.. i got up checked the computer..and my heart dropped to my stomach and i said outloud .. “omg it was real”

    but arguing with those cavs fans really did make me feel better haha

  375. uyen

    Don’t worry about Joe D trading Amir Johnson because he has been approached and said no.

  376. Anonymous

    i ♥ you T :]

  377. gee gee

    im sorry i had to come back and say this… why in the hell are the cavs fans on this site talking shit shouldn’t their ass be on the cavs site celebrating their false victory? first off they are ignorant wearing beat detroit tshirts, booing their own team like big dumbasses, kissing their teams asses when they win, and just looking like total jackasses just by acting like complete idiots and being so immature. your team won congratulations. but don’t come on here and perpetuate a situation that is over and can’t change. you guys have a bigger and harder challenge in front of you, and you need to be focusing on that. so it’s not really over.

    I’M OUT!!

    please pistons fans let me know if you feel the same way

  378. t

    Yeah, y’all got more championships than the Cavs fans. This is as bad as the feeling can be. I remember feeling like, well, I’d been cheated on, dead inside, yeah, OK, it’s only sports, but what can I say, I’m a big Laker fan….but yeah, keep ya heads up…..stay away from the web for a couple days, that’s what I’d suggest till your wounds heal a bit. It’s not a disaster and you guys got some great peoples.

  379. uyen

    I don’t even bother arguing with cavs fans. It would be a total waste of time. We know that Detroit is the better team. Period.

  380. Anonymous

    aww youre a cool kid t.. more opposing teams fans should be like you! lol and yea i know what you mean its just sports but i still had to cry last night! youre definitely welcome here anytime :]

  381. Anonymous

    i cried last night!! =[
    seriously i have no more tears left. i wonder if chauncey, cwebb,dyess, rip&&the other pistons cried haha

  382. Anonymous

    c webb was pissedddd he was the first one outta there.. did anyone see that?? as soon as the buzzer rang all the players were shaking hands andthen they showed froma camera in the hallway to the lockerroom c webb just walking to the locker room alone and pissed

    buttttttt did anyone see after the rest of the players congratulated chauncey walked by with his jersey off :]]]]]] omg that def made me feel soooo much betttttterrrrrrr !!

    but then i thought what if i dont get to see that next year with him holding a PISTONS jersey in his hand and i got sad again :[

  383. t

    It said on the Free Press website that CWebb was looking down for about five minutes right after the game, basically not responding to much, and Dyess sat there in the locker room with a towel over his head. I wouldn’t be surprised if CWebb cried. He is a big baby. Sorry, but he just is. Yeah, y’all got a great organization.

  384. Anonymous

    ^^hey can i have the link for htat??

  385. uyen

    When I saw Chauncey walked by with his jersey off it felt like an omen- that he was taking it off for the last time.

  386. gee gee

    oh my goodness t that is truly genuine coming from a fan from another team. you have sort of eased the pain but it still stings and it is going to take some time to heal. but those words are so consoling. you don’t well maybe you do know how much it hurts when you have so much faith in your team and you know that they are going to make it and then all of a sudden it is all over. i wish it was a dream and i cried my eyes out and putting my self in denial trying to trick myself saying that we will be playing the final game on monday so thank you for those words and even though i don’t know you you have my respect.

  387. Anonymous

    i dont blame cwebb for crying….or dyess!!!! do you know waht a dissapointment that would be? They both had high hopes, and now they can’t do anything about it. i feel bad for them. He’s not the baby. Nobody is “a baby”

  388. gee gee

    uyen you are scaring with that i pray that chauncey doesn’t leave we need him i don’t care how people say that our team is getting old i hope chauncey gets old with this team and retire his jersey there. man i am seriously about to cry

  389. Anonymous

    has any pistons fans but girls cried? haha idk if it’s just a girl thing lol.

    blahh bad mood. I wonder what the pistons are doing right now.

  390. Anonymous

    uyen dont say that !!!!

    chauncey rip sheed and tay and even c webb all need to RETIRE as pistons.. i dont want any other team to have them :[

  391. Anonymous

    haha i crieddd but im a girl lol .. did any guy fans cry?? i wouldnt blame them

  392. Anonymous

    yea what are the pistons thinking and doing? I’m sure they haven’t gotten much sleep.

  393. uyen

    I love Chauncey to death and don’t want him to leave. I don’t see him going but it when I saw that on tv, it did make me think. gee gee, sorry if i scared you. I probably scared myself for even thinking that.

  394. gee gee

    okay guys i am getting off see you guys later. i hope some of you guys can get some sleep tonight and try to block the haters because i am going to have to. i work with a cavaliers fan so i know i will be hearing his mouth all day tomorrow. so good night, good evening, or good morning where ever you guys stay.

  395. Anonymous

    BRING BACK LARRY BROWN folks larry brown will give the pistons the confidence poise and discipline they lack with flip saunders he couldnt control this team and they dont respect him they know brown took them to the promised land twice and i think dumars needs to bring him back let me know what you guys think


  396. Anonymous

    i bet chauncey is thinking hard about what to do for next season.. prob talking to his wife about it

    rip is probably at chaunceys house trying to convince him to stay in detroit

    sheed is definitely still pissed no doubt in my mind !! his wife is definitely trying to calm him down [ i watched an interview one time where his wife said everytime he blew up onthe court she had to have a talk with sheed caue their kids were starting to get like that haha ]

    tayshaun.. hmm.. hes a mystery to me lol hes prob just listening to music to keep his mind off of everything

    c webb no doubt hes pissed/depressed… thinking about whether to retire or not… prob just trying to relax for now and think later

    dice hes depressed!! i know this for sure.. hes probably just sitting around with the tv on but not really watching it just thinking in the back of his head how did this happen

    butttttttt i hope they all get together in about a week have a party and a great time and convince chauncey and cwebb to stay and joe dumars to get rid of flip cause its time for something new!

  397. uyen

    If they can’t bring back LB, I suggest that Joe D should convince Chuck Daly to come out of retirement.

  398. Anonymous

    chauncey is probably on the fone conference with dyess and rip haha

  399. Anonymous

    man i wish i knew them they seem like fun people to chill with..and i dont mean just party i mean actually chill with

  400. Anonymous

    it hurts to look on, knowing that we were supossed to be replacing the cavs. =[

  401. uyen

    I couldn’t watch NBA TV or read NBA.COM yesterday. I had to read this morning in order for me to start my healing process. I cried at what they were saying about our Pistons- that we are donre.

  402. Anonymous

    ^^i know they didnt waste ANY time as soon as the buzzer rang four the end of the fourth they said.. could this be the end of the pistons franchise??? i was already crying at that point and that just made it worse AND pissed me off so i got up and came on need4sheed where i could grieve with other fans!! then i just worked on stuff for my finals til 4 in themorning

  403. Anonymous

    omg sooo many depressed people!! add me to the list. I haven;t gotten sleep since last week, thanks to the cavs =[

    my eyes burn looking at the cavs hold that stupid trophy on the pistons website. THEY STOLE IT WHY THE HELL WOULD THEY DO THAT?

  404. jess

    I just love it when they give up on us. Uyen dont worry about it. I seen it too. They do this every season, but we always prove them wrong. Maybe not all the way (but we did in 2004 and somewhat in 2005). But we’ve proved them wrong on a long, long journey until playoff time for the last couple of years.

  405. Anonymous

    the thing that upsets me the most about this whole thing is that i watched all 82 regular season games.

    i went to 11 games at the palace.

    I watched 16 piston playoff games…. not knowing how are season will end sour.

    It just upsets me, because my life has revolved around the pistons. I wake up extra early to read piston articles, i am on this website almost always.

    It seems like I did all of this for nothing.

    I have never been so dissapointed, and I’ve never cried so hard.

    – pistons_1

  406. Anonymous

    what could they do to cheer me up? I’m emotionally drained. Only a miracle would cheer me up. If thats even possible. Maybe news on chauncey next year?!

  407. Anonymous

    RAAAASHED WALACE DA MAN!!!RESPECT MY NIGGA!!!I love you!!!pistons real team!!!2007-2008 nba champions Terry Porter Head Coach !!!

  408. uyen

    Jess, thanks for the reassuring words. I know they say it every year in some form but never “detroit’s reign is over” I am from Berkeley CA and will have to hear shit from warriors fans and this guy who is a cavs fan tomorrow. Warriors fans wil call me a sellout for being pistons fans. I gots court-side tickets when Pistons played in Oakland. Was so close to my boys. It is going to be a very unproductive day tomorrow.

  409. jess


    I know you are gonna be annoyed and even more pissed off when everyone starts rubbin it in again but dont let it get to your head. At least try not to. Just remember we cant win it every year and I know we havent won it since ’04 but our time will come again and very soon. I honestly believe next year is our year no matter what happens in the off season. I know we all thought this year was goin to be it but I HATE to admit it, deep down inside I kinda knew we werent gonna win it though I convinced myself we were. While I knew it wasnt goin to be our year, something deep down was tellin me ’08 will be our year to cheer. Like I said I HATE to admit that I wasnt 100% confident. I dont know what that shows about me. I hope you guys dont think Im not a diehard PISTONS fan because I am and I know I am. But it was a feelin I had since the begining of this season. When we started winning some games and CWEBB came along and good things started to happen, I thought yes we are, we’re gonna win the ‘ship.. but still I wasnt confident from the begining. Like my heart wasnt all there.. it was in 2008 (and I know it might sound crazy, but I’m bein honest. And I cant emphasize enough how much I HATE to admit what I just said.

    (sorry its soo long.)

  410. jess

    but Im still hopin and prayin and wishin that Chauncey will stay and nothin will happen with Rip, Tay, and SHEED.. but im also hopin for new coach.. Larry Brown sounds real good right now, but i dont know if thats possible. Getting Chuck Daly out of retirment would be a miracle. Even Bill Laimbeer is lookin ok to me right now, but i kinda question that one.

  411. jess

    im still wonderin what Natalie thinks.

    Nat where are you at? We need you. LOL.. but seriously, its like you keep us together. Your the queen of this site. Hell your the queen of piston fans LOL.

  412. Natalie

    I was gone all day, had to leave all the comments up to you guys. I will be posting what I think in the upcoming days…

    Changes will be made people, and a lot of them!

  413. Anonymous

    I for one dont think this same core should be back. They have proven to me that they choke in the clutch. Yeagh lebron is good, but last night he had alot of other teamates getting into it too!They deserved to win,detroit acted like a bunch of gradeschool kids! And no I’m not a cavs fan, I’m a proud detroiter for 50 plus years!

  414. dave

    It’s so damn obvious that Stern wanted LeBron to make the finals. The game’s close going into the 4th and all of a sudden everything goes crazy, we were in the penalty with like 9 minutes left, and then got 3 quick fouls for 6 FTs, at one point in the 4th we had 9 fouls to the cavs 2. that’s impossible, with a team as good as the pistons. no possible way that’s consistent officiating. Lebron is this year’s Dwayne Wade, a pretty boy easy to market to the general public, so let’s give him a free ticket to the finals as long as he can make his FTs. shit, he made how many field goals? 2? does anyone else think we got Techs and defensive 3-seconds so lebron could get free points. Or that the reason we went into the penalty so fast in the 3rd and 4th quarters was to ensure Lebron got enough points to make him sound great. what a horrible way to end the season. you know that scene in the first matrix movie, when the bad guy starts unplugging people and trying to kill neo, and right when switch finds out shes going to die, she gets this blank sad disbelieveing, totally unprepared look on her face and says “not like this… not like this” and then falls to the ground dead.
    That’s how i felt about this game. if the pistons season is going to end, and possible chauncey’s #1 jersey and this entire era of dominance over the east, “Not like this.” not like this. what a sick way to watch it all end … free throws, ugly haircuts from gooden and varajoe, ridiculous flops, ejections, a gross amount of turnovers, bad coaching, lebron making free throw after free throw, the commentators singing his praises for plays that i’ve seen carlos delfino do a dozen times, lebron doing that retarted grimace/stare crap like the immature asshole he is, the obvious frustration on chauncey, rip and tay’s faces, why the crap did nazr mohammed play in the first quarter and watching webber walk around in slow motion like it was an exhibition game. what a sad sad ending to this season.
    Not like this.

    another thought … lebron is no where near michael jordan, or even kobe bryant. i won’t even consider comparing him to kobe until after he has won 3 rings. after 5 rings, we can talk about comparing him with MJ. 5 rings from now that shit can start. tim duncan and tony parker are going to wipe the floor with these idiots, and bruce bowen is going to shut lebron down to complete shit. i’d like to see varajoe try flopping on a real post player like tim duncan, or zildranus’s 60year old face try and stop duncan from scoring 22 and grabbing 13 boards and winning his 4th ring. cleveland can’t stop him, they can’t win this series, too bad Stern, there’s nothing you can possibly do to win Lebron this series. but i’m sure you’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen every year until someone else comes along.

    cleveland fans, you suck and you have no class.

    this is going to be a long, scary offseason. maybe chauncey will be a sellout and go to the bulls.

    my guesses are this:
    -chauncey signs with the bucks
    -the pistons try and get leandro barbosa from the suns
    -webber’s done
    -max and amir are regular players next year
    -with the two first round picks we get a point guard and a big center
    -rip tay and sheed stick around
    -saunders is GONE!
    -next year we finish with 43 wins, the 4th seed and lose in the second round to the bulls.

    peace out detroit fans.
    i love you all

  415. Anonymous

    Yes I believe chauncey will be gone to. But I don’t really believe that’s a bad thing. It will be better in the long run.We need to plan for the future now, can’t look back.God Bless, have a great summer!

  416. Amanda

    Wow, anony 11:49, you got me all excited for next season… I think I may have to upgrade my depression back to “major”

    I wish I was at as much ease going into the future as a lot of you are. I think I’m too much of an amateur fan to be that cool. I’ve become too attached to the players to be comfortable with saying “Chauncey won’t be here next year and that’s okay.” I love the personalities of the core group and thinking about next season without one (or more) of them makes me sick to my stomach. Perhaps sports watching just isn’t the hobby for me…This is EXACTLY why I watch the Pistons and NO other sports team. I’m just too emotional.

  417. jess

    “I wish I was at as much ease going into the future as a lot of you are. I think I’m too much of an amateur fan to be that cool. I’ve become too attached to the players to be comfortable with saying “Chauncey won’t be here next year and that’s okay.” I love the personalities of the core group and thinking about next season without one (or more) of them makes me sick to my stomach. Perhaps sports watching just isn’t the hobby for me…This is EXACTLY why I watch the Pistons and NO other sports team. I’m just too emotional.”

    Amanda.. you took the words right outta my mouth.

    Dave, you went hard. Your predictions scare me ๐Ÿ™

  418. jess

    Nat, did you think that there would be over 500 comment on here right now??

    Imagine if the comment moderation was still on.. you would have had to go through all of them LOL.

    but im not gonna lie.. i read every single comment on this post. (i always do)

  419. jess

    than again i was just thinkin about it.. if the comment moderation was still on, half of these comments wouldnt be on here.


  420. uyen

    Jess, I was out to dinner with some friends ealrier and got some crazy shit talking about my pistons. Thought this madness was going to start at tomorrow at work. FUCK!!!

  421. jess

    lol.. like i said.. try not to let it get to you.

  422. uyen


  423. KrAzYkReAgS

    stern wants lebron and wade to run the league and the pistons get jobbed in the process

  424. Amber

    Pistons may be forced to make changes after playoff meltdown

    AP Sports Writer

    DETROIT (AP) The Detroit Pistons seem to be slipping from great to good, leading to questions about a nucleus that has been kept together since winning a title in 2004 and a coach that had a tough act to follow.

    Detroit dropped out of the playoffs on the road in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals for the second straight year after consecutive trips to the NBA finals.

    “The season’s a failure,” Rasheed Wallace said after the Cleveland Cavaliers eliminated Detroit with a 98-82 win Saturday night.

    Wallace’s teammates and the rest of the franchise would probably agree with his blunt assessment.

    The Pistons earned top seeding in the Eastern Conference playoffs for the second straight year and seemed to be rolling with a 7-0 start, matching a franchise record.

    Then, they lost two of the last three games against the Chicago Bulls in the second round and collapsed against the Cavs, blowing a 2-0 lead in the conference finals for just the third time in NBA history.

    “I don’t really care about that,” Chauncey Billups said. “I’m just mad we lost four straight games to a team that I felt wasn’t better than us.

    “But obviously, they were better than us this week.”

    Next year, the up-and-coming Cavs and Bulls will likely improve.

    To keep up with their Central Division rivals, the Pistons might be forced to shake up a roster that has had a lot of success. Wallace, Billups, Richard Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince created the kind of continuity rarely seen in professional sports.

    The Pistons won a championship, fell just short of repeating, and advanced to the conference finals five straight years – a streak trailing only one team over the past 20-plus years.

    “I think its unbelievable,” New Jersey Nets coach Lawrence Frank said during this postseason. “They’ve had three different coaches. Their core has stayed together for the most part. They lost (Ben) Wallace, but it is such a tremendous credit to that organization to be at such a high level year in and year out.”

    But Pistons president of basketball operations Joe Dumars was unhappy about the way the season unraveled in the playoffs, and he’s an executive with a history of making bold moves.

    Dumars fired Rick Carlisle after two successful seasons and bought out Larry Brown following two straight trips to the NBA finals.

    Coach Flip Saunders set a franchise record by winning 117 games in his first two regular seasons, beating Brown’s mark by nine games and Carlisle’s by 17. But the Pistons fell short of expectations and their goals in both of their postseasons with a coach that struggled in the playoffs with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

    “He’s in a tough situation,” Billups said. “Could he have done some things differently? Probably so. Could I? Yeah. So could Sheed and Tay and go down the line. It’s unfair to point the finger at one person.”

    Billups was the NBA finals MVP three years ago and an All-Star in each of the next two seasons, but his lackluster play in the conference finals the last two years was tough for the team to overcome.

    “I played as hard as I could, but I didn’t play that great,” he said after averaging 15.3 points, 3.5 assists and 3.8 turnovers against the Cavs. “I’m sure some other guys in this locker room could say the same thing.”

    Billups, who will be one of the NBA’s top free agents this summer, wants to return to Detroit if its offer is competitive with other offers.

    “Everyone knows I love this team, this town, being a Piston,” he said. “I really grew up here, made a name for myself: All-Star, champion, MVP. We’ll see how it works out.”

    Dumars will also have to decide if he wants to re-sign free agent Chris Webber, who hinted that retirement might be an option.

    “I don’t want to be in a situation where I’m just going through the motions, letting everything be said about me,” said the 34-year-old center, whose skills and health have diminished in recent years.

    The Pistons have a young player, forward Jason Maxiell, on the verge of contributing consistently, and they have a chance to add more youth with the 15th and 27th overall picks in the draft later this month.

    While significant change seems to be certain, Billups said a few more great years are possible if the nucleus is kept together.

    “We’re definitely an elite ballclub,” he insisted. “It’s just crazy how thin of a line it is from being one of the best teams in the league to people looking at you like, ‘They’re done.’ I’ll still take my chances with anybody in this league in a series.”

  425. Anonymous

    Just thought id pop in here and post how very sad i still am….
    Ive read all the posts and i see im not the only one…
    I love THESE pistons…ive watchd the pistons for a long time. i’ve never really got hooked until THESE pistons. their is just something special about THESE pistons

    I allowed my 5 yr old to fall in love w a player that might decide to leave us…How do you explain to a 5 year old that its a bussiness and that stuff just happend… He even went to the mini pistons camp and we are planning on him going to the full camp this summer.
    the whole time we were at the camp he kept saying to me..”look mom im going to be a star like Billups.”

    those words haunt me now.

    He cant leave us…
    that will just crush my 5 yr old…heck it will crush me!

    its not that they lost game 6 that ended their run. Its the changes that gets me going…im just not good w change… Im just not ok w Billups leaving…If he goes… Rip is right behind him.. I cant decide whihc would be more painful. the combination would be brutal.
    What can i say im emotional attached…they grabbed hold of my heart in a weird way( even more than the years before) last season.
    I was at the only game i got a chance to see last season. when my father passed away. i got the call as i was leaving the game.
    It for me was like my dad’s last gift. they never got a hold of me until after the game. they tried to tho through the palace staff etc.
    I gues it was meant to be at that game at that moment in time.
    they became my comfort. they gave me something to have hope in.

    Strange i know but its funny the things one holds on to when facing death…

    I Love THESE pistons..

    Stay w us Billups your leaving will be like facing another death.

  426. Anonymous

    I think people should chill out. I do think the officiating in the nba is comical but that being said, the pistons brought this on themselves! They played like highschool kids! Hell the wizards and nets played better against the cavs then we did! And the wizards were missing two vital players. I can assure you of this san antonio won’t choke! Three rings tell me that.They should take it all this year unless the games are really called lopsided , in that case we need to get rid of stern, he’s going to turn this sport into a joke! Anyone agree?

  427. Anonymous


  428. Anonymous

    congrats to the cavs.
    i would say the refs had something to do with the games because after game two no call on lbj stern had to have told the refs to start calling fouls, because in game 5 when lebron drives to the hole and falls down without anyone touching him and a foul is called u know stern told the refs to give a back a game. being that said, to all piston fans- give me a break the pistons played old just like they did against the heat last year. tell me what coaching has to do with letting a guy drive to the basket not once but three times in game 5. when your own players are throwing the ball away. and billups shoot the ball to score not to get a cheap-ass foul. “i saw a guy trailing me hard and i thought could get some contact. there was some but not enough to get a call.” then he does it again on snow trying to get snow to jump into him when he shot the three to possibly win the game. you want to cry when varejo flops. flopping will always be part of the game it is an art and if you are great at it u can help your team win just ask “the mailman” malone. so wallace thought he flopped in game 6 don’t go down the court and throw lebron to the floor and foul out of the game when your team needs you. also, the pistons beat the cavs last year in game 7 because they just man-handled lebron and did not let him do what he wanted to do. but this year they tried the same thing in game 6 but the cavs had a answer with gibson’s 3s. it was a great series and if lebron doesn’t turn in his greatest game of his nba career the pistons win game 5. but all-in-all the cavs over came the 0-2 start and played just enough better than the pistons to win.

  429. Anonymous

    I honestly do not think that the pistons are done. So what if they lost this year? San Antonio doesn’t win every single year. What doesnt kill you makes you stronger. I believe that Joe Dumars will make necessary changes for the pistons. At this point, saunders needs to be fired, webber needs to retire. I think if Chauncey leaves the pistons, the worst thing that could happen is that Rip will be sad and that might affect his performance, and pistons fans won’t be happy. In addition, I doubt that Chauncey can find a better team or a better environment beside Detroit. I hope he doesnt leave even if the Bucks pay him crapload of money. It’s not like Chauncey’s a rookie and needs money. If he stays with detroit, he’ll just earn even more respect and affection from fans and his teammates. With all that said, may God bless Dumars in his decisions.

  430. Anonymous

    I wonder if the pistons or Dumars ever read the comments on this site? =) i think they should. I’ll be mad if saunders stays with the pistons. I wonder what’s going through the pistons’ minds right now? must be tough. I hope Chauncey will stay. I mean, if he stays despite the ridiculous money offered by other teams, Chauncey will truly look like a hero in Detroit!! I mean he’ll be the loyal player who sticks with his team, unlike Ben W. Anyways, if you’re reading chauncey, please refuse the dough and stay!!! =)

  431. Anonymous


  432. Anonymous

    am i the only one who feels incredibly sad for dyess? the poor guy seemed to want it more than anyone else on the team, played his heart out and actually showed emotion and a sense of urgency. i wanted him to get a championship so bad. i hope he resigns next year…

  433. Anonymous

    I for one, am very pissed off and upset that we let a rookie torch us and blow us out of the playoffs. This was the absolute worse way to go out of the playoffs. We had an absolute failure season this year. We MUST fire Flip and DRAFT Joakim Noah.


    P.S. I hope for God that the Spurs win.

  434. gee gee

    i wish there was a miracle that put us in the finals tonight lol that would be so great and that article somebody just typed up scares me. what chauncey said about if the offer is right. that reminds me of ben wallace and just don’t want him to roll out that way. people here in detroit has so much love for that man. and like everybody on that team, they feel like family to me and i feel like i know them personally so if he leaves i think i might cry. when ben wallace left i was upset and said we couldn’t make it without him but then i realized that he is one player and that we could do it. and even though we didn’t make it to the finals look how far we got without him, now i will say that if mr big shot leaves we wont get that far. so please stay until you can’t play anymore chauncey dont break up this happy family we love you all and you are the best and unfortunately the best team got cheated so we will have to show them next year and show them that this dynasty is never going to end just because some poster child won. also convince mcdyess and webber to stay because word on the street is they getting that ring next year 2008 babay.

    love you pistons keep hope alive and don’t give up the faith

  435. Anonymous

    The refs are not at fault, Pistons fans, I am one too, but you’ll can’t keep blaming it on the refs or all the blame on Flip Saunders either. It’s the players, they just didn’t have the fire in them. Fatigue? Can’t use that excuse again either. Cleveland outplayed us in this series, even in game 1 and 2, we truly just got lucky honestly. Our whole team is better than Cleveland no doubt. Lebron is a superstar and a heck of a player. I suspect he is the next Michael Jordan. He’s on that path anyway. Even though we lost, I still feel our TEAM is better than theirs. San Antonio are like Detroit except they play better defense, are in control of their emotions more, and do not play catch up as often. The Spurs and Pistons are almost like twins. Anyhow, Spurs in 4!

  436. Anonymous

    When the 4th qtr came around, we just basically lost it in the beginning right there, Boobie started banking in 3’s, we were down 81-69 and it started looking bad. On top of that, Sheed gets fouled out and decides to just go off the hook so he can get the heck out of the game and don’t have to witness defeat. I love Rasheed on the team but he has to not go over the edge, there was like 10 minutes left when he got thrown out, we could still have won the game, there was plenty of time left to make a run.

  437. Anonymous

    I believe the pistons are through as the go to work team. It seems to me with the pistons keeping our same head couch,dumars has sent up a white flag as far as our players are concerned. I guess it’s time to total this team and start fresh.


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