Pistons On The Brink

by | Jun 1, 2007 | 53 comments

Pistons lost game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals Thursday night at the Palace 107-109 in double overtime. LeBron James put up a career high 48 points, including his team’s final 25 and 29 of its final 30 to single handedly put his team on top. The Cavs now lead the series 3 games to 2.

Key Points:

  • Chauncey Billups had just one turnover and 21 points along with 5 assists. He also hit deep three to send the game into it’s first overtime.
  • Chris Webber was fantastic in the first half, he was getting easy dunks in the post all night long. He finished with 20 points.
  • Now being at the game I didn’t get to see a replay of the “flagrant 2” that sent Antonio McDyess to the locker room early in the game, but from what I did see it was no more than a flagrant 1. If he gets booted for that, shouldn’t Gooden have been tossed for doing the same to Rasheed Wallace in game 4?
  • I am not going to sit here and say I am not really disappointed, but LeBron was cold blooded. You know the saying one person can’t beat a team. Well LeBron did it last night.
  • Can someone tell me why Chauncey took such a bad shot right before the end of regulation when he had plenty of time to get a good shot off? If I am not mistaken there were more than 6 seconds left on the clock and he dribbled most of them away and took an off balance 3.
  • I was expecting a bigger game from Rasheed, who scored 17 with 8 rebounds and 3 blocked shots. I thought he would have been a man possessed.
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Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images
  • Were the whistles being called on both ends of the floor? I can’t answer it honestly because I was so frustrated the whole game.
  • The Palace could have been louder, don’t get me wrong the place was loud, but I expected more.
  • Flip Saunders needs to work on scoring baskets out of time outs.
  • Chauncey 6-for-9 from the line.
  • No excuses.
  • Letting LeBron drive the lane for an uncontested dunk in overtime is bad, but letting it happen two times in a row is simply inexcusable. FOUL HIM.
  • Pistons fans at the Palace were a little more than fed up with the calls against their team. The crowd broke out in several “Bull-Shit” chants during the game.
  • I know I don’t have to say it, but the Pistons must win the next 2 games, which I think they can.
  • Can someone please tell Lindsey Hunter to quit driving the lane wildly, it never turns out well.
  • Foul trouble.
  • I saw a couple of “almost” incidents between Cavs Fans and Pistons Fans at the game.
  • It was a long, quiet ride home last night.
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Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images
  • McDyess must feel horrible. He actually might be suspended for game 6.
  • Maxiell again did a fine job stepping in during crucial moments.
  • Sheed and Tay were both just 4-13 from the floor. Tay seems to still be struggling with his offensive game.
  • Most of the game is a blur to me now.
  • Prince also clearly seemed a bit frustrated with his team. Where is the help defense?
  • If you haven’t yet read what Matt over at Detroit Bad Boys has to say, head on over there. I must admit I felt as if I could vomit right before the first OT.
  • Most of you all feel the same way I do today so there is no need to go into much more. The Pistons know what they have to do and they have yet to do it. Do I think they are the better team? Of course I do, but they are not playing like it.
  • I think I have to resort to my opposite strategy.


  1. Mustafa

    Don’t forget to include the “FLAGRANT 2”, that they didn’t call on LEBRON in the first game or the 2nd game when LEBRON caught c-webb with an elbow!

    After the game was over the next day they hit lebron for a flagrant 2 and fined him but he never got suspended… can you believe that shit????

    And than the whole incident with GOODEN yeah that one too… so why should DICE be suspended? And why was dice out of the game?

    I was heated angry and pissed couldn’t stand any of it.

    Yes, there were too many fouls called on both ends but the refs called some bull shit fouls against the pistons. When the pistons try to take into the paint or get a shot off there were a few fouls committed by the cavs that weren’t called in a regular season game…

    here is the link watch how the game unfolds


  2. Anonymous

    Nice recap as always, Nat. I’m glad to see Maxy get some time- but win a double overtime game with everyone in foul trouble, why didn’t Flip send in Dale or Nazr to keep Lebron out of Dunksville?

  3. uyen

    Did lebron really get flagrant 2 today? Dyce was ejected from game yesterday- lebron should be suspended on game 6 and let Dyce play. Pistons will play hard to vindicate Dyce for call.

  4. Anonymous

    Why can’t SOMEONE, ANYONE step in and take a charge from Bron? His several uncontested dunks and layups late in the game were painful to watch. I actually began to miss Big Ben last night, if he is in the paint, Bron does not get to the rack so easily.

  5. Anonymous

    lebron should have been tossed from last nights game simply because he could have made the situation worst by running over to fight McDyess and finally lebron should have been tossed just for being the ignorant jackass he is.i personally feel the refs are being paid to help lebron reach the nba finals

  6. Anonymous

    Excuses, lets face it we have lebron and you don’t and you lose, get used to it….

  7. Kevin

    Yeah, well LeBron has the refs. I still think we got jobbed on calls last night. Don’t want to take anything away from his shotmaking, he was on fire last night, but I still feel like the calls were very one sided. A lot of those fouls towards the end of the fourth and in OT were garbage calls. What we’re used to is the Pistons frustrating us to no end by making things more difficult than they need to be. We’ve seen them pull come back from 2-3 deficits before, and I think we’ll be seeing it again Monday night.

  8. Anonymous

    “Were the whistles being called on both ends of the floor?”

    Well, the Cavs had eight more fouled called on them and two Cavs fouled out, you dolt.

  9. Natalie

    “Well, the Cavs had eight more fouled called on them and two Cavs fouled out, you dolt.”

    Stupid … Me? Well sometimes, but just because someone may have fouled out or the number of calls might be higher on one side still doesn’t mean that the calls or non calls were good.

  10. Stan Gable

    Come on all…we can’t sit here and make excuses. Personally, I can’t stand LeBron, but he was beyond brilliant last night. that was surreal. To say the refs gave it to him is a joke…we weren’t even trying to foul him in the overtimes.

    Again, I’ll say this Flip Saunders is a friggin’ moron. He can’t diagram a legit play to save his life coming out of a timeout. GARBAGE. He can make no adjustments.

    I don’t want to hear this team talk anymore…just go out and do it, make me believe again. It took a performance for the ages to beat us by 2 points in double OT…so we are certainly down, but life goes on.

  11. Anonymous

    Okay, the tossing of Dice was pretty crazy. The NBA seems pleased to have key players missing from playoff series. It happens ALL THE TIME and it really only punishes fans. Because the suspensions are inconsistent and destructive, the league needs to start saving them for clear, obvious problems. Use fines and regular season suspensions to punish players. But do you think Detroit could have used McDyess in a double-overtime game?

    Still, I’m not bitching because the Pistons just flat out lost this one. What WAS the defense on the last shot? Single coverage for a guy who is the ONLY one who is going to shoot. EVERYONE but Flip knew this. What!?! Embarrassing to see LeBron flying to the rim with almost no contact. I’m so tired of Saunders’ expressionless stare, as he puls his tie and adjusts his neck. Not exactly a source of energy or inspiration.

  12. Anonymous

    Is it always the refs fault in Detroit? Apparently so. You really need to let go of this hatred of refs thing. Last I checked the refs were great in games 1 and 2 for you guys. Oh yeah, but you won. When you lose, then it must be that LeBron and the refs are in this thing together. Get a grip Detroit, before Cleveland really gets a grip on you.

  13. Anonymous

    I agree with Natalie. The calls that the Cavs got in the late 4th quarter, OT1 and OT2 were ‘BIG’ calls. Though the Pistons may have made it to the line more, they were also the aggressors in the paint. While Lebron was busy making EVERY jumpshot, the Pistons were working hard inside to get calls. When there are ‘iffy’ calls in crucial moments of the game that allow a team to take the lead… well that’s poor officiating.

  14. Eugene

    Hey, EugMc from Clevelandleader.com. My prediction doesn’t look so bad now does it?

  15. Anonymous

    Why is no one talking about that foul on SHEED?? that would of sent sheed to the line to put us up 92-90.. But ofcourse they want to hate on SHEED and then Bron goes right to the BASKET!@! Why did Chauncey get 2 Horrible shots in a row at BOTH OVERTIMES! GO TO SHEED BABY!!

  16. Davi Alexander

    Totally agree with Stan Gable, this guy was crazy last night, fouling him 3 or 4 times would be useful, but he made 48 points, he drove the gear to absolutely madness, restless and wild.

    The only way we could have won was to get ths shots correctly, play 5 versus one. That would demand perfection from our clutchers, sheed, billups and hamilton, who didn´t do that. Our defense is spectacular, the best in NBA. The offense is cracked, by coach strategy and individual performance.

    Sorry dudes, we just have to accept, he won the battle, not cleveland, not the nba, not the team, not basketball, just one man´s will to be the best. Certainly, we hear that stories from greek traditions to hollywood dramas, and we all know the end of the history: Teams win, selfish people loose.

    We still have a chance and absolutely no time to complain, we made that before, let´s do it. 5 versus one, let´s go PISTONS.

  17. uyen

    Billups who is 89% from the line missed 3 shots that would have won us the game. They need to watch game 6 against Heat in last year’s conf finals to get them going.

  18. spencer

    cavs fan here…

    both sides have a gripe towards officiating. i dont have any of the box score in front of me, but boobie and gooden both fouled out, gooden and varejao were both on the brink which led to DONYELL MARSHALL and damon jones getting crunch time playoff minutes…there were ticky-tack fouls on both sides, flagrant 2 foul was pretty bullshit despite the advantage gained for my team. but still, it goes both ways. the no-call against lebron was questionable at the end of game 2 and throughout the first two games the cavs were getting the shaft hard. despite the officiating bullshit, the pistons could have easily won.

    from a cavs fan, im still worried about losing the series. i live in cleveland for christ’s sake. weve been conditioned to expect the worst and its just cleveland nature to think “theres no way lebron can do that again.” drew gooden might be mentally retarded, im not sure yet. we dont have any answer for sheed just because varejao makes ignorant fouls and gooden is just fucking retarded, you dont know how frustrating it is to watch. then us cavs fans get to see damon jones guard chauncey and a rookie play like our $55 mil man hughes should be playing. the pistons always have a chance because the cavs are forced to play donyell marshall and fucking damon jones.

    i dont understand why every time chauncey is up against amon ones (no D or J) he doesnt just post him up. or why sheed doesnt just hit that ridiculous fadeaway jumper that he must be 100% from the field on. or why maxiell isnt getting plays called for him when the cavs couldnt stop him if they tried.

    as a cavs fan, its great to say this…chauncey’s AWFUL decision making has turned the momentum our way. he needs to be smarter at the end of games, not taking high degree of difficulty shots with lots of time left. hes too good to be playing like this. its frustrating because as thrilling as the series has been, its not like playing the real pistons. granted it feels good, esp after last night, but flip is getting outcoached by mike brown for chrissakes and trust me, mike brown sucks.

    im not here to gloat and rub it in, i visit frequently but dont post because, frankly, i dont have shit to say and im not about to post retarded things like “hows it feel pistons” because people who do that give fan bases terrible names. the pistons are a tough team, its been a tough series, its far from over. but pistons fans must be concerned about the awful coaching. but i cant imagine lebron getting free passes to the rim like that in 6 or 7.

    thrilling game tho, webber and chauncey nearly gave me a heartattack.

  19. Anonymous

    I feel spencer sums it up quite nicely, even if he is a cavs fan. flip is getting out coached, and the pistons are getting out hustled. there is still a sliver of hope left for the pistons, however, it is going to take a perfect game from the pistons to force a game 7. we shall see…

  20. Anonymous

    I think spencer is the most intelligent thing to come out of cleveland since…um..uh…well, good job spencer. It’s nice to see a true fan of the game. I am a HUUUUGE pistons fan, but was awestruck by lebron last night. I hated every minute of it…but in a beautiful way. The problem seems to lie with both the players and the coach. Flip is an automaton…no fury at the calls being made?!? Are you kidding me? Why are the fans, unpaid but loyal, more upset than the highly paid, and hopefully loyal coach???Detroit, we have a problem…

  21. Bobby

    If there’s a Need4 anything it’s not Sheed….

    There’s a Need4 PASSING THE DAMN BALL.

    If there is anything that is disheartening about this series it is that the Pistons aren’t moving the Ball around… There is a ‘Need4’ Flip Saunders to start changing things around. I say, if I were in Flip’s shoes I’d say that every time down the floor before you shoot make 4 passes AT LEAST. There is no offensive flow and improvisation to make Cleveland have to do anything.

    What really is bothering me is that everyone on TNT and ESPN is going off about how amazing the Cav’s Defense has been…. No.

    It’s just when Tay is gonna post up, he’s not gonna take out, he’s gonna dribble 3 and take a baby hook in the paint… I know that, the Cavs no that.

    I know that everytime Rip runs the curl, he’s gonna end up on the other side, any smart team gets used to those things and see’s them happening…

    I know that everytime Sheed and Billups run the screen that Sheed is gonna stay at the top of the arch and wait for the pass. Cleveland saw it coming.

    And for the love of god will SOMEONE take a damn charge? Everyone is so obsessed with wanting to block LeBron they just need to realize the way to stop him is to clog the paint and just STAND STILL it’s that simple. I’ve seen him draw lots of charges against other teams, because fact of the matter is, is he’s 22 years old, all he wants to do is dunk, so let him run and don’t try and block him.

    The KEY for the Pistons victory in Game 6 is getting LeBron in foul trouble. It seems small but it plays with his mind. Move the ball and take some damn charges.

    I’m starting to hate Flip Saunders more and more every day.

  22. Mustafa

    Its called “momentum”, you piston haters. The fouls called against the pistons were always key fouls that killed the pistons momentum… everytime pistons seem to get going the refs would blow their whistles and turn the game into another tight scenario. Look at the 8 point lead during first half and what followed afterwards… fouls after fouls that killed our momentum and put the cavs behind the line. Yeah, two cavs player got fouled out but that doesn’t mean that everything was balanced. The game was lobsided every call was against detroit and the calls that should have been against cavs weren’t being called.

    For example: When Rasheed had the ball in the post and the ball went out of bounds because the refs supposedly saw the ball hitting RASHEEDS leg and it bounced out of bounce. When verajoe was all over rasheed and the ball never hit rasheed on his leg it had more to do with the verajoe! Did they give that to the PISTONS or to cavs? of course cavs!

    And again, if you think I am making excuse scroll up and check the FIRST comment here… in that comment you will see a LINK that will prove to you that the officiating is pretty much all fixed!

    have a nice day!

  23. Nate

    I was also really dissappointed in the lineup’s Flip had in there at times. I watched the game with my Dad and we both were yelling at the TV when Flip took Sheed out early in the 1st quarter. He had a hot hand to start the game! Sheed never got it going again after that. He had another stretch where he only played 4 minutes or so. Steve Kerr even questioned why Sheed was on the bench. He should of got huge minutes last night in my opinion.

    I also noticed another troubling trend. The refs whistles were chirping so much last night that the Pistons never really could get a run going. I don’t think there was a straight minute of basketball played last night. At times it got….well boring. It was either a commercial break or someone at the free throw line. I miss the old NBA where you were allowed to play defense. I also missed the Pistons of 2004 last night that would HAVE NOT allowed Lebron to drive the lane twice at the end of regulation and dunk it. Tay even ran out of the way on the first one. Since when did we start doing that?

    I’m still confident we take game 6 and 7 like last year, though I will not watch game 6. I’m so tired of hearing about Lebron whether he’s on or off the court I could vomit. And game 6 will be nothing but a recap of his amazing game 5…over and over and over again. I’ll watch the highlights.

    By the way…..who is this “anonymous” Cavs fan who keeps ripping on Detroit and alot of the bloggers on here? He posted a bunch last night and now today. At least have the balls to put your name up. It’s like Cav fans have nowhere to go to celebrate a win, so they go annoy people.


  24. Anonymous

    I’m scared. Really scared.


  25. Akron P

    Another Cavs fan here. Am I crazy to be rooting for McDyess to NOT be suspended for Game 6? Flip can’t seem to find a way to rotate his bench players so as to keep them in the flow of the game. It seemed that he was doing a better job of that last night that with one less option. I also think a suspension would be too harsh regardless.

    I won’t be surprised if Lebron has a tough game tomorrow night. In addition to a seemingly inevitable letdown, it looked like he hurt himself in the 4th quarter when he went to the floor on his back (maybe it was the 1st OT?) I thought I saw him say “my back.” He may have been playing on pure adrenaline at the end – and his comments about needing rest at the end of the game were uncharacteristic.

  26. Anonymous

    Ladies and Gentleman…and Detroit fans…

  27. Amanda

    Anony 2:49:

    Why? Is Elvis here?

  28. Anonymous

    Someone PLEASE tell me why Rasheed kept shooting in the end of the 4th and throughout both OT’s… HE DIDN’T MAKE A SINGLE FG.. yet he took like 8 shots, including one RETARDED 3 pointer. Come on… when you’re not making shots, give the ball to Chauncey or Rip.

  29. Anonymous

    I think that Anonymous 11:43 had a very good point. Everyone is counting the Pistons out now. I don’t know how the refs didn’t call a foul when Sheed missied the shot w/ 11 seconds left. Oh and by the way, Chauncey had NINE seconds at the end of regulation to win and he shot a 3? I think he could have drov it in and had a chance to get fouled. Oh yea, FOUL LEBRON.

    I think the Pistons can win this series cause Lebron was tired. And we will have Dyess back. The one thing that we can still count on is that the Pistons play very well when the are threatend. They will bring a fight in game 6 and definetly not let Lebron score 48 again.

  30. Andy

    “Now being at the game I didn’t get to see a replay of the “flagrant 2″ that sent Antonio McDyess to the locker room early in the game, but from what I did see it was no more than a flagrant 1. If he gets booted for that, shouldn’t Gooden have been tossed for doing the same to Rasheed Wallace in game 4?”

    Watch the highlights. The only thing missing was the Macho Man coming off the top ropes and then the three count. The two incidents have very little in common. McD will get to play in game six only because Varajoke’s head didn’t split open when it hit the floor.

    Personally, I would enjoy handing out a good clothes line like that. McD may be my new favorite Piston.

  31. Anonymous

    did anyone else notice that after every “officials timeout” the momentum changed in the Cavs favor. I don’t want to complain but its just something I noticed.

  32. Malenda

    ok so all the fouls were pretty terrible calls by the refs i dont see why they cant just let them play for once without haveing to blow their whistles, and all the complaing the players do after the foul has been called probably does not help the situation any because i went to the game last night and after almost every play i would see Lebron over there complaining to one of the ref’s but it wasnt only him that was complaing it was some of the pistons too, they just did it a little less… and i read something that said the Palace wasn’t loud enough last night well i went to the game and half the time i could hardly hear myself think it was so loud.

  33. GMoney

    OK, I’m a Cavs fan and I really enjoy this site just as a different take from the pro-Cavs stuff I normally read. That being said, pathetic people whine about the officials. We Cavs fans did it after game 2 and it wasn’t pretty. Don’t do it to yourselves, Piston fans. You can’t control the whistles.

    You can control the decibels though and the Palace crowd was apparently shot up with horse tranquilizers the first 3 quarters. I promise you this, you will KNOW the Q fans are into it tomorrow.

    One thing no one has mentioned heading into game 6, Detroit’s fatigue coming off of that crushing defeat is going to be a huge disadvantage. You had 4 guys rack up over 45 minutes (who aren’t too young anymore) and you expect them to come out fresh like nothing happened??? That’s naive, even for a team with the resolve as the Pistons. The Cavs have the same issues with being tired as well but at least they’ll have the adrenaline of The Q to get them going.

    Sorry to say this guys, but all signs are pointed to the Cavs marching on. Hopefully, this prophecy comes true.

    AND PLEASE, just admit that what you saw last night was something really special and quit blaming other issues. You’ve been outplayed in every game anyway.

  34. Zack

    If the Pistons lose this series I really hope Flip Saunders is fired

  35. sammi

    i know it failed them last year but i really think the pistons need to break out the red jerseys for game 6. ughh just thinking of the Q tomorrow freaks me out. i dont think i will have the strength in my heart to watch the game. but i will be praying for them. anyways they always seem to play better when im not watching.

  36. sammi

    anyone who says they are a cavaliers fan is lying. next time they approach you and say that they are a cavaliers fan, say: “you mean, a lebron fan. you could give a damn about the cavaliers.” i seriously said that about ten times today. i live in california and everyone knows that im a pistons fan because thats all i talk about and i wear my pistons shirts and wristband everyday they play, so you can imagine the amount of shit i got today from people. the thing is, people in san diego (where im at) are all bandwagoners. i was born in detroit and i go back every few months. cuz u never meet a pistons fan in SD that doesnt have a reason behind it, they all have connections. because people are so gullible so they just decide to like the so called “cavaliers” just because of LEBRON JAMES.

    damn ive heard that name WAAAAAAYY too many times today. if i hear it again i just may throw up.

    deeeeeetroit basketball

    in 7

  37. Anonymous

    zack, flip will not be fired. I heard bill davidson is already annoyed that we have gone through so many coaches since joe d. became president (not dissing joe, i love him, that’s just what i heard).

  38. Anonymous

    Bottom line is that EVERY game has been close and decided at the end. Either team could have won EVERY game. Neither team has been dominant and neither crushed the other in ANY game. To me this translate as either team can win the remaining two games.

    I think the Pistons are more skilled, but last night, it seemed that Lebron wanted the game more. He was great.

    Can he do it again or will the Pistons come back like they have so many times in the past when their backs are against the wall. Scenario is identical to last year. You can’t count the Pistons out just yet. If they bring their game, it is still theirs. If not, grats Cavs.

  39. Anonymous

    You can consider LeBron James to be the best player in the NBA, but in my opinion you can not consider him a leader. Sure, he scored 48 points, but a leader should be someone who gets their teammates involved, not someone who scores 25 straight points for their team. Obviously LeBron doesn’t have much confidence in his teammates, which is not a sign of leadership.

  40. Dana

    As Pistons fans we need to stop blaming the officials and realize that our Pistons are not playing that well. They had too many chances and really blew them. i mean yea some of the calls were terrible BUT you can’t blame the officals for the Pistons crappy d down the stretch. I mean I almost puked after all of those uncontested james layup and dunks. and when it hit me that we lost, I had a mental breakdown… literally. disappointing but we can still count in our boys to bring it home and besides lebron looked EXHAUSTED after the game. and one more thing, I was wathcing on TNT and i t did’t sound like the Place was too loud during the overtimes, I mean every fan that they showed had his/her hand on their mouth in shock. The TNT crew did a great job making the illusion that our fans had just given up. Even steve kerr commented on the crowd. BRING IT HOME PISTONS

  41. Anonymous

    Wait a minute……

    The guy was hitting fadeaway 25-footers, and you think he would have missed free throws if you foul him?

    Oooookaaaaayyyyyyyy then……..

  42. MikeintheD

    Im confident if we can force a game 7 we can pull this out but if its close by the end of the 4th quarter in game 6 and mr. james smells blood… we may be in over our head

    Lets just hope Flip makes the right adjustments because there were way too many inexcusable things that occured last night ESPECIALLY on the defensive end

  43. Anonymous

    Do you think they can forgive Larry Brown and let him come back?
    I think Larry has learned his lesson with that backstabber Zeke.

    Better yet, you think Mr. D can talk Chuck Daly out of retirement?

    I really feel bad for Dyess, nicest guy in the NBA and claws his way back from career ending injury and lack of Rings.

  44. Anonymous

    umm first of all GMoney yew have no idea what the hell u are talkiing about so shut the hell up! The piistons have been in the same posiitiion as last year and they beat the cavs and the Piistons will wiin game 6 and then go bak home and wiin game 7!!!!! CAVS SUCK!!!!! Its DETROIIT BASKETBALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!! Its our year so get over it okay! We all know ur scare becuz the cavs wiill lose and just admiit it okay! GO PIISTONS GO!!!!!!!!

  45. Chemo

    As I mentioned yesterday, the referees were definitely not pro-Cavs. There were a few missed calls in the Cavs’ favor (like Sheed’s jumper where he was fouled) but far more that went for the Pistons. Last night I listed about six blatantly bad calls that went against the Cavs, all after the five-minute mark in overtime.

    A lot of people are saying that Detroit should have been fouling Lebron; fact is, they were fouling Lebron, he wasn’t getting calls, and he was making shots anyway. Just look at that last take — he was really hit hard, and he still managed to double-clutch and make the lay-up.

    As for the flagrant 2, the ‘Dyess foul was totally different from the Gooden foul. Gooden just wrapped Sheed up and held him, so there was no way Wallace could be hurt. But McDyess took Andy by the neck and slammed him to the floor. Between that and Chauncey smashing his head into the court in overtime (a foul that wasn’t called), Andy is lucky not to have a concussion.

    Also, as for Lebron being selfish — well, he had more assists than anyone on the Pistons did. What do you say to that? Frankly, if you were playing like James was playing in the fourth quarter and overtime, you’d be stupid NOT to shoot.

    And Sammi, I grew up in Cleveland and followed the Cavs since Larry Nance was blocking shots. Ilgauskas was my favorite player even as he was going through his annual foot surgeries, and I still wear an old black-blue-and-orange tee from the Shaun Kemp days.

  46. baller

    natalie i’ve left manyyyy comments since yesterday but its like they never show up. i dono its like they dont get approved for some reason…
    …WELLL i hope this one goes through.

    anywayyyssss….okkk all you cavalier/lebron fans need to go make your own Need4Sheed instead of going on this hard work site by nat which is strictly for pistons fans.

    if u wanna continue this then go ahead cuz i noe this is temporary….andddddd everyone knows none of u are gonna go on this site after tomorow’s game after the pistons dominate the cavs. yall gonna be walkin around like zombies and gonan be blamin LeBron for the loss despite his heroic effort in game 5. so just to save yourselves time u shud go buy some tissues for tomorow and maybe some sleeping pills cuz i doubt u’ll be able to sleep tomorow night.


    so make sure u all watch the game tomorrow night haterssssss becauseeee yall gonna be the witnesses of tomorrow’s game.


  47. RKR

    theres 3 refs and 10 players on the court they cant catch everything

  48. sammi

    chemo, sorry i dont mean to put down your fan status, i was just talking about people who arent from cleveland, people in san diego where im at. because everyone here is bandwagoners who dont know anything about the players on the team they cheer for

  49. Anonymous

    Nat, you have a wonderful site.I pray our pistons come out fighting mad and contest everything right till the end. And if they win, come back and do it again! No matter what the outcome it’s been a wonderful ride. GOOOO STONES

  50. Anonymous

    Forgive me if I’m doubling up on this post,but I’m unsure my last post got through. This is Detroit,s REDLADY. I’ve been a proud mighigander and detroit sports fan for over 40 years and I just have to vent as far as some of the very negative comments from cleveland fans. As I stated before in my last post the city of losers is somewhat over the top ,detroit is a great sports city. And up untill now I have always supported my neighbor’s teams as well if our teams did’nt make it.Ohio, Ill. ETC .But the swipe at our city by a sister city going through some of the same economic hard times is amazing to me. I have the upmost regard for the cavs ,always thought they were a better team then people made out ,and regardless of the outcome to this series I wish them the best always. But scratch ohio of my list of teams to root for! Anyway God Bless my wonderful DETROIT PISTONS it’s been a heck of a ride!

  51. Anonymous

    First of all, I am a Mavericks fan. Anyone complaining about officials in this series really should stop. I mean, who saw the NBA Finals last year? Okay, Lebron shot 14 free throws. Big deal. He didn’t even attempt one free throw in game one.

    I live in Michigan, so all I have heard the past couple days is complaining about the officials. It just really gets old. The officials weren’t allowing Lebron to drive the lane and get dunks. At some point, you just have to give a guy credit for single-handedly willing his team to a huge win.

    Second, why was Chauncey guarding Lebron? In the overtimes, Tayshaun was out on Damon Jones. And Chauncey was out guarding Lebron one on one. Uhh, okay. It didn’t help that Detroit’s help-side defense was non-existant.

    Lastly, isn’t this the same thing that happened to the Pistons last year? I know they kind of coasted through the season because they said they ran out of gas in the playoffs last year. But after letting the Bulls win two games when they could have closed them out, and losing three straight to Cleveland, it’s like deja vu.

  52. Anonymous

    I was also pretty disappointed in the palace fans when there was 2 min left in the 4th and while i was trying to get my entire section to stand up because almost everyone was sitting i got a response back from pistons fans telling me to “shut up or they will call the arena staff on me.” We need true fans come playoff times guys.

  53. Anonymous

    no one’s doing the little things.
    And I’m sorry but the crowd didn’t do their part either we gotta be loud


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