McDyess Will Play

by | Jun 1, 2007 | 27 comments

“The Pistons got some good news Friday when they learned that forward Antonio McDyess will not be suspended for his flagrant-2 foul on Anderson Varejao in Game 5.

McDyess was ejected from the game after the foul. He will play in Game 6 Saturday in Cleveland. The Pistons trail the series, 3-2.

There is still a chance that Rasheed Wallace could draw a fine for his behavior after the game. He criticized referee Bennett Salvatore harshly before leaving the court.” Via The Detroit News


  1. Anonymous

    I will always love the matter what happens..but as u all know its sooo hard to put so much love and passion into something u ultimately can’t control. It was just hard to watch them lose. I was expecting a garunsheed after this game…hopefully this shows that rasheed has enough confidence that he can save it for later. Watching Lebron get 25 straight points made me really miss Ben for the first time last night

  2. Anonymous

    “Remind The Faithfull Why They Should Keep The Faith” Chauncy Billups Detroit Pistons Point Guard , Keep the Faith People Its Not Over Till Its Over.

  3. Andy

    That’s good news. McD is a class act and I don’t think the league should punish him for one silly moment during an emotional game. As my two-year-old says, “I won’t do it again.”

  4. DJ

    Anyone have a soundclip or knowledge of what Sheed said to Salvatore? Figure it could be interesting.

  5. jess

    what did sheed say to Bennett Salvatore?

  6. Anonymous

    How come everything on your website is backwards?

  7. uyen

    Natalie, I always wear Sheed’s jersey to bed before game day but tonight I will turn it inside out and wear. Maybe that will reverse the funk they are in. GO PISTONS!!!

  8. Anonymous

    yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. Detroit fans are already saying yeah for game 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Amanda

    YAY! I’m so happy ‘Dyess won’t be suspended as I’m sure everyone in the organization and ‘base is. It was a shit call anyway.

    I love Chauncey and I’m glad that he is still confident and is trying to keep the fans’ spirits alive but if he shoots an unbalanced jumper to try and draw a foul ONE MORE TIME…


    I’m also curious as to what ‘Sheed said exactly. I thought he was going to play a major role in last night’s game because he was so pissed about the Game 4 loss but he wasn’t exactly a dominate force. If baffles me why Detroit doesn’t just go to him more, especially late. Nobody can stop him down low so FEED THE ‘SHEED!

  10. Anonymous

    Anyone thinks we should of put the whole damn team trapping Lebron instead of guarding anyone else… yeah Lebron does get some credit for some ridiculous shots but that was some dumb ass defense

    “I ain’t going to shoot no airball right there, game on the line, I ain’t going to shoot no airball,” said Wallace,”Bennett Salvatore knows I ain’t going to shoot no airball and I told his ass that. It was a foul, high-five me. They protect their stuper-stars, as I call it. So they’re going to protect them.”

  11. Anonymous

    “I ain’t going to shoot no airball right there, game on the line, I ain’t going to shoot no airball,” said Wallace “Bennett Salvatore knows I ain’t going to shoot no airball and I told his ass that. It was a foul, high-five me. They protect their stuper-stars, as I call it. So they’re going to protect them.”

  12. Jessica

    Nat, I love the backwards strategy.
    After we lost yesterday, I even thought “I wonder if shes going to do that this year…” because I remember it from last year.


  13. Tara

    Okay, so flip saunders is pretty retarded for how he’s been handling the whole substitutions issues, but honestly, he’s not the one playing the game. The pistons need to step it up, the horrible decision making is making everyone go into a slump. If they want it, they are going to have to earn it. So all us pistons fans are going to have to sit here and pray that our guys can pull it together.
    Lets go to work… PLEASE!

  14. Ian C.

    Frankly, I’m shocked (though pleasantly so) that the NBA didn’t suspend McDyess. That hasn’t been their pattern this post-season.

    And from what I’ve read, ‘Sheed complained to Salvatore that he was fouled on his last shot, and pointed to the fact that he shot an airball as evidence. Why? Because ‘Sheed never shoots an airball. 🙂

  15. Anonymous

    justice is served !!!

    i was about to go crazy if thy were going to suspend him.. i wsa shocked enough about the ejection.. why didnt they just give him atech or flagrant 1 like they did for lebron or gooden???

    ohhh yea cause he has detroit written across his chest ..

    anywaysss mann this cant be happening.. the EXACT same position as last year.. tooo stressfullll… but Rips♥* quote alwaysss makes me feel better..

    *if it aint rought, it aint right*

    y’already know

  16. Kyle

    WEBB and MCDYESS want a championship bad they will have BIG games saturday i garunsheed that !!

  17. Anonymous

    I definitely agree with the first comment. I’m a huge fan, and watching them finally lose last night brought me to tears. I believe this team can go all the way – and win it this year, and it’s hard to put so much faith & confidence in this team, and then watch them lose a game like this, that they really needed.

    I hope they can find a way to stop LeBron and get the series tied at 3-3 to come back to the Palace.

    Don’t lose faith in this team, ever :]

  18. Anonymous

    If Lebron travels any more in game 6 he’ll be all the way to China with the stupid refs!!
    Whos with me on that one?

  19. Anonymous

    Whatever happens will happen.
    And if the Inevitable & Deplorable happens, I will be cheering for the Spurs to wipe their asses up and down the court. Flopping Ginobili will give Mop Head a real lesson on what real flopping is.

    And the Pistons are still the Best Bunch of guys in the NBA.

  20. Anonymous

    Hands down the Pistons are the best TEAM in the NBA. They just need to play like it, starting now. We all know what they are capable of , and so do they , so JUST DO IT!!! Flip needs to let go of the reigns and let the team play, use the bench to its fullest, and I mean everyone, i would love to see Muhammed(spell check) in there. more minutes for Delfino. When you have a lead, keep it up and go for the kill. Flip seems to always let up after they have a lead.
    LETS GO DETROIT…….I WILL LOVE YA NO MATTER WHAT> Lets do this for C-Webb and Dyess!!!! and for all the dick riding Lebron-ites!!!


  21. uyen

    We are a grind it out team and As RIP has said before “if aint rough, it ain’t right” Well Detroit, it is rough so let’s make it right and come out strong for game 6 and get the W so we can bring it back to the palace.

  22. Anonymous

    whats the diffeence between flagrant 1 and flagrant 2?

  23. RKR

    a flagrant 1 is mainly unnecesssary contact and a flagrant 2 is unnecessary and excessive contact. thats it broken down from the actual 2 paragraphs that it is lol. but dyess should hvae gotten just a flagrant 1 cuz he didnt continue and he let go b4 varejoe ( how ever u spell it) it the ground.

  24. Mustafa

    I am glad that Rasheed critcized Bennet Salvatore… and comeon that was a clear foul… he got hit right on the WRIST!!! They also fucked up on that other play when Rasheed had the ball in the post and verajoe strips the ball and it bounces out of bound… The ref said “that hit rasheeds knee first and than it went out of bounds” which didn’t make sense since the ball never touched his knee!


  25. Sheed's #1 FAN

    “Sheed, please do me one favor! We need a GUARAN’SHEED bad!!! Right now!”
    We know you would never shoot an airball in that situation, the whOLE world seen the foul!! Just do your SHEED thing, & let’s go!
    PS. The snot nose brat Lebron James that does ‘no-wrong’ (please do not allow him to advance to Championship…this would kill me!!!!!!)
    #1 Pistons Fan!!

  26. Anonymous

    #24 Antonio Mcdyess has been my favorite Piston and unsung hero for a couple of years now. I love all the guys (I’m even warming up to Flip Murray a little) but Dyess is my guy. I felt so bad for him as I watched him remain seated on the bench after losing a tough game in the playoffs last year… he looked like I felt — DEVASTATED!! He has so much heart and he plays his ass off EVERY MINUTE he is on the floor. If he doesn’t have his shot on any given night, he is there for passing, rebounding, shot blocking, and yes, to give a hard foul when a hard foul is called for. I don’t think he was trying to hurt ol’ mop head the flop master. He was just trying to make damn sure that shot didn’t go in, and give “flopper” a real reason to hit the floor for once. We all knew he was going down anyway — the man spends more time on his back than a 2 dollar hooker. Dyess didn’t deserve the flagrant 2, he didn’t deserve the ejection, and a suspension shouldn’t have ever even been a consideration. Frankly, I am surprised that the Lebron loving — Detroit hating nba didn’t suspend him anyways — good thing it wasn’t Sheed that put him on his ass or you could bet the kiddies college fund that he would have been suspended no questions asked. Oh and IF Sheed doesn’t get fined for his comments to the ref after the game, you might as well count on another new bullshit rule to cover that for next year. Anyway, I am praying for the Pistons to go the distance and pull this out of the crapper… for Dyess… for all of us who cling to our PISTON PRIDE to the bitter end! Come what may, I am behind Dyess and this Piston team 100%!! If they can’t pull it out, and (God forbid) Bron Bron goes to the finals… then I will be screaming for the Spurs to bitch-slap that arrogant prick back to Cleveland and back to reality. I may even purchase a Spurs jersey for the occassion. (and I can’t stand the Spurs!!) In the meantime — GO PISTONS!!!! KNOW IT – SHOW IT – PLEASE DON’T BLOW IT!!!


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