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by | May 29, 2007 | 101 comments

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“There’s no pressure. We’re out here playing. We’ve been here. They’re trying to go down the road that we’ve already been. We’re just trying to get back to that same road. We got lost, but now we’re trying to get back.”


  1. George Scroat

    you know, the most disappointing thing about Sunday’s game was knowing I wouldn’t get to see the Swiffer logo on the right hand side of the page. =(

  2. Anonymous

    Game 3 was what happened when Prince and Rip can’t play like they should. Lebron manhandled us. We have to do something tonight or we could be in big trouble

  3. Amanda

    I didn’t see that happen last game, Matt. Who’d he hit this time?

    That thing about kicking Rasheed or whatever that the Cavs fans have going on is pretty funny. Why does Rasheed have white hands a white ass? lol

  4. allie berry

    i think rasheed should guarantee gm.4. they should have beat clevland.lebron got lucky with his shots and chauncy and rip just sucked.i gurantee this seris in 5.

  5. lebron

    i think i suck and i should try harder to get pass the piston d.they are really killing me and i know gm 3 i got lots of lucky shots.the dunk i gotover sheed was nothing i paid him money to let me do that.about 1,000$

  6. Anonymous

    Is it okay if I say that I am scared for tonight’s game and the fate of our beloved Pistons? Well…I am scared. I know I know, our backcourt ‘is due for a breakout game’…but to tell you the truth, I don’t see that happening. I feel like that Gibson cat is gonna crazy with starters minutes and lebron will be lebron…

  7. Amanda

    Don’t feel that way, anony 7:23. We gon’ beat the CAVS! We need that positive energy! Keep the faith! OWW, OWW!

    1/2 hour ’til tipoff…

    Say it with me now: “DEEE-TROOOIIIT! BAAA-SKET-BAAALL!!”

  8. shatia

    hopefully things go according to Piston plans. We need this win to have the lead. Although im confident about today. Go pistons!!!!!!!!

  9. Amanda

    Game 4 is about to get underway! Here’s to better guard play, that beautiful Pistons defense and a sweet, sweet victory! CHEERS!

  10. Janis

    Let’s go Pistons!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Amanda


  12. sammi

    i like what im seeing from the pistons right now. we needed big impact play from chauncey and rip and thats what we are getting so far after 1 quarter. also im happy to see tay shooting the ball a little better.

    im really sick of everyone glorifying lebron. its annoying as hell. one player cannot win a championship on his own. i dont know if it will happen anytime soon.

  13. Anonymous

    What.The.Hell.Is.Happening? I feared the Bulls/Heat. Not this crappy team…Damn. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sick of hearing about the Chosen One.

  14. Anonymous

    Why are they calling all these damn phamtom fouls 4 a damn rookie?! This is killing me.

  15. Anonymous

    Did that idiot anouncer say the Pistons aren’t a good come back team?! Who has he nee watching?

  16. Feruw

    Stern sure is working overtime to get Cleveland this win tonight.

    Gibson is a more convincing flopper than Manu

  17. Amanda

    lol I have no idea what the fuck he was talking about. Detroit is probably one of the best comeback teams in the league.

    I like Chauncey’s aggressiveness and I like the shots Rip is getting but he hasn’t hit too many of them. I put my Hamilton jersey on to see if that brings him any good luck.

    Jason Maxiell needs to learn to dunk with 2 hands. Like my volleyball coach always said “If you can get one hand up, you can’t get two.” And I know the two sports are different but I think it could be just as effective in basketball (?) lol

    I definitely don’t think Rip fouled Gibson on the shot when he got the “and 1” call and Gibson should have been called for the offensive foul when he went into ‘Sheed near the rim. It seems there have been a lot of loose ball fouls that have not been called on CLE. A Cav is always running into one of our boys when the ball’s in the air.

    I think what we need to do is feed the ‘Sheed. Whenever he’s in the post against Varejao or Marshall, just give him the rock and let him go to work. He could score on them all night long. Instead it seems like he’s taken like 10 3’s already.

    Love what Hunter brought the last couple of minutes of the half.

  18. Amanda

    excuse me, I quoted my coach wrong. It’s “if you can get 1 hand up, you CAN get 2.”

  19. Anonymous

    Yeah that was doug collins who said we were not a good come back team. I was sitting there thinking,” What the hell is he talking about?” Thats all we do is come back. When do we ever get blown out? And I gave Flip saunders props a week or 2 ago, BUT I HAVE HAD IT WITH HIM. I DO NOT CARE HOW GOOD MURRAY PLAYED LAST GAME. YOU NEED LINDSEY HUNTER IN THIS SERIES. WEBBER IS PLAYING LIKE A BITCH. I DON’T CARE IF MCDYESS HAS THE FLU. WE NEED HIM OUT THERE. I HOPE FLIP IS GONE NEXT YEAR. CHAMPIONSHIP OR NOT. I COULD COACH THIS TEAM.

  20. Feruw

    Flip is not the reason Detroit is performing like this. He’s got the right personnel in as well.

  21. Feruw

    Tayshaun gets HAMMERED, no call

    Next time down the floor, Gibson throws himself into a crowd and draws the foul.

    This game is ridiculous.

  22. Amanda

    I’m really glad McDyess had such a great 3rd quarter. That’s the ‘Dyess we know!

  23. Anonymous

    Flips personel is horrible. See what happens when webber sit and Mcdyess is playing. See what happends when Murray sits. That Is saunders’ biggest flaw. What the hell do you know?

  24. Amanda

    I don’t know what the argument here is all about but who the fuck cares right now?! MCDYESS IS BEING…MCDYESS!

  25. Amanda

    Wow! How’d you guys like that call against ‘Dyess?? BULLSHIT! Here come the “stuperstar calls”…

  26. Amanda


  27. Feruw

    Hey Nat, can you delete the anonymous posting feature. Some of these posters make Cavs fans look like MENSA candidates.

  28. Amanda

    That’s it. I’m pissed!

  29. Anonymous

    what the fuck is wrong with chauncey, it looked like dyss and rip were the only ones who wanted it

  30. Amanda

    Do you get in trouble for throwing the ball at the end of the game?

    I would LOVE to know what Rip had to say to James when he went to shoot those free throws.

  31. BIG Poppa RYE

    i guess its back to that “IF IT AINT ROUGH IT AINT RIGHT” thing again…

  32. Anonymous

    i cant stand to watch this shit anymore, with losers like drew gooden and daniel gibson tearing us apart

  33. BIG Poppa RYE

    who threw the ball amanda?

  34. Amanda

    What do you mean “what the fuck is wrong with Chauncey”??

  35. Anonymous

    What a bullshit game. The calls are one sided. Chauncey and Dyess made a BONE-HEAD play at the end. I don’t think i have ever been this furious. I am trying to remain calm. This is over in 6. Ulcer is acting up. Later

  36. Amanda

    James threw the ball out of celebration when the buzzer sounded. I thought you couldn’t do that but I guess perhaps you can…

  37. Amanda

    Yeah, I got from my chair after the game was over and I was extremely dizzy. I had to catch myself on my door. And right now, I feel sick to my stomach.

  38. Amanda

    I eventually turned the sound down, anony 11:15. It didn’t matter who on the Cavs made the basket, James got ALL the credit for it.

  39. Anonymous

    As far as Lebron throwing the ball… they let him do whatever he wants to do. I can’t stand him

  40. Amanda

    I used my “Guaransheed” for the postseason and I am willing to take full responsibility for the loss. Detroit may have not “needed” this game, but damn did I want them to get it!

  41. Amanda

    I thought Billups played extremely well after only scoring 13 points a game the first 3. He ended with 23 points, was again great from the line, and had 9 rebounds.

  42. Amanda

    Though that 3 he shot on one of the last possessions was entirely unneccesary.

  43. Anonymous

    I find it extemley amusing that individuals who claim “DEEEE-Troit Baseket-Ball” and all the old “Bad Boys” nastalgia are resorting to whining about throwing the ball in the air after the game….good stuff.

  44. Anonymous

    Looks like it was Sheed and this board who were a bit “overconfident” in the ability of the Cavs

  45. Anonymous

    im sorry amanda, i dont know if you caught the last few minutes of the 4th but what Chauncey did then ruins the rest of the game he played, oh yea you need to add 2 assists and 4 or 5 turnovers to that statline

  46. BIG Poppa RYE

    James threw the ball? cmon..he can do ANYTHING..even an elbow to a face of an opponent, then get NO suspension..great…Basketball is doomed.

  47. Amanda

    I didn’t think he should have gotten in trouble during the game for throwing the ball and Detroit get another possession or some shit like that. That comment was just a comment. I didn’t think it was allowed.

    And I have to say, as Pistons fans, we have every right to claim the DEEE-TROOOIIIT! BAAA-SKET-BAAALL!! chant and you, my friend, have NO right to copy us.

  48. Anonymous

    I missed the elbow he threw….who did he hit….was a fould called?

  49. Anonymous

    Pistons are playing themselves right into the hole, they had better quit this turn it up in the 3rd quarter team, Big Ben ain’t around no more to help you play defense and Webber is useless. Mr. Big Shot is a freakin’ joke now, anyone saw the comment on Foxsports? “Billups has been riding the 04 – 05 playoffs too long.” I wanted to reach into my TV and smack that smirk off Gibson’s smug face.

    Watch this turn into Spurs/Cavs finals. And watch the freakin’ ratings plummet to hell. What is there to watch? 2 Shithole cities in America? You know what? I will pull for the Dirty Cavs to embarrass the shit out of this unworthy Cavs team that can’t win shit without those zebras helping them.

  50. Amanda

    I see what you’re saying anony 11:25 but he was much more effective on the offensive end tonight. He’s had few assists and many turnovers in every game this series.

  51. BIG Poppa RYE

    ^ He threw the elbow GAME 1…LOL. ala Kobe.

  52. Anonymous

    Sorry, I got so mad.

    I meant the Dirty Flopping Spurs to beat the crap out of this fake Cavs team.

  53. BIG Poppa RYE

    its funny, when the pistons were winning they were all praises, then the pistons lose ONE game..they totally shot down the pistons..and now if the season is over..what a joke.

  54. Amanda

    Please don’t jump ship quite yet anony 11:28.

  55. Anonymous

    Wow, there are some bitter, angry people on this board.

    It’s pretty funny that everyone blamed the Pistons V. Lakers series for turning basketball on it’s ears and making it unwatchable….and now Piston’s fans are complaining about the Cavs? Come on….at least we have a finisher…..and have an occasional fast break.

  56. Anonymous


  57. Amanda

    Actually, LeBron did complain after Game 2…

    And I don’t think this game was lost due to the calls Hames got or the no calls the Pistons got. But you do have to admit that James completely fouled Billups at half court when Detroit forced a Cavs TO. James elbowed Chauncey down to the ground.

  58. Anonymous

    Detroit got all the calls for games 1 and 2 and also got some questionable calls for game people are crazy..instead of blaming your coach for running horrible sets while Gibson guarded prince or Lebron guarded Rasheed Wallace for the almost the whole fourth quarter even when Chauncey Billups took that horrendous shot and all the ill advised shots and turnovers, you blame the refs..stay classy

    Cavs have dominated this series, if it wasn’t for their third quarters this would be over already

  59. Amanda

    Erg! I really hate all this talk about the Pistons sucking and Chauncey this and Chauncey that. I could take it coming from a Cavs fan but not Pistons fans…

  60. Anonymous

    I don’t think it was an elbow….it was a foot if anything…..

  61. Anonymous

    i dont understand why the cavs fans have to come here to post anyway, you guys won..great, pistons fans are here to vent and try to get a little reassurance that the series isnt over…there’s no reason for gloating, you guys haven’t won the series yet

  62. Anonymous

    Maybe all the no-fouls are because the Pistons are constantly looking for them….ie, that pull up 3 that “Mr. Big Shot” took while sticking his leg out trying to hit Pavlovich to get a BS call?

    And no, Lebron said nothing…even after reporters tried to get him and Mike Brown to bitch and moan about a no call

  63. BIG Poppa RYE

    cavs dominated this series? so..whats the standing again?

  64. Anonymous

    Yeah, you’re right…..I’ll go home now….cause lurkers from here never come to our board……

  65. Amanda

    Cavs fans come to here to do the only thing Cavs fans can do: annoy people.

    But that aside anony 11:38, I fear I’m the only one not counting Detroit out of this series so reassurance isn’t exactly abundant right now…

  66. Anonymous

    As a Cavs fan, I never thought we would be this close to begin with…so I’m ecstatic. I just wish these games would be over with the horn and none of these…foul Vs. No foul arguement from either side. It’s a highly entertaining series…and I can’t wait for game 5….Good night now!

  67. Amanda

    I’m not going to argue about what LeBron said or didn’t say after Game 2 anony 11:39. I complaint is a complaint no matter how many words are used to say it or how your demeanor is when you express it.

  68. Anonymous

    I thought we brought flip saunders on board for his offensive sets, and philosophies, I thought not having Ben Wallace was supposed to make us better on the offensive end. W.T.F., We are a mess right now. If Flip cannot come up with better offensive sets/adjustments and we lose this series, I say we make him walk the plank. I still agree with Reggie Miller’s comments after the game: “I don’t think the Pistons thought they were going to have trouble with Clevland until right now.”

    I’m tirred of seing post game interviews with pistons acting cool about everything!

  69. Anonymous

    You’re right….not complaining is a complaint????

    What is the t-shirt I see on this web site say. “intimidate and Dominate?” Maybe it should just say…FOUL!!!! or WHAH!!!!

  70. Anonymous

    Legal or not…that elbow to C-Webb served it’s purpose. He’s back to not mattering! It’s the reverse Ewing Theory….whatever team he goes to….stops winnning!!

  71. Amanda

    “I’m tirred of seing post game interviews with pistons acting cool about everything!”

    Yes, but would you rather hear them say they’re in serious trouble and they’re going to lose the series? That Pistons confidence is the only thing that keeps me sane after a loss.

    At this point, I’m just hoping the Jazz can extend its series with the Spurs by winning in SA in Game 5. I still believe Detroit is going to win this series. Obviously not in the 5 I predicted before the playoffs started, but they can tough it out. They’re no longer going to be looked at as the favorite to win this thing like they were when it began and that may help. Yes, this team can drive even the most sane fan crazy sometimes but they are who they are and since we can’t do anything to change that right now, we got to live with it and stay confident.

  72. Anonymous


    hahaha GO CAVS! series TIED

  73. Amanda

    Anony 11:48: Just reread the quotes from the postgame interview by LeBron and Coach Brown after Game 2 or rewatch the interviews on I use the prefix “re” assuming you actually read/and or/watched the interviews at some point in time.

  74. Davi Alexander

    Amanda, please delete that crap, I think liberty cannot be understood as a cavalier come in the home of the brave and punk around, ban that crap, let´s talk about what´s real and should be united now, the pistons, no turnovers, billups on fire, sheedtastic, game 5, lets go, cavs fans, drink while you can.

    That ball throwed on the court doesn´t count as technical, how the nba proceeds?

  75. Anonymous

    Bad things happen when ‘Sheed takes his headband off.

  76. Amanda

    lol davi alexander, I’m not the creator of this site. That would be Natalie. You may want to send your request her way…

  77. Amanda

    Yeah, Richie. He gets a technical and the Cavs go up 4…Not a smart move on ‘Sheed’s part but sooner or later you knew the emotional ‘Sheed was going to show up.

  78. davi alexander

    lol, I always make that mistake, NATALIE, I´M DAMN embarassed…, you should know that miles away from the U.S, in the heart of latin america, someone is with you and with the pistons, ME! and I´m sorry to scramble that every day.

    So, NATALIE, the ruler, ban that creepy cavs animals! thanx

  79. Anonymous

    This isnt a series until you win on the road and we got home court o feel sorry Cav’s fans that think The They can win on our turf

  80. BIG Poppa RYE

    If It ain’t rough, It ain’t right!

  81. Amanda

    Oh, God. Now we got Spurs fans rooting for CLE. I don’t even think the Spurs players themselves are doing that!

    A Spurs-Cavs Finals probably would get higher ratings thatn a Pistons-Spurs one would (and did) but I REFUSE to believe that scenario will exist in June. The Pistons are too good to allow the Cavs to beat the 4 out of 7 games.

  82. John

    “I tried to get a shot or get to the line, whatever it took to win the game,” James said. “I believe there was contact.”

    Enough to cause a missed shot?

    “I think so,” he said. “But, no excuses. It’s a series where there’s contact every second.”

    If you think that’s a complaint it’s hard to believe you can stomach the incessant whining of Rasheed Wallce.

  83. Anonymous

    Okay is anyone else sick of the cavaliers or am i the onlii one really? The cavs are honestly getting on my nerves and i hate lebron and the whole team so much! I want the pistons to beat them so bad….Cavaliers think they might have it easy but its not….they are going back to detroiit and they should for not one sec thiink that they will wiin their no way! Piistons in 6! Sry cavs but I HATE YEW and well Piistons will beat yew haha!!!!!!! GO PIISTONS!!!!!!! Detroiit Basketballl!!!!!!!!

  84. Anonymous

    why any spurs fan would want to face cleveland is far beyond me…even the spurs team has said that it would like another detroit if lebron is in the finals you can bet your right leg that the refs are gonna do all that they can to make sure that lebron doesn’t have to work that hard to win his first title. i am gonna be laughing my ass off when lebron leaves cleveland when he is a free agent for the big lights of new york or somewhere tho

  85. Amanda

    Like I said, John, it doesn’t matter how many words you use or what your tone is, a complaint is a complaint. James ended his answer to that question with something along the lines of “But I do think there was contact.”

    He may not express himself the way our beloved ‘Sheed does but ‘Sheed is a unique individual. James believes he should have got the call and he said so. And if you really pay attention during the games, you can see him arguing with an official every time he gets blocked or stripped going to the basket. I believe he feels there HAD to have been contact any time he doesn’t make a shot. I don’t blame him, though. The media and the league have made it a point to make everyone believe he is the shit. That’s just the way the world works.

  86. Anonymous

    I don’t know about you guys but, the Pistons are about to make me lose my freaking mind here. I am a die hard Pistons fan and I can’t turn my back on them, they did this crap last year, with the Cavs, they can’t allow this series to go 7 games, the Cavs are not even really winning the games, they are just getting lucky breaks, I am really sick of LeBron, I’m really beginning not to like him, and who the hell is this Gibson kid, he’s a rookie for God’s sake, how come he is being so aggressive? The Pistons are way to calm for me, did you guys see Rasheed throw his shirt after the game?, he was pissed off and ready to kill somebody! The guys are gonna pull it together, on Thursday, I do think that this will be Cleveland’s last win, I predicted 5 or 6, I think that Pistons have had enough of these little pests, they will swat them the rest of the way! Go Piston!

  87. Amanda

    Detroit has beaten teams with 1 or 2 stuperstars in pretty much every series in every postseason on their way to the EFC and the Finals. They’ve dealt with it in the past, and they can deal with it now.

    Didn’t Carlos Boozer leave Cleveland a few seasons ago and all the CLE fans hated him for it? lol If they hated Boozer for leaving, what the hell would they do with LeBron left?

  88. Amanda

    *if LeBron left

    ‘Sheed really threw his shirt? lol He probably wanted to do that during the game but he already got a tech for throwing the headband. I’m not sure what the Pistons record is in games following a loss where ‘Sheed is pissed but I hope he takes his anger out on the Cavs on Thursday.

  89. Anonymous

    OMG….when did Pistons fans turns into insecure bulls fan?? The series is a LONG ways from being over. I thought it was going 6 games. That meant that the cavs had to win 2. So they have. And now hopefully the Pistons backs are firmly against the wall enough for them to have them actually play with some heart. This really is pathetic. Chauncey may have had a great first 3/4 of the game but that ugly turnover and that ill advised 3 pointer killed us. That being said he isn’t the only reason why the Pistons lost. Spin the wheel of blame. It could be almost anyone’s fault. Who can you point to tonight that had an outstanding game for the Pistons?? I thought when Sheed got rid of his head band that he was gonna get fired up and take over. That didn’t happen. And why is noone talking about the attempted tackle of Sheed by the bunny man (you know that dude with the stupid bunny tail on the back of his head)? Props to sheed for not taking the bait and slugging him in the head. Again I say this series isn’t over yet. If you feel like you need to jump ship then do so….but the rest of us will stay here and enjoy the extra elbow room.

  90. Amanda

    I think Gibson was being so aggressive because it was paying off in the games in front of his home crowd. Maxiell played like a beast in Game 2 so hopefully he’ll be just as, if not more, effective in Game 5 at the Palace.

  91. John

    You’re right Amanda, Lebron’s comments after game 2 were out of line. He should have just tossed his headband like a stoic.

  92. Amanda

    THANK YOU, anony 12:25, THANK YOU!!!

  93. Amanda

    No, John, that’s ‘Sheed’s thing. lol Of course, the Cavs and their fans copy everything else from us…so why the hell not?

    lol It’s not going to work, guy. Might as well give it up and go beddy bye.

  94. Anonymous

    Lebron James

    FTM – FTA
    Game 1 0-0
    Game 2 5-7
    Game 3 6-9
    Game 4 8-9

    Yea man he got all the calls..Oh and Lebron taking with the officiating crew is called working the refs..Rasheed doesn’t stop talking to them all game..whats up with that? Don’t complain about one player doing it when your guy is doing the same

  95. Amanda

    Yes, ‘Sheed does bark at the refs. That’s ‘Sheed.

    And if you’re talking to me, 12:46, I didn’t say that LeBron got all the calls. I was just trying to explain to John my feelings about LeBron’s complaint after Game 2.

  96. Amanda

    I don’t know if you guys have read Keith Langlois’ blog about tonights game yet, but I get the feeling he is a little upset. That Rasheed. He gets everyone going… lol

  97. Anonymous

    Lebron even helped Detroit by scoring their last basket for them. Still wasn’t enough.

  98. alllie berry

    we have played 4 terriblegames and the seris is tied. just wait till we get started playing piston basketball.everyone on clevand hit shots and still they are not winning this seris.wait,wait for gm.5 lets play some basketball!!!!

  99. sheed or bust

    as far as the difference between sheed and lebron arguing calls-

    if you think the game of basketball is the same for a GUARD like lebron or a FORWARD like sheed your an ignorant fool if you dont realize how much easier the game is for a GUARD that is lebron james and a FORWARD who is RASHEED WALLACE then your an even greater fool who has lost any legitimacy to be talking about anything outside of your little made up universe.

  100. Anonymous

    The thing that pissied me off the most in game 4 was the red ball that the crowd threw right by lebron.

    Why couldn’t the refs take the play out of bounce. Man 1 centameter and lebron would of gotten hurt.

    stupied stupied cavs fans! thanks for the try!!!!!!!!!


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