It’s all tied up

by | May 29, 2007 | 72 comments

The Cavs tied up the series Tuesday night in Cleveland 91-87. Chauncey Billups led the Pistons with 23 points, but it wasn’t enough to spark a win for the Pistons. The series is now tied at 2 a piece with game five coming back to The Palace on Thursday night.

Key Points:

  • The Pistons still look out of their element in this series.
  • Chauncey finally started knocking down shots, but he is still having a problem taking care of the ball. He had 5 turnovers and just 2 assists.
  • Daniel Gibson looks like he’s taking lessons form Varejoke. The kid went 12-for-12 from the line, but you have to give it up for him, he’s playing well.
  • Funny how not one Cavalier fan commented on this blog until they tied the series up, at least Bulls fans stuck with their team when they were down 3-0. Remember LeBron fans, we have no problem with intelligent comments, but when you get nasty and idiotic we hit the delete button, so don’t bother. Comment modification is now turned on thanks to some vulgar comments from Cavs fans.
  • Rip Hamilton put up 19 points, but he had to take 21 shots to do it.
  • Is it just me or is there an assist problem with Detroit. Chauncey had just 2, but I am not complaining, we really needed his shot to fall.
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Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images
  • The Cavs free trow shooting is actually a plus for them, they shot 82% from the line.
  • Where is the urgency in the Pistons?
  • The Pistons out rebounded the Cavs 40-36.
  • Panic in Detroit? Not in my hood.
  • What’s with all the three pointers by the Pistons, especially in the first quarter. The Pistons were just 3-for-17, and don’t get me started on the rushed three from Chauncey at the end of the game.
  • I think Delfino would play well against the Cavs if he just got some time. We need a hustle guy to do all the dirty work and you know Los is more than capable.
  • Though Sheed only scored 9, his defense was key again, 3 blocks and 3 steals along with 5 boards. Oh ,and a tech.
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Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images
  • When Sheed takes his headband off it usually results in some kind of emotional spark, unfortunately it didn’t happen in game 4.
  • The Pistons seem to be getting into these shooting lulls, you know the ones that plagued them earlier in the season.
  • Hey, what happened to C-Webb?
  • Gooden tried to take down Sheed.
  • Rip talking smack to Lebron, didn’t matter, James knocked them down anyway.
  • I know Flip Saunders is not the to blame for everything on the court, but I do think that his inability to make adjustments in the Playoffs is something that is really hurting us. You see, in a series against one team Flip’s flaws seem to come to light, they get covered up during the regular season because they don’t play the same team over and over again. Someone on that bench needs to adjust to something and that’s all I am saying.
  • MyDyess played a hell of a game. In fact he is the only one playing with any sense of urgency.
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Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

  • This is best out of 3 now, but remember, Pistons have the home court advantage.
  • No excuses, Pistons had a chance to win this one.
  • I still think there is a simple answer to this all…. Play DEEETROIT BASKETBALL.


  1. Paul Teeple

    Natalie you know you’re my favorite Detroit fan but Gibson took one charge and Hamilton’s foul on him was more out of the Reggie Miller book than Anderson’s (when’s the last time HE hit a tough jumper?). I think after a point you have to look at it as a shockingly wise coaching move by Mike Brown (weird, I know) that he uses his players to change momentum by drawing charges because they certainly aren’t expert shot-blockers.

    PS- Let’s get you back on my show. Like, this week. I’ll email you.

  2. Amar

    here’s sheed throwin his jersey at this dude’s face after the game lmaoooooo

  3. Anonymous

    I knew this game was over the minute Dan Crawford took the court. The NBA isnt stupid…they know the Spurs are gonna close out Utah tommorow night, so they have to keep this series going. And another thing…Drew Gooden should be suspended for that attempted decapitation of Sheed. He should have been ejected during this game…now u know why sheed was pissed. Cleveland still isnt all that good.

  4. Anonymous

    Gibson is a perfect example of the typical NBA player of this era.

    flop and smile

  5. Erik

    Look, again we barely lose after another terrible night for our guards, and only after Drew Freaking Gooden somehow stole the confidence and shot-making ability of Chauncey Billups in the 4th. Give Cleveland no credit on this one — Billups fell apart in the 4th and that’s why the Pistons lost.

    It also didn’t help that Gooden got away with what clearly was a flagrant foul on Rasheed Wallace late in the game. That ugly foul — where Gooden hung on Sheed’s shoulders with both hands well after the whistle blew — should have led to at the very least two free throws and possession for Detroit (and an ejection of Gooden would have been appropriate). The TNT commentators were flabbergasted when the Pistons only got one technical free throw after that egregious foul.

    When Detroit’s Chris Webber was assessed for a similar hard foul in the 3rd, Cleveland got to shoot a technical free throw AND THEN two more free throws. This horrible officiating changed the momentum of the game, allowed the Cavs to retake the lead, and led to Sheed’s technical for taking off his headband (which was yet another bullshit call).

    Bottom line: I don’t care what they do in Quicken Loans Arena with Geraldo looking like an asshat in those mauve-tinted glasses. The Cavs can win in Quicken Loans arena all they want. We’re coming back to the Palace, and you should expect to see the real Billups/Hamilton combo take complete control of this series.

  6. Anonymous

    I agree, Gooden should have been Suspended. If Rasheed would have answered by throwing some fists (which I’m so proud of him for not doing) Gooden would have been suspended. There is a serious lack of justice here if you ask me. When you get right down to it, the Pistons should have won tonight. They had the game where they wanted it in the last 3 minutes, and our all star point gaurd was just completely out of character. I was pretty upset with some of the officiating too (Lebron tripping CB on a fast break?! That backcourt violation in the fourth that was called as a foul on Rip?! That 3 pointer that Mcdyess blocked, and gave to CB right before Sideshow Bob shoved him to the floor, and was called a turn over?!)
    Regardless this was there game to win and it didn’t go down like that :(

  7. Amanda

    You certainly did, baller. Kudos!

    Wow, that is the greatest clip I’ve ever seen! God, I hope he’s that pissed come 8:00 Thursday night!

  8. Anonymous

    Geez, all the trolls from Ohio coming to a Pistons blog to gloat, how nauseating. Didn’t David Stern and Nike set one up for you for free? After all the Blowjobs Bron gives them, Dan Crawford probably got one before the game. Rip knocks that punk Gibson to the ground, so it’s 1 technical and 2 free throws. Sheed gets strangled and it’s only 1 technical.

    How really idiotic is LBJ on the Darfur situation?
    Thousands of men, women and children get slaughtered everyday because of ethnic cleansing, and he can’t take a side because Nike manufactures in China and he gets paid millions by them. How about picking up a freakin’ Newsday magazine and read about the horrors there, you dope. How about being on the side of humanity, you worthless piece of shit!

  9. Amanda

    If any of you guys are still feeling a little down after the Game 4 loss when you read this, take a look at this random video about ninja stunts–it’ll make you smile if not laugh your ass off.

  10. jessi

    waht has haooened? I do not understand why detroit can;t win they just can;t seem to keep the lead they have it and let the cavs get it back and then its over. We seem it in game 3 and now in game 4 both games where detoit could have had the win. The same thin happened in detoit where the cavs could have won but we came out with the win the only difference is that they missed shots and we just seem to give up. I am sorry but this could easly have either been a swept by the pistons or one by the cavs. The pistons need to forget about last yr and how they won in game seven and start thinking about getting this series over. I still have faith in the pistons and know they can win this series but they need to learn to get the lead and build it instead of being behind and having to catch up and then staying close. Anyway here is too a win in game five.

  11. jessi

    someone please tell me who naazr has not played in this series? I mean he payeed so well against the cavs in the past. I knew he has been on the bench and not played much but maybe he should to change it up a little.

  12. Anonymous

    While Detroit makes me wonder why I hold out hope sometimes, I continue to root for my team. They’ll turn it around at home, and what they started in the first half will transfer to the third and fourth quarter. Chauncey’s production was very encouraging, although the turnovers are still unfortunate, but defense and poise should make up for that in the next two games. Flip, on the other hand, his in-game non adjustments have troubled me since last year. Why he moved away from Maxiell after game two I just don’t get. And I know Nazr is in the doghouse, but he does have playoff experience, give him some minutes, show that you want to win by using all the tools at your disposal. anyway, Pistons in 6.

  13. Chemo

    For the record, I am a Cavalier fan, and I commented when they were down 2-0. Or maybe 2-1, I don’t remember. But it was before tonight’s game.

    I don’t know what you mean with the implied “Gibson flopping” comment. He took one charge, which was clearly the correct call on Chauncey, and only one of the fouls he got was even debatable (and the whistle on Rip was blown before Gibson went crashing to the ground beating his chest).

  14. Meg /RIPtastic

    Okay I had to work tonight and missed the game – I am curious about the Rip talking crap to LeBron and I also wanted to know why Sheed got a Tech??? someone please post details for me!!! thanks

  15. Anonymous

    All I gotta say is we gotta guard these bums like they are all equally as good as lebron because at this point he’s got them thinking that they actually are that good… We all know that they definitely are not and thats why we are tied up with them now, because we are taking them too lightly… We have looked like crap since this series has started and it is starting to take a toll on me.. being the only Pistons fan within a 30 mile radius of my home (ohio state campus) I cant have anymore of these bandwagon bumlovers talking anymore crap to me… Ive dealt with too much bulls*it this year from people talking about “our time has come and gone” we need to go in there and beat these bums…..this shouldve been a sweep…. Tate

  16. MikeintheD

    Hey everybody, first off i would like to say Natalie i have been a big fan of your blog for over a year now and I really dont have a good excuse to why i am just now starting to get involved now. As a 20 year old die hard Piston fan it hurts me so much to watch a game with shaky whistles. The first two games were called fair both ways for the most part but you do have to question the officiating the past couple games. Now im not saying thats why the pistons lost the past 2 games because it comes down to they are just not playing their best ball right now. Clevelands defense deserves alot of credit to disrupting our half court sets but at the same time its so hard for them to get in any rhythym on a consistent basis. We all have witnessed what the pistons do to teams when they get on there runs. Natalie the best point you have made on your key points is clearly about Flip Saunders…. He CAN NOT make the proper adjustments to teams in the playoffs. To be honest i think we won the last series on pure talent alone and im sure alot of people can agree with me. The guy has a very high basketball IQ and is a good coach but in the long run he has to figure out what changes need to be made. Ughh… frustrated is the best way to describe how i feel but am i ready to Panic?! Not a chance. I know what my boys can do and will do once they get back in the D. Best of 3 with 2 games at home….anybody else like our chances?

  17. Anonymous

    I agree with you, Natalie. I’m not laying all the blame at Flip Saunders feet either, but his weaknesses are DEFINITELY showing in this series. MAKE ADJUSTMENTS, FLIP. You are the coach.

  18. Evan

    This is getting rediculous. The Pistons are making themselves looks horrible. It’s like they don’t even care anymore. What happened to the energy? Chauncey is getting out played by a damn rookie. And they all keep saying, “we’ve been here before” so why the hell aren’t you doing it differently this time? Why do they not show up and then just make it harder on themselves when they push the series to 7, right before the finals?!

    On a side note: When we were down 2 and we swiped the ball, chauncey got smashed between two cavs, his head none-the-less, no call… then hamilton falls diving for the ball and they call him for a shove?!

  19. Anonymous

    Flip thinks adjustment means DNP, or worse, 3 solid minutes then never seen again.

  20. Nate

    So Lebron is on the verge of being deemed a god worthy of daily woship in Cleveland…and the Pistons seem to be firing on maybe two cylinders since the series with the Bulls ended…and the most annoying fans in all of the NBA are wreaking havoc on Detroit fans….Despite all this, Cleveland has only managed to tie the series.

    The best starting five in the NBA are human. They’re gonna stuggle, they’re gonna lack that winning mentality at times. But oh when they get it back. They become unstoppable. No NBA fan can deny that, not even a Cavs fan.

    They will not lose to these chumps again. Big win in game 5. The Cavs are put back in their place as they once again witness a superteam beat a superstar. Let the work whistle blow again Thursday night. Time to go to work.


  21. Natalie

    Chemo, maybe you did come to the blog to comment but you were the only one and you did it in a respectable manner. As for you fellow ClE fans,I can’t say the same. And the you hit the nail on the head, Gibson did Flop on that Rip call and a couple of other times, he just didn’t get the call.

  22. G

    The difference between the Webber foul and the one on Gooden was that Webber’s was a shooting foul. That was the only reason that Daniel Gobson was awarded free throws, ‘Sheed was not shooting when Gooden assaulted him. Bad luck, not a bad call.

  23. Andy

    Me too Natalie. I guess you just don’t notice the non-obnoxious Cavs fans.

    Besides, I love your blog.

    @mikeinthed: “The first two games were called fair both ways for the most part but you do have to question the officiating the past couple games.” I think it’s just your point of view since you are watching the games as a Pistons fan. I am sure the Cleveland fans think just the opposite of you (where games one and two were questionable). It’s the NBA business model. It is sort of a hybrid WWE (its rigged, but not fixed like big time wrestling) where the home team gets the extra out-of-bounds calls or a few ticky-tack calls that ultimately change the outcome of the game when added up. When teams are evenly matched in the playoffs the difference in a few possessions usually determines the game. The only way to overcome it is to shoot a very high FG percentage. It would be naive to think the NBA wasn’t going to try to milk this series and the fans for every dollar on the table.

    Good luck to everyone, and enjoy. I am really having fun with this series. I love a good Cleveland/Detroit match-up in any sport.

  24. Anonymous

    David Stern and the NBA officials have kept one of their golden boys alive once again. We saw the same crap officiating in every game the Heat was involved in last year, and this year it is no different with the Cavs. LBJ elbows CW and doesn’t get pulled, LBJ trips CB on a clear path, 3 feet infront of an official nonetheless and nothing is called. McNice is shoved out of bounds, LBJ throws the ball from out of bounds on the baseline with no call. I could go on and on about how the officials took control of the 4th quarter and essentialy got under the Pistons skin. How about how CB got crushed going for that loose ball? And my favorite the clear contact by Paplociv(?) on the fast break 3 by CB. It was so obvious he hit CB when after the fact he covered up the offending hand like I SHIT I DIDIN’T JUST DO THE WORST THING I COULD OF DONE, PLEASE DON’T CALL A FOUL. And to the comment above, it is called continuation. SHEED was in the process of going up to shoot when that assbag bear hugged him, which he should of been removed from the game for.

  25. Jaime M

    Clearly we lost b/c Flip had some serious miscalculations down the stretch and other than McDyess we cannot get a consistent effort from anyone.

    Flip mixes no zone against Cleveland until late in the 4th when they have proven they struggle against it?

    Flip uses Lindsey over Rip for a LONG stretch in the 4th, b/c he needs to neutrilize Daniel Gibson? If Hamilton can’t cover him we don’t deserve to win this series to begin with. At least Lindsey hit a big 3, but I would think Rip could have provided more of an offensive threat down the stretch, rather than count soley on McDyess as they did.

    Great effort by Chauncey in the first half, but he went back to being complacent as he has done for long stretches all year. Sheed, Tayshaun, and Rip all disapeared for stretches tonight. If they don’t become more consistent the window on this team will close fast.

    If Gibson/Gooden/Z combine for 50 points on us again this series is over. I would like to believe our D can stop this from happening again.

    If you are going to foul someone make sure you do it right. Complain all you want about Gooden, but it was a solid play that sends the message nothing easy comes inside. Varejo was the only big we tried to take advantage of then. We should do that as well to keep dudes like Daniel Gibson (who weight like what, 135 Lbs.) from thinking they can come inside on our bigs.

    With that said, we should still win if we can get a more consistent effort, which has generally been the case over the years when Detroit makes things harder than it needs to be.

  26. Brad

    Longtime pistons fan, first time poster here. I don’t get it, why don’t we run Rip (or really whoever is gaurding him) ragged all 4th qtr. Every time down the damn court. Everyone else was all out of sorts. Oh that’s right, Flip can’t make any in game changes to save his life and depends on our starters to just snap out of it to always save us.

    We could even just get the ball out of Chauncey’s hands and have Webber run it from the elbow or even farther out. Let chauncey not feel the burden all the time, especially when things are falling his way. Or play a 2 man game with Chauncey posting and Tay bringing it up with Sheed spotting up for 3 at the top and/or rip cutting through the lane. Arrggghh. I don’t see how we can’t devise anything to combat the Cavs D.

    Or hell, maybe even try pushing the ball more, I dunno. Cavs seem to buckle down as well as we do, maybe we need quicker setups like works for the Cavs against us. Flip and Maxiell can run, put them in with Rip, Tay, Sheed/Dyess. Flip has played well when he’s given the chance. Or just tell our starters to do it, not like they can’t. Catch them off gaurd. Try something, anything new for the love of god.

    And I think we need to keep Hunter on Gibson, if we can’t abuse him on defense at least subdue his O. ESPECIALLY if gibson is going to bring the ball up. I don’t think it’s bad to force Lebron to bring it up, and then just force it out of his hands after midcourt.

  27. Anonymous

    It’s called PANIC Pistons fans. And every last one of you is suffering from it. I’m loving every minute of it.

  28. Anonymous

    does anyone else think saunders should play delfino more? i mean he has done a good job defending on lebron in the past, besides i’m sure he can do better on te ofensive side than hamilton in game 3, i mean he played like a one-handed girl

  29. Anonymous

    I’m a big Pistons fan from Germany! I stayed up all damn night for the game and i wouldn’t have regreted it, till the moment chauncey made that stupid turnover and that foul and smiled so arrogant!! For me that just reflected the current attitude of some players. Why don’t they all play like Antonio, with that devotion they would have won the game!! For all that i believe we will win this series!!!

  30. collin

    Everybody needs to stop complaining about the whistles. Gibson flopped on his and 1, but whats he doin taking open jumpshots anyway? that’s on our pistons defense, not the fault of the refs. I think they’ve called the games pretty well…how many times has varejao flopped? and not only were they no calls, but he’s been called for fouls on a few of em. We can’t accept a no call like rips on lebron at the end of game two and then complain about these. Fact of the matter is, most of the team, mainly chauncey, isn’t playing with any heart. Sheed and Dyess definetly want it. Rip, Tay, C-webb, hunter, maxiell, those guys are struggling with their shots but they still look like they want it. Chauncey for whatever reason has allowed daniel friggin gibson to outplay him? For a longtime running now i’ve thought chauncey and steve nash were almost identical point guards in the sense that they can completely control the tempo and the pace of the game for their respective teams, albeit two different styles. Even last night when his shot was falling, down the stretch, he wasn’t the steady rock that he’s been for us since he’s been wearing red, white, and blue. At times he looks like he’s been replaced with delonte friggin west. He’s playin himself right out of that max contract. We need a heavy dose of some homecookin…like the palace pregame video always says…it’s time.

  31. Anonymous

    a summary of “the only five questionable calls and noncalls” which “all went against detroit”, according to fox sports:

    “A blatant travel by LeBron. A ball bouncing out of bounds off Larry Hughes that was awarded to the home team. Billups’ being banged on his hip in mid-shot by Hughes. A tickle foul called on Maxiell away from the ball that had nothing to do with anything. And Billups being pushed and tripped by LBJ after he’d made a steal.”

    if that doesn’t point to ref bias, then i don’t know what does.

  32. Anonymous

    hehe read that daniel gibson got his nick from his mother ”boobie”
    anyway he was great tonight
    21pts and a sweeeeeet allyooooooop to bronbron23

    JR norway

  33. ryan

    i hate to say this but we need larry brown back as coach, i hate the man and hope nothing but the worst for him but at least when he was coach this team played hard every night and went into every game with something to prove and enjoyed being the underdog. now they think they are the better team and can play when ever they want. well what has it gotten them NOTHING!!!!!! i cant be more pissed off every time i watch them play because they think they can turn it on when ever they want and i hate to say it but they are playing like crap and i cant stand it anymore. once again im not a cavs fan or anti pistons its just this is the true. They need to play like they are the underdogs ever game and guess what another championship will be coming home 2 detroit in june. and note to chauncey start playing ur normal game, its embarrasing how u have been playing this series and HOLD ON TO THE BALL PLEASE.

  34. Anonymous

    why are continuing to rely on chauncey and rip? they’re not thaving the series we hoped they would have. chauncey had his first good game last night. WE GOTTA TAKE THE ROCK INSIDE! there is NO ONE absolutely NO ONE that can stop the pistons down low. not gooden, not anybody. feed it to sheed. foul out #11 and #17 (cause who knows how to spell their names anyway). sheed will hit it from the foul line all night long. oh and…….. PLAY NAZR FLIP!!!!!!! we can a bunch of cavs to foul all our big men and we’ll free throw our way to the W. all cleveland is nobodies anyway, bunch of washed up players that LeBron makes look good, we foul out the big men and LeBron can’t do it by himself.

    flip if you INSIST on playing guards and want to rely on the jump shot to win it for you, put in DELFINO. nothing against chaunce and rip but they’re not getting it done

  35. Pistons4ever

    Natalie and all other Piston fans….”Kobe wants to be traded” is the talk around coolers this morning….having said that…

    I am just giddy at the prospect of Kobe possibly comin to Detroit and showin LeBitch what a real superstar looks like….

    What do you guys think?? Should Joe D entertain the idea?? and if so how can we pull off this trade and make sure that Pistons are contenders for years to come???
    I know the Bulls will be thinkin about it…

    Pistons in 6…it’s time to go to work!!!

  36. Anonymous

    Game 1 and 2 dale davis and Jason MAxiell WINS. Games 3 and 4 little to no Dale Davis and Jason MAxiell LOSE.
    even the announcer AND Charles Barkley were asking where’s Jason. I’m sick of watching the Pistons. Too many people I don’t like. Flip Saunders, Chris Webber (says he wants the championship but I don’t see him showing it. ) didn’t like Flip Murray before but now I find myself waiting for him along with the rest of the bench to come in and clean up the starter’s mess. TAyshaun is either tired or just doesn’t think he has to do more than what he is doing. Sheed come on when angry the block is your friend not the 3. Chauncey I…….. What the…

    We are cleveland in that they are covering one guy and other guys aren’t hitting shots, the only difference is that it’s a different guy on every possession, WHY AREN’T WE RUNNING. And I bet the reason Chauncey fouled after the missed three was Flip Saunders knew this team couldn’t get stops.
    This game was an insult to Pistons fans

  37. Anonymous

    I have never visited this blog before, but today was very entertaining. I always enjoy listening or reading comments from two different fan bases regarding the same game. It is like they each watched a different game. It appeared to me that while in Detroit, the Pistons received most of the questionable calls, but I do not think the calls affected the game. Cleveland lost those games because they failed to make plays when they needed to make plays. It also think that while in Cleveland, the Cavs received most of the questionable calls, but once again, I do not think that it was the reason the Pistons lost. The Pistons failed to execute when they needed to make plays. As for Rasheed Wallace, prior to this series, I thought he was a “dirty” player, but I have to say after watching hime play, my opinion has changed. I now think he is an extremely physical, talented, cagey player who will be as physical as the officials let him be. I would take him on my team any day. As for the foul by Gooden on Rasheed. I think this play has been blown way out of proportion. In basketball, if you want to hurt someone on a hard foul, you make contact and let them crash to the floor, If you want to stop a player from scoring or getting to the basket without hurting them, you wrap them up and protect them from falling.

  38. Anonymous

    The Pistons let us fans down yesterday.

    I have an odd feeling that if we don’t win game 5 tomorrow, the series is over for us…..


    Is it me or is Chauncey starting to play like a complete bum?

  39. Tara

    Honestly they just need to pick it up and play with a purpose, because right now it doesn’t show!


  40. John

    First, let me apologize for idiotic Cavs fans who can’t stay classy…

    The last 11 playoff games between these two teams have been classics, and while I hope the Cavs win, obviously, I will stay classy regardless.

    Good luck the rest of the series and keep up the great work on the site…


  41. Anonymous

    i just feel for Mcdyss, poor guy really wants it and is playing with heart, no urgency in anyone else, come on guys don’t let Antonio down he deserves it

  42. Anonymous

    how were all those strobe lights on the pistons offensive end?? you could see the reflection of the obviously intentional strobes when the pistons had the ball and when they cavs were on O…they magically dissappeared….not a big dea at all but more of a “reflection” of the Cavs in general =)

  43. Anonymous

    so i have a question…

    do players get new jerseys for everygame??? cause ive seen a lot of them just throw their jerseys in the crowd or just dow hatever with them like sheed just did .. which was hilarious ha!

    but does anyone know?

  44. DAvi Alexander

    Good point Ryan, we need to get back to basics and build every lay-up, forget the monster dunking and the referees, just play hard defense, put the ball in the basket and game over. Our defense is much better, we just need focus in our two guards, we can do it, billups is more alert, game 5 will prove who´s really ready to meet Duncan.

  45. jess

    I dont know about the rest of you, but I am deffinitly not PANICING (did you get that cav fan?)! There is no reason to. I will guarantee that we are going to win this series whether its in 6 or 7.

  46. GMoney

    I am a Cavs fan. Why can’t you Detroit fans just come to grips with the fact that you’ve been outplayed in every game. EVERY GAME.

    Now I’m not one to say that the Cavs walk through the next two games, far from it, because when you have the Pistons backed into a corner, they are at their most dangerous.

    I like Mike Brown but even I have to admit that he and Flip Saunders are two of the worst coaches in the league. But at least Brown is still learning. Flip just sucks.

    Drew Gooden is too stupid to commit flagrant fouls. I don’t think it was intentional just because his basketball IQ is in the negatives.

    Give me Geraldo anyday over Kid Rock!!!

    Well there you go, Piston fan, tell me I’m an idiot.

  47. Natalie


    I for one would hate to see Kobe on the Pistons. I wont even go through what would happen to this team just to get him and the fact that I dont think he would ever want to come to Detroit.

    Second he plays the totally opposite of everything that The Pistons stand for. I am sure Isaiah will be calling soon, send him the Knicks way.

  48. jess

    I agree with everything you said about Kobe, Nat. I would NEVER, NEVER EVER want Kobe on our team. He is such a cocky player and kills me. I dont care how his stats look, I would HATE to see him on our team

  49. Dana

    As much as I hate to say it, the Cavs are outplaying our Stones to this point. They are hustling and passing the ball. Even though the calls are questionable 99% of the time, we as Pistons fans can’t use that as an excuse to why we are losing games. The fans care more about winning than the Pistons do, with Sheed and Dyess as an exception. I am sick of it, but I am sticking to my team. The Pistons NEED to win Game 5, and play all 48 minutes. They should blow them out and manhandle them on thursday night. Send them a message and remind them who the better team is. The only way to this will happen is if the Pistons get their heads out of the clouds and play the basketball that we know they can play.

  50. Dana

    Oh and to all the Pistons fans who are going to be at Game 5, I BEG OF YOU, please show these bum Cavs fans who’s boss and be as loud as you can. We saw what the Q was like, and Game 2 was crazy, but this game means so much more. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE scream your heads off and kae that Palace louder than ever. the pistons will hopefully feed off that energy

  51. Anonymous

    Cavs fans have no class because they don’t know what it’s like to have their team win a championship, like Pistons fans and Bulls fans do. They’re bottom-feeders.

  52. Anonymous

    kobe in detroit??!?!?!?!? NOOOOO NOOOOO NOOOOO

    i like this team wayyy better WITHOUT any superstars.. thats what makes us unique from the rest of this business :]

  53. Anonymous

    jees yall sure waste enough energy griping about calls/non-calls.. and i thought they said the spurs fans were whiners!

    take heart – but not for a few plays (and a choice NON-CALL.. ha!) yall could have been swept!

    oh.. and before you call cav fan – i am from dallas and am currently still in hiding.

  54. Stan Gable

    What’s killing me about this series is the manic swings from the media and the fans. I mean the whole thing started with us Piston fans and many in the media saying this was going to be a sweep. I didn’t see it that way. Every single game has been close. It’s a 2-2 series, yet all of the sudden most Cleveland fans and media outlets (see Doyel on Cbssportsline) are proclaiming the Pistons as dead and beaten.

    Um, they lost two close games on the road…where they didn’t play well. If this were the battles between the Pistons and Celtics of old, everyone would be talking about how this is a battle. Instead it’s win one game and the series is over. Game 5 is huge. If the Pistons win…immediately, I’m sure the Cavs will be pronounced dead…let’s all just relax and enjoy this series.

    It’s boring to everybody else, but why let that bother us? GO PISTONS!!!

  55. Anonymous

    Was directed here by a friend after proclaiming my distaste for Rasheed, but thats neither here nor there.

    I wouldn’t worry too much Pistons fans. Pistons should have it won in 6. It took everything the Cavs had, plus the Pistons falling apart in the last few minutes for the Cavs to win at home. Short of a Pistons meltdown, they should definately win the next two games.

    Now after that, you have the Spurs, but since I’ve been a Spurs fan since I was 8 I’ll just keep my mouth shut about that until next week.

    GL to both teams, hope they’re played clean and fun to watch.

    Don’t have an account, but I’ll put my name anyway since I hate anonymous posters.

    -Chris C.

  56. shatia

    Woooooooow!!! how could they let the series tie. Im so disappointed.Although ima hight beliver in “its better to look ahead and prepare then look back and regret”. lol. I mean they could look back and regret but there is only one solution and thats to play piston basketball. They havent done that eversince the sieres started. The first two games were really scary considering the play of the pistons and lasting stugglies. I also think they should look past this and get back into it. I love how Dice was playing , he had an awsome game. So did chauncey till the end but i hate the fact that lots of people were blaming him for the loss….u no what its a team effort to win the game even when it comes done to the last critical moments. i have my hopes high for next game. Go pistons!!!!!

  57. Anonymous


    yes.. yes it is!

    (wake me when one team breaks 100)

  58. Anonymous

    John: thank you. Ryan: second that.

  59. Anonymous

    ='( <|3
    – Vin

  60. sheed or bust

    Sheed is the only starter playing like his true self. His defense is clucth as ever and as long as he doesnt get his chip off his shoulder by shooting 3s its gonna be tough for cleveland and shit mcdyess has officially recovered from any injury he ever had. get webber out the starters and let max fill in for prince and give dale davis a play and show drew gooden what a real hard foul or two feels like and see how this series really matches up

  61. sheed or bust

    oh and i just have to say that when sheed went in after his tech and started just throwing his weight around he looked like a man amongst boys, too bad he airballed it. but that block against gooden in the lane with the kick out to chauncey was fuckin clutch defense to perfection this is the most focused i have ever seen sheed and i have watched his entire adult career and never ever ever has he played with such consistent intensity. he doesnt need to be a big scoring threat but when he is pissed give him the ball inside.
    cavs fans call us thugs but gooden just opened up the kind of play that will show how much more an athletic physical team detroit is with one exception and he isnt used to playing tough

  62. Anonymous

    To gmoney at 411 even us detroit fans are somewhat acknowledging that your cavs are outplaying us in each game, there is just more drive in the cavs these first 4 games, and I was surprised at how good the cavs are playing, usually I say it’s the pistons letting the game get away, and I think that happened a little bit, but total credit to the cavs and what their doing, Pistons are backpedaling and clearly dumbfounded, which I doubt will last long now that Sheed is mad.

    I agree with you on the coaches, I mean mike brown 2nd year head coach (although nice mentor in greg popovich before) is outcoaching someone who has been coaching for way longer, Flip is bugging Pistons fans too.

    Also no one better blame calls for us losing, cavs didn’t get the calls in games 1 and 2 and detroit in 3 and 4, it’s up to the players to decide the game not the refs, which is why I think so many people had a problem with chauncey’s 3 at the end trying to get a foul, he wanted the ref’s help instead of playing basketball.

    No matter what team you’re rooting for we can all agree that the last 3 games are gonna be emotion filled, from players to coaches and especially fans. And second only to actually winning that’s all anybody wants from an NBA game

  63. Anonymous

    I believe the pistons can win this series,but they have to believe it.It does no good to rehash the past,they must play with heart and grit now! I could be wrong,but it seems to me that they are playing like a defeated team.Don’t seem to have any fire cept for sheed.Kids seem to be playing better than the vets! Anyway ,godbless and go stones!

  64. Anonymous

    wanna say thanks to Natalie for this forum and every one who posted. None of my friends are basketball fans so it is hard to really tell them how frustrated I was and this was a perfect outlet for me, and I know that all the critisism of the Pistons is, at least if you’re like me, because we want them to win and believe they can, we all care about our team and it’s good to have a place to vent and to celebrate with people who love the pistons as much as I do, other sites like and stuff just isn’t that fun to visit, now just got to get the other people around me to care.

    Anyway thanks to all the fans of all the teams, and I actually like to have cavs fans come on here and trash talk, it just makes it that much more exciting and emotional.

  65. Amanda

    Whoo! Just had to go through and read like 70 posts…A few things caught my attention:

    1. Kobe in Detroit? pistons4ever: get the fuck out of the base! lol j/k. But seriously, you gotsta be crazy! A stuperstar in Detroit is the last thing I want. Especially someone like Kobe!

    2. I loved Pavlovic’s reaction after he fouled Chauncey on that 3 towards the end. He knew he fouled him and he was just waiting for the whistle. And while I thought it was clearly a foul, Chauncey’s shot was ill-advised. Sometimes I think he tries way too hard to foul instead of just getting a good shot.

    3.I have no idea why Chauncey fouled Gooden and then smiled like he just made the winning basket. That erked me a bit. I think he was frustrated and just wanted to hurt somebody so he went to Gooden and hit him. lol

    4. I wish only good Cavs fans would come to this site to post so Natalie wouldn’t have to put on the comment moderation.

  66. Chemo

    FYI, I frequent the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Cavs board, and it’s crawling with obnoxious Detroit trolls. There are lowlifes on both sides; it’s just that when you host a site supporting one team, you tend to get the worst of the other.

    I’d also like to touch on Gooden’s foul, which I think is getting way overblown. Nothing Gooden did could have hurt Rasheed; he just wrapped him up and held him past the whistle. Webber’s foul on Gibson was probably more dangerous because he hit him in the face and took him to the floor. I think a technical foul was the appropriate assessment in both cases. The fact that Gibson got two free throws was because they ruled it a shooting foul; you can debate that all you want, but it doesn’t have anything to do with the tech call.

    As for the officiating, as a Cavs fan I would argue that the officiating was the difference in the first two games. As Pistons fans, I can understand your arguments that officiating played a big role in the last two games. Ultimately, this probably says more about the NBA than about either team. It’s enough to make one rather cynical about the league, eh?

  67. Anonymous

    KOBE?! Oh my God no! Eff that guy. I never want to see his selfish a** on the Pistons.

  68. Anonymous

    Hey Natalie,
    Maybe the Pistons should watch the Jaybncredible video to remind themselves of just how much energy and excitement they can bring to the game. It gets ME pretty damn psyched up.

  69. Anonymous

    Tonite the pistons need to get serious and come out with more energy than the cavs. Also when thye gain a lead they need to keep and build upon it not lose and go down 5 points in a minute

  70. Anonymous

    even thpogh the Pistons lost this year they still would have a chance this yr. if that fucking Billups would stay and get rid of that sucky coach


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