Chauncey struggles again, Cavs take game 3

by | May 28, 2007 | 13 comments

The Cavaliers won game three 88-82 for their first win of this Eastern Conference Finals. LeBron James led all scores with 32. Chauncey continued to struggle in this series, as he went 4-for-14 with 5 turnovers. The Pistons hope to regroup in game four Tuesday night in Cleveland.

Key Points:

  • Rasheed Wallace led the Pistons with 16 points, but for some reason the Pistons stopped going to him when he was red hot.
  • Chauncey is having problems with the Cavs defense, it’s time for CB to start playing his game, he looks awkward out there.
  • Flip Murry, who went in for Chauncey, was playing so well that he took Mr. Big shots place the entire second quarter.
  • Billups says “Rip and I need to step up.”
  • Looks like Larry Hughes may not play in game four, that might be good for the Cavs. Rookie Daniel Gibson has been playing well for Cleveland.
  • Cavs fans are brutal, I have heard many a story from Pistons fans who have gone to games in Cleveland. They even boo their own players. Did you hear the reception Donyell Marshall got when he checked into the game for the first time.
  • Sheed’s back to back threes were clutch.
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Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images
  • LeBron James is a great player, I am not denying that, but listening to the announcers constantly gush over him is nauseating. I wouldn’t be surprised if they started glorifying him for his constant nail biting.
  • Still hate Varejoke. He was scoreless in game 3.
  • Not only did Chauncey struggle but so did Rip. Hamilton took just 8 shots for 7 points.
  • Each team had 34 rebounds.
  • The Pistons were in this game the whole way but their offense has been off this whole series. You have to give some credit to the Cavs defense for taking the Pistons out of their comfort zone.
  • At this point it’s time for Flip Saunders to make adjustments to help the Pistons get out of this slump.
  • Tayshaun’s shot was finally dropping. Tay put up 13 points with 5 rebounds and an assist.
  • Flip Murray entered the game late in the first quarter and just started putting up points. The way Chauncey was playing Flip was a breath of fresh air. I never thought I would ever say that.
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Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images
  • Can someone please tell me why in the hell Jason Maxiell only played 4 minutes? I know C-Webb was playing well, but the kid dominated game 2. It makes no sense to me.
  • The Cavs shot 49%, while the Pistons shot 44%.
  • Chauncey Billups off balance shot in the closing minutes of the game was awesome, but too little too late.
  • Are the Pistons being a bit selfish? They had just 15 assist for the game.
  • Antonio McDyess recored the Pistons only block of the game.
  • Need4Sheed reader Thomas Bailey sent me an email that I totally agreed with. He had this to say, “So as I am watching this game, I am thinking to myself, why is Rip Hamilton setting screens and then getting out of the way from the rest of the Pistons on offense? No wonder he is struggling, he is no longer the primary scorer in the sets that Saunders is running. Hamilton is at his best running and running and running off screens, not setting them, nor trying to create something himself off the dribble.”
  • C-Webb was hot from the start. He finished with 15 points, 7 rebounds and 3 assists.
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Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images
  • Billups shrugs off disappointing performance.
  • This is defiantly not Pistons Basketball we have been seeing.
  • The Pistons backcourt were a combined 6-for-22 in game 3.
  • At least the Pistons did well from the line, they shot 85% on Sunday.
  • Sounded like there were a lot of Pistons fans in the house.
  • I miss George Blaha.
  • The Beat Detroit shirts were a little much, maybe concentrate on good slogan next time. Why not “The Kings Court” at least that’s a bit more original, 99% of Cavs fans idolize LeBron anyway. It didn’t go over too well on TV, it looked like only about 70% of the crowd were wearing them.
  • Detroit needs to go back to the way they played defense in game one and two.
  • I truly think that if the Pistons went to Sheed down on the block in the fourth quarter they would have come out with the win.
  • Don’t they know there is a Need4Sheed?
  • Columbus Cavs has their own version of Beat Detroit, and Pistons fans let me tell you that you will NOT be happy when you see it.


  1. Jessi

    Did anyone notice that in the 4th not sure what time was left but I think James hit a three to put he cavs but for good the crowd was silent until the shot when in and tehy all got on their feet and cherred, not if that was in Detroit we would have had faith in out guys and cheered right until the shot fell and then would have went nuts. I do not like the cavs and hate watching then even when detroit playss then but there fans are the worst I ahve seen. The boo they players and have even boos games before it is just not right. The crowd only was in the game whent they were up everything we were up they would not say anything until cavs went up. The crowd does not get in the game very mush.

    I agree with the shirts come on did a 9 year old make them. They even cheering at one point beat detroit beat detroit come on grow up.

  2. Anonymous

    Wow great recap covered a lot of the exact stuff I was thinking.

    I was waiting for Jason Maxiell all game, even in the last couple minutes. It bugs me that Flip says things like Anyone can do good one night it’s what you do the next night. So much for Jason getting to show it.

    Also loved Flip Murray, wasn’t a fan before, but he played well and that dunk was nice. I want to see our bench play more, it seems like the Cavs defense has the starters figured out and we’re not adjusting.

    Rasheed’s 3s were awesome

    I know you miss George Blaha Natalie but you had to laugh when Craig Sagar was reporting on Larry Hughes and Marv Albert called him a doctor and Steve Kerr said something like “he’s not a doctor but he did stay at a Holiday Inn.

    Hope we play better as a whole team, and start moving the ball quicker.

    Anyway go Pistons let’s play better looks like we’re getting the Spurs and we’re gonna need to play way better.

    By the way Cleveland needs to get off our jocks. First the detroit turnover thing. Charles Barkley on the big screen with Uof M Headband, and they’re shirts are more about us than their own team. And I’m not sure about this last one but I think during a Cavs game to get their crowd into it they put up a picture of Michigan so the fans would boo (They weren’t even playing us)

  3. Anonymous

    Hey Natalie. Did you read this comment about Varejoke on Truehoop/ESPN? I quote the whole excerpt:

    “Brian Windhorst of the Akron Beacon-Journal says Anderson Varejao is attracting attention: “Yesterday, Mike Brown told a story about seeing teenagers around town and, after raving about LeBron, always want him to say hello to Andy. Mike surmised that Andy is pretty popular with the teeny-boppers. Well, let me just say this, over the last three years I’ve gotten e-mails from members of the gay community who have professed their infatuation with the mop-topped Brazilian as well. Meanwhile, the female members of the media covering this series are all jealous of Andy’s hair and have asked him about what products he uses. So I guess the only thing I can say about Varejao is, men want him and women want to be him.””

    Well, at least we already know that Varejoke is not only the king of flopping… he’s also the best source for hair care in Cleveland!! Truly a man’s man that Varejoke kid, eh?

  4. Adam

    I think its TOTAL bullshit that ranked Lebron’s dunk over sheed as the best of the night. Sheed didn’t jump up with him completely. Flip Murray’s dunk was nasty because he faked one defender off of his feet, and then dunked over another. (He is a small guard-Lebron is a Giant one)
    Also, I love maxiell, and he is a beast. However, I agree with him not playing much. Rasheed and Webber were both HUGE. The problem is that they strayed away from them. They should have kept them in the game and kept feeding them. They didn’t foul out, but both of them spent mad time on the bench. Also, McDyess’ reverse 2 handed jam was nasty.

  5. Amanda

    The fact that LeBron’s dunk ranked #1 was absolutely no surprise to me because a play by him was #1 in the first 2 games even though the Cavs lost and there were plenty of great Pistons plays in Games 1 and 2 (i.e., Game 1: Rip’s lob to Tayshaun for the jam and Game 2: Maxiell’s b-b-b-beautiful dunks).
    And I won’t be shocked to see LeBron at #1 when the Cavs lose in Game 4, even if it’s a total blowout.

    I wish I had recorded Game 3 so I could go back and look at the 4th quarter to see why ‘Sheed was not more of a factor. Did anybody catch why? I mean, were the Cavs crowding him or what? He was so great in the first two games and in the first half of Game 3. Why mess with a good thing?

    It seemed the infamous zone worked well in those few Cavs possessions down the stretch. I think they took a couple of bad 3’s which allowed us to get back in the game. I read that was the only time Detroit has used the zone this series. Perhaps we will see more in Game 4.

    Do you guys ever feel like all the rest of the teams’ fans hate us? I think should set a poll asking which teams’ fans do you hate the most. Bet you we win that one.

    Oh, and thank you for informing me of the chatroom, Natalie! I’ll be sure to utilize that in the future.

    Here’s to balanced play on offense and some of that good old fashioned DEEE-TROIT DEFENSE in Game 4! CHEERS!

  6. Anonymous

    Amen about Maxy! My roomate and i were yelling at our TV the whole time. 15 points, 6 boards and 2 blocks in 22 minutes wasn’t good enough to convince Flip?! Frusterating to watch- and I’m also confused as to why they keep going to Rip to attack off the dribble, instead of letting him do his moving without the ball. Maybe Flip was just trying some new things out? Not sure, but we’ll see hwat adjustments go down in game 4…

  7. Meg/ RIPtastic

    You know, we chant “beat the Heat” “Beat the Cavs” etc at home games, so a “Beat Detroit” chant I don’t think we can really criticize but I do agree the shirts were a bit much, what did they do, sell them for $2 at the ticket takers?
    That was a horrible game to watch, the last few minutes it was just a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, where are Chauncey and Rip???? Yikes, Totally agree on the moving without the ball thing!
    let’s go to work tomorrow!!!!!!

  8. Justin

    That was a horrible game for the Pistons. When I saw the cavs keep hitting shot after shot in the 4th quarter and the Pistons NOT hitting shots I knew it was over. FOr whatever reason the Pistons shots are not falling. I think it’s partly a mental game. But I think alot of it are the plays that Flip Saunders is calling. I don’t think that last sentence was grammtically correct but you get my point. I didn’t catch the thing about Rip setting screens. I guess Flip is trying to fix something that wasn’t broken. Get back to what they used to do. Their defense is still there. But the offense HAS to start rolling. I still don’t think the cavs have a chance.

  9. RanFlash

    “Looks like Larry Hughes may not play in game four, that might be good for the Cavs. Rookie Daniel Gibson has been playing well for Cleveland.”

    As a Cavs fan, I would give all of Hughes’ minutes to Gibson in a heartbeat. So here’s hoping!

    Also, I really enjoyed your Varejao clown-fish as I enjoy most of your work! I sat next to two Pistons fans at Game 3, with mostly friendly chatter.

    Check out the ulta-successful…
    KICK RASHEED game at:


  10. Scott

    It was a disappointing game no doubt, but we weren’t going to sweep the Cavs, especially with the way we’re playing. I just wanted to let all you know that I agree the shirts are a little cheesy and stupid but are people seriously telling the Cavs fans to grow up for chanting “Beat Detroit”? Don’t forget that in 2004 we would chant “Beat LA” and even last year we would chant “Beat the Heat” so I guess we all need to grow up a little bit according to some of you. That being said, the shirts were a joke and would love nothing more than to shove a win in the Cavs fans face! It will be tough though because I was at The Q last year for game 6 and that’s a great atmosphere.

  11. Anonymous

    wow that little game those cavs fans made pisses me off… but you know therye just hoping htey can back up all their smack….

    “Beat Detroit” ohhh burnn
    theyre soo clever when theyre NOT copying detroit fans ha!

  12. Anonymous

    wow, what a dumb game. cavs fans must have a lot of time on their hands.


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