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by | May 27, 2007 | 13 comments

Many of you might not be familiar with Blog Show, because it is part of Washington Post Live, on Comcast SportsNet in the D.C.. Blog Shows hosts are the famous Jamie Mottram from AOL Sports Bloggers Live and AOL’s The Fanhouse along with the esteemed Dan Steinberg of D.C. Sports Bog of the Washington Post. It seems that they featured Need4Sheed on their show Friday night.

This is short clip featuring, but if you want to check out the whole episode along with previous Blog Shows check them out here.


  1. Meg/riptastic

    whoohoo recongition well deserved

  2. jessi

    Wow congrats on the recongition Nat. Do you know where in you old posts you have the clip Jamie was talking about.
    \Well anyway I have said this before you are very good at waht you do and I am happy you are getting noticed.

  3. Anonymous

    Jamie Mottram is not famous. I never heard of him, just because need4sheed was on there you saying he is famous, hahaha.

  4. Kev

    Someone is jealous.

  5. Chemo

    I don’t know if you look at the comments on old posts, so I’m replying to your Varejao comments here. First of all, I think his flopping is way overblown — he’s more of a clumsy oaf than anything, and he just falls down a lot, and Sheed clearly did shove him on the final play.

    But more than anything, Sheed comes off as a total hypocrite for calling him out. Rasheed is famous for loudly denying fouls that he blatantly committed; in the last game, one replay clearly showed him yanking Lebron by the arm, then screaming at the official when he was called for it. It was laughable. Isn’t that essentially the same as flopping? Lying about a foul? And doesn’t Rasheed do it about five times a game, compared to maybe one or two from Varejao?

    At any rate, if you’re going to call out a Cleveland player for lying about fouls, you ought to do the same for your boy.

  6. Anonymous

    Wow, if that’s true Varejao should go on like Ripley’s Believe It or Not as the only person in the world who can be touched and automatically fall down. That’s a pretty sweet talent.

  7. Anonymous

    ‘Sheed Rocks!

  8. Tara

    congrats! deff. deserved… keep it up 🙂

  9. Amanda

    Congratulations NATALIE! I’m not gonna lie. Hearing your site mentioned on various programs and in articles and such makes me feel cool. lol

    And I loved Steve Nash’s comment: “I hope she’s hot.” lol

    Yeah, chemo, probably not. If that was a foul on ‘Sheed it was a foul on LeBron, too. And no, it’s not the same thing as flopping. Flopping is the wuss’ way of defending whereas complaining about a call is just to let the refs know you don’t like it and to make sure they pay closer attention next time. And if you think Varejao’s antics are blown out of proportion, you should really read the practice interviews from the Cavs players from yesterday. He and his teammates admit that he flops. And while admitting you have a problem is half the battle, I doubt he gets much further in his 12 step program. He is a flopper and that’s all he’ll ever be.

    1 1/2 ’til tipoff…

  10. Amanda

    ^ 1 1/2 hours that is…

  11. Anonymous

    is nash’s comment not form last yr? OR did he make that same one once before? I really think I remember watching press conf where he said that.

  12. Ricky - Sixers4guidos

    just curious guys, how far is Cle from Det?

    how many kilometres? or hours of drive?


    Ricky – Sixers4guidos

  13. Anonymous

    Awesome! This is definatley everyone’s favorite pistons blog- though has it’s moments!


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