Sheed enjoys Maxiell: But who doesn’t?

by | May 26, 2007 | 22 comments

Jason Maxiell finally got a chance to show the world just what kind of player that Pistons fans already knew he was. Jason blew the doors off the Palace with his play in game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals. Nobody appreciated it more than Rasheed Wallace.

Video Courtesy of TNT


  1. Anonymous

    haha he looks like an idiot. but thats sheeeed =]

    he pumped maxiell up!

  2. Anonymous

    LOL I love SHEED!!! Big Kahonnes Big Kahonnes. 🙂 LET’S GO DETROIT!!!

  3. Anonymous

    =] i love when he does stuff like that, it pumps me up!

  4. Tara

    wow sheed 🙂 we sure do love him!! but Max is amazing. he’s going to be 10x better then Ben!!

  5. Anonymous

    Big Kahonnes!! Big Kahonness!! how do you spell that? LOL I LOVE IT!! GO JMAXX!

  6. Anonymous

    I just went to cavs website and they are saying they are going to win games 3 and they are going to provide t-shirts to fans that says “BEAT DETROIT”. Guys got to check it out. They are talking alot of smack in there intro.


  7. Anonymous

    I think Detroit and San Antonio are the only teams that don’t have to run some t-shirt or poster gimmick. Guess that’s what happens when you are consistently good.

  8. Anonymous

    hahahhahahaha it doesnt get anyy better than thattt ;]

  9. Amanda

    When I saw ‘Sheed do that during the game I was like “Oh, my God, ‘Sheed! What the fuck are you doing?” lol He’s is one funny guy. LOVE IT!

    I had a dream last night that he was going to get traded during the summer and all the fans flipped out. But you know those things at like fairs and stuff that you hit with a big hammer and the light goes up and up the harder you hit it? lol Well he had to make that go to the top in order to stay in Detroit. haha! No joke. So all us fans went to where this was to take place and cheered him on and stuff and he ended up being able to stay. Good ending to a really screwed up dream.

  10. Amanda

    If any of you are going to Cleveland for Game 3 and/or 4 and haven’t read Matt Dery’s blog on, I’d go read it. It made me laugh. I wish I was going just so I could really understand exactly what he’s talking about. For all those who are going, PLEASE feel free to tell of your experiences on Need4Sheed so I can hear all about it! THANKS!

  11. Anonymous

    i dont know if he is an idiot??! but he looks fuckin pumped as hell. he has always been a huge and emotional cheerleader for his team. dean smith his coach back in carolina mentioned what he called “phantom” techs for when someone would do something nice and sheed would scream and do shit like this and the refs would call a tech.
    when shed acts like this and plays like he has, we have the best current PF-C in the league. (at least when he takes a half dozen or less 3s)

  12. jessi

    Wow that is so funny, I missed that during the game. Anyway I am so happy sheed decided to stay a pistons after he could have left. I know the guys told him to stay wonder how ben feels since they told him to do what was best and didn’t really ask him to say?

    Anyway next game is going to be a fun one. I hope that the pistons play better one the road. I really hope tayshaun can find his shot because if even half his shots had of went in the games would not have been so close. Well I know they will do well no matter waht the out come, I just wish I could fly home for at least one play off game this season. My friends love me cause when I moved I gave them all tickets and now that playoffs are here my dad has had a blast at the games. He didn’t even like basketball and used to complain having to watch it even when I played all through highschool and now he loves it. Wich is good cause he no longer tells me its a waste of money lol.. Anyway heres to a good game three.

  13. Amanda

    Q: “Zydrunas was just joking around, he says, yeah, we just ask him not to flop at practice.”

    A: Anderson Varejao: “Yeah, they do that, but I think he likes to do that.”

    Even his teammates admit to it and yet his fans still back him on it…What the shit?

  14. Amanda

    You guys should read the practice interviews on PistonsForum from the Cavs players.

    –On the physicality of the games:

    Donyell Marshall: “They hit us a couple times, we know we’ve got to try to stop that. They’re like bullies. They’re going to keep messing with you until you hit back, and that’s what we’re going to have to do, we’re going to have to hit back.”

    I’m sorry. Who the hell has been bloodied the most and who was hit with a Flagrant 2 foul?

  15. jess

    I really wanna see those “BEAT DETROIT” t-shirts since Im not going to see the game.. I hope there will be a picture of them on here Nat!?!?

  16. Anonymous

    Thanx jess for the song

  17. Anonymous

    I’m not surprised at all that J-Maxx can do that. I saw him play at Cincinnati with Huggy Bear – when I saw him, I always thought he was like Mini-Me to Big Ben. In fact, he’s gotten to be better than that! I was really excited when Joe D and the Pistons drafted him. It’s awesome and if the Pistons keep making smart draft choices like Tay Prince and J-Maxx we’re in good shape. Joe D, my main man, just make sure not to pull another Darko on us, pretty -please with sugar on top?

  18. Amanda

    5 hours ’til tipoff!


  19. Andy

    I went at my wife like that. I think it was frowned upon. She said it hurt.

  20. Anonymous



    Mr. T

  21. Anonymous

    thats hotttttttttttt…


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