Sheed and Maxiell Power The Pistons

by | May 25, 2007 | 39 comments

Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals was like a carbon copy of game one. The final score was even the same at 79-76. It came down to the final play with the Pistons up by one and LeBron with the ball, but this time he didn’t pass. He drove the lane, with Rip in front of him, put up the shot and missed. The rebound came off to Larry Hughes who had a wide open look but missed the 10 footer and Varejao missed the Hughes put back. Rasheed got the board, passed it to Richard Hamilton who was fouled and sent to the line with a second left on the clock.

Key Points:

  • Just like everyone was talking about LeBron’s pass in game one, all I keep hearing is that Rip fouled James when he was driving the to the hole but didn’t get the call. Sure there was a little contact but that is how the game was being called all night. I am glad to see that the refs were consistent and didn’t leave the game up to a call that could have went either way.
  • Speaking of the no call foul, why isn’t anyone mentioning that the Cavs missed both Larry Hughes’s wide open shot or the Varejao put back. They had their chance and they didn’t do it.
  • ESPN’s Chris Sheridan is crying foul. So much so that you would think he was being payed by Dan Gilbert.
  • I am truly surprised at the Cavs defense, they have really been giving the Pistons (especially Chauncey) a hard time.
  • I truly loath Varejoke more and more with each passing game. The name Clown Shoes comes to mind when I think of him.
  • I don’t know how the game sounded on television, but The Palace crowd was about as loud as I have heard them in years.
  • Carlos Delfino came up huge in his 11 minutes on the floor. He not only did a great job on LeBron but he hit 2 HUGE 3’s.
  • One word…… SHEEDtastic
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Photo by Allen Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images
  • Tayshaun is 1-19 for the series. He was 0-for-8 last night.
  • McDyess had a scare in the first quarter when he got cut in the mouth. A good thing came out of it though…Jason Maxiell.
  • Christopher Roumaueh of Lake Orion made $50,000 for making a shot from midcourt during a timeout. Let me tell you the crowd went wild, along with Chris and the rest of the Pistons. Especially Sheed.
  • “All that flopping, they need to make that a technical foul for next year. That’s not defense in the fourth quarter and I’m glad we have veteran officials to see that.”Pistons forward Rasheed Wallace, referring to Anderson Varejao’s sprawl fall on Sheed’s shot that gave Detroit the lead for good.
  • LeBron received a flagrant foul for elbowing Webber in game one. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. Looks like Bron takes lessons from Kobe.
  • On the way home from the game I was listening to the locker room interviews and Chauncey said something that will stick with me forever. When asked about Cleveland’s complaining about foul calls he said. “If they are crying that much what are the babies going to do?”
  • Jason Maxiell got the crowd on their feet all game. This guy was a key to the Pistons win. The ally oop he converted was redunkulous.
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Photo by Allen Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images
  • Rasheed was the Pistons high scorer with 16 points, but his defense is what has been coming up big this series. In fact there has been a Need 4 Sheed this whole playoff run.
  • The Pistons actually shot 47% from the charity stripe.
  • The Cavs defense is causing the Pistons to uncharacteristically turn the ball over. They had 18 on Thursday.
  • Bonehead tech by Mike Brown at the end of the game.
  • As I was walking to my car at the Palace I saw a bus load of fans from Cleveland waiting to leave. Let me tell you that they looked devastated. That was a long ride home. Funny, Clevelenad fans are brutal, they talk shit even when their team is down. I am surprised there hasn’t been some kind of incident considering the Cleveland fans I have seen this series.
  • Mr Wallace, who hit the off balance game winning shot over LeBron, was happy that Varejoke tried his patented flop move. It just make it easier for Sheed to sink the shot while Varejoke was crying on the floor. Everyone knows you game Clown Shoes, it doesn’t fly here in Detroit.
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Photo by Allen Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images
  • Drew Gooden, Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Larry Hughes combined for just 11 points.
  • The Pistons were down by 12 at halftime but their usual 3rd quarter run got them right back into the game.
  • The Pistons defense in the closing minutes of the game was key.
  • Cavaliers sent two defenders at Billups when he tried to initiate pick and rolls, and again, it worked. Billups had five turnovers and only attempted seven shots.
  • I am not going to complain about whistles, but I did notice that Chauncey couldn’t get a call to save his life and LeBron looked like he traveled and palmed the ball on a couple of occasions with no calls.
  • Webber got some nice points in the paint, but he really had to work hard. Some easy ones just wouldn’t go in.
  • Did I mention that Maxiell had the best game of his career considering what is at stake here. J-Max put up 15 points with 2 blocked shots, 6 rebounds and a steal. Oh and he posterized LeBron.
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Photo by Allen Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images
  • “Our offense has just not been very good,” said Billups. “And, of course, when you’re at home and your offense is good, there’s a lot of energy in the building. We have not given our fans a lot to cheer about in these two games with the exception of our defense.”
  • Sheed loves to be dramatic, especially when he hits those important 3’s.
  • Is anyone going to Cleveland for games 3 or 4? If you are I would love to know.
  • The Pistons, along with their fans, know that they have to play a lot better in Cleveland to win.
  • Someone in the crowd had THIS (one of my wallpapers) as poster, but I didn’t get to see what it said on it.
  • FEELING LUCKY: When he stood up from the podium after his sit-down with the media, Wallace asked the media if anyone knew what the lottery jackpot currently was worth.


  1. Jake


    I am Pistons fan from Estonia and I would like to know, what happened to Nazr Mohammed?
    Guy was your starting center before Webber, i heard he wante d to be traded and then he was put into bench.
    What why hasnt he got absolutely any playing time ever since? Guy could be a decent substitute for Webber or Mcdyess, couldnt he?

  2. Andy

    Good summary on game two. I am glad you enjoyed the game. Being there in person is the best (except at the Palace if you have to work the next day considering it takes an hour and a half to just get out of the parking lot).

    Great Blog. I really like your artwork.

  3. Tara

    I’m going to the game on sunday!! i’m pretty pumped!! great blog! can’t wait!

  4. shatia

    Game two-awsome!!!! i think i absolutly enjoyed it even though it was really really similar. it was the kind of game that gets u hiped for the next one to come. U dont know what to expect.- — Hopefully pistond have that one too. Cant wait!!!!

  5. Amanda


    I don’t recall Nazr saying he wanted to be traded. In fact, I think I remember him saying that he wanted to stay in Detroit. When Webber fell into the Pistons’ lap, he almost immediately took the the starting spot which then almost immediately sent Nazr to the end of the bench. The thing about Nazr is that he’s good at everything but not great at 1 thing. McDyess comes off the bench for his rebounding and defense and Maxiell brings energy and hustle and is said to be the Pistons’ best pick-and-roll defender.

    Before this series started Coach Flip Saunders hinted that Nazr would get some PT and ‘Sheed was quoted as saying “Nazr’s going to get some burn in this series.” So far, he’s played 0 minutes but I assume that’s because the games have been so close and tightly contested. If the Pistons could get going on offense, I’d expect (and hope!) Nazr would get to play a few minutes here and there. I feel bad for him though. The Pistons just have so much depth at the power positions that it’s hard for him to see any action. He’ll probably be moved in the offseason and go to a team that will be able to utilize him more. But here’s hoping for a Nazr citing in Game 3!

  6. Amanda

    sighting, not “citing”

  7. Jamie

    Yeah I remember Nazr saying he wanted to stay in Detroit even if he wasn’t getting any minutes because he didn’t want to keep moving his family around.

  8. Dana

    Great game. the only problem I have had with these last to games is the high turnovers. The Pistons need to take better care of the ball, and I think that they will on the road. It is a key to winning on the road. Oh yeah, hopefully Tay could hit some kind of shot, the only shot he made so far in this series was the alley oop from Rip. they should try to get him started early.

  9. jess

    yea.. everyone really needs to watch yesterdays press confrence. sheed is hallarious!! chauncey is sexy!! and his baby is soo cute!!

  10. Anonymous

    Are you serious cavs fans come to see games here. They are making our team look better and better. They are jsut giving us cell out games!

  11. jess

    natalie, is there a video to that guy that shot that shot for the 50 thousand?

  12. Ryan

    Any one else sick of seeing verobitch on the floor everytime he is around the ball. he flops on everplay and it pisses me off more and more because that is the state of the nba now players flopping and no D. i didnt even notice till this morning when he floped on sheeds shot and then i hear fag hubbie brown say sheed pushed off.
    its funny the pistons still get no respect and what does it say that Detroit doesnt play its best 2 games and they still win the game, says something about them.
    Lebron is a bitch.

  13. Davi Alexander

    I really can´t understand, as I am standing always in front of the tv, listening to the radio and seeing the game from another country, why doesn´t LeBron get´s punished for:

    1 – Throwing the ball at the crowd.
    2 – Giving Webber an elbow punch.
    3 – Complaining at that way in the end of game 2.
    4 – Being a complete jerk with teammates who misses a 3, like that pavlovic or whoever else who jumped with the ball in 4 quarter yesterday.

    I really think that these kind of stuff lebron has doing against the pistons shows really who he is, a person with so much anger inside, but he can´t ever pull that out, first because he´s guided and protected not to do that, when I see people comparing him to jordan or magic I always think: What a bunch of loosers, just because someone´s athletic and gifted that doesn´t make him a genius, genius come from the heart, not from throwing the ball to a crowd that could be his own…

    Amanda, you´re the best!!!

  14. Nate

    Best part of the game ——> The ref’s didn’t buy Verajoke’s flop against Sheed at the end of the game. Instead, Sheed hits the game winner. Thanks for the crappy defense Verajoke!

    Maxiell absolutely dominated the guy as well. Between him and “worship me Lebron,” the Cavs are one of the most annoying and hard to watch teams in the league.

    Sheed said it perfect in the press conference about the supposed no-call on Lebron at the end of the game….It was a playoff call that could of went either way. Lebron pushed off with his elbow as well. Funny how the stuporstars think the free throw line should be automatic for them at game’s end.


  15. Natalie

    Jess, I don’t know if there is a video. I would think not, unless you saw it on TNT. I haven’t looked at the video yet.

  16. Amanda

    Did Rip try pantsing ‘Sheed? lol Why were his shorts pulled down so far?

    I’m not really sure why you said I’m the best, davi alexander, but hey, I’m not going to argue! lol I hope you don’t think I’m the creator of this site or something. As much as I’d like to take credit for that, it’s all Natalie. So really, she’s the best!

    Anyway, I read that LeBron was pinned with a flagrant foul for that elbow to C-Webb in Game 1. At least the league did SOMETHING about it. Though I would have preferred the officials called it while the game was in progress. Oh, well…

    I’m glad there haven’t been a whole lot of stuperstar calls so far this series. I was anticipating James going to the line a lot more and getting our guys in foul trouble. I don’t know who’s reffing next game, but hopefully they call the game fairly like those in Games 1 and 2 and hopefully they’re not fooled into Varejao’s antics.

  17. jess

    it sux that im not going to say game 3 and possibly 4 or at least most of it.. im gonna be out of town, somewhat camping, TVless!! >:o

    oh well i guess 🙁
    im sure Nat is gonna have a summary that will make me visualize the game LOL!

  18. jess

    ^^i meant to say *see game 3 and possibly 4…*

  19. Anonymous

    wheres sheeds post game interview?!!!

  20. KevinA76

    Hey, Nat.

    Any chance you have a wallpaper-sized shot of that Max over Bron dunk?

    A “witness this” tag line would make it perfect for my desktop.

    Keep up the usual AMAZING work!

  21. Natalie

    Thanks Amanda….

    No wallpaper of the dunk, sorry. By the way Kevin, how the hell are you?

  22. Anonymous

    Loved J Max energy almost all his shots were thunder dunks.

    Delfino hit some 3s and got some rebounds, and played good d, but he’s gonna have to play better because it was obvious how tired Tayshaun was slow running short shooting and things, he needs more rest.

    This game kind of showed why Steve Kerr is my favorite announcer, he called Varajao on his flopping on the Rasheed shot in the fourth, Steve doesn’t have an agenda and talks up both teams when doing something good, he knows what he’s talking about and he’s funny
    (Tayshaun after Orlando gm 3: Gotta be aggressive from jumpstreet.
    Marv Albert: We had lunch at jump street didn’t we?
    Steve Kerr: Sure did, had a chicken sandwich! (Funny stuff)

    Reggie Miller’s good too. However I don’t like Bill Walton (sometimes) and I don’t like Hubie Brown
    “Look at the replay you’ll see this is DEFINATELY (Insert call here)… OH WAIT A MINUTE” (Watch the replay before you say definately, Hubie)

  23. Anonymous

    you guys are right, Chauncey’s baby is so cute, she looks exactly like him, have you guys seen his other two children on television, man he’s got 4 wives to please everyday!!! The Pistons are doing a good job so far, not great but a win is a win no matter how it comes. I bet they kick azz in Cleveland on Sunday!! Lets go Pistons!!!

  24. Anonymous

    We’re finally getting to see some games. The first two rounds were mostly either blowout losses or wins, we’re finally competing which I think we need to do we need to really be pushed and get to push back, The last game of the Bulls series was the first game that I was really into with a passion, and this game two was the same, loved Maxiell and Sheed, and rip too. Tayshaun’s playing good d

  25. KevinA76

    I’m great, Nat. Haven’t been around the sports blog world for a while, but I’m here often.

    You’ve been making your rounds, too! ESPN, Freep! Damn!

  26. Anonymous

    Varejoke Nickname
    Teh Brazilian Head of Pubic Hair

  27. Anonymous

    Is there any way I can watch the Varejao flop online? Hard to watch nba matches in my coutnry =(

  28. Anonymous

    Nat i wanted to tell you that in the new haven register today the quote of the day was from rasheed wallace about his once a year guarantee. Pretty cool i thought.

    – Vin

  29. davi alexander

    Yeay, allright, amanda, natalie, keep sheedquaking the scene…
    I just said you because I like your comments, cheers to natalie! : )

  30. Anonymous

    natalie, look in the newspaper today!!!! It advertises your george Blaha shirt! =]

  31. Anonymous

    nat do you have the song of the pistons that they play on 95.5 on the radio

  32. Justin

    Anonymous at 2:06 a.m. if you go to and then click on the nba tab and then go to nba playoffs and then right under the picture there is a link that says “highlight” click on that. I hope that helped out a little bit and I didn’t confuse you too bad. I think the play you are talking about is towards the end.

  33. Anonymous

    9:21 a.m. which newspaper??

  34. Anonymous

    i think the detroit free press. its in the sports section.

  35. Natalie

    Vin… pretty cool.

    As for the song on 95.5 not quite sure which one they play. I think I do have it but I don’t have permission to redistribute it.

    And yes…Need4Sheed made the Papers again. Seems they like the Count that baby and a foul T-Shirt.

  36. Kevin

    i’ll be at game 3 tonight with three other pistons fans. we’re in the ten dollar seats.

    i’ll be in my mahorn jersey


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