Pistons 2 Cavs 0

by | May 24, 2007 | 21 comments

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Just back from the game….
No voice….
Do Tums prevent ulcers?
Because the Pistons are giving me one.
More in the A.M.


  1. Anonymous

    Good game. I like the fact the we have played horrible and are up 2-0. I guess that all that matters. I finally got to sit next to some rowdies that made the game fun. It was better than the usual grandma and gramdpa who frown their nose at me everytime I scream vulgarities at the officals. And for people who don’t attend the games….Let me tell you that these Cleveland fans think they own the palace until the game is over with. Then they run (literally) with their tails between their legs. If we would have lost either of these,Iam almost positive a few of them would have gotten their asses whupped. Boy do they talk smack. Even after a free throw!. I mean these guys are bringing it on themselves. Anyway Chauncey, prince and webber are playing HORRIBLE offensively. And we are up 0-2. Good win.

  2. Jasmine

    I felt like I was developing an ulcer when the Pistons played the cavs last year. I was hoping to go to the game and just relax but that didn’t happen.

  3. Anonymous

    Hah, ‘Sheed and Maxielle were HUGE in this one, but Rip couldn’t buy a bucket in the first half. 🙁
    Tayshaun also went the whole night without a FG if I’m not mistaken. Regaurdless, he did a great job of disarming Lebron to the best of his ability, and Maxy really stepped up too. Seemed like almost everyone got a piece of the responsibility for holding off the Cleveland monster- I saw Flip gauriding him, Tay, C-webb, Rip, Delfino and Maxiell all making his life tough. Very defencive game, and this playoff emergence of Maxielle’s high potential reminds me a lot of Tayshaun’s debut back when they put him on McGrady in the 2003 playoffs and he shut him down, earning his spot in the starting line.

    In closing- I absolutely loathe Anderson Varejoe. It seems that emotion grows stronger with every game I watch.

  4. Anonymous

    What we’ve learned from this game:

    1. J-Max is becoming a serious BADASS… I knew it because I saw him play at Cincinnati. He made LeBron his bitch a few times even!!!!
    2. God, do I hate Varejoke! Did you see that stupid flopping he did on ‘Sheed? I’m glad the refs smelled the B.S. on that one and didn’t call a foul!
    3. LeBron is a CHOKE ARTIST… there I said it. He’s afraid of the clutch… and if he thinks that he can be a “global icon” like that, he might fare better off trying to be the “global chicken!”

  5. Anonymous

    6 more wins till our dream =)

    – Vin

  6. Anonymous

    awesome game. though there were too many stretches where both teams were missing everything, but I’m always for good defense over no defense.

  7. Mustafa


    I love that picture thats how he played today!!! He was nasty on both ends and played mad strong!

  8. Anonymous

    I for one, am very proud of Rasheed and Maxiell. Because of them(and our 3rd quarter dominance), We are now all-but-in the NBA Finals.

    Be looking forward to seeing Carlos Boozer in the finals.


    Me 2, Family 0.

  9. Anonymous

    I believe the Pistons may actually be destroying the lebron mystique. They have exposed him twice now on the largest stage as a non-clutch player. He can’t close out games. He is no Jordan, no Magic, not even a Wade or Kobe.

  10. Anonymous

    9:30 Kollin Naples, Carlos Boozer and the Utah Jazz will NOT be in the finals! It’s going to be Spurs Vs Pistons in the finals. I guarentee that!

  11. Anonymous

    Tim Duncan is too much for the Jazz to handle. On top of that you have Manu Ginobli, Tony Parker, and Bruce Bowen.

  12. Anonymous


  13. Anonymous

    I love Sheed’s comments on sideshow bob.

  14. Anonymous

    hahah sheed didnt look like a hack last night when he won us the game, or when he had 7 blocks the other night, you arelooking at a true unselfish team power forward, everyteam in the NBA would take sheed

  15. Dano

    “It was better than the usual grandma and gramdpa who frown their nose at me everytime I scream vulgarities at the officals.”

    That is why I can’t bring my kids to a game anymore–because of people who yell obscenities all night–mostly after they’ve been drinking. It’s embarrassing.

    Watch a game on TNT. The past two nights you hear this annoying drunk guy right behind Steve Kerr telling the players what to do: “make them pay, make them pay.” Pay for what?!! We were 3-1 this season against Cleveland.

    There’s a fine line between a die hard Pistons fan and a redneck.

  16. Ashley

    Funny story. I was watching the press conference coverage on NBATV and Rasheed was up first. He did his whole basic interview and then when they told him that he was done, he looks at the press and goes “Anyone know how much the lottery was?”. The press start to talk to him and he got up from the table, starts to walk away and says “Oh, I’m gonna hit that!” I can’t remember the exact words he said during it but those are close enough. It was so random, I loved it! I guess he was feeling lucky.

  17. Anonymous

    11:20 you are a hack!

  18. corey

    I think my TV is going to get a restraining order because of the way I’ve been screaming at it for the past two games.

    the pistons really need to start executing…this kind of ball isn’t going to help us when we’re playing the spurs in a few weeks.

  19. hrshah

    yeah that cavs fan saying “SHeed is a hack” needs to Look at the King James and then say the exact same thing about him. Go get some common sense..you dummy!

    plus.. I hate VareJOKE…one of these days, he needs to get injured by PISTONS players..really…what a JOKE!

  20. Anonymous

    Dano–redneck huh? I am glad you don’t bring your kids to the games. Its really not a place for children. Yeah thats right. 75% of the crowd is drinking…most of them are males ages 18-35. Oh and girls who are halfed dressed dancing during timeouts. LOud music..usually a band. Its like a college atomosphere with a great basketball game going on. Who didn’t LOVE their college days? Keep the kids at home. They get in my way anyways. Oh and I promise you I was 8 years old watching the pistons play Boston in the playoffs back in ’86. You are not going to find a more die hard fan of the pistons than me. Or a more diehard fans of the game of basketball. Thank you for not attending games. You couldn’t afford these playoff games anyway. I was simply stating the atmosphere at the game. I guess most of the palace crowd is redneck now?



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