ECF Game 2

by | May 24, 2007 | 43 comments

Well Pistons fans it’s time to get ready for game two of the Eastern Conference Finals. I am sure LeBron is going to have something to prove considering all the criticism he has been getting for his play in game one. You can also look for Mr. Big Shot to step up in this one early. Even the Cavs are expecting a better Billups.

My hope is that The Pistons actually come out and play. Detroit was lucky they got a W out of Monday nights performance, so if they play Pistons basketball they should come out fine.

I am expecting the referees to blow the whistle more to make up for game one. If the referees do end up doing that let’s just hope the calls are consistent.

Since I was wearing my Rasheed Wallace road jersey for game 5 of the Pistons-Bulls series and they Pistons got blown out, I have retired it for the remainder of the season. I’m sporting this to combat the jinx on the jersey.

I am getting ready to head out to The Palace for the game, so I am leaving the comments up to you. As always I will be as loud as I can. Go Pistons!


  1. Anonymous

    Game 2 tonight!!! im a little worried about the refs, the games gonna be called alot tighter on lebron and im worried about sheed, but hopefully he’ll play just as great as he did in game 1 so that the refs cant call thing son him, anyways LETS GO PISTONS,

  2. Anonymous

    I’m debuting a new good luck shirt tonight too. It’s the UNK Life Detroit Pistons 5 player tee(Smooth, C-Webb, Prince, Sheed and Rip).

  3. shatia

    i hour till hte game babi. im soooo exited…. cant wait. Go Pistons!!!! and yeah i do hope Mr. Big shot has a awsome game 2day and i hope dyess does get back on track. Once again Go Pistons!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous


  5. Amanda

    WOW! If LeBron’s dunk makes it over Maxiell’s on and Detroit wins, I’m going to be UP-set!!!

  6. Anonymous


    thats really all i have to say

    go pistons

  7. Justin

    It looks like Cleveland is going to live by the 3 tonight.

  8. Anonymous

    there Varejao go flopping all over the place!

  9. Amanda

    That was a funny flop. McDyess was moving but that was a little exaggerated.

    I feel like something’s missing this series. I don’t know what it is. I can’t get into the games. It’s a little upsetting. How many shots has Chauncey taken? That one 3 in the beginning of the game? I feel like too many players are in shooting slumps this game.

    Here’s to playing smarter, fiercer, and better in the 2nd half! CHEERS!

  10. Anonymous

    What’s wrong with Chauncey? Why can’t he play against the Cavs???

    But Maxiell is AMAZING!!!

  11. Anonymous

    i can’t breathe and i have to do school work. pistons, wake up!

  12. Justin

    Ugh! Time to shut them down in the second half. The Pistons are capable of making a mediocre team look like world beaters as well as a world beater team to look like chumps.

  13. Justin

    Chauncey just ripped that ball away from the king.

  14. Justin

    Holy crap did Rip just shoot lj or something? the way he reacted

  15. Anonymous

    omfg so nervous!

  16. Anonymous

    lol “remember Varejao is a flopper and the officials are not always gonna go for it” — Marv Albert

  17. davi alexander

    really impressive. thanx varejoke, the last ball was the money-ball.

    Ball don´t lie, 2×0, let´s go!

  18. Anonymous

    Next year Rock Financial is going to be replaced as the Pistons main sponsor by William Beaumont hospital……the Pistons are sending alot of business their way.

  19. Anonymous

    by the way that’s not official.

  20. jess

    i dont understand how the fuck James does not get a tech.. was it just me that seen him flipping out with the ref in the final seconds or what??? wtf.. it just pisses me the fuck off!!!!! >:o

  21. jess

    RASHEED is hallarious.. at the end of the press conference.. they said thats all rasheed.. he got up and said “hey does anyone know how much the lottery is now” with the most serious face, he was so serious.. and than he was like “for real, ima hit that”



  22. jess

    after being mad about the James thing.. he just put a smile on my face 🙂

  23. Amanda

    haha That ‘Sheed….

  24. Anonymous

    so was sheeeeed =]

    tayshaun really struggled..again!

  25. Amanda

    I don’t think I can take another game like this.

    If Detroit’s offense was even half as good as it’s defense has been this series, we’d be watching the prettiest basketball ever.

  26. Amanda

    lol Charles just said all the NBA fans are in the East….

  27. Anonymous

    chauncey brought his baby girl to the post-game conference. awww…

  28. Amanda

    Chauncey has his baby girl with him! Aww!

  29. cassie

    hahahaaa…great minds think alike! (that was me at 11.49pm)

  30. jessi

    chaunceys baby girl is so cute and a very good baby as well.

    I loved sheeds interview, I guess he can be on the refs side once in a while. I guess he plays the lottery lol.

    I started watching this game at the half. I wasn;t going to start watching it becasue I knew there would be a replay on raptors tv but i could help it. I hate missing the first quater and try not to know the score so I can watch it like it was just starting and now a replay. What was up with tay? I really feel sorry for him you can tell this hurts he wants to do well. At least we get the win.

  31. jess

    that was cute LOL

  32. Amar

    this gameeee wassss insaneeeeeeee

  33. jess

    Amanda.. guess whos dunk made the play of the night again!?!?!?!

    even when they fuckin lose he gets all the lights on his ass. JMAX deserved it more than he did!

    and I dont even HATE James with passion like I do a lot of other players who think they’re all that and more but hes just been pissin me off lately!

  34. B.P.F

    amanda???? come on jess u noe there other ppl here too LOLLLL

  35. Anonymous

    I have never used the refs as an excuse, or talked about bad officiating as anything other than human error, but tonight’s game was the worst officiating I have ever seen. And it was not only shooting fouls.

    I counted at least five fouls or calls that were blatantly wrong, and that went against the Cavs. I even counted a few that went against the Pistons which were blatantly wrong. But they did not cancel out; the calls were much more detrimental to the Cavs.

    On one call they said that LeBron stepped out of bounds, but he clearly did not. The official who made the call was literally no more than a foot from LeBron, so what could he possibly have been looking at?

    And that McDyess “block” of LeBron late in the 4th? He got no ball whatsoever–it was all arm!

    Unbelievable, as Mike Brown said. Did it cost them the game? No. Their passive play in the third quarter cost them the game. But the officiating was atrocious tonight, and it really hurt the Cavs’ confidence.

    I had to post this somewhere and get it off my chest. I have never been this angry about officiating. Thanks, and goodnight.

  36. Detroit_city

    i dont kno what your talkin about, the officiating was terrible, i do agree, but it was about evenly distributed to both sides. Even Steve Kerr and Marv, who are Bias toward Clevlend, said that the Pistons were screwed over more then the cavs. there were 2 things that really got to me, the goaltending call against the dice-man which was clearly a great defensive play. And then at the end of the game, even if it is decided or not, if anyone on the pistons team were to scream at an official like that, they would have been ejected, suspended and all but kicked out of the leauge

  37. Anonymous

    I am a Celtics fan..Enjoy it while you can Detroit your very lucky to win both games, you are starting to look OLD, Cleveland is getting better and your getting older and slower, they are close to turning the corner. Detroit’s expierence is carrying them right now, it will only last so long once Cleveland gets there. Billups may leave anyway..

  38. Amanda

    I had a feeling James’ dunk would win out. Oh, well…I’ll take a “W” over the #1 spot on a highlight reel anytime. And I think JMax would too.

    I thought the officiating was pretty bad, too. There were quite a few no calls on both ends of the floor on both teams. The play where ‘Sheed ran the floor and threw up the layup against James should have been an “and 1” Perhaps the inconsistancy had to do with all the complaints from the Cavs after Game 1. I love what Mr. Langlois had to do say about the play where ‘Sheed made that turnaround baseline jumper toward the end where it appeared he pushed Varejao:

    “You must admit that Varejao is a world-class flopper, so there’s always the possibility he was embellishing and the referees didn’t buy it”

    Hee hee…

  39. Amanda

    P.S. Anonymous 12:57…what the shit? Why would you start a post saying you’re a Celtics fan and then bash Detroit and praise Cleveland? That’s okay. I wouldn’t want people to know I’m a Cavs fan either.

  40. Anonymous

    Go post on a Celtics site u fucking hater! U wont be seeing them in a finals game no time soon. So keep watching your Larry Bird throw back tapes, and dont worry about whats going on with the good teams, loser!

  41. Anonymous

    the pisons are to sweet and their is no team that can stop them.the only reason the havent scored higher than 79 points in this series is cause prince hasnt had his offense flowin,but we all know that will change.they got the ship this year weather they have to beat the spurs or jazz.


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