New Pistons Anthem

by | May 23, 2007 | 31 comments

Doing what I do here on Need4Sheed is pretty cool. Not only do I enjoy writing about my beloved Pistons, but from time to time I get little bonuses that make me smile. When I opened up my email a few hours ago I had one of those surprises. Here is a new Pistons Anthem called The Pistons 2007 by Johnny Lawrence from Detroit. Enjoy!


  1. Anonymous

    it doesn’t work.

  2. Natalie

    It should work for you now… It’s working for me.

  3. Anonymous

    Loooove it!

  4. Anonymous

    HAHAHAHA NO WAY HE JUST USED A ROCKY DENNIS REFERENCE!!!!! I wasn’t feelin this song at first but I am glad I finished it. “Swatin’ like tennis, Rips got the mask, but he aint no Rocky Dennis”. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Good shit!!

  5. Anonymous

    my favorite is “throwing dem bo’s like fennis” guarantee its the only Fennis Dembo reference ever in a song

  6. Amanda

    “…we’ll have you seeing spots like the back of ‘Sheed’s head…”

    That whole thing is simply beautiful. Wow…

  7. jess

    Nat, its not working again.. it says error “loading from undefined”

  8. Amanda

    Anybody else have trouble downloading it?

  9. jess

    ops.. i meant to out the quote (“) before error LOL

  10. Natalie

    Amanda, try using a different browser…it seems to work fine in firefox.

  11. jessi

    I love it thids is great. I had it as lond as it can get. I am happy you get these surprises cause you share them with us.


  12. jessi

    I was just at and looks like tay is going to play for Team USA. He was invited in 06 as you all remember but decided not too. Looks like he gets another chance and has decided to except. I am happy for him.

  13. Will

    JL (Johnny Lawrence) made the song last year, then re-did it for this season, to leave out a guy who’s probably golfing righ tnow (#3). Great song though, thanks alot to Natalie for posting it.

  14. Anonymous

    This was one of the best fan songs ever!
    But I still think the pistons song that was the remix to “get back” is still the best

    How do I download this song?

  15. Amanda

    Thanks, anonymous 11:43. I didn’t get a chance to see that one. I think the one about the high frequency thing is the best one. “I’m going to throw the ball at the rim and you dunk it, okay, Carlos?” lol I don’t know why I love that one but I laugh so hard everytime I see it. Haha. I’m laughing out loud right now just thinking about it.

  16. Amanda

    This has nothing to do with the topic of this thread but I found this quote from Cavs coach Mike Brown interesting:

    “They’re going to make adjustments because they’re a great team. They’re going to get to a point where they’re going to get comfortable and they’re going to be able to pick us apart.”

    Is it just me, or does that sound like he lacks confidence in his team?

  17. michiganmegan83@yahoo

    this is so goofy but my favorite part is the aww Hell give it up for Rock Financial…. hehe only for the fans that get the games heheh I love the pistons! can we download this somewhere? or add it to a myspace?

  18. Anonymous

    This song is garbage. Unlistenable. I hope they don’t play this at the games. No soul whatsoever! And with all the talent we have in this city?

    MOTOWN, stand up!

  19. Anonymous

    is it possible to download this song?

  20. Anonymous

    Hey Nat, has a great pic of Sheed at the shock-lynx game. I found this hilaious because he doesn’t seem like the womens basketball fan.

  21. Justin

    It’s been awhile since I last heard about it but any new news on the shooting that happened at Flip Murrays’ house about a month ago? Forgive me if something was already posted about this…but since I visit this site everyday I don’t believe I missed it.

  22. Anonymous

    Kinda disappointed Nat, that song is a turd. Just thrown together to capitalize on the Pistons’ success.

  23. Will

    for the record, johnny just posted the song on his site, I sent it to Nat figuring alo tof pistons fans would want to hear it, plus the download is free, so capitalizing on their success isn’t the case

  24. Anonymous

    I like the song it pretty sweet

  25. shatia

    How hot!!!!

  26. Anonymous

    goin 5 for 5 my man chauncey b b b b billups!!!!! yea!!
    pistons are #1

  27. Anonymous

    are your SERIOUS if you don’t like this song your not a GOOD fan. I LOVE THIS SONG. FOR YOU GUYS THAT PUT THIS SONG IS BAD GET A LIFE YOUR NOT A TRUE FAN!!

  28. Anonymous

    love the song. i want to see some highlights to go with it. i put it on the pistons message board.

  29. gee gee

    this song is such an inspiration, i made a song up about them but it was more of a freestyle.i love the rock vibe it just gets me hype and i am the r and b type chick, so what does that say. let’s go pistons lets rock the house!!


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