And so it begins

by | May 21, 2007 | 61 comments

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The 2007 Eastern Conference Finals are just hours away. As I get ready to do what I do before games to keep my teams mojo in tack, I will leave you with a few things of note to keep you busy before the big game.

I am also adopting Detroit Bad Boys policy about comments on this blog (and I thought it was only me), I really couldn’t say it better than Matt, so the same goes for Need4Sheed.

For the most part, I appreciated almost all of the opposing viewpoints visiting Bulls fans brought to this little corner of the internet. Hearing a rival fan speak up may raise the ire of some Pistons fans who frequent the site, but as long as people are voicing semi-intelligent opinions in a halfway polite manner, I’m all for it. Seriously, what’s the point of sports without rivalries and banter?

Unfortunately, it’s my experience that the Cavs feature some of the absolute worst fans ever to stumble their way online. The worst offenders are rude and ignorant, and perhaps most annoyingly, seem to think that WRITING IN ALL-CAPS with a 7:1 ratio of exclamation marks to periods makes their inane ramblings about LeBron James more convincing!!!!!!!

(On a side note, the only other fans that come close are Miami fans. I’m guessing it’s the superstar effect with LBJ and Wade/Shaq – ie, big names on the home team turning casual fans who derive most of their knowledge from shoe commercials into raving lunatics.)

So with that in mind, consider this fair warning for those who wish to speak on behalf of the hapless Cavaliers: impress me with intelligent commentary (or at least make me laugh) or don’t waste your time, because if your only intentions are to scream about King James’ superiority and insult the Pistons/city of Detroit/Pistons fans, your efforts will never see the light of day. Go find a bathroom wall to scribble on, or better yet, an oven to stick your head in. I’m asking nice: please don’t give me a reason to hate your team, your city or your state more than I already do.

Thank you Matt, you plucked the words right out of my mouth (that probably goes for every Piston fan that reads our sites), though you said it much more poignantly than I ever could have.

I leave the comments up to you Pistons fans. Enjoy the game, I will be as loud as I can be for all of us.


  1. Anonymous

    Thank you natalie, a lot of cav fans are talking trash.

    Have fun at the game! I’ll be screaming so loud at home that the palace will probably hear me=]

    deetroit basketball!!

  2. Anonymous

    I hope ‘C Man the Sir Swish Smooth Master B B B Big Shot Billups’ lights it up over Larry Hughes, Prince can contain Le bon bon little brains and we can get out of here and most likely meet San an with ‘Timmothy the Bear Claw Dunk it man’ and his fellow minions.

  3. Anonymous

    Thank god the eastern conference finals are on TNT i can’t handle hubie ” the dead body” brown, and mike tirico going on and on and on….. about lebron, i love the tnt guys atleast the speak the truth on issues and not say whatever the league wants them to,

    who agrees?

    anyway go pistons i cant wait for the game

  4. Anonymous

    Hi, I’m a faithful Need4Sheed reader. I just thought I would comment on the intelligence of Cavs fans, and their bloggers. I read the Optimist blog on, and I spotted a spelling error, “The difference in the amount of points that Eric Snow and Tayshawn Prince…”. I couldn’t tell if that was intentional, but I’m guessing it was just a Cavalier fan’s intelligence, or lack thereof.

  5. Amanda

    Less than a half an hour ’til tipoff! Get ready Pistons and Cavs fans for some DEEE-TROOOIIIT! BAAA-SKET-BAAALL!

    P.S. I’m all over that one, Jess!

  6. Troy

    Are you ready for round 3?!?!?
    That is great writing by the way. Very good.
    And Natalie, you ended up being right about the Bulls series! 🙁

  7. Nugg Doctor

    I rooting for the Pistons and my homeboy ‘Sheed tonight!

    Give ’em hell, Nat!

  8. mypenname

    to 6:13 PM
    i completely agree with you, for some reason i thought semi-‘s were gonna be on ESPN and now that i get to listen to sir charles, EJ, and kenny i am soooo much happier, AFTER blaha and kelser that trio is the best to get commentary from… always speaking the truth… TIP OFF GO PISTONS!!!

  9. Anonymous

    go pistonsss!!!!

  10. Amanda

    hee hee… did anybody else see Varejao fall down?

  11. Anonymous


    i hate him.

  12. Amanda

    I understand why people hate that guy. It’s really not that easy to like him. Floppin’ son of a bitch. He can’t play defense or score from anywhere that isn’t two inches from the hoop. So what does he do? Flops on the D and runs into people on O to get to the foul line.

    That foul on Rip was ridiculous.

  13. Chain

    Ugh…Varejao takes a charge. C’mon we need more energy in there, we’re losing the boards badly…put Maxiell in there to counter Varejao.

  14. Amanda

    I’ve been waiting FOREVER for that play! The Rip lob to Tay for the slam was b-b-b-beautiful!

  15. Amanda

    If I hear “What a beautiful play by LeBron James” one more fucking time…

  16. Jessi

    please someone tell me why tayshaun does not get any respect from the refs? I mean come on he has to be one of the only players who go to the rim and hardly evers gets a call. I hate how when detroit is down why does everyone count them out. I except the pistons to come out in the second half and should then why they are detroit pistons. I wish I would have decided to fly back to ontario so I could have gone to this game. I will be home at the end of the month.

  17. Amanda

    lol I love Charles Barkley. “How many times you gonna show that 1 highlight?!” Oh goodness..

  18. Amanda

    Wow. Barkley thinks Jazz are gonna win the West. Not sure I agree with ya, Chucky. But maybe…

  19. Amanda

    10 TO? No wonder we’re down!

  20. Amanda

    Now there’s some of that DEEE-TROOOIIIT! BAAA-SKET-BAAALL! we know and love!

  21. Amanda

    Is it weird that I realize I’m talking to myself and yet I’m still posting?

    Wait, who am I asking…?

  22. Amanda

    That fan is either really enthusiastic…or drunk. lol

  23. Amanda

    I think little Jamesy is upset…

  24. jessi

    you can see in james eyes during the first quater that he was not happy. I think Tayshaun is doing a great job on him. He is not letting james get involved. Its like its 5 on 4 out there I lvoe it.

  25. Amanda

    How much you wanna bet that James dunk is play of the game on even if (though) the Pistons win.

  26. Bill

    Am I the only one who just saw Lebron elbow Webber in the head?

    ~1 min to go in the 3rd.

    I want to see that on replay…looked like something that deserved a suspension to me.

  27. Amanda

    ‘Sheed hasn’t shot 1 three yet…I’m not really sure what to make of that.

  28. Amanda

    Didn’t see the elbow on Webb but I saw a push on Rip that got nothing.

    I’m surprised there hasn’t been any “stuperstar” calls going LeBron’s way.

  29. Anonymous

    Oh Yuck, I wonder if these commentators get extra bonus for praising that phoney King? I wish people would stop thinking that this is MJ the 2nd coming, skill wise, brain wise and looks wise, Lebron can’t even match MJ’s pubic hair.

    Go Pistons.
    And Tony Parker does the same shit as this Varejo guy and they rarely call him for a travel.

    As to the shitty state of Ohio, you pussies help put George Walker Bush into 2nd term of office, and look how great that all came out.

  30. Justin

    My top 3 WORST color guys (not that anyone cares, but just an observation)

    #1 Bill Walton
    #2 Hubie Brown
    #3 Doug Collins

  31. Amanda

    lol what’s with all the attacks on Cavs fans? I don’t think there is even 1 on here right now. But I LOVE the enthusiasm!

  32. Amanda

    Is that Billups’ like 10th TO? I love him for making the 3 but he seems to be losing the ball an awful lot. COME ON DETROIT!

  33. Justin

    over/under on LJ getting the ball

  34. Justin


  35. Amanda

    I literally would have shit my pants had Marshall made that. No joke.

  36. Anonymous

    ohhh i was so nervous…

  37. Justin

    Good thing that was Marshall….

  38. Amanda

    Whew…IMO, should NOT have been that close. Of course, we weren’t making shots. ‘Cept Rip. Love Rip!

  39. mypenname

    to justin – 10:36 PM


    1-0, now game 2 lets go ‘stones

    amanda: i was enjoying the commentary – look forward to it next game

  40. Amanda

    Bet you the girls at the Palace were up out of there seats trying to get a peek at Chauncey’s bod when he changed jerseys. lol Wonder if Nat got a glimpse…

  41. Justin

    I am glad that they won but this game sucked. The Pistons need to pick their game up.

  42. Amanda

    Thanks mypenname. I’ll be here all series! lol

  43. mypenname

    sheeeeed interview

    “both teams played hard god bless and good night”

    good bless and good night

  44. jessi

    I wish I had of made that flight home but oh well I think its better I watched this one at home. I was on my seat the whole time. I am so happy that marshall missed that three. You know when leborn doesn’t take the last shot he is questioning himself. All they could say was that he hasn’t been too the line well he didn’t do anything to get to the line. I think how they let tay and james guard each other farely. At first tay was not getting the calls but I guess either was james. I have given my self a headache from yelling at the tv and being so nervous. I am just happy we got the win. I don’t think the next game will so hard, well as long as the pistons hit their shots that is.

    What was up with the fans in the palace not in this one at all why? Nat were they really not in the game? I mean I have been at the palace at lot and the fans are usually in big games. Tayshaun is going to take the lead in most playoff games played in their 5th season. 92 game tonight adn it this goes to over 5 which it most likely will be will have either 92,96,97,98 and more next round. The record is 95 right now.

  45. Jessica

    Dang, I bet Chauncey was looking pretty good.

    Good thing we won on Chauncey’s three, but it wasn’t that good of a game. Thats okay though, we still won, and it gives us time to figure out exactly what we’re going to do with them.


  46. Justin

    Jessi…..they didn’t really have a reason to cheer…this game was boring.

    Is this a case of playing down to their opponent?? They have a habit of doing that. When are the Pistons going to play Piston basketball again?

  47. Anonymous

    so glad we got thta win, it was one of those nights wher eit was so close but i just kind of knew theyed pull it off, if it was the bulls or heat i think we would have lost it, anyway we’ll be fine next game cojuple adjustments, cant wait till next game

  48. mypenname

    ok one more thing…

    im actually pretty happy about this game BECAUSE i dont think the pistons are happy with their performance here , hopefully they will buckle down and get more serious against the cavs

    also i love the sheeed black compression shorts … bets on how long it takes stupid ass Stern to say sheed can’t wear them like that anymore?

  49. Anonymous

    but this is piston’s basketball – grrrind, griind it out. that’s what they do. they do need to be efficient in shooting and a little more aggressive on the glass but otherwise…this is detroit ball. did anyone notice sheed had 6 blocks! wow!!

  50. Amanda

    7 actually. Near triple double for our favorite Wallace.

  51. Jess

    “How much you wanna bet that James dunk is play of the game on even if (though) the Pistons win.”

    Amanda you were right!

  52. Amanda

    I think by all accounts, this should have been a Pistons loss. They’re really lucky Marshall missed that 3 and they know it. That’s the only good thing I think we can take from this game as fans. The coaches and players know they played badly and I think that will make them play better next game. Kinda sucks we have to wait ’til Thursday.

    I find it weird that Charles, Johnson, Kenny, and Ernie are all blaming James for the loss. I thought that last play was a great play and he made the right decision by passing it to a WIDE OPEN Marshall, a guy who made 6 of 6 3’s in the last game verse Jersey. It was bad defense by Detroit and a great offensive play by Cleveland. It almost makes me feel bad for James. But then I just think of his multi-million dollar mansion with a bowling alley, barbar shop and casino and I think “Fuck him! He’s rich! He can use those 100 dollar bills will dry his tears!” lol

    I hope the Pistons are pissed and are ready to come out on Thursday.

    Are you serious, Jess? That pisses me right the fuck off!… Eh, I’m over it. lol

  53. Boney

    thanks for linking Nat… you know I’m a big fan of yours, if I could only be half as good as what you got going on here, it’ll give me the motivation to keep the site up and running..

    Pretty bad game tonight by both teams, luckily the good guys came out on top. When they play again, DET needs to come out with more intensity.

  54. Anonymous

    lbj really has a bowling alley, a barbershop and a casino in his house? really? seriously?

  55. jess

    ^^yes he does.. his house is being built right now… it has more than that.. way more than that!

  56. jessi

    I too feel a little for james only because it was a great play. If marshall had on hit that shot everyone would be saying that james makes a big play to win the game he can’t win in this one.

  57. airlai

    Sheed committed the exact same defensive lapse at the end of Game 5 of the 2005 Finals (still a painful memory to this day). The Pistons were very fortunate to come away with the W. I’m surprised by all the criticism LeBron is collecting; he definitely made the right play. Jordan did the same thing at the end of the 1997 Finals, when he dished off to an open Steve Kerr for the game-winner.


  58. Rupert Entwistle

    Phew. That was as ugly as they get, but a W is a W.

    Thanks for the link Natalie.

  59. Flaco

    Hey y’all, check out this interview about Sheed on Yahoo sports with Chris Bosh:


  60. Anonymous

    Cavs and Heats fans are the most pathetic in the NBA. They are the only fans that boo their home teams.


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