Pistons Get Pounded At Home

by | May 16, 2007 | 42 comments

The Chicago Bulls shot lights out Tuesday night to beat The Pistons at The Palace 108-92 to send the series back to Chicago for game six. The Bulls, led by Ben Gordon, couldn’t seem to miss a shot. They shot 72% from the floor in the first quarter and 57% for the game. The Bull also didn’t miss from downtown, shooting a whopping 62% from behind the long line.

Key Points:

  • The Bulls played fantastic.
  • The Pistons defense just wasn’t working.
  • I wonder if the fact the Flip Saunders didn’t make any adjustments to what was going on in the game has something to do with his Playoff woes.
  • I have no idea why the Pistons stopped going to Tayshaun in the third quarter. He started off the quarter hitting his first four shots for the Pistons and then they stopped going to him.
  • Chauncey Billups was the high scorer for Detroit with 17 points and 6 assists, but he got into early foul trouble.
  • I also questioned why Flip waited until eight minutes were left in the game to put Chauncey back in.
  • Chris Webber had a couple of nasty dunks over Ben Wallace, but he looked very frustrated at times. He put up 9 points with 8 rebounds.
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Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images
  • The Pistons didn’t even look like they wanted it last night, I was really surprised by their performance.
  • Not only was the game ugly, but I got caught in a huge downpour as I was walking into The Palace and had to sit through the game soaking wet. I am not talking damp, I am talking dripping wet.
  • When the Pistons were down in the fourth quarter, I waited for The Pistons to start taking some threes to cut the lead down but they never did. Something had to work, right?
  • You have to give credit to the Bulls did all the right things and didn’t seem to miss anything.
  • Rasheed got called for a tech on a call that wasn’t even his and I was sure that it would light a fire under him, but it didn’t. Rasheed finished with 15 points, 5 rebounds, an assist and 2 steals.
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Photo by Allen Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images
  • The Pistons actually shot 42% from the floor and out-rebounded The Bulls.
  • Maxiell did a nice job in his 15 minutes on the floor. He score 5 points with 3 rebounds and a steal.
  • Rip kept driving the lane and getting blocked. He was looking for calls he just wasn’t getting.
  • Flip Murray recorded the Pistons only blocked shot.
  • Dice seemed like the only Piston playing with heart.
  • The Pistons actually made a young boy cry last night. There was a boy about 6 years old sitting in front of me who was at his first Pistons game. He was so distraught by the Pistons loss that he went into a full blown hysterical crying breakdown.
  • Adjustments need to be made.
  • The series is not 3 – 2 and The Pistons are going to have to play Detroit Basketball in Chicago to close this one out.
  • “Unfortunately, we’ve done this before, time and time again,” Billups said. “We have to go on the road and try to win a game. We’re a good road team. We’ve got to just do what we do, and we’ll be fine.”


  1. Anonymous

    Wow I wasn’t expecting this game to be like this, but to be honest the Pistons needed this, I was worried they wouldn’t be challanged until later on and be surprised, but it’s good to have it happen when we have a good cushion to make these mistakes, but they needed this reality check.

    I was also wondering about Flip I was screaming for more Jason Maxiell but I don’t even think he played in the first half. The bench seems to be confused when their out on the court, why develop them if you’re not going to use them regularly and let them stay in a groove, plus I agree Flip is not good at ajusting in the playoffs, we better not let them win another or I’ll really be concerned. But the blame has to go on the players as well as the coach the bench is lacksidasical and the starters played selfish ball, honestly I can’t remember a pass from a starter to a bench player that wasn’t just to get it to another starter. They were very predictable you could tell where every pass was going and could tell when they were shooting (the Chauncey foul where he tried to back down Hinrich but got called for a charge or something I was screaming for him to pass before it happened), they need to mix it up a little bit.

    I’m think they’ll work on some stuff for the next game and hopefully put it away. Go Pistons

  2. Cara

    Wow. Had to turn the game off in the 4th. Looked like the Pistons were playing in mid-February, not mid-May. Chauncey sure sounds confident with his “we’ll be fine” shpeil…where was the confidence last night??

  3. Jamie

    I was at the bar with some friends watching the game and was so beyond frustrated – the Bulls could NOT miss a shot. Fortunately, there is no way the Bulls can be that lucky with their shots in Game 6 – that kind of shooting percentage is rare.

    …and luckily for me the bar had the Wings game and the Tigers game on too – which were much easier to watch last night.

    Let’s hit Chicago where it hurts and steal Game 6 in Chi-town.

  4. Alvin

    I’ll have to agree, shot pecentage like that are very, very rare. The basket looked like the ocean to the Bulls. To many Pistons last night were just taking the day off. There were 2 plays were Prince just jogged down the floor while Deng went right by him.

    They weren’t focused at all, and I have to say, the Refs weren’t helping either. That tech on Rasheed was valid. Webber gets a ticky tack foul on a jump shooter, while Rip drives to the basket and doesn’t get called.

    They say you’ll get the benefit of the calls when you’re aggressive. The Pistons were aggressive to the basket, it’s just the Refs didn’t give them any slack.

    Oh well, let’s see if the Pistons can rebound from a horrible lose.


  5. Anonymous

    WE NEED to win GAME 6.

  6. ALMEI

    Winning game 6 will eliminate a lot of anxiety. I certainly don’t want to think what my stomach will feel like if I am watching a game 7. Looking back at the last 3 games, we were down significantly early–was it skill or luck that we came back to take game 3? We could very well be in a 2-3 hole instead of 3-2. I hope this inconsistent play doesn’t cost us this series. If it continues and we get by the Bulls–we might not be so “lucky” with our next two opponents. Yes, I still have us going to the Finals!

  7. Dana

    This is complete bull shit. I can’t believe the way they lost last night. The Pistons are lucky they are not the ones down 3-2. This is probbaly the maddest that i have ever been this season about a loss. I would have at leats expected them to compete down the stretch, but no they didn’t. I had lost all hope by the forth quarter until D.A. reported that Sheed had got the guys in a huddle and demanded that they get it to 10 before the six minute mark. SO I waited and wiated, but it never came. Hopefully the Pistons open their eyes and see that game six is a MUST WIN. They shouldn’t depend on game 7 at home because we all know what happened last year! Sorry about the long comment. I am a really angry fan right now

  8. Dana

    oh and i think Flip should have put kept JMAX in the game

  9. Anonymous

    What we need is a GaranSHEED!!!!

  10. nando


  11. Anonymous

    Coming from the Chicago fans that said “we shouldnt go to the game on sunday….”(after the loss of game 3) thats a Bulls fan for you; no class. I was at that game, stayed the entire time.. Even had to boo the Pistons for the effort they gave yesterday. I should have walked out the way they were playing. No ball movement whatsoever, no defense… Flip Saunders sucks at coaching, THE ZONE DOESNT WORK ANYMORE SO WHY USE IT! NO wonder this man struggles in the playoffs… Ben Gordan couldnt miss, I was honestly expecting his shot to go in, ever time. I hope the Pistons realize that this happens to them, every year… They need to stop losing focus, need to play Piston basketball, and stop being so EFFING inconsistant. Pistons in 6, I gauranSHEEED it.


  12. Anonymous

    When you think about it, we haven’t had a good game since game 2 (we should have lost game 3).

    I want to see that defense I saw in game 1 tomorrow night. I guess it’ll all depend on if they feel like it or not. Just because you can turn it on when you want doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have it on from the start.

    This loss is sitting so unwell with me. I’m so disappointed in detroit’s attitude the last 3 games. They need to take care of business tomorrow night.

  13. Anonymous

    ^^^Thank you finally someone agrees with me that the Bulls figure dout the Pistons zone!

  14. Anonymous

    did you all see this
    “lackadaisical effort the Pistons exerted Tuesday night, which had them spouting a mantra that threatens to replace Rasheed (“Ball Don’t Lie”) Wallace’s oldie but goodie.”


  15. Anonymous

    My 6 year old cried too and he was not even at the game…
    its an emotional time…it was all i could do but hold them back…
    i have this fear that the team will be split if they dont get the job done…i have the faith but its getting scary.
    GO PISTONS…For goodness sakes GO TO WORK….

  16. Anonymous

    the guy on sports center said it best..

    the pistons have fat-cat-itis

    and they need to be cured quick!

    i took a loooottt of shit today at school..but i dont care im still supporting the pistons and still have faith in them.. they just gotta get their acts together!

  17. Anonymous

    there seems to be a lot of pissed off Pistons fans here, I’m not mad about the lost, just a little bit dissappointed. They were suppossed to win this one and be done, I don’t know what the hell has happened but if they don’t pull it together, they will not win this series, they played very out of character last night, and it was just a mess, I didn’t even recognize them as our Detroit Pistons, no energy, no teamwork, just horrible, I know that you can have a bad game sometimes, but damn that was truly a let down. I love the Pistons and want this so bad for them, but I’m nervous but I can’t turn my back on them, they need us guys, keep screaming at the tv, like I will be doing tomorrow night!!!

  18. Shatia

    OMG!! I cant belive the way way things ended up. Tahts soooooo sad! I think the game was all wrong. I think all the players were trying to be “superman” and be the who gets things done and that was not the case- they had bad shots that would not go in. why cant they play 2gether be 1 angain. Did anybody notice Nazr playing the last 5 minutes. I thought he did great. Does anybody know whats going on with Chris Webber this series cuz hes not doing anything. Looking forward till 2morrows game.
    Go PISTONS!!!!!!! 2morrow is Piston night baby!

  19. Anonymous

    I believe the bulls will win. I also believe they have what it takes to beat the cavs and go to the finals. I wish them well they have shown a true warriors heart.The pistones have not!!!I hope that they can defeat the spurs and bring an other ring back for the east.Plus ben can have revenge on the team that broke our hearts two years ago.

  20. Anonymous

    yea i went to the game yesterday only to find out i left the tickets at home… ( i live out in Plymouth) so i drove back to get em and got there in the 2nd with 5:30 or something left…only to see the Pistons stink up the place… and 6 Bulls fans waving mini Bulls flags… that game by far was the most frustrating… many ppl i know left the Pistons train saying that they arent going anywhere blaah blaah blaah… it takes for than 2 losses for me to change my opinion (BULLS cant shoot the lights out evrygame) i believe if we chnage up the D and have a Balanced attack the game is ours… We do get cocky sometimes but then again thats the Pistons… If it aint Rough it aint Right… (lets not make a repeat of last year where it got a lil to rough)


  21. Anonymous

    I agree with the people who said the Bulls have figured out the zone, I think we use it too much, plus it seems like the Pistons are thinking offense is all you need to win a game. I don’t like Chris Webber he doesn’t even try to hide the fact that he can’t play defense, Kirk Hinrich walked right up to him one play and shot it right over CWebb, same with Sheed, getting a hand up isn’t enough you gotta jump to block a shot, and help out. I think Jason Maxiell did great and I think he should play more, I hate the first/third quarters because I know even if the starters are sucking Flip will not take anyone out (except for Sheed)and bring someone in who is willing to play.

    BTW I was so mad at Rasheed for his selfishly taking HORRIBLE shots after his shot trying to do… you know I have no idea. Let’s get it together Pistons and play Pistons basketball.

  22. Anonymous

    I don’t like hearing the Pistons, especially Chauncey, in interviews becasuse all they ever do is talk about what they need to do but they never follow through. How many times during the season did a Piston say we have to come out with energy, we have to hit them first, or you can’t sleep on them. STOP TALKING AND JUST DO IT.
    Chauncey needs to step up as the captain and get the team going, I think Chauncey is the one who can get this team focused, especially Sheed. Flip Saunders has no idea how to motivate this team

  23. Anonymous

    I love the pistons and wish the best for this team,but and this is a biggy, they just seem to lack the speed and mental toughness to pull this out! I believe this more then the money was the reason ben left.I loved big ben and he has the heart the others lack. So if we cant pull this out I wish the bulls the best!

  24. Anonymous

    dont give upp!!!!! WE NEED to win game 6

  25. Anonymous

    I was so disappointed that I just now chose to take my usual trip to this site. I am usually on it constantly.

    The Bulls ARE a good team. I think we beat them mentally those first two games. Their “we have nothing to loose” attitude played to their benefit because they have their game back now, along with their confidence. Their shooting percentage was unbelievable last night.

    The Pistons “we can’t loose” attitude has played into this all too. Their overconfidence leads to lazy play and wins for their opponents. Lets hope they take this Bulls team seriously now and put up a fight tomorrow.

    God, I know Chicago fans are just loving this – as they should be.
    They recovered their pride and made their point that they are a heck of a team. Lets hope they mess up now and we play right.

  26. Anonymous

    Ben did say that it wasn’t over when they were down 3-0

    On a side not, watching the Cleveland/NJ game. Cleveland seems to be in the same boat right now. I hope they loose too so Detroit doesn’t look like the only lazy chumps out there.

  27. Anonymous

    There is no reason to believe that we will not come out with a victory tomorrow.

    Does anyone know how many techs in the playoffs before a suspension.

    I hope for Sheed’s sake it is 16!

    Thanks for posting if you know. Go Pistons!

  28. jess

    I cant believe what I seen on yahoo’s home page on their “featured” section. It had a picture of Bowen and Ginobili and a headline that read “THE NEW BAD BOYS” (while under it, it said “The Spurs’ reputation has suffered a black eye with their bullying of the Suns.”)… it just pist me off when I seen THE NEW BAD BOYS!!!!!! >:o

    and NANDO.. please dont get your hopes up!

  29. Amanda

    7 techs is the limit, Anonymous 9:41 and ‘Sheed has 3 now. I don’t expect him to miss a game this postseason due to too many techs though. However, he may make it to 6. lol

    And to those of you who said the Bulls have figured out Detroit’s zone, I’m not an expert on the different defenses that teams use and I’m not going to pretend to be, but I heard Coach Flip say that the Pistons hardly used the zone throughout the game because they weren’t very efficient on offense to get in a zone on the other end. Whether or not that’s how it went down I don’t know. I get really confused trying to figure out what the hell the Pistons are doing when they’re playing well, let alone when they’re playing uh…subpar.

    I’ll admit that I turned the game off once or twice after Detroit goofed on a possession or the Bulls drained another 3. But the thing about it is, about 2 minutes later, I had to turn the TV on again. I can’t stand not watching. I don’t know if that makes me stupid or just a die-hard fan. lol

    I think what needs to happen in the offseason is we need to pick up a backup point guard. I have confidence that Detroit will get past the Bulls and win the Conference title and so I believe Chauncey will be back next season. When Chauncey comes out of games, our offense seems to stall. I know I’m not the first to notice this as it’s been brought up time and again. It seemed everybody was taking it upon themselves to get it going, hence the negative “selfish” vibe. I was really confused as to why the team stopped going to Tayshaun in the 3rd after he made like 3 or 4 straight. Hmm….

    I think what a lot of people feel needs to happen is that Chauncey needs to be aggressive early but these past 2 games have show that an aggressive Chauncey = a foul plagued Chauncey. It’s interesting how much the tables have turned at the PG position from Games 1 and 2 to Games 4 and 5.

    On the bright side to that whole messy game: there was a Nazr sighting!

  30. Anonymous

    NANDO is an immature dweeb but he has a team with heart. And a coach with moxy who is not afraid to take his team to task. I,ve been a pistons fan and a tigers fan since 1964 through good bad and sometimes ugly and i,ve very rarely been this dissappointed in a team. Mybe this will be a wakeup call but i doubt it.I hope i,m wrong.GO STONES!

  31. Amanda

    I thought I’d share this with you guys, my fellow fans, while we in anticipation for tomorrow’s game. I swear, I woke up from a dream or something with the first verse in my head and I just grabbed a pen and some paper and went from there:

    This is about making your fans proud.
    This is about doing it as a team.
    This is about getting McDyess a ‘Ship.
    This is about achieving Chris Webber’s dream.

    This is about searching within yourselves.
    This is about reaching for the sky.
    This is about knocking down the enemy.
    This is about hoisting that cup up high.

    This is about going through adversity.
    This is about shedding blood, sweat, and tears.
    This is about standing up when you fall.
    This is about facing any and all fears.

    This is about silencing the critics.
    This is about winning without Big Ben.
    This is about taking back what’s yours.
    This is about being champions again.

    This is about you, Detroit.
    IT’S TIME.

  32. jess

    Amanda.. thats hot!

  33. Jamie

    Amanda – it couldn’t be said better any other way – i love it!

    To quote Sheed from after the regular season ended: “Everybody at home… everybody here, keep cheering for us, and we gonna bring that ‘ship home.”

  34. Natalie

    I thought I’d share this with you guys, my fellow fans, while we in anticipation for tomorrow’s game. I swear, I woke up from a dream or something with the first verse in my head and I just grabbed a pen and some paper and went from there:

    This is about making your fans proud.
    This is about doing it as a team.
    This is about getting McDyess a ‘Ship.
    This is about achieving Chris Webber’s dream.

    This is about searching within yourselves.
    This is about reaching for the sky.
    This is about knocking down the enemy.
    This is about hoisting that cup up high.

    This is about going through adversity.
    This is about shedding blood, sweat, and tears.
    This is about standing up when you fall.
    This is about facing any and all fears.

    This is about silencing the critics.
    This is about winning without Big Ben.
    This is about taking back what’s yours.
    This is about being champions again.

    This is about you, Detroit.
    IT’S TIME.

    Well said

  35. Anonymous

    I believe the pistons are in for a rude awakening. I just don’t understand them.I pray they just play for the joy of the game,because I really don’t see them moving on. God bless them anyway!Have a nice summer!

  36. Amanda

    Thanks for the props, guys.

    And anonymous 1:35, keep the faith! Confidence and positive vibes, man. The Pistons can do it!

  37. Anonymous

    I’m not jumping of the bandwagon because the Pistons do this every year and fans just turn on them. I can under stand that because it’s déjà vu over and over again but we are a tough minded team and Sheed hasn’t been this focused since he came here & Dice wants this ring bad and the rest of the core wants to bring the trophy back home. I think to stop the shooting problems we have for the long stretches in the future we need to sign a pure shooter a guy that can come off the bench step back and make 3point shoots constantly the Bulls had John Paxson & Steve Kerr Houston had Robert Horry & Kenny Smith Lakers had Robert Horry, Glen Rice & Derrick Fisher Spurs Had Steve Kerr & Robert Horry Miami Had Jason Kapono Pistons Had Mike James & Okur.

    I think we also go after a high energy guy, I think Dumars was looking for that in Maurice Evans but he was very inconsistent and we lost Mike James which also put him in the 3point category maybe go after Vince Carter Miami Wants him, he is a high energy guy and maybe he will take a pay cut to win a championship. I watch a lot of basketball the Pistons are my team but nobody in the league looses so much energy from one game to the next just watching Golden State & the Mavs had my heart racing I’ve never seen so much energy in my life it would be great to have just a piece of that in Detroit and I think one guy might do that and get the rest of the team going.

    P.S. If this playoff run does fall apart I think Chauncey might leave to test other waters.

  38. sammi

    i BELIEVE in the D.

    represent your team today guys, and it will be fine! never lose hope!

    deeeeeeeeetroit basketball!

  39. Justin

    I don’t think that I have been THIS frustrated with a team ever. This team LOOKED SO dominant through the first 7 games and then something happened. I don’t know if it was the Pistons just overlooking the bulls, thinking that they had this series in the bag or if it was something else. Clearly the bulls have stepped up their game. They could afford to. They had nothing to lose. If the bulls played all out and lost…at least they could say they put up a fight, but they actually won. And I think it’s true that the Pistons are on their heels now. It is pretty ridiculous to jump ship now. It just goes to show HOW true of a fan you are if you actually jumped ship. You gotta keep the faith. Sooner hopefully rather than later the Pistons will get back into that groove. They need to because it looks like the cavs and nets are going to be over real soon. The Pistons need to finish tonight and pray that the cavs/nets series goes 7. And Amanda…..very nice.

  40. nando

    GO BULLLS!!!!!!!

  41. Anonymous

    I had to check out Nado’s site. He is a cute kid. I hope he doesn’t cry too hard when his team looses.

    Nando – you better not disappear when your team goes away. Come give us a hard time when we are beating down the Cavs too. Cool site.

  42. Anonymous

    Hehe – Little Nado took down his Bulls wallpaper already on his site. Wonder if he will be back to congratulate us Pistons fans 🙂 Hope the kid is OK. Has to be a tough loss for ’em.


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