Pistons – Bulls Game Five

by | May 15, 2007 | 42 comments

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As The Pistons get ready to try to end the series tonight, I am going through my game day rituals. From what I wear to what I do, it’s all a plan for me on game days. As I head out to get ready to go to The Palace for game five, I leave the comments up to you.

This should be a good one People.

For all of you that are also heading out to the game, let’s be louder than ever.


  1. Anonymous

    you can count on me for being loud =]

    i have game day rituals. they are actually weird… i wish at 11:11 morning and night that they will win, i don’t wear jewelry on game days (haha.) &&i have plenty moreee.

  2. Anonymous

    i bleed red white and blue

    lets go pistons.. time to show everyone up

  3. Tara

    Be loud and proud for me.. i’ll be sitting home pathetically watching the game… but GO PISTONS! woo

  4. nick

    Pistons take it away tonight!

  5. Anonymous

    Chicago’s season ends tonight !!


  6. Anonymous


  7. Anonymous

    Man the Pistons are getting beat up right now.45-32 and Thomas just got the open run! And the Palace is sooo quiet! C’mon Pistons!!

  8. kdot

    Today is the anniversary that Rasheed ‘GuaranSheed’ a victory against the Cleveland Cavs, which we lost and went to a Game 7

    Pistons look like the Pistons of old starting off in the first half… Laid back, lacadical…

    Super Max came off the bench to spark that last run in the first half….

  9. Amanda

    I had to stop watching with about 3 1/2 minutes left in the half. We were down 14 then and Prince had to call a timeout. I see Chauncey hit a big 3 to get it to 6 before Gordon hit a 2 to end the quarter.

    I thought the plan was to get BOTH C-Webb and Rip going early? Rip has taken 10 shots to Webb’s 2. We’ve already taken 9 3’s! I think Chauncey needs to be aggressive to start the 2nd half and ‘Sheed needs to get low. I know the Pistons can win this. C’MON DETROIT! GET IT DONE!

  10. Amanda

    If JMax helped spark the run then I want to see some more minutes from him in the 3rd.

  11. Amanda

    I’m really getting upset about not being able to listen to that song that Jess keeps posting. What the shit is wrong with me? How come I can’t get the page to come up? I’ve tried pasting it into a word processor and then coping that and pasting into the address bar…nothing. Erg…..

  12. Anonymous

    Well Rasheed always playes better after a “T”

  13. Anonymous

    the pistons don’t understand just because they are up 3-1 soon to be 3-2 doesn’t mean they can just slack off they need to play with the same intensity every night

  14. Eric

    Bulls look like the better team tonight… Sheed can’t hit a shot. Bulls can’t miss a shot. This series is going 7 games. Sick of this schizophrenic Pistons team in the second round the past 2 years.

  15. Anonymous


  16. Anonymous

    there to confident i knew them being focused in the playoffs wouldnt last long too good to be true

  17. Anonymous

    oh noooo =[

  18. Anonymous

    maybe chauncey will at least do a sign and trade or something…that’d be better than nothing πŸ™

  19. jessi

    what has happened to detroit. I am not giving up in them even know it sounds like I am but really waht has happened? It’s almost like they are giving up. I mean now our fans are walking out on the pistons why? I really think something happened last game that has carried over to this one. Shots are not going in and they just don;t seem to be fighting as much. Sheed was playing so focused and now he is just mad and not playing himslef. The calls are not going they way they want but still. It seems like the pistons are playing the same way as last year against the cavs. I just do not want the same thing as last year to happen were we had to play a game seven and we lost confidence and lost in the conf. finals. Next game is going to he hard but the pistons need to close it out.

  20. Anonymous

    Webber sucks!
    And Spurs suck worst, that is the worst way to try and win a series.
    If they are going to suspend Stoudamire and Bell, Bowen should be suspended as well for all of his flagrant fouls.

  21. Anonymous

    im so shocked. i cannot believe it. i am like in tears right now.

  22. Anonymous

    wow r u trying to make somthing positive out of chaunc leaving us please dont talk about it i a hard time with ben leavin i dont know wat ill do if billups leaves

  23. Anonymous


  24. Anonymous

    im sorry if this sounds a lil messed up but we need to give some hard fouls to send a message.

    tyrus thomas, kirk hinrich, ben gordon, loul deng need to be sent to the floor.

    – Vin

  25. Detroit_City

    not just the bulls, i think the refs need to “accidently” be sent to the floor, i dont kno if it was just me but they were really doing their part to keep chi-town ahead and out of reach for the pistons. But not everything, as much as i like to do it, can be blamed on the refs, The bulls couldnt miss if they tried, gotta slow Gordon down if we dont want to be on the wrong side of history, losing 4 in a row

  26. sammi

    im am really upset.
    sometimes i wonder how this nonsense can happen. all these fouls and bad defense and missing free throws and easy buckets. i mean, come on, we were up 3-0!! what in the world?!?!?!?!?? and now the bulls can tie it up at home. i cant believe the pistons have dug themselves a hole like this.

    i still have faith that they will win thursday, but sometimes you just have to wonder, how could such bizarre things happen?

    being a crazy dedicated fan hurts sometimes, but you just have to roll with the punches. hang in there guys and keep reppin the D. πŸ™‚

  27. Sam

    Geez, everyone. What’s with all the second guessing? The Bulls had more energy tonight, yes, for the second straight game. We need to take the ball from them and dictate tempo like we did in the first two games. I think the energy of the Bulls is frustrating Detroit and they need to zone it out and focus on rebounding and driving to the basket than opting for the outside shot, which has eluded them recently.

  28. Anonymous

    pistons suck

  29. Anonymous

    pistons suck period

  30. jess

    Amanda it sux that you cant hear it.. honestly your missing out πŸ™

    try another computer when you get a chance.. maybe itll work!?

  31. Amanda

    I finally got to listen to it…again! lol I listened to it when the link was first posted on here or another website but for some reason my notebook was not copying the entire link. I got on my desktop and was able to find the site and I just typed that site into my notebook address bar and bingo! I got is saved on my computer now so I won’t have to worry about it in the future.

    Yeah, I think tonight most of us got a chance to know what if felt like to be a Bulls fan in Games 1 and 2 (and a little of 3). This time it was Detroit that couldn’t find the basket and Chicago that couldn’t miss. I’m hoping that tonight was just a great game for the Bulls and that Thursday will be a much better night for basketball for the Pistons. This was just crazy. This thing was supposed to end on Sunday and now they’ll be playing a game 4 days later. I’m not second guessing these guys, Sam. And I don’t think anybody else really feels the way they think they feel. Those comments were probably posted out of anger and frustration that comes when your team is losing a game that you felt they should have won. Game 6 is it. The Pistons now share some of the presure that was on the Bulls in Game 3. They’re going to Chi-Town with a slim lead in the series. We know how they play with their backs against the wall. Here’s to bringing that passion, fire, focus, and intensity we saw earlier in the series! CHEERS!

  32. Amanda

    P.S. Looks like another Pistons fan will be banned from our friends at Blog a Bull! lol

  33. Anonymous

    I’m not sure what is going on. I am a Bulls fan, and after we went down 3-0, I was just hoping for a quick finish/sweep.

    Now the Bulls are back in this series, almost. I feel like the Pistons might not want to have a lot of rest before moving on to the second round. Not really sure why, because they did quite well after having about a week off between the last 2 rounds, not to mention they said they need rest since they are an old team. Only reason I could think of. Pistons SHOULD be feeling the need to win to close it out before the Cavs.

  34. dom

    pistons don’t suck…they sucked tonight and the night before but we all teams have there problems it’s part of the playoffs….I mean if we go to a game 7 i’ma personally be pissed and really disapointed even if we when or loose…..But i’m sure we can still do it….time for a blow out game 6….I’m not sure where the next game will be played but I almost hope it’s in chicago when or if we win…..cuz it would make my day to see chi fans shut the hell up and stop talking about jordan.

  35. Anonymous

    Bulls didn’t won the game, refferees did, unfortunetly.

  36. Anonymous

    Sighs…we need to change up or pregame to do’s… something…
    Im going to wear my shirt backwards and inside out next game i swear…wearing the right side out does not seem to be working.

    Never doubt the pistons..we just can’t…They MUST win this…or we will not see the same players on the floor next year….
    No Rip..ugh. no sheed ugh..
    will billups want to stay? Would you? They will win. They MUST

    What is it with Flip S and playoff games.

    I could have almost cried after this one…they look scared. they looked out of control. we need it in game 6. A game 7 and to be followed by heading into the cav’s, is a scary thought.
    GO Pisotns

  37. Amanda

    I’m not gonna lie. There were tears last night. But the Pistons can do it! Keep the faith people! Chauncey talked about adjustments that needed to be made since game 3 that weren’t made. That’s a little scary but as long as Detroit understands that adjustments can and will be made, we gotta hope they work. At least there are no more excuses. No more of this, “we’re up 3-0 so we slacked off in Game 3 but still came back to win so we didn’t really need Game 4 and then in Game 5 we thought the Bulls would faulter” nonsense. NO EXCUSES! NO MERCY! IT’S TIME FOR DEEE-TROOOIIIT! BAAA-SKET-BAAALL

  38. Amanda


  39. Anonymous

    I threw my cellphone at the wall and. I punched the door and the wall. I was so mad that I just kept doing situps. I probably did over 400 in a span of thirty minutes and literally threw up from doing too many. We are still up 3-2. Don’t worry, we will still win.

  40. Anonymous

    Also, good luck to the Bulls to shoot another whopping 60+% again.

  41. Chris

    Pistons don’t have an excuse for this game. Last year, Ben Wallace shuffled through most of the playoffs and provided about 25 percent at the free throw line, and Rip and Sheed had nagging injuries. A lot of people figured this series would go six . . . just not with Detroit winning the first three.


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