Flip Murrary Posterizes Hinrich so Hinrich Throws a Punch

by | May 14, 2007 | 31 comments

Check out the last angle of the Posterization of Kirk Hinrich by Flip Murray. You can clearly see that Kirk took a straight left handed jab to Flips “private parts.”

No wonder why Flip stared Hinrich down after that.


  1. Anonymous

    I would of whipped the shit out of him

  2. Anonymous

    thats soo wrong..what the hell is the point of playin dirty like that???

  3. steve g

    Even though I like KU basketball that’s just not cool man, not cool.

  4. jess

    OMG.. get off the negative shit and remember the dunk.. i could of sworn everyone was talking about how amazing it was. im pretty sure he didnt do it on purpose. it just happened.

  5. Jamie

    Ohhh it was DEFINITELY on purpose. Watch it closely if you really think it was an accident – you can see him extend his arm and do the punch motion… with his hand in a fist. Yes it was an amazing dunk, but man that is dirty. Let’s send these Bulls on an early summer break tomorrow!

  6. jess

    ooh i thought it was flip who hit kirk.. i didnt see and thats why i said the dunk was still amazing!

    ~~sorry guys!!^^

  7. Jamie

    haha no problem Jess… I just didn’t want you thinking Kirk should get away with that. 😉 but of course we can’t forget the amazing dunk!

  8. jess

    yea.. i just seen it again and he sure did and it was very wrong!

  9. Anonymous

    Wow, I thought the staredown was unusual for Flip. After seeing that, I am amazed he stayed that cool.

  10. Tara

    ooohh come on kirk take it like a man!!! that was an amazing dunk!! flip has really picked up his game!

  11. Amanda

    I read somewhere that Flurray didn’t think Hinrich did it on purpose…Then what was the staredown for? lol That was most definitely intentional but the league has decided not to take action by fining or suspending or whatever. Chauncey said he’s cool with that ’cause he wants the Bulls “at full strength.” That’s the kind of thing I want to hear from our leader! Here’s to wrapping this series up by playing Detroit Basketball! CHEERS!

  12. Amanda

    Excuse me! Where is my head? I meant DEEE-TROOOIIIT! BAAA-SKET-BAAALL!!

  13. Anonymous


    that should be reviewed by david stern!! suspension?

    he must be gay lol..


  14. Anonymous

    Ewww gaywad… did you see Hinrich’s mom’s teeth?? they were digusting!!!..and they kept showing her.. cant he give he some money for teeth transplants or something??

  15. Anonymous

    dirtyyyyyyyyyyyy = bulllls

  16. Anonymous

    Kirk may have touched it and got on Flip’s nerves, but still an amazing dunk despite the loss.
    Still not as dirty as that jerk, Bruce Bowen’s knee on poor Steve Nash, too freakin’ bad the league didn’t suspend him for it.
    And stupid Spurs fans keep defending it as “Agressive”, sorry when did any of the Pistons or Ben Wallce ever hurt anyone when they played agressive defense???

    Bowens is a DIRTY player and a total asshole.

  17. jessi

    Bowens is dirty and even the league knows it but its the playoffs so they get a way with it. I really think that bowen should not be in the NBA he is as dirty as they come.

    About the dunk I wondered why flip looked him down like that you can cleary see why now. I can’t beleive he would hit him like that. I am happy flip didn’t do anything however the way he isplaying we need him out there. Tayshaun has been doing so well as well.

    I think this game the focus was lost even sheed was not playing the way he has all playoffs he even got a tech. Can’t wait until game 5, hey does anyone know when the next series starts? I am playing a trip home and would love to go to a game,

  18. jess

    ^^we wont really know when the next series will start until we know who is coming out from the nets/cavs series and when their series will end.. also when our series will end (which should be tomorrow:))

  19. jess

    Nat, what happened to the right side of the page?

  20. Natalie

    Nat, what happened to the right side of the page?

    I did tweak the layout a bit the other day….but the right column is there for me.

    It might be your browser…If you have an updated version of IE or Firefox it should be fine. I can’t seem to replicate the problem so I can’t really fix it.

    If a anyone else is havening the same problem please let me know.

  21. jess


    did anyone see the spurs/suns game?? i caught the last 3 minutes and if they didnt come in b/t horry and bell.. i deffinitly would have been a brawl.. i didnt know the spurs play so dirty.

  22. jess

    and Nat, i just figured out the problem.. i had to scroll all the way down for it… its not directly next to the posts on the top like usual.

  23. Amanda

    I’ve never noticed just how dirty some of the Spurs players are…

    I read that Flurray didn’t even feel the Hinrich punch. lol How can you not feel somebody touching that area of your body? Oh, that makes me giggle…

  24. Troy

    What a punk. He obviously didn’t like having the “private parts” hovering in his face while Flip works him like a pro should.

  25. dave

    that dunk was Michael Jordan-esque.


  26. Anonymous

    Looked like he was going running in the crowd to kiss his mommy after the monster dunk from flip.

  27. Anonymous

    Thats a bunch of bull by the affacial’s. They should of T-ed Hinrich.It would of been a great mother’s day gift 4 his mom.

    (looks like the affacial’s only keep a eye on sheed 4 those)

  28. Anonymous

    OMG! i didnt see that the first time

  29. Sean

    LOL!… what a dirty sucker shot by alfred e. newman. i was wondering about that look he gave.

  30. Anonymous

    I also think it wasn’t intentional, he was just worried that Flip’s stuff was going into his face so he put a hand up

  31. nick

    What the hell is Kirk Hinrich thinking or trying to do? He’s disgusting trying to do what we did. I don’t know if he planned on doing that or if his hand just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Kirk should be suspended, what is he another Reggie Evans?


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