Rip and Chauncey ESPN Interview

by | May 12, 2007 | 66 comments

Here is a quick interview with Rip and Chauncey during the ESPN broadcast of game three of the Bulls – Pistons series.


  1. Anonymous


  2. Anonymous

    yes! finally i got to see it!! I searched everywhere and i couldn;t find it. Thanks a lot for this video. Everybody has been talking about it, and of course i was watching FSN instead of espn. –>i thought bill walton was brodcasting it, so i switched. you can always depend on george blaha to make it more enjoytable that walton who is horrible! Thanks a ton, natalie!!!


  3. jess

    i knew i was close to what they said.. LOL

    but its missing a little bit more and i think it was 2 parts to it.. if i recall properly.

  4. Amanda


    Thank you so much for posting that, Natalie!

  5. Anonymous

    We can always count on you, Nat! What a refreshing video- makes my day!

  6. Daisy

    Natalie-you’re my pistons playoff central with a little sheed on the side.

  7. Anonymous

    Can someone post their lines please, I am an foreigner and not quite sure what I heard. Thanks a lot!!!

  8. Sue

    this is one of the best vid you’ve put up….they are so dang funny…

    GO Pistons

  9. Anonymous

    that’s a pretty cool video, they really do make a great combination, they are funny together, and I am praying that Chauncey is listening to Rip and all of the Pistons fans, Chauncey is so fine, and to know that he eats all of those different kinds of junk food and still looks that good, WOW!!! Sorry guys I lost it for a mintue, Chauncey is my favorite player!!! and he is cute!!!! ha ha!!! Great video, I did see it when it aired , but I could watch it over and over again!!

  10. kawaii

    aww thats sweet

  11. Anonymous

    chauncey is sooo hott! &&so is rip

  12. Tara

    they are both so cute:) nah man.. but i agree i mean if the someone was to switch with chauncey or rip it would be a whole new team, they work so well together.. it would be sad to see one of them go!! but that won’t happen!!!

  13. Mike

    You’re amazing. I figured I would never get to watch it since me and you both watched FSN, but man you delivered. Thank so much.

  14. Anonymous

    omgggg they are both toooo gorgeousss !!! we are soo lucky to have such FINEEE looking guys on our team :]]]]

    and i hope rip is right..they came together and theyre going to retire together as detroit pistons! theyre a package deal.. cant have one without the other! just wouldnt be the same without either one of them!

  15. Anonymous

    if they go im switching teams

  16. Anonymous

    nat do you have th video of hamilton and his mother?

  17. jessi

    thanks nat. great video

  18. Anonymous

    awww theres a video of rip and his mom?!?!? im officially on a video search on youtube ha !

  19. Anonymous

    Chauncey is goin to stay hes not a ****** like ben. I cant wait to see # 1 and #32 in the rafters.

  20. Amanda

    I little more than 2 hours ’til tipoff…Here’s to a another sweep! CHEERS!

  21. Anonymous

    They have the video of rip and his mother at

  22. Anonymous

    pistons gameday shows that big ben has his hair fro-ed out in pre-game warm-ups…maybe this will be a sign that his team will put up more of a fight this time around

  23. Justin

    Is it just me or is Flip Murray hitting every shot he takes?

  24. Anonymous

    The Pistons are so lazy. PUT THEM AWAY ALREADY. I hate when they do this.

  25. Justin

    It’s almost like they need to be down by 20 for them to get interested in playing. And what’s with all the fouls?!?! Come on!!

  26. Justin

    Hubie Brown sucks also.

  27. Justin

    OMG….didn’t I say Flip Murray was on?!?! Hope you like being on a poster hinrich………..ROFL!!The fouls are driving me crazy!

  28. Justin

    Tayshaun isn’t getting ANY calls.

  29. Anonymous

    ok im getting a little aggravated.. but you know what.. if even if we lose today ima be ok all cause of flip murrays 3rd quarter dunk with the delightful staredown to top it off hahaha he fleww ! it was veryy nice :]

  30. Justin

    Crawling, scraping, fighting back into it. Ben Gordon looks like everytime he lets the ball go he is praying is goes in. By the way that Flip Murray dunk better be on sportscenter.

  31. Anonymous

    The comeback is imminent…

  32. Anonymous

    Ben Gordon with the dagger… this is over.

  33. Anonymous

    oh man that made my day. i was so scared that chauncey would pull a ben on us next year.

  34. Anonymous

    thats all right.. we didnt need to sweep these guys.. one wont hurt us too bad..

    but tell me why theyre playing “hit the road jack dont you come back no more” when theyve only won ONE game and have 3 to go.. ha

    well i guess we really WONT be coming back to their court anymore after the next game… so its all gooooood :]

  35. Amanda

    Flurray’s dunk made my day! He done slammed that thing home! I wish this game was on FSN so we could hear Blaha’s “COUNT THAT BABY AND A FOUL!” Him and Kelser woulda went crazy.

    Too bad Detroit couldn’t win this and get another sweep. Oh, well. Back to the Motor City for Game 5. Man that Palace will be rocking!

    Oh, and I HATE the hack-a-Ben strategy! Even if he missed every free throw, I’d still be upset. That’s the wussy way out.

  36. Anonymous

    yeah, what I don’t understand is how the Chicago fans could be screaming “Detroit sucks” when their team is down 3-1 in this series, and will soon be DONE with their season come Tuesday.

    Hopefully we’ll show them how much Detroit DOESN’T suck, and show them who REALLY sucks (Chicago):]

    Sucky job by the refs today also.

    but …. GO PISTONS!!

  37. Anonymous

    ^^ me tooo …but it is kinda embarassing for ben to know hes the target for the worst free throw shooter hahaha… sorry i just cant stand that man…

    anddd i know ive already commented on this once..but just looking at chauncey and rip i HAVEE to say how GOOOOOD they look again.. especially with their handsome smiles :]

  38. Justin

    The bulls just outhustled the Pistons today. Their defense was pretty good. It really honestly looked like the Pistons were just playing out the string. They want to come back to the palace. Who knows…maybe Mr. D needed the extra ticket and concession revenue. Obviously I was joking. This is a totally forgetable game. Again save for the dunk over the farm boy. I know we will see that on a poster somewhere.

  39. Anonymous

    is that what htey were chanting?? “Pistons suck”

    first off thats REALLLL classy

    second off .. how do they figure chanting that when this is the first gmae theyve won in the series???

    and third off.. could someone remind me which team was BLOWN OUT the first two games and lost a 19 point lead followed by a loss in game 3??? in their own house i might add…

    geez find a new chant.. one that makes sense !!

  40. Anonymous

    They chanted it atleast 3 or 4 times during the game today.

    Also, poor Chris Webber! He can’t seem to get into a rhythm and score some points like he did in the regular season. Hopefully he’ll get it together by Tuesday, we need him to step it up !!

  41. Amanda

    Yeah, they were chanting it in Game 3, too and look what happened. I think they did it in the regular season and last year. Oh, well. Hopefully the boys can stay out of foul trouble on Tuesday. I just heard Chauncey in the lockerroom say that if it wasn’t for his boneheaded play (I think he was referring to the charge on Hinrich) then they might be looking at a different outcome. I think that play was definitely the killer ’cause it led to the Gordon 3 on the other end. Figures he’d actually make a shot!

  42. Anonymous

    the refs were terrible today, chauncey / rip never get more than 2 or 3 fouls per game, and i find it hard to believe that both of them fouled out today.

    i also think i heard a “deeeeee-troit basketball” chant today 🙂
    anybody else hear a little of it?

  43. Justin

    OMG….ROFL…those freaks over at “blogabull” actually “banned” a pistons fan from commenting. Their host Matt says that for every Bulls win he is going to ban a Pistons fan. SIMPLY amazing. And they won. And the funny thing is he wasn’t even “flame baiting” as they call it. He actually gave them credit. Even when they win they are poor sports.

  44. Anonymous

    ^^ geez what assholes.. they must be REALLYYY excited about this win..theyre going allout hahahah.. ever heard of good sportsmanship????

    but im ok with that as long as the pistons fans dont stoop that low.. thats just too immature/unclassy/whatever you wanna call it.. let the bulls take that roll..that just aint us!

  45. Anonymous

    for those of you who do not want to go to that site here is the entire exchange:

    enjoy this one…
    see ya tuesday. The Bulls just out hustled the Pistons tonight. I don’t think it will happen tuesday. The Pistons will get back to what they do best. This was an utterly forgettable game.

    by Madmax on Sun May 13, 2007 at 06:32:08 PM EDT

    “an utterly forgettable game”
    But, of course, the DETROIT blowouts were memorable?

    What are you even doing here?

    If there are problems in this world that jumping can solve, Tyrus Thomas will solve them. (Truehoop)

    by Chalkwhite on Sun May 13, 2007 at 06:34:11 PM EDT
    [ Parent ]

    Actually yeah they were..
    just for the simple fact that they WERE blowouts. You guys win a game and your crowd starts chanting “detroit sucks”. And as a Piston fan coming in here just leave a comment to let you know what 1 fan from the opposing team thinks and you get all pissy. To answer your question that is why I am here.

    by Madmax on Sun May 13, 2007 at 06:38:54 PM EDT

    Detroit sucks

    “They beat us. They beat us, period.” – Pat Riley

    by NittanyBull on Sun May 13, 2007 at 06:47:26 PM EDT
    [ Parent ]

    Detroit sucks
    then what do the Bulls do? Besides get down 3-1 in a series?

    Danny Crawford does not like the Pistons, as evidenced in Game 4.

    by Boney on Sun May 13, 2007 at 06:50:10 PM EDT
    [ Parent ]

    thats right
    we never asked what you piston fans think!!! You guys better win Game 5….or…

    by babybulls on Sun May 13, 2007 at 06:48:43 PM EDT
    [ Parent ]

    win Game 6

    Danny Crawford does not like the Pistons, as evidenced in Game 4.

    by Boney on Sun May 13, 2007 at 06:50:29 PM EDT
    [ Parent ]


    by babybulls on Sun May 13, 2007 at 06:52:01 PM EDT
    [ Parent ]

    and MadMax is banned!
    For every Bulls win I will ban a Piston fan’s account. That’s better then a free big mac!


    by Matt on Sun May 13, 2007 at 06:51:55 PM EDT
    [ Parent ]

    Great idea!!!
    Boner is next!!!!

    by babybulls on Sun May 13, 2007 at 06:52:59 PM EDT
    [ Parent ]

    woo! I got next!
    weeeeeeeee sounds exciting!

    Danny Crawford does not like the Pistons, as evidenced in Game 4.

    by Boney on Sun May 13, 2007 at 06:54:31 PM EDT
    [ Parent ]

  46. Anonymous

    Luol Deng might have won the Sportsmanship award ..
    but when it comes to the fans,the Chicago fans would be at the bottom of the list for that award

    Pistons Fans #1 :]

  47. Anonymous

    wow hahahahha theyre pathetic..thtas ok though just let them bask in their moment of fame.. i mean hello?? they just won their FIRST GAME !!!! what else to do than act like youre the shit and youre on top right??

  48. Amanda

    haha. Those guys were all counting the Bulls season over and now they’re acting like Chicago is the shit. A 5 game sweep is sounding real good right now. Just think, if Cleveland wins its series, we’re gonna have a whole new mass of unclassy fans to deal with. Ones that shout “CLEVELAND BASKETBALL” which erks me 100 times more than “Detroit Sucks.”

  49. Amanda

    Even if Detroit lost by 50 tonight, I’d still be able to sleep soundly after watching that video. lol Doesn’t matter how many times I watch it, it never fails to put a smile on my face.

  50. Anonymous

    Cleveland fans shout “Cleveland basketball” ?! i didn’t know that

    [ gosh..other fans all wanna be like us PISTONS FANS i guess :O]

  51. Anonymous


  52. jess

    i didnt get to see the game 🙁 i was at work.. i know i know.. it sux.. but did i miss anything good?? or was it ok to miss this one? (though you guys say murrys dunk was on point :))

  53. jess

    i just seen the dunk.. it was crazy BEAUTIFUL!

  54. Anonymous

    where is the video of rip and his mom on i can’t find it

  55. Megan

    Wow Rip really threw it out there for Chauncey, well see what happens

  56. Anonymous

    i cant find that rip&his mom interview either.. can that person who mentioned it send thelink pleaseeee???

  57. Amanda

    “Wow Rip really threw it out there for Chauncey, well see what happens”


  58. jess

    i’ve been looking for that RIP and his mother thing for like a half hour now.. i cant find it either

  59. Anonymous

    wheres the rip&& the mother thing?? nobody can find it!

  60. Anonymous

    Is it just me or did Hinrich try to punch Flip in the nuts on that dunk?

  61. Anonymous

    6:38….I just saw it again and honestly after a second look I agree with you. It does look like he did. And that explains the stare down afterward. Yet again another punk move by someone associated with the bulls.

  62. Anonymous

    DANG! Chauncey has a sexii smooth voice. Man I would just melt if he were talking to me over the phone. That guy has a nice voice.

  63. Anonymous

    good god do i hate the fans at the united center.. yelling “detroit sucks” after winning one stupid game.

    one of the bulls’ fans yelled, “we’ll see you in chicago!” with the silly thought that there’d actually be a game 6.. and i replied with “yeah you will, i live here”

    loved seeing the other pistons fans there!

  64. Anonymous


  65. Anonymous

    I knew the game was over the second I saw Dan Crawford warming up to call the game…that man shouldnt have a job since he doesnt do the job of an unbiased observer…he really hates the Pistons…


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