Kirk Who?

by | May 9, 2007 | 75 comments

I never could put my finger on exactly who Bulls point guard Kirk Hinrich reminded me of until now.

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  1. Jessica

    Hahaha, that is the best, Nat!

  2. Anonymous

    In his college days there used to be chants of “Harry Potter!”

  3. Chris

    He always looked like the Taco Bell dog to me . . . ditto Steve Blake.

  4. Matt, your friendly Bulls Blogger

    Damn, that’s good 🙂

    Although you should’ve added the tagline “what, me foul?”

  5. Justin

    Nat that is classic.

  6. Anonymous

    What me worry? What, me furry?

  7. Justin

    Hey just a heads up right now on ESPN they are playing highlights from the Finals when the BAD BOYS played the blazers. Also at 3 they will be playing the previous Finals…Pistons v. Lakers. Got the DVR going…Look at George Blaha….he still looks the same. Well almost.

  8. JD

    Brilliant Nat. You just made my day! And the tagline “What me foul?” goes perfectly!

  9. jess



  10. Anonymous

    lol sorry i dont get the picture.. could someone explain??

    aww mann ! i wish i could have the intro for constantly playing as the background of my computer !!! except they need to take ol’ sellout OFF of the intro .. he is NO LONGER a part of hte detroit pistons and i dont feel sorry for him.. it was his choice.. he needs to accept the consequences.. rub your fingers to THAT mr.arnold

  11. Anonymous

    This has nothing to do with this post but i have to throw it out there, WHERES DALE???? you dont have a cartoon of him

  12. jess

    EVERYONE PLEASE ignore the above!!!!!!!!


  13. jess

    and Nat, you can totally delete that comment. That is so inappropriate!

  14. Anonymous

    ^^ahh haha.. yea i think i see a little resemblence ha!

  15. Anonymous

    did you see you were in the free press today?

  16. Anonymous

    ^uhh get a life.. youre just over here cause this is the only way you can get back at the pistons for beating the bulls since you sure as hell cant do it by getting the bulls to beat us hah- through a website..its not our fault your team is losing .. GET OVER IT !

  17. Natalie

    You can say what you want, I only delete comments when they turn idiotic and vulgar.

    Your not getting under my skin, you are just childish and crude.

  18. jess

    “did you see you were in the free press today?”

    what was the article about???

  19. Natalie

    That picture is from an interview that Amad Rashad did before the Bulls series started. I don’t know when it is going to air, but if I catch it you know where you can find it.

  20. Anonymous

    hey nat ur a child i kno that for a fact and second i dont like the bull im from VA and im a wizards fan and say wat u want about them cause we got screwed cause of injury and everyone knows it….look whos on the cover of NBA2k8 (Gil) and nat u have no idea wat ur talking about when it comes to sports all u do it post stupid pictures and for some reason ppl like them maybe u should start watching some of the games insteed of looking at the box score and then posting it…….go ahead and delete it nat cause u kno im right

  21. Anonymous

    oh and no one say anyhting abbout the wiz cause they beat the pistons twice this year and lost to the pistons twice

  22. jess

    she said she only deletes them when they are idiotic and vulgar. yea yours maybe idiotic but what you said up there is not as childish as your other posts.

    and by the way.. she doesnt just look at the box score.. she goes to every single pistons game and witnesses it for herself thank you very much.. dont talk out of your ass if you dont know what your talking about!!

  23. Anonymous

    7:02, you’re a loser. Get a life.
    And I think that the special with Ahmad Rashad is going to air sunday at 12…but I’m not sure.

  24. Anonymous

    hey jess u dont kno shit either and i guareentee she doesnt have season tickets to the pistons and second my uncle is a sports writer for detroit and im sure if i showed him this site he would laugh…….side note— swiffer is a picker upper not a broom therefore it doesnt sweep

  25. Anonymous

    if you hate the site so much, then why are you on it?

  26. Anonymous

    ^hah ok.. so if youre going to post a bunch of bs on this site then at least do it 10 min apart so it looks like you actually have a life for 10 min then decided to come back and post anotehr comment rather than posting every 2 min.. second of all.. sweeeps a sweep quit being jealous.. third of all nobody here is reading what your uncle writes.. we’re reading what nat writes.. so dont worry about it… fourth of all .. keep commenting cause i think its fun making you look dumb and showing your ignorant ass up !

    get over your life kid :]

  27. jess

    actually “anonymous” she is a season ticket holder.. and if you dont like this site or the pistons than why do you take up soo much of your time visiting it?? and if youre a wizards fan why are you over here bashing on the pistons and natalie, and we barely ever talk about the wizards, unless we have played them and there is a post up about the game?? please explain to me why youre always on this site if you “hate” it so much??

    i would really like to know!

  28. Anonymous

    if i made my post 10 min apart then it would mean i really have no sick and have been on my comp all day and this is the first time ive ever been on this website….nats friends (sam Odeuh) told me about it and 2nd of all u have never showed my ignorant ass up and i live the life of a kid so how do i get over my life??? that makes no sense

  29. Anonymous

    like omg guys .. the wizards are officially the coolest team in the world cause gilbert arenas is on the cover of a video game !!!!!

    im totally switiching teams now even though the only person who can do shit on that team is arenas and even though the pistons are still in the playoffs while the wizards are not which i will use injuries as their excuse :]

    my bad .. did i make you look dumb?

  30. Anonymous

    not at all cause everything u said i kno…..its not my fault i cheer for my hometown team insteed of being a frontrunner like u guys….dude u almost switched teams cause of a video game…ur dumb

  31. Anonymous

    no no see you convinced me .. gilbert arenas is on teh cover u said so yourself.. what else is there to POSSIBLY know about a team?!?!

  32. Anonymous

    r u serious u dont kno what else is there to POSSIBLY know about a team?!?! …..ur really are and idoit

  33. Anonymous

    if the wizards were any good, they could have at least won ONE game against the cavs…you’re just jealous.

  34. jess

    you still didnt fully answer my question(s)… and you and i both know this is not your first time on this site.. stop lyin!!

  35. Anonymous

    btw i hope you know that the wizards are WASHINGTONS team..and you said you were from virginia.. so i dont actually know where you come off saying its your hometown team.. id think virginia was your hometown seeing as youre still a kid and all

    its ok little one.. just go get your cough syrup and go to sleep cause youre hallucinating hunny!

    &then grow up before you visit this site again when you have more class and manners [ hopefully ]

  36. Anonymous

    Anonymous- we beat the pistons twice so im not that jealous

    jess- i swear to go its my first time look at my posts there all from today

    Anonymous- i live in northern Va which is 5 minutes away from dc so yeah they are my hometown team and even if i was from south Va (which im not) the wiz are still the closet team so they would be my hometown team…the way u describe hometown means living in that town and i bet u dont live in the town where the pistons are located

  37. Anonymous

    ^thats why i didnt call them my hometown team .. SIMPLY because my hometown does not have a team.. do you understand???

  38. Anonymous

    dear asshole,

    get over it.

  39. Anonymous

    wait so they arent ur hometown team so u just like them cause their good and u dont want to cheer for a bad team

    Dear anonymous,
    u get over it.

  40. jess

    they dont got do be from today.. if you look at a few of the older postes there is this same kind of childish poster all over them.

    and IF this is your first time posting on here, what gives you the right to judge and talk shit about people (Natalie) you dont know ANYTHING about?? shows how much of an asswhole you are and how much you dont know shit about shit either!

    and still you didnt answer my question(s) all the way?

  41. Anonymous

    well then ur ?’s are retarded and my friend helped make the site with nat so i dont kno her personally but i do kno who she is

  42. Anonymous

    it seems like you have some sort of issue with the pistons.. issues that YOU need to get over .. not me.. i have no issues..well except for some asshole coming to a page thinking hes making some points and telling some people off thinking hes smart with these clever comebacks when really hes jsut making an ass of himself.. a VERYYY big ass..

    how old are you anyways .. like 2?

  43. jess

    be HONEST (if its possible).. how old are you?? (im gonna be HONEST right now and tell you that i might not believe you if you dont at least say 15.. i just wont believe you even if you are older than that because of the way you act and talk and everything you say sounds like its coming out of your 12 year old ass)

  44. Anonymous

    ^^ haha .. 15 is an understatement.. i wouldnt take anything past 10 or 11

    he hasnt commented in over 10 min.. its prob dinner time or nappy time for him.. or he took my advice.. but i predict hell be back hah

  45. Justin

    Hey Nat the interview you are talking about that Ahmaad Rashaad did with be on his little NBA access show this weekend. Just in case you didn’t know that already. But as the queen of Pistons bloggers I am sure you are on top of all that.

  46. jess

    ^^ i said 15 cause i was tryna be reasonable. its possible he can be 15 because there are some very childish kids at that age too…

    and its been more like 15 minutes and still no respond. hopefully that’ll be the end of him!

  47. Natalie

    “nats friends (sam Odeuh) told me about it ” “… friend helped make the site with nat “

    First off I have no Idea who SAM ODEUH is and as far as Whoever your friend is that said he/she made the site with me is delusional.

    Last time I checked I made the site by myself but maybe you know better.

  48. Natalie

    Thanks Justin, I wasn’t quite sure. If anyone has the exact time so I can set the DVR that would be great.

  49. jess

    LMAOO Natalie.. that is halarious. You dont even know a SAM ODEUH.. im sorry i just find that soo funny since he kept mentioning his “friend” and/or “uncle”

  50. Justin

    Nat maybe you should set an age limit for your site so little childish kids wouldn’t be able to come in here and make a complete fool of themselves. Think about it as a way of protecting them. Because obviously they can’t protect themselves. What is that is going on now in the blogger nation?? Why are there more pissy people out there enlightening us with their smart banter. I guess the playoffs bring out the worst in some people. I am not a Jim Rome fan….but let me borrow something that he says….if you have a take and it doesn’t suck go ahead and leave a comment….but if you want to be a loser and leave vulgar and inappropriate comments go find another blog to share you insights with.

  51. Justin

    Judging by your cleary superior verbal skills I bet I know who your uncle is… it the little fella??? Mitch Albom??

  52. Justin

    Hey Nat….Saturday at 1 p.m. channel 7. For the NBA ACCESS show.

  53. B

    Anon. before I thought stupid was a state of mind. Now, I clearly see it’s genetic.

    Swiffer is a sweeper. It’s also a mop. If you weren’t a little kid who has no responsibilities (Therefore, you wouldn’t know what a Swiffer is because you don’t clean.) you’d probably know this.

    How are you going to say Natalie is a child with no season tickets, AND your friend founded this site with her? Just like your uncle works for the newspaper? Lemme guess, he’s the maintenance person on the website, right?

    I bet you’re either Gilbert Arenas jealous because Chauncey is better than you or Ben Wallace. I’m thinking the former.

  54. kawaii

    …….side note— swiffer is a picker upper not a broom therefore it doesnt sweep

    OMG that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read since…since…well? Since Nocioni “predicted” they were gonna beat the Pistons!

    Thanks for the laugh “Wizards fan” who posts on a Pistons blog!!! Why don’t you just redirect your ass on to since it’s a Cavs blog and post all your dumb stuff in there!!! After all, they were the ones who swiff– er I mean swept you!!!

    Ugh, kids.

  55. Anonymous

    hating = showing some love from an asshole

    be proud :]

  56. Amanda

    I thought Bounty was the picker upper…

    *in best singing voice*

    “The quilted, quicker picker upper! BOUNTY!”

    Thank you, thank you. No really. Stop applauding–you’re making me blush!

  57. Anonymous

    WOW this is getting out of hand. Can we talk about the zone chicago is going to try to run on us. Or different looks we can give them for games 3 and 4. How about the possiblity of the Bulls running 5 smalls cause Ben didn’t practice cause of his back. SOMETHING ABOUT THIS SERIES PLEASE!!!!

  58. jessi

    He reminds me of a farmer in a hay field. This picture is must better.

    As for everyone on this site who comes here to start fights get over it this is a great site to come and talk about the pistons and what is going on with them and the whole NBA at times please would you all just grow up.

  59. Anonymous

    he reminds me of beaver from leave it to beaver..

    butttt anywayssss im watching the jazz-GS game and the jazz are playing the final countdown.. that makes me reallyyyyyyyy mad !!

  60. Anonymous

    Jessi, you can only be a kid once, but you can be immature as long as you want!

  61. Anonymous

    jessi i an honestly 16 years old and probably know more sports then anyone in this room (cept maybe for nat cause she writes a sports blog) and this kid sam or sami said he went to camp with u and makes some of the graphics for the page but hes prolly lying cause he always does and 2nd who cares if im immature everything u guys say is want i want….u guys get caught up in what im saying and try to battle a 16 year old…nice and im immature??….and to anyone about my uncle his name is lynn henning i dont know if u kno him or not but i dont even kno why i mentioned it and who cares if i make myself look like an ass ill never see any of u in my life so i dont really care

  62. Justin

    Not that I want to continue this obvious waste of time but stop and think about what you have just written. A “kid” went to camp with Natalie. Obviously that “kid” is lying. But to tell you the truth I don’t mind you being in here and commenting. Just don’t be an idiot. Stop all the vulgarities, stop all of the immaturity, and stop thinking that you are God’s gift to sports commentary. You may be a very smart kid, but what you have said in here in the past doesn’t flatter you at all. By the way I know who your uncle is. He is a pretty good sports writer. If I am not mistaken he writes alot about the Tigers. I certainly hope for your sake that you haven’t told him about you commenting on this blog.

  63. Anonymous

    ^^^ 3:45 You’re more of an idiot than anyone on here, for buying into this kids game! Get a life, you been commenting all day everyday. Shut off your computer for a while and get out of your parents basement.

  64. jess

    ^^and anonymous above

    you know your that same kid your talkin about so why are you talkin about yourself?? if your gonna say something, at least make it seem like your not the same kid

  65. Anonymous

    i swear to god im not the kid from 5:31 but its good to see someone has my back in this blog

  66. Anonymous

    Note to those criticizing Nat for her lack of actual Sports knowledge, I don’t think that is what this site is about. If you’re you’re looking for good NBA insight there’s plenty of sites for that. This is just a fun site that should be taken lightly. It’s not real mature to say mean things to a young basketball fan who loves to blog and photoshop her favorite team. Keep up the good work Nat!

  67. Natalie

    Thanks for the kind words, but just so you know I am not that young. I was actually at the Finals when the Pistons won in 89-90.

  68. Anonymous

    People who post in here a lot need to get outside more!

  69. pistons tiil the daii ii diie

    ^^like you??

  70. Anonymous

    ^^ like you!

  71. pistons tiil the daii ii diie

    ^^umm.. you dont see me posted all up here.. but i read all these comments and your the same “anonymous” idiot in all of them!


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