Round 2 Game 2: Get ready Pistons fans

by | May 7, 2007 | 35 comments

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Once again as I get ready to head out to game 2 against The Bulls, I leave the comments up to you. Although I don’t expect the same kind of game tonight, I do expect the Pistons to bring it at tipoff. But Justin Rogers thinks the Bulls are loosing confidence and Matt and company over at DetroitBadBoys are reminiscing about the Pistons Bulls rivalry.

If you didn’t already know it, there is bad blood when it comes to The Pistons and The Bulls. Even the fans tend to get into it. The fans over at the Blog-A-Bull hate the Pistons and their fans (us), though I don’t think we have too much love for them either.

So, as I head out to represent all of you Pistons fans that will be watching the game at home, feel free to talk it up in the comment section before during and after the game. And don’t worry, I will be loud enough for all of us.


  1. Anonymous

    that song definitely gets me pumped up 😀


  2. Amanda

    1 hour…
    Sweaty palms, racing pulse, goosebumps, adrenaline coursing… maybe I should switch to decaf. lol Just kidding. I don’t like coffee. I’m just excited beyond belief! LET’S GO PISTONS! OWW! OWWW!

  3. Anonymous

    i bleed red white and blue

    lets go pistons.. time to show everyone up

  4. Anonymous

    has anyone ever seen flip (the coach) sit down on the bench and coach from there? TNT keeps showing shots of skiles, and he always seems to be sitting down. it’s like it takes way too much effort to stand up or something..

  5. Justin

    They are picking up where they left off. In fact they are stepping it up even further. Micheal SWEETNEY!?!?!? ROFL….are they desperate? That is funny. They are playing sharp right now. Let’s hope they keep it up.

  6. Justin

    What a shot by Rip.

  7. Justin

    NICE quarter! 34-18. Keep it up.

  8. Justin

    OMG….CB is ON!!!!And then an offensive foul….WOW!!

  9. Anonymous

    ya maxi!

  10. Anonymous


    haha… had to

  11. Anonymous

    WTF suddenly ben can make free throws?? where the hell was that ability when he played for us?!

  12. Justin

    9:07 it’s just a mirage…..that’s not really happening. Don’t worry he hasn’t suddenly turned into Chauncy.

  13. jess

    15 pint lead at half time baby!! it was 13 in game one and we dominated from there on… lets hope they do the same today!!!!!

  14. Justin

    Amen Jess….they are playing hard. Diving on the floor for loose balls. Not letting them have easy dunks underneath. THIS is what a championship team looks like.

  15. Nate

    Prince’s dunk on Ben…..priceless.


  16. Justin

    I hope that someone posts that picture on here.

  17. jessi

    oh ya love the dunk by prince. The pistons are playing so well.

  18. Justin

    The Pistons are just in the groove tonight. They are playing hard. I hope they keep this intensity. They play like this this whole series it will be a swep.

  19. Anonymous

    go pistonsss!! was chauncey limping? i couldnt tell…

    so many 3’s…

    &&so many fouls

  20. Justin

    Hopefully the bulls took notes, because tonight school is in session. Hey Nat what was it like there tonight?

  21. Justin

    yeah I know I mixed past tense with present tense…oh well

  22. jess

    Stern is in the building today… BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  23. Justin

    Is it just me or is everything just working tonight for he Pistons?

  24. spankyouverymuch

    The Freep headline should read: Catatonic, Part 2

  25. Justin

    I can’t believe the pistons have sent the bulls to the line for 50 free throw attempts and have 28 turnovers. That just seems crazy. The bulls aparently forgot how to shoot.

  26. Robert

    Yea, knew it would be bad news with Stern in the building. Guess he told the refs “Hey, the Bulls look like crap.. help em out with some ridiculous calls to try and keep it close.” But, as we all know, it didn’t work! And yea, since when can Ben shoot free throws?? WHATEVER

  27. Amanda

    28 turnovers??

    That game was beautiful from start to finish. I’m watching the post game press conference on C-Webb seemed really happy and pleased. Great team effort by the greatest team in the league!

  28. Amanda

    Yeah, I don’t think you’ll ever see Coach Flip Saunders sitting on the bench coaching. It doesn’t matter if we’re up 40 or down 40. He doesn’t seem to be able to relax until the game is over. Not that that’s a bad thing.

  29. Anonymous

    awesome game! and the wings just won…..what a great night!

  30. Chris

    Whoah, that was a lot of Detroit turnovers. Who knew the Bulls would dry up more with their jumpshots! Excellent defense, Detroit! 2-0, go into Chicago . . . and never let up! Never surrender! Lesson learned in the 4th . . . this team’s still dangerous!

  31. Anonymous

    man the pistons make me soo happy :] even when im in a pissy mood ! whether it’s with their humor or their play i ♥ the pistons !!

  32. jessi

    wow another great win. Even with putting them on the live over 51 times and having all thoses turn overs which lead to 30 plus points for the bulls the pistons still got business done. all season long the pistons could seem to finsh a game when they had such a good start even in the series with orlando but not this round they are doing what everyone said they couldn’t do start a game start and finish it the same way. I guess they are proving all of us wrong.

  33. Amanda

    I don’t know if anybody is still up but I was just over at Blog a Bull and I read this and started laughing so hard and literaly had tears just streaming down my cheeks

    “The worst part of this game
    is that my dog keeps farting.”

    Oh, man. Maybe it’s ’cause it’s 1 in the morning but I’m still laughing at that.

    I read quite a few of their comments and it seems that 9 out of 10 of the fans on there are giving up on their team. They were talking drafts and trades and what the team needs to do to beat Detroit next year. Tsk tsk… Oh, well. Here’s to continuing to bring the will power, energy and fire that has driven the Pistons so far this postseason and to another beautiful performance in Game 3! CHEERS!

  34. Anonymous

    About the rivalry,

    its just not the same and will never be the same. i mean the bulls are pathetic. the whole eastern confrence is pathetic except for dp.

    back in the day both organizations had amazing teams, the pistons slightly better chronologically. but the series use to always go seven. now the pistons have built a consitent winner for the past 7 years. While Chicago has all young talent which will most likely will not develop into the championship type team that can challenge the pistons in the playoffs. i will never hate nocioni as much as i hated pippen. even though i would love to see him pushed into the hoop support and bust his nose open a’la pippen.

    fortunately for us, the last time the eastern confrence sucked and was getting all the slack, we smashed the lakers 4-1 in the finals. i think we can repeat that this year, and hopefully get some revenge on San Antonio for that game 7 in ’05

    go pistons



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