Pistons Fans Still Bitter about Ben

by | May 2, 2007 | 62 comments

Pistons vs.Bulls or as most Pistons fans would call it, Pistons vs. Ben Wallace.

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The Pistons second round matchup is a doosie! Detroit is playing a team that has been a rival of The Pistons for many years. A team most Pistons fans more than hate, but when you add Ben Wallace to the mix things heat up.

I would say that most Pistons fans have not forgiven Ben for leaving the city that made him who he is. Plenty of Pistons fans now have a severe dislike for the man they once revered. As we know from the Pistons first meeting with the Bulls at the Palace, Pistons fans are going to be less than friendly to Big Ben. In fact, it is now our job as Pistons fans to do everything in our power to root against him. It is the playoffs you know… It’s win or go home and we would love to send Ben and the rest of The Bulls packing Detroit style.

A few days ago I received an interesting e-mail from Need4Sheed reader Eric Timmer that I thought I would share with you.

Dear Natalie,
My name is Eric Timmer from Imlay City, Michigan, but I now live in West Palm Beach Florida. Love the site, and I wanted to send you these pictures of me teeing off on my beloved Ben Wallace bobblehead. This is the night that I heard he had turned into Benedict Arnold and signed with the Bulls.

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Now I am sure many of you can truly appreciate Eric’s pain. What could be better than taking a golf club and teeing off on Ben’s bobble head? I especially love that fact that Eric is even addressing the ball head correctly, with the right grip and all (nice form by the way).

I for one had a feeling Ben was on his way out of Motown, so the news didn’t surprise me. I appreciate and thank Ben for what he did for the franchise but I won’t be cheering for him any time soon. In fact I think The Pistons organization should play the famous Big Ben Gong whenever he misses a free trow at the Palace.

I would actually like to know what Pistons fans think. Love him or hate him that’s the question. You have to pick one, there is no in between.


  1. Jess

    Nat, the whole “no in between” thing made it kind of hard to chose. I am one of those who voted love him but I have an explanation. He did the best he can possibly do while in red white and blue and he did it well. But the reason why I would have voted in between is because it tore me up when he left us. I HATED him for that! But NOW, slowly but surely, I am getting over it and I dont care that he is gone.

    I CANT WAIT TO BEAT THE bulls!!!

  2. Justin

    Ben freaking Wallace….there aren’t enough words to describe my feelings toward him. Well okay maybe there is. THANK GOD he is gone. Let’s be honest isn’t he on the downside of his career?? His defense is still excellent but if we remember last year….didn’t he want a larger role in the offense? So it wasn’t going to work out here anyway. Now we have CWebb. Obviously no where near the defensive player Ben was….but at the same time he is also light years ahead of Ben on the offensive side. Of course I am not a homer….I know that Cwebb also is in the late stages of his career but he is a BIG part of this teams success. So I guess when it comes down to it when Ben and Chucky Atkins we lost a great player in Grant Hill…and we know what happened after that. So in the end we will BOO every time he touches the ball. Even sitting on the couch at home we will boo.

  3. jess

    thats funny justin:

    “even sitting on the couch at home we will boo.”


  4. Anonymous

    my feeling on the whole ben thing is this… He left oh well players are leaving teams all the time but the way he left is what I think is the problem. He let everyone think he was staying in detroit right up to the end, hell even joe d didn;t know he was leavng until he left. He never returned phone calls and he was not man enough to say Hey Joe I am leaving for a better deal, I need to think of my family. No he just never called. I really think it showed what type of man he is and for that I will never cheer for him. I can understand going for the money but i can not understand why he did not go to joe and thank him and tell him that he was leaving if he had of done that them I would respect him as a player. I know people say grant hill left the team but at least he went to joe d and saud he was leaving for a better deal and joe was able to do a sign and trade which brought ben here do he could ,ake a name for himself. The way I look at it is if ben had never of came to detroit he would not be what he is today he woudl still sitting on the bench if even playing at all. For that I feel he should have not been am a** but a man and told Joe what was going on. H*ll he couldn;t even return a call. well thats enough I do not hate him since that is a harch work but I do not love him as well

  5. Amanda

    I was never actually “shocked” that he left because I was eased into it. I read an article in a local newspaper about how he wasn’t thrilled with Dumars’ offer. Then I read that he was thinking about signing with Chicago. Then I read Detroit was thinking about bringing in Nazr. So it was never WAABAM! He’s gone! I think my initial feeling was anger. I’m pretty sure I even said, or at least thought, “Good. Let him go.” But soon after that, and the more I heard about it, I became more and more upset. I was actually hoping, somehow, he would chance his mind and stay in Detroit. I’m not gonna lie. There may have been tears when it was all said and done. I think maybe some waterworks were present the first 2 games of the regular season series too. But it’s over now. He’s gone. Detroit’s still thriving at the top even without him and I’m looking forward to Saturday so I, and my fellow Pistons fans can watch the beginning of the end of the Bulls Playoff run. DEE-TROIT! BASKETBALL!

  6. Amanda


    I gotta say it: FORE!!

  7. Anonymous

    yea!! they should hit the dong thingg!! very creative, natalie!! Can you suggest that to them, somehow?!

  8. Anonymous

    One thing you can´t deny Ben Wallace help the Pistons all the way…just see his stats when he was a Piston. He help us to get the 3rd NBA Trophy so you can´t be so angry at him. One thing I learn about sports throught this years is that Players, coaches, staff come and goes every season but the only thing that stays for every are us…THE FANS I would allways be a Pistons fan no matter what..if all the crew goes to another team I would be with the team. So what Ben goes to Chicago that is his thing not mine. The people that really know about basket knew that Ben what the weak man on the ofence. Ben Wallace is a great DEFENCE player but his ofence didnt say a lot that´s why he had diferences with Flip…
    The moment I saw the news that Ben was going to left us I felt anger first but then I disapointment. I could thought of the Pistons without Ben Wallace. But hey look us now we are strong…
    He left us in our weakess moment but he stay strong without him…let show that without Ben we are still a Championship Team. DEE-TROIT! BASKETBALL!!


  9. Anonymous

    Eric’s golf swing is not quite as good as his hoop game. I too moved to WPB from Michigan and have played ball with Eric…he can ball…good pics my man.


  10. Anonymous

    ehhh i hate to say it but i still love the guy theres just TOO many great memories of him in the detroit pistons red, white and blue uniform. BUT ! i will still be booing him cause of the colors he represents now.


    – Vin

  11. mike

    still love ben…he played hard for us…but now he’s on an evil team so i want to see him brick every free throw

  12. Toby

    Who tees off with a putter?

  13. Big Diehl

    Thank god there are some more true Pistons fans down here in West Palm Beach. I had a ben wallace boble head and jersey burning ceremony before I left Michigan.

  14. Jessica

    To say I love the guy would be great, but I can’t bring myself to do that. I was pretty surprised and very upset that he left when he did. I always thought they would work something out, and that he actually wanted to stay with the Pistons. He did a lot for this team, and I miss him for that, but we are still on the top.
    He didn’t make all the free-throws when he needed to, and that really hurt us in the long run.
    Bottom line: he’s at the end of his career and went where the money was. I hate him for leaving us. I’m definetly going to boo him, I love our boys.
    Chicago is getting a lot of attention for beating the Heat, but it’ll all be over soon…

  15. Jason

    Sure he helped bring a championship here. Thats why i loved him when he was a piston. Now i gotta say hate him though…He’s no longer a piston.

    GO PISTONS!!!!!!

  16. Amanda

    Chris McCosky, Detroit News:

    “The Chicago media and some Bulls have all but labeled Richard Hamilton as public enemy No. 1. One radio host was calling Hamilton a coward for playing with a mask. Hamilton has broken his nose three times, and a fourth break will require major surgery.”


  17. Anonymous

    Only bandwagon jumpers move out of Michigan!!!

  18. Anonymous

    To people who live in Florida,
    Michigan is better than Florida because we have higher paying jobs, Cleaner air, cleaner drinking water, Better sports teams(more overall championships in every sport), seasons, not hot ass humid summer all year round, MI is less popullated, less congested, more advanced in technology, better schools and education, higher household income, General Motors alone is richer than the state of Florida. Plus Michigan Don’t have hurricanes, posinious insects and snakes, spiders that will kill you, Alligators that will eat your kids, and the Great Lakes are superior to the ocean cause there is no sharks(that will rip you limb from limb), no nasty tasting salt water to swim in.

    Michigan wins!


  19. Anonymous

    Michigan State kicked Floridas ass in the 2000 National basketball chamionship. Mateen Cleaves and the Flinstones! FLINTOWN REPREZENT!
    Oh and also Michigan STATE Beat Florida the same year in 2000 in Football in the Orange bowl. Michigan beat Florida in 2003 in the Outback bowl. Michigan owns the SEC! A FLorida team never beat a Michigan team in a championship.
    Michigan OWNS FLorida!

  20. Mich & Tele

    Oh I don’t mind Ben Wallace. He’s such a weird ball player that I kind of have to like him at least a little.

    As I’ve said elsewhere, I am happy that Ben got a fat paycheck. I’m equally happy that it didn’t come from Bill Davidson.

  21. Anonymous

    I hate when these fockers claim Michigan when they moved away.

  22. Anonymous


  23. Anonymous

    I never been in the Usa…
    Can I root for the pistons

  24. Natalie

    Once again Someone haw ruined things for all of us.

    I had to enforce comment moderation because of some idiotic comments that have been left on the blog lately.

    Sorry for the hassle but Some people just don’t get it.

    And for the person/s that were leaving the comments that had to be deleted, the least you could do is learn how to spell.

  25. Anonymous

    Learn how to spell? Just look at some of the spelling in your blogs!
    Your a hippocrite too Natalie.

  26. Anonymous

    spelling? Just look at all the improper spelling in your bligs you hippocrite!

  27. anonymous

    had not haw??? and your telling me how to spell^^^? hippocrite

    HAW, may i rest my case on that alone

  28. Anonymous

    haw???? may i rest my case!

  29. computer

    The least i could do is spell? Did you even proofread your first sentence?

    “Once again Someone haw ruined things for all of us.”

    Haw is supposed to be had!May I rest my case. Don’t be so quick to judge before you speak you hippocrite! Last time I checked, any of your blogs have spelling errors in them.

    And what’s with the stupid post anyway, talking about hating people.

  30. Dana

    Alright so this is how it goes :

    The game on Saturday will be at 4:30 if both the Dallas-Golden State and Houston-utah series go to seven.

    it will be at 7:00 if only one of those sries go to seven.

    and at 8:00 if neither go to seven.

    i read it on pistons.com

  31. baron

    Baron davis is the boss

  32. Anonymous

    Barons the boss

  33. Yessssir!

    I still love the man. And it was a pleasure to see him handle Shaq – again! But of course I’m rooting against him…

  34. Anonymous

    ^^hahh nice.. but that sucks people cant simply have normal discussions on the computer.. thats just more work for you which i know you dont want

    buttt i dont HATE ben for leaving the pistons.. i just cant STAND him lately for some reason..

  35. Natalie

    What is a hippocrite?

    And you say I can’t spell.

  36. Anonymous

    Sorry Piston fans but the Golden State Warriors are going to be the 2007 NBA champions.

  37. jess

    Nat, dont even mind these losers that got nothing better to talk about and all they want to do is start trouble.

    EVERYONE should just ignore the ignorance. Always trying to start that bandwagon bullshit (if someone wants to be a PISTONS fan, so be it! Who cares if they life in Michigan, Florida, Chicago or Japan??) and now they got the balls to say something like that to you!? They are visiting your site. Are they not? Why do they bother??

    and if any of those LOSERS! have anything to say to me, i suggest you not waist your time. and NO I’m NOT a “bandwagon jumper” if you LOSERS! wanted to know. I’ve said it before and will say it again… I was BORN and RAISED in DETROIT and have been a PISTONS fan since I was KNEE HIGH!!!!!!!!

  38. Anonymous

    wow seriously if you cant leave a good comment then dont leave one at all and get a life.

    – Vin

  39. Anonymous

    wow seriously if you cant leave a good or a nice comment then dont leave one at all, just get a life.

    – Vin


  40. jess

    Nat, is this comment moderation thing going to be permanent?

  41. Justin

    Hey Nat I wouldn’t even bother to give them another second of your time. First of all whoever it is isn’t even man/woman enough to even give their name. I got your back Nat….not that you need it or anything. But let’s not get distracted from the topic of conversation. Pistons vs. Ben Wallace…..errrrr…..Bulls.

  42. Jessica

    Nat, don’t worry about them, this is YOUR site anyway.

    You know we all love you! Keep up the good work.

    And you’re not a HYPOCRITE.
    I think some people need to go back to 6th grade.

  43. Anonymous

    haha i know natalie .. they made such a big deal talking about your spelling and hypocracy ..they didnt even spell HYPOCRITE right.. like 15 times for that matter hahah.. spelling it like hippo lol.. and tell me why they posted like 12 comments saying the exact same thing?? ohh wait nvm.. immature thats why

    if you dont like the pistons or the posts or people hating on ben.. then dont read and comment and try to come up with great insults when youre really just making yourself look DUMB ! SIMPLE its almost dummy proof.. ALMOST

  44. Anonymous

    I was a Pistons fan, but this site turned me into a Golden State Warriors fan. The Warriors own the Pistons this year. Baron Davis is the boss! Barons is like the Young Chauncey Billups. The Warriors are like the 2004 champion Pistons, Young, Hungry and Physical.

  45. Anonymous

    damn.. who causes drama over the internet??

    thats a sign that you need to get up off the computer and get some friends and maybe go out for a little while.. thats sad you have that much time on your hands…

    thats just pathetic…

  46. Justin

    You know the funny thing about this? Someone keeps trying to bring up the golden state warriors and NOONE is even commenting on them………..ROFL. I guess it just shows you what we think about them. I am all for a little back and forth with fans of others teams. It’s what makes being a fan fun. But when it denegrates to name calling and dissin’ on the town then it becomes lame. I don’t live in a box. I don’t think the Pistons are invincible. But I can tell you this. IF the Pistons end up playing the Warriors, the series will end in 5 games. WRITE IT DOWN. 5 games.

  47. Anonymous

    this will be a great and exciting series. But seriously people, support your team, don’t hate on former players.

    When your blog is famous, you get the fans and the weirdos.

  48. Anonymous

    Justin, It’s cocky fans like you that made Detroit lose to Miami last year.

  49. Anonymous

    Noone is commenting on the Warriors because Piston fans fear them! The Pistons lost to them twice this season.

  50. Justin

    “ANONYMOUS” last time I checked I wasn’t on the payroll for the Pistons. But thanks for giving me and all the rest of the Pistons fans for effecting the way the Pistons play. I blame Flip for last year. All offense and no focus on defense. I don’t know how far the Pistons are going to go this year but I am not buying into the whole “golden state” thing. Remember the regular season is a WHOLE different animal than the post season. If the Pistons get knocked out by the bulls and they trult beat them, then I will be the first to give them props. I am not a fan that wear blinders. Don’t mistake cocky with confidence. Shouldn’t we as Pistons fans be CONFIDENT in the team they are rooting for!?!? Do you hear me trash talking the other teams? Am I dogging them? No I just think the Pistons are a great team. And I know that if they play up to their potential then they will go far into the playoffs. If they’re hustling, and scrapping for every loose ball and they still lose then I will still be a fan. Like I said before I am not a Flip fan. So I hope he gets his junk together and learns from his mistakes from every playoff run that he has been apart of. And seriously why aren’t the anonymous people who are calling people out using their names??

  51. Justin

    And oh yeah…..the only possible thing we could be mad at Joe for is his gamble a few years ago with the draft. I call the Darko experiment. And even that we can’t be TOO mad at him. It didn’t really hurt the team at all. Granted if he would have picked DWade, or Chris Bosh it would have helped our team. I know they didn’t pick them because they thought they had their starting lineup together already, but I am sure that they could have worked their way into the starting lineup.I am glad they didn’t pick melo either. I can’t stand selfish players. That’s why I love the Pistons. The word selfish isn’t even in their vocabulary. They work together.

  52. jess


  53. jess

    “I was a Pistons fan, but this site turned me into a Golden State Warriors fan. The Warriors own the Pistons this year. Baron Davis is the boss! Barons is like the Young Chauncey Billups. The Warriors are like the 2004 champion Pistons, Young, Hungry and Physical.”

    I’m just curious, HOW IN THE HELL did this site make you a Golden State fan? I’m just not getting the picture. We barely ever talk about them and the only time they are ever mentioned on posts is when the PISTONS played them. So PLEEEAAZZ explain to me… HOW????

  54. Anonymous

    Golden State fans aren’t cocky like Piston fans. Besides there’s too many badwagoners like you Jess and Justin,(The wine and cheese crowd) that “became” a pistons fan, after the fact that they won a championship in 2004. Explain to me, would you still be a pistons fan if they had not won the championship? Were you a Pistons fan during the mid to late 90’s (the teal Era)? If you were,your not a bandwagon jumper.

  55. Justin

    Anonymous….you are hilarious. Wine and cheese crowd? That is the funniest thing I have heard. You clearly have no clue about who the Piston fans truly are. WE are blue collar. I can’t speak for Jess but as for me I have been a fan since they played in the silverdome. BEFORE they won their first 2 championships. I most definetly am not a band wagon fan. I resent the implication. I have no idea how this all started. But it is pretty funny. I love the NBA. I will watch almost any game. And if you paid any attention to what I was saying you would know that I was doggin’ the warriors. They are a scrappy team. I give them credit for what they have done so far. But that is as far as they are going to go. They might even beat houston. But there is NO way they are going to get past either San Antonio or Phoenix. So enjoy your little run while it lasts. If the Pistons finally figure out that they don’t need to have their backs against the wall to win then they are going to be scary. For one reason or another they always seem like they play their best when they have no where else to go. When they are the underdogs. I have a theory. I believe that whoever keeps making these comments “anonymously” is acting alone.

  56. jess

    Anonymous at 6:53

    I dont know if you read my post way up there but I specificly stated this:

    NO I’m NOT a “bandwagon jumper”… I’ve said it before and will say it again… I was BORN and RAISED in DETROIT and have been a PISTONS fan since I was KNEE HIGH!!!!!!!!

    and if you dont know what I mean by knee high, I mean since I was a kid… since I can remember.


    AND if your the one who said in that post that this site made you a Golden State fan… than you are clearly a bandwagon jumper to GS. Obviously you were a PISTONS fan once upon a time. JUMPED on golden state’s wagon!! RIGHT??

  57. Anonymous

    Justin and Jess won’t admit that they are bandwagon jumpers, when they are!

  58. Justin

    This isn’t kindergarten. We are all adults here. Well maybe. It doesn’t matter what you say…again whoever you are. I know who I am. I don’t care what you think. And by the way. Let me make a decree. From this moment on…anyone who refuses to even leave a name will not be responded to.

  59. jess

    Its not even about leaving a name. I just dont got time for bullshit. Believe what you want I could care less. But I got one question.. arent you suppose to be on a Golden State fan site??

  60. Anonymous

    i just wanted to be the 70th comment haha

  61. nando

    GO BULLS!!!!

  62. Anonymous

    T-Wolves? Now a Pistons Fan? What a freakin bandwagoner.OMG


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