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by | Apr 30, 2007 | 18 comments

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After the Pistons won Saturday, they didn’t know if Chicago or Miami would be their next opponent. Regardless of the matchup, Rasheed Wallace wasn’t worried.

“We can handle just about anything,” he said. “I’m saying that not to be arrogant. It’s just the confidence that we have in each other out there on that floor. I think we can overcome any situation put in front of us.”

Rasheed on getting some rest before the second round.

“We need to get that rest,” Rasheed Wallace said, minutes after the Pistons completed their four-game sweep of the Magic on Saturday.

“We’re some old cats in here. We need to rest C-Webb. You heard Magic Johnson talking (on TNT)-we need to get rest for C-Webb.”


  1. Anonymous

    Lol, gotta love sheed ripping on cwebb

  2. Matt

    In my opinion the Pistons will have no trouble with Chicago. The bulls were acting like they won a damn championship when they defeated the Heat. THe pistons have much bigger goals. One thing to worry about with 7 days rest for both teams is how prepared the teams will be. This is a true test of Flip’s playoff coaching ability.

  3. Jessica

    I really hope we won’t have a problem with the Bulls.

  4. Anonymous

    pistons in 5.
    i think the bulls are over-confident from their regular season sucess against us, but the pistons are a different team in the playoffs. With a lot more focus and intensity, i don’t see ANY team standing in our way to the championship. i know its one game at a time, but i like our chances. Everyone seems to be stepping up, lets just hope that continues.

    GOoOOooO PISTONS!! bring back the SHIP!

  5. Dom

    it is a little scary how the bulls swept the heat like that but the heat were kinda down and out already…..But the pistons can do it they can’t do that 4th quarter come from behind thing anymore like they did with the magic.and if we beat the bulls….The 3rd round should be a little easyier not takin anything away….But nets,cleavland….I mean I know there good teams but they’re not gonna give us as much trouble as the bulls will but we can tough it out….And if the pistons do win the whole state of michigan and some will be laughing at ben wallaces retarted decision.never the less it is going to be an intense series…..peace

  6. jess

    i agree with a lil from all of you but i have a question for who ever knows this…

    who will be a free agent (from the pistons) after the end of NEXT season???

    im dying to know!

  7. Amanda

    Chauncey, Amir and ‘Dyess, right? Or no?….I don’t know! lol I know Chauncey will be for sure.

  8. Kevin

    Dice and Chauncey are up for UFA at the end of the year. I’m pretty sure Webber only signed a one year deal with us as well. Natalie would know for sure. Tay finally got some recognition today by making the 2nd squad of the All NBA defensive team. I think it’s only the first in many accolades that he’ll receive by the time he hangs them up.

  9. jess

    im not talking about the end of this season. im talking about next season (which hasnt even started… 2008). i know Nat would know LOL. i guess ill wait tell she sees this!

  10. Anonymous

    I think I’m going to get an ulcer by the time Saturday comes around. I live in Illinois, and all of my buddies are Bulls fans. Obviously, they’re all feeling quite confident right now. I’m feeling pretty confident as a Pistons fan as well, but I have to say that the Bulls look really good. They play with a lot of energy on defense, and have no trouble getting wide open jumpshots because of how easily they drive to the basket.

    I think the week of rest will be good for the Pistons, and they should be fresh enough to play with a lot of energy for the whole series. Webber’s energy has impressed me so far this postseason, and I expect to see a lot more of that with players like PJ Brown and Malik Allen both spending time guarding Rasheed and C-Webb. There should be plenty of open shots for the Pistons big men in this series.

    You guys are going to have to be my support group over the next 3 weeks. I’m going to need help staying mentally stable.


    P.S. The Free Agents for the upcoming years look like this:

    Chauncey, McDyess, and Flip Murray have player options for next year, and Chauncey is expected to opt for free agency (he’d be foolish not to). I don’t believe McDyess is expected to. Dale Davis, Webber, and Amir Johnson are free agents after this year, while the team has an option on Will Blalock after this year. After next season, McDyess will officially be a free agent (assuming he doesn’t opt out after this year), Lindsey Hunter and Ronald Dupree will be free agents, and so will Flip Murray (once again assuming he doesn’t opt out after this year). The team has an option on Maxiell after next season as well (I’m sure they’ll keep him). I think Lindsey might retire after next year, but if he doesn’t then his next contract won’t be a big one (and he’ll likely stay with the Pistons).

  11. Anonymous

    i heard that after next year, the pistons were going to offer lindsey a job in the pistons front office

  12. Anonymous

    This is a bit off topic… Anyway, I was going through facebook groups… and i came across a “Anti-Piston” “Pro Cavs” group… And they talk about how we suck, blah blah blah… They even go as far as to have a picture of Saddam Hussien picture with him wearing a Detroit Tigers hat, sitting in detroit with a piston logo, GM Ford and Lions… Saying “Saddam Supported all Detroit Sports…” What i found funny was they took one of Natalies “sheedtastic” photos and made it “FagTastic”… This site was actually very hateful and used very hateful words to describe all the Piston players… One said that sheeds birthmark on his head was “skeet skeet”… I just found it very funny to see that even though we havent played them yet, they are already making Hateful sites…. GO PISTONS! Pistons vs. Bulls, Pistons in 6. Gotta give a shout out to my boy McDyess… STOP THINKIN ABOUT MISSING DYESS, just PUT IT IN THE BASKET! I love ya, but you gotta play big in order for us to beat the bulls. Oh and BUCK a FEN WALLACE. DEEEetttrroiiitt Basketballll.


  13. Anonymous

    I know this is off topic, but while waiting for our team to start the second round, I have been closely watching Dallas and Golden State. Dallas is about to do a Detroit 2006, but they upped the ante by having a more impressive season record and (very soon) getting knocked out in the first round. The Baron Davis show is also pretty fun to watch.

  14. Jamie

    Besides this being one of the most anticipated series in quite some time (flashbacks to the original bad boys!)… there are a few things that Bulls fans are not necessarily keeping in mind:

    1. They are forgetting that even though they beat us 3-1 in the regular season – we had injuries in almost all of those games.

    2. The Bulls will be VERY overconfident, especially with all the attention the media is giving them – and they would be stupid not to remember that the Pistons live for the underdog/underrated image (Ben should know this)

    3. Two words: Zone Defense – the Pistons have improved this greatly this year

    SOOOO… in other words – Pistons are taking this series and I CAN’T wait until it starts! 🙂

  15. Amanda

    “The Bulls signed Wallace to hurt Detroit’s interior defense while boosting their own, and this series will show whether that move paid off.”

    Oh yes, we shall see.

  16. Anonymous

    Eric, I’m a Pistons fan living in S. Florida – I know how you feel pal (though I’m having the last laugh now)! And Jamie: I agree with you – the Bulls are getting so much attention for their sweep and the Pistons are still being ignored. Hope it bites them in their arrogant ass! DEEEEEEETROIT BASKETBALLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Anonymous

    Its all about injuries at this point. Sheeds ankle cost us the “ship” last year. Hopefully there are none but if they do happen please not to us!!!

  18. Anonymous

    6:06 Ohio fans envy Michigan because we have championships in every sport. plus they got owned twice by Florida in both basketball and football national championships. At least Charles Woodson’s 98 MICHIGAN WOLVERINE undefeated national championship team did not choke like the overrated troy smith buckeye team.



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