Pistons Dispose of The Magic

by | Apr 28, 2007 | 52 comments

The Magic, led by Dwight Howard’s 29 points and 17 boards, looked like they were going to send the series back to Detroit, but The Pistons poise and veteran play decided the outcome late in the fourth quarter. Baskets by Richard Hamilton, Chauncey Billups, Chris Webber and a Rasheed Wallace three pointer erased the Magic’s late fourth quarter lead to close the series out with a 97-93 win over Orlando.

Key Points:

  • The Magic got Swiffted.
  • All the Pistons starters were in double figures.
  • The Pistons had not swept a playoff series since 1990 until today. The sweep was Detroit’s first in the playoffs since 1990, when the “Bad Boys” won a second consecutive NBA title.
  • Rasheed was not only clutch, but he was very loud. You could hear him talking throughout the game.
  • The Pistons almost had a fourth quarter meltdown, they started the quarter missing 11 of 13 shots.
  • Delfino was extremely solid off the bench. Carlos has found his confidence and has been quite the contributor in the post season.
  • Chauncey Billups led the Pistons with 25 points, 4 rebounds, and 6 assists. Mr. Big Shot was also clutch in the fourth going 10-for-10 from the free throw line.
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Photo by Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images
  • Rip and Chauncey were 6-for-6 from the line in the last 21 seconds of the game.
  • Darko played well for the Magic, scoring 14 points, most of which came late in the game.
  • Seems that Rasheed gives Dwight Howard tips during the game.
  • Chris Webber really got going this series, he was surprisingly aggressive. This guy wants his ring and he’s going to do whatever it takes to get it.
  • Webber put up a double-double, 11 points and 10 rebounds with 4 assists and a steal. His only weakness is his foul shooting, he was just 1-for-6 from the line.
  • George Blaha was a joy to listen to today, he just makes Pistons fans jump out of their seats.
  • Sorry Grant, “I thought we would at least get one (game),” Hill said. “Getting swept, that was a surprise.”
  • Rasheed had another great game, he not only played great defense but he had 13 points, 8 rebounds, 2 assists and a steal in 35 minutes. When Sheed is on, the Pistons are unstoppable.
  • Wallace also SHEEDtasticly dunked around Darko with so much power and emotion it silenced the crowd.
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Photo by Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images
  • Orlando coach Brian Hill had this to say about the Pistons, “If you’re not competing against them, they’re just a really fun team to watch,” “The way they play and their guys are so in tune with each other and so professional. I hope they go a long way.”
  • The Pistons were down 5 with about 3 minutes to play, but they calmly got to work and pulled out the win.
  • The Pistons play the winner of the Chicago Bulls-Miami Heat series in the second round. That series won’t start until next weekend.
  • Rip, who had 19 points, hit a couple of clutch baskets in the closing minutes of the game.
  • Flip Murry played well, he has really stepped up his defense the last half of the season. Flip had 4 of the Pistons 11 steals.
  • McDyess was just 2-for-10 from the floor, but his defense had been stellar. He’s been blocking the ball with authority lately.
  • Former Piston Carlos Arroyo was a DNP, along with Piston Lindsey Hunter.
  • Tayshaun Prince scored 10 of his 13 points in the last four minutes on the game. Tayshaun just knows when to step up.
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Photo by Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images
  • Dale Davis is such a luxury to have coming off the bench.
  • Grant Hill could have just played his last game, but I think he might just latch on to a winning team to try to win a championship.
  • “We like that feeling – I know I do – when everybody is booing you and your backs are to the wall,” said Chris Webber, who posted 11 points and 10 rebounds. “We’re down five, three minutes to go, it’s a challenge. You don’t want to be in that position, but when you are there, you have to embrace it.”
  • Charles Barkley on the Detroit Pistons: “I have to give the Detroit Pistons a lot of credit, they are a lot deeper than people realize. Rip is right, their bench is fantastic.” “Orlando has a bright future, but Detroit they, are the team to beat in the East, period!”
  • “I am proud of our team for just coming and taking care of business. This game today is one we’ve never been in before (being up 3-0 in a series). I think we underestimated how tough it was going to be,” said Chauncey Billups.
  • I was proud of The Pistons too. They really look focused for a long run.


  1. Anonymous

    It was great to see a sweep in the 1st round it just builds up alot of confidence for the rest of the way. And nat your too funny with those swiffer pictures lol.

    Go Pistons !

    – Vin

  2. Anonymous

    yessssir! go pistons that was a fun game to watch. I felt like i was going to have a heart attack.

    I wish we could play heat.

  3. Anonymous

    sweeeeeeeeeep!!!!! im luvin the swiffer, thats hilarious.

  4. Anonymous

    Way to go pistons. I could feel this win I have no clue why but I just got a feelingit was going to be a good game. I love it when they are so close. I was at work and wasn;t worry about the score I jsut knew they won. I didn;t even run to my computer when I got in it was just wow the pistons won. My friend asked me how I knew that since he was with me all day and I never checked the score. I said I just know and well they did. Anyway they need lots of rest with the bulls coming up.

    Also I really hope grant does not call it and end and comes to Detroit for his last yr. He is one of the only players who do not get booed for leaving the pistons we respect him for what he gave us and well it would be great to get him back.

    I have to say I hope tayshaun starts getting the respect he is so good in the playoffs. If he does not make the all star team I will be so upset next season.

  5. Amanda

    I have a Swiffer Wet Jet–it works wonders! lol

    Coach Brian Hill went on to say that he hopes Detroit wins it all. The Pistons pick up fans every damn place they go!

    Man that game was beautiful! Down 5 with a couple minutes left and BAM! they win by 4! This team never ceases to amaze me.

    I don’t know if any of you all saw the Steve Kerr 3 points thingy on NBA.com from yesterday, but it was about the Pistons and the 3 things that could help them win it all:
    2.Deep frontline
    3.Defense (even without Big Ben)
    I have to concur with Kerr.

    A note for the Miami Heat: Win a freakin’ game at home, would ya! Bunch of pansies…lol

  6. Amanda

    ^funny, painful and a little creepy.

    Coach Brian Hill quote:

    “I’ll close just by commending them. I thought they did a fantastic job, I wish them well in the next round whoever they play and I hope they win the whole thing.”

  7. jess

    even though i know they won, i was at work today and missed the game so im watching it right now!

  8. James

    Great win for the boys as it really came down to the clutch…

    We need to be in good form to beat the Bulls in the next round!!!

  9. Anonymous

    Back in 2000, Grant thought he was leaving a mediocre team for better money and a better shot at a championship. I’ll never cheer for that guy. I can’t stand Grant Hill, not then, not now. It pleases me to see him get stuffed time and again . . . and Detroit’s got another Benedict Arnold, dead ahead.

  10. Jessica

    GO PISTONS! It was so good to see them sweep this team.
    I cant believe The Heat hasn’t even won ONE game yet!

  11. Steve

    I’d love some video of Sheed’s dunk over Darko!

  12. Anonymous

    the pistosn do pist up fans every where itis because they play so well together and they play liek a team, as well they help out other teams. You always hear of someone giving tips to players adn it seems to be sheed a lot. I am happy to be a piston fan and well I thik every coach out there sercetly wants a team like detroit who is so close on and off the court with each other and who plays team basketball. who wouldn’t

  13. Anonymous

    “and Detroit’s got another Benedict Arnold, dead ahead.”

    ^^ anonymous 5:18.. are you talking about most likely playing big ben in round 2??

    which btw i REALLLYYYY hope the heat can do SOMETHING to pull it together and pull through to the 2nd round.. cause i really want a rematch with them .. and lately i just cant STAND big ben anymore :[

  14. Anonymous

    ^^^yea i cant stand ben anymore either

    that game was really fun to whatch…but i got a little nervous at the end but that all past after tays 3 pointer

  15. Anonymous

    What a classy coach Hill is. And if you listened to Chauncey’s postgame press conference, he is the ultimate in tactful as well. I love that about him!

  16. Kevin

    Maybe my brain isn’t working right this morning, but doesn’t the NBA re-seed with each round of the playoffs? I didn’t think we’d be playing Chicago until the conference finals. Isn’t there still a decent chance we’d be playing New Jersey in the second? If we have to get the hard part over earlier than later, I’m fine with that. After last year there’s no way that we’ll let the Cavs steal more than one from us.

  17. Natalie

    Maybe my brain isn’t working right this morning, but doesn’t the NBA re-seed with each round of the playoffs?

    Kevin there is no re-seed, look at the bracket at the top of my page, that think is set in stone.

  18. Kevin

    Thanks for the info Natalie. I admit that I focused most of my attention on the Wings yesterday based on the situation both teams were in. The strain of that awful first period must have shorted something out in my head where I got to thinking we’d be able to draw the Nets in the second. Since there isn’t a re-seeding, the Heat better get their act together. Joe D’s got us in a position where we won’t have to rebuild from the ground up thanks to player development. Miami without Shaq, Zo, Posey, Walker, and Payton will probably look like the second coming of the Kobe show. If they can take one or two to take just a little out of the Bulls’ legs we’ll all be able to relax a lot more during the next series.

  19. Dana

    I am just so glad the Pistons proved all the doubters wrong and sweeped Orlando. They didn’t lose focus, I can’t wait to get to school and rub it in all my friends faces! OH and bring on the Bulls! I want them to be crushed so Ben can see what a stupid mistake he made. I can’t stand him either!

    yea and what is going on with dallas! I hope Golden State knocks them out. That would be so funny. I was getting sick of Dallas the whole regular season. Now they are barely getting passed the eighth seed. HAHAHAHAHA!

  20. Anonymous

    ” What I freakin say, What I freakin say” [uses hand gestures]!

  21. Anonymous

    ^^what the heck are you talking about??

  22. jess

    im soo happy with this regular season/post season. there are so many similarities with this one with previous championship winning ones.

    for example:
    similar record as 2004!~championship winning season!
    our first sweep since 1990!~championship winning season!

  23. Anonymous

    looks l ike it will be the bulls and they will get there rest as will we. the heat use scotts trick that he always used us the pistons foul ben and well ben fit from the line why the hell did he not do that for us, he is a sell out and I am happy he i out of detroit can’t wait to take down the bulls

  24. Anonymous

    ^^ i knowwww !!! they said he had 7 in a row from the line.. i was like wtf??? whyyy couldnt he do that when he was a piston.. that wouldve made a world of a difference in last years playoffs..i can stand him either ! and i am NOT looking forward to seeing him in this next series.. i dont mind playing hte bulls.. its just ben wallace

    but dang what in the world were the heat doing?!?! in those last two minutes they just kept passing the ball back to the bulls.. kinda sad.. i wanted a rematch with them

  25. Anonymous

    Bulls vs. Pistons!!! I am looking for a four game sweep. The jump shooting Bulls who think that they can make 3’s are in for a wake up call. Watch out Finals because here we come!

  26. jess

    you all need to go check out nba.com.

    they have a poll question that says:
    Who will win the Detroit-Chicago second-round series?

    and so far the percentage votes are:
    chicago: 55%
    detroit: 45%

  27. Anonymous

    Man that was a really good game. I’m ashamed to say it but I wanted Orlando to win. Not because I don’t love the pistons, but they were a young team playing to survive, I kinda wanted them and Grant Hill to get one. And Darko and Dwight Howard played really well, I really liked this game. Another reason I wanted the Magic to win was because I don’t want our team to have a week off, we play bad when we have time off. Even Joe Dumars said in a feature at halftime that he was concerned about a long layoff, I wish we played longer and were able to stay in a groove. Anyway Go Pistons it’s time for the Bulls.

    Also about the article where Rasheed is giving tips to Dwight, I knew he was doing that since the first game they played this year. After the game Rasheed went up to Dwight and whispered in his ear, George Blaha said it was probably encouragement, but I was like I’m sure Rasheed is telling him how to get better.
    Rasheed seems like that big brother figure, he seems to get along with everyone from other teams. And I think he wants to be involved in the development of young players, which is probably why him and Darko seem to get along so well.
    I think Rasheed unofficially is the team captain while Rip Chauncey and Tay are the official captains. But I think Rasheed personality is much more dominant and the team goes as he goes, when he slacks so do others, but when he is focused and playing hard, so does everyone else.

  28. Anonymous

    Am I the only one who thinks the Pistons may meet their match with the Bulls? This team is no joke, and proved to be more than the Pistons could handle in the regular season.

    Prove me wrong!

  29. Anonymous

    ^^^ I think you are forgetting that the pistons are a more experienced team than the bulls!

  30. Anonymous

    The regular season don’t mean shit 4:47! These are the playoffs!

  31. Anonymous

    pleaseee lets not get too confident like last year though.. i dont want a big build up of self esteem and cockiness then have a BIGGGG diasppointment like last year.. new year new season new round new ATTITUDE !

  32. Anonymous

    Man this will be a exciting series to watch, I got to admit I’m a little bit nervous about the Bulls, I didn’t think that they would dominate over Miami that way, you gotta admit the Bull are good, so let’s hope that the experience that our guys have will put them on top, the Bulls are good, but the Pistons are great when they are focused and aggresive. I do think that this will be a six or seven game series. I feel like this is the Pistons year, they got all the right elements in place and I will be yelling at the tv the whole way through. GO PISTONS!!! I love this team!!!

  33. Anonymous

    This really should be the Eastern Conference Championship matchup

  34. Anonymous

    I think everyone knows that the pistons are not going to have an easy run with the bulls but I the pistons will come out in the end. If you remember in the regular season when we played the bulls we were either with out a starter or they were ill. chauncey was out the first lose, rip and webber out the second one and the third lost guys were sick. With a heathly team the pistons can take on the bulls no questions asked.

  35. Amanda

    Mmm hmmm.

    What happened during the regular season doesn’t really mean a lot when it’s Playoff time. Like the above post states, nobody thinks the second round is going to be easy for either team. It’s going to be a battle. I heard the Bulls ran a lot during the Miami series and the Heat players just couldn’t keep up. But we’ve seen the Pistons slow down the Suns and the Nuggets and all those other teams that like to run and gun. Hopefully Detroit’s experience and power to make any team play at their pace will prove to be great assets and help them make their 5th straight Eastern Conference Finals appearance. But maybe we shouldn’t be thinking about that yet. I think us fans should take each game one at a time like the players do and coaches do. That being said, here’s to winning Game 1 and taking full advantage of home court advantage! CHEERS!

  36. Anonymous

    haha does anyone else think that if nick cannon grew a goatee hed look like rip??? lol i just thought of that when iwas watching short circuitz and he was doing the spin tables and i was like woahh is that rip?!?!

  37. Anonymous

    well we played 4 games against the bulls. we are 1-3

    1st game: chauncey was injured..we lost.

    2nd game: we won. w/ all starters

    3rd game: cwebb&rip didnt play. we lost by 2.

    4th game: lost.

    so basically, we won 1 and lost one considering that we had injuries.


  38. Ali

    obviously im glad we swept but seriously i dont see that flare in our play. I’m just watching the Golden State game right now and how scrappy they are and how they are using the home court advantage is so much like when we won the championship… and I’m just saddened that we were just like that but even better and now we seem so mellow… like we aren’t playing with as much effort.

  39. jess

    golden state just went up 3-1.

    thats crazy.

    and ali i agree in some ways but than again i know our team wants it bad too. they just might not show it as much.

  40. Amanda

    I think Detroit played mellow in Round 1 because of its opponent. We all know Detroit gets up for big games and EVERY game in the next series will be HUGE. In case the fact that the Bulls beat the Heat in 4 isn’t enough to bring out the best in the Pistons, they got Big Ben thrown in there as an extra incentive to crush Chicago.

    Golden State went up 3-1? There is some crazy shit going on in the Playoffs this year. The defending champs get swept and the Mavs go down 1-3? Better watch out, those bandwagon cats are going to be looking to climb aboard somewhere if Dallas doesn’t make it out of the first round. We take no hitch hikers! I think Steve Kerr is sneaking around here somewhere…


  41. Anonymous

    From a Bulls fan who appreciates N4Ssheed I too am excited for Pistons/Bulls. I’ll be very surprised if it doesn’t go at least 6 games if not the distance. I’ve hated the Pistons since I was old enough to say “#### Bill Laimbeer” but I certainly respected then, as I do now, their capabilities, unlike the eternally laughable and miserable Cavs. At least Pistons/Bulls is a real rivalry (I think the best one in the Eastern Conference by far) again now that the Bulls are a credible team. Too bad the NBA and their freaking TV contracts will make us wait a solid week.

  42. jess

    great article but who is steve kerr?

    and anonymous above, i like how your not bashing the pistons even though your not a fan and i hope you dont get too upset when the bulls lose the series LOL.. im just playing. i know we’re gonna win. i hope we’re gonna win but i dont want to sound over confident LOL!

  43. Anonymous

    Hey natalie, can you get the video of sheeds dunk on Darko.. I didnt get a chance to see it.

  44. dave

    cleveland sucks! it’s so bogus that they (or new jersey!) is getting to the conference finals over detroit or chicago. clearly these are the two best teams in the east. blah blah, i know cleveland earned it. but there is no way cleveland would have sweeped miani …
    like any sane pistons fan, i’m worried sick about this series.

    youth, speed, quickness, good shooting, hustle, the bulls have all the things that the pistons struggle with … how are we going to stop deng and gordon from getting open? it is really nice, however, to know that it’s 4 on 5 when they have the ball, cuz ‘big’ ben is an catastrophe on offense. haha i hope we put him on the free throw line 20 times a game.

    im just rambling about random stuff … but i can’t believe the mavs are down 3-1, i can’t believe shaq faked an injury all season to rest up for the playoffs and then got swept, i can’t believe randy moss is going to be catching passess from tom brady, and i can’t believe matt millen drafted another wide receiver and ignored defense, thus ensuring another season with less than 5 wins.

    someone please tell me why (other than experience) detroit is going to be able to keep up with the bulls and win this series.

  45. Anonymous

    1. Pistons have a better bench than the Bulls.
    2.Pistons have a deeper bench than the Bulls.
    3.Pistons are more experienced.
    4.Pistons have a more balanced offense.
    5.Pistons have the fewest turnovers.
    6.Pistons been there done that.
    7.Pistons have home court advantage.
    8.Pistons are more hungy this year.
    9.Pistons thrive off of being under the radar
    10.Pistons have a secret weapon,

  46. Anonymous

    wait 11. did i mention revenege against ben wallace?

  47. Natalie

    From a Bulls fan who appreciates N4Ssheed I too am excited for Pistons/Bulls. I’ll be very surprised if it doesn’t go at least 6 games if not the distance. I’ve hated the Pistons since I was old enough to say “#### Bill Laimbeer” but I certainly respected then, as I do now, their capabilities, unlike the eternally laughable and miserable Cavs. At least Pistons/Bulls is a real rivalry (I think the best one in the Eastern Conference by far) again now that the Bulls are a credible team. Too bad the NBA and their freaking TV contracts will make us wait a solid week.

    A classy Bulls fan…nice to see that, we are used to obnoxious Cavs fans around here.

  48. nando


  49. Anonymous


  50. nando



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